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C 63/6 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 27.2.


Authorisation for State aid pursuant to Articles 92 and 93 of the EC Treaty

Cases where the Commission raises no objections

(98/C 63/04)

Date of adoption: 17.11.1997

Member State: Austria

Aid No: N 465/97

Title: Promotion of measures to improve the quality and hygiene of milk and milk products

Objective: See ‘Title’

Legal basis: Richtlinien der Landesregierung Vorarlberg zur Förderung von Maßnahmen zur
Verbesserung der Qualität und des Hygienewerts von Milch und Milcherzeugnissen

Budget: ATS 12 million (approximately ECU 870Ø000) per annum maximum

Aid intensity:
—Ù100Ø% for compulsory control measures
—Ù70Ø% for non-compulsory control measures

Duration: Unspecified

Date of adoption: 17.11.1997

Member State: Austria

Aid No: N 371/97

Title: Environmental aid measures (modification of an existing aid scheme)

Objective: To promote extensive farming practices which protect nature and the environment

Legal basis: Entwurf von Änderungen der Sonderrichtlinie des Bundesministers für Land- und
Forstwirtschaft für das Österreichische Programm zur Förderung einer umweltgerechten,
extensiven und den natürlichen Lebensraum schützenden Landwirtschaft (ÖPUL 98)


1998 1999 2000 2001 2002

ATS million:
Total (including part-financing): 7Ø974 8Ø147 8Ø163 8Ø180 8Ø196
of which State aid (non-part-financed): 877 896 899 901 905
ECU million:
Total (including part-financing): 582 595 596 597 598
of which State aid (non-part-financed): 42 43 43 44 44

Aid intensity: Various, according to recipient’s losses and commitments

Duration: Unlimited
27.2.98 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 63/7

Date of adoption: 11.11.1997 Date of adoption: 5.11.1997

Member State: Germany (Hesse) Member State: Spain

Aid No: N 645/97
Aid No: N 594/97
Title: Aid scheme promoting high-quality beef
Title: Multiannual regional programme
Objective: To implement programmes to produce high-
Objective: To encourage the continuance or introduction quality beef that guarantee ongoing checks on the
of agricultural production methods compatible with the product from the holding of origin to the final consumer
requirements of the protection of the environment and Legal basis: Proyecto de Real Decreto por el que se
the maintenance of the countryside establecen ayudas a los programas de carne de vacuno de
Legal basis: ‘Gebietsspezifisches Mehrjahresprogramm’
zur Umsetzung der Verordnung (EWG) Nr. 2078/92 für Budget: ESP 102 million (n ECU 600Ø000) in 1997
umweltgerechte und den natürlichen Lebensraum
schützende Produktionsverfahren in Hessen Aid intensity: 50Ø%
Duration: Unspecified
—Ù1997: DEM 36,9 million (n ECU 18 million)
—Ù1998: DEM 40,08 million (n ECU 20 million) Date of adoption: 3.11.1997
—Ù1999: DEM 35,23 million (n ECU 17,5 million) Member State: Belgium (Flanders)

Aid intensity: Various according to the measures and Aid No: N 271/97
Title: Aid for advisory services for holdings in financial
Duration: Unspecified
Objective: To provide advice, support services and
Conditions: The Commission has noted that some of the evaluation services to agricultural and horticultural
measures fall within the scope of Regulation (EEC) No holdings in financial difficulties
2078/92 and will be the object of a separate examination
under that Regulation Legal basis: Besluit van de Vlaamse regering betreffende
steun aan de begeleiding van landbouwbedrijven in
financiñle moeilijkheden
Budget: Unspecified
Date of adoption: 5.11.1997
Aid intensity: Less than 100Ø% of eligible costs of the
Member State: Greece advisory services in question

Aid No: N 572/97 Duration: Unspecified

Title: Research in the wine sector under Community

initiative InterregÙII Date of adoption: 3.11.1997
Objective: To improve the quality of wine production Member State: Greece

Legal basis: Ellhnikþ diÿpoyrgikþ apöfash poy aforá Aid No: N 259/97
enòsxysh sto ereynhtikö sx~dio me tòtlo ‘Beltòvsh toy
Title: Aid measures benefiting farmers hit by the 1996
genetikoý ylikoý thw amp~loy kai paragvgþ tvn
beltivm~nvn ampeloyrgik×n proõöntvn stiw periox~w
Krþth, Ivánnina, Lþmnow kai Sámow’ sto plaòsio toy Objective: To compensate for production and property
prográmmatow INTERREGÙII losses suffered by farmers affected by the fires

Budget: ECU 2,43 million (70Ø% to be borne by the Legal basis: Ellhnikþ diÿpoyrgikþ apöfash poy aforá
EAGGF) m~tra yp~r tvn gevrg×n tvn opoòvn oi gevrgik~w ekmetal-
leýseiw ~xoyn yposteò zhmi~w lögv tvn pyrkagi×n toy 1996
Aid intensity: This measure does not involve State aid
Budget: GRD 2 billion (approximately ECU 6,5 million)
within the meaning of Article 92(1) of the Treaty
Aid intensity:
Duration: 1997-1999
—ÙGRD 800Ø000 per ha maximum (n ECU 2Ø580
per ha) for replacing crops
C 63/8 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 27.2.98

—ÙGRD 1Ø000Ø000 per ha maximum (n ECU 3Ø220 Date of adoption: 31.10.1997

per ha) for production losses
Member State: Italy (Sardinia)
—ÙAnnual crops: 30Ø%
—ÙRepairs to damaged buildings: 40Ø% Aid No: N 687/97
—ÙReplacing livestock: 50Ø% Title: Subsidised short-term loans in the agricultural
—ÙReplacing irrigation ducts: 40Ø%
—ÙGRD 180 per kg (n ECU 0,6 per kg) for resin Budget: ITL 6Ø000Ø000Ø000 (n ECU 3 million)
harvesters Aid intensity: Interest-rate subsidy of 30Ø% of the
Duration: 1997-1999 reference rate
Duration: Until 31 December 1997