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Jasp e rR e p o rt s D o wnlo ad Robust embedded reporting for users Java, HTML, PDF, Excel, XML output. J as p e rs o ft.c o m/J as p e rRe p o rts
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IReport User Manual - T ENtec Private Portal Download Preview

Dec 4, 20 0 9 ... The TENtec iRe po rt mo dule implements the questio nnaire to pro duce implementatio n ... The main web
page o f the iRe po rt mo dule has two tabs: ...
Ta g s : P o r ta l P r i va te Te n te c Ma n u a l Us e r

versione 1 Download Preview

iRe po rt . User manual. Updated to iRe po rt 1.2.0 . Co pyright © 20 0 4-20 0 6 by JasperSo ft Co rpo ratio n. ...... To use a
perso nalized JRDataSo urce with iRe po rt . ...
Ta g s : Ve r s i o n e

User manual Download Preview

iRe po rt is an OpenSo urce pro gram that can create co mplex repo rts which can use ... iRe po rt permits peo ple, who are
taking co nfidence with ...
Ta g s : Ma n u a l Us e r

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