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98 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 60/77

(98/C 60/112) WRITTEN QUESTION E-2003/97

by Juan Colino Salamanca (PSE) to the Commission
(11 June 1997)

Subject: The use of pure sugar in the manufacture of yeast for baking

For years manufacturers of baker’s yeast have been advocating the use of pure sugar at more or less the world
market price, as is the case in other fermentation industries producing citric acid, glutamic acid, etc.

Is the Commission aware of this discrimination between industries in the same sector?

For what reasons have yeasts not yet been included in Annex II to Regulation 334/93 (1) on the use of set-aside
land for industrial purposes?

(1) OJ L 38, 16.2.1993, p. 12.

Answer given by Mr Fischler on behalf of the Commission

(18 July 1997)

The Commission is aware that active yeast is not admitted as an eligible product for receiving the production
refund on certain sugar products used in the chemical industry (Council Regulation (EEC) No 1010/86 (1)).

Although Regulation (EEC) No 1010/86 is regularly reviewed by the Commission in close cooperation with the
Member States, active yeast has never been considered eligible for addition to this Regulation.

Active yeast has not been included in the list of eligible end products in the framework of the non-food set-aside
scheme (Commission Regulation (EEC) No 334/93), due to concern about possible market distortions for
molasses, glucose and sugar. Furthermore, Member States foresee difficulties with respect to effective control of
the non-food set-aside scheme if active yeast were to be included in this scheme.

(1) OJ L 94, 9.4.1986.

(98/C 60/113) WRITTEN QUESTION P-2011/97

by Pat Gallagher (UPE) to the Commission
(4 June 1997)

Subject: Regulations on import of second-hand vehicles into the EU

What type approval requirements are applicable to used vehicles being imported either privately or on a
commercial basis to a Member State from outside the EU for use within the EU?

Whose responsibility is it to enforce such type approval regulations as are applicable to the importation of such
used vehicles from outside the EU?

What evidence should a Member State seek in respect of such imported used vehicles from outside the EU before
allowing them to be used on roads within the EU, to ensure that such vehicles are in conformity with EU type
approval regulations?

What audit procedures does the Commission carry out to ensure that conformity with the applicable type
approval regulations are being enforced by a Member State in respect of used vehicles imported from outside the

What sanctions can the Commission implement if a member State fails to properly ensure conformity with type
approval regulations on used vehicles imported from outside the EU and registered for use within the Member
State and consequently within all other Member States?