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25. 2.

98 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 60/41

‘As a general rule, where applicants or drivers suffer from any disorder which is not mentioned in the preceding
paragraphs but is liable to be, or to result in, a functional incapacity affecting safety at the wheel, driving licences
shall not be issued or renewed unless the application is supported by authorized medical opinion and, if
necessary, subject to regular medical check-ups’.

2. The Commission has no specific information on the way this particular medical disturbance is tackled by
the different Member States.

(1) OJ L 237, 24.8.1991.

(98/C 60/67) WRITTEN QUESTION E-1749/97

by Nikitas Kaklamanis (UPE) to the Commission
(27 May 1997)

Subject: Delays in road transport to Turkey

The Greek press reports that there have been long delays in recent months for lorries crossing into Turkey. A
particularly elaborate system for inspecting incoming products and checking Greek lorries at customs is being
used, costing them time and money.

In contrast, Turkish international transport crosses into Greece without being held up at the border and,
moreover, the 1000 tax-free permits which the Turks requested from the Greek authorities were issued
immediately without creating problems.

What is the Commission’s position on this matter and what action will it take to make clear to the Turkish
authorities that it will not allow them to discriminate against Greek hauliers and thereby undermine their

Answer given by Mr Kinnock on behalf of the Commission

(23 July 1997)

The resolution on the broadening of cooperation between Turkey and the Community adopted by the Association
Council on 6 March 1995 foresees the strengthening of cooperation in transport, including transit and market
access. However, the situation relating to financial cooperation has not yet enabled the Commission to start
taking initiatives on this issue.

Until now the Commission has not been aware of reports of delays specifically involving Greek vehicles entering
Turkey. In the absence of a relevant agreement between the Community and Turkey on road goods transport, the
regulation of traffic between Greece and Turkey is a matter for the two countries concerned, subject to
compliance with the relevant international rules.

The Commission will contact the Greek authorities to seek further information on this issue, in order to decide
what steps should be taken to overcome any problems of discrimination.

(98/C 60/68) WRITTEN QUESTION E-1760/97

by Florus Wijsenbeek (ELDR) to the Commission
(27 May 1997)

Subject: French experiments with longer vehicles

Is the Commission aware that the French government is investigating, in anticipation of the introduction of
Directive 96/53 (1) on weights and dimensions, whether longer vehicles can be permitted in initial and terminal
road haulage in combined transport? What it involves is the transport of two 8.15 metres swap bodies. Is the
Commission also aware that experiments are currently being carried out in the Netherlands with freight vehicles
of 4 TEU?