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98 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 67/5

Authorisation for State aid pursuant to Articles 92 and 93 of the EC Treaty

Cases where the Commission raises no objections

(98/C 67/04)

Date of adoption: 18.11.1997 Date of adoption: 18.11.1997

Member State: Spain (Valencia)

Member State: The Netherlands
Aid No: N 623/97
Aid No: N 769/96
Title: Aid scheme promoting the transportation of
Title: Aid and parafiscal taxes in the poultry and egg
sector Objective: To promote the collection of carcases from
livestock farms by authorised processing plants

Objective: Legal basis: Proyecto de orden por la que se establecen

ayudas a los contratos para la recogida y transporte de
—ÙResearch and development in the general interest of cad`veres de explotaciones ganaderas
the sector concerning production and processing of
poultrymeat and eggs
Budget: ESP 40 million (approximately ECU 242Ø000) in
—ÙPublicity for poultrymeat and eggs the first year

—ÙHealth prevention and combat of epizootic diseases Aid intensity: Various

in the poultry and egg sector
Duration: Five years

Legal basis: Various tax regulations (Heffingsveror-

deningen) and regulations on the use of the earnings
(Fondsverordeningen) of Produktschap voor Pluimvee en Date of adoption: 18.11.1997
Eieren (product board for poultry and eggs)
Member State: United Kingdom
Budget: About NLG 11 million (about ECU 5 million)
for 1997 Aid No: NNØ149/96

Title: Small firms loan guarantee scheme

Aid intensity: Up to 100Ø% of eligible costs of the aid
measures Objective: To guarantee funding for setting-up and
expanding enterprises
Duration: Not determined
Legal basis: Section 8 of the Industrial Development Act
Conditions: As concerns publicity aid the Commission
took into account that the Dutch authorities provide Budget:
assurances that the provisions of the Commission —Ù1996/97: GBP 45 million (ECU 65 million)
framework regarding State aid for publicity for agri-
cultural products (OJ C 302, 12.11.1987, p. 6) will be —Ù1997/98: GBP 53 million (ECU 77 million)
—Ù1998/99: GBP 57 million (ECU 83 million)
As concerns all taxes levied on the number of poultry (The figures refer to the overall budget, only a small part
kept on the farm or on quantities of poultrymeat of which will be allocated to Annex II products; the
slaughtered respectively hatching eggs used, the above costs shall only apply in the case of default)
Commission reserves the right to reconsider this aspect
of financing of the aid scheme under Article 93(1) of the Aid intensity: The aid will be granted in the form of
Treaty as regards the aspect of taxation of imported State guarantees not exceeding the maximum authorised
poultry respectively hatching eggs the Community will rates
have adopted rules on origin for poultry and one-day
chicks Duration: Unlimited
C 67/6 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 3.3.98

Date of adoption: 18.11.1997 Budget: ESP 420 million (ECU 1,5 million)
Member State: Italy (Lombardy) Aid intensity: 35Ø% of the investment cost
Aid No: NNØ105/97 (ex NØ339/97) Duration: Until 31 December 1999
Title: Rules on the processing, maturing and use of
livestock waste Conditions: Except for the investment aid for protecting
the environment and improving hygiene conditions on
Objective: Aid to promote investment in environmental livestock holdings and aid for the purchase of production
protection and improvement rights connected with the purchase of land, the planned
measures should be examined under Regulation (EC) No
Legal basis: Legge regionale (Lombardia) n. 37 del 15
950/97. Under Article 37 of that Regulation Articles 92
dicembre 1993 ‘Norme per il trattamento, la matu-
and 93 of the Treaty do not apply to such investment aid
razione e l’utilizzo del reflui zootecnici’
Budget: ITL 36 billion (approximately ECU 18,7
Date of adoption: 26.11.1997
Aid intensity: 35Ø% (45Ø% in less-favoured farming areas
within the meaning of Article 21(2) of Regulation (EC) Member State: United Kingdom
No 950/97)
Aid No: N 648/97
Duration: 1997-1999
Title: Countryside Stewardship Scheme (Modification)
Objective: To promote biodiversity in arable areas
Date of adoption: 18.11.1997
Legal basis: Regulations in Section 98 of the
Member State: Spain (Extremadura) Environment Act
Aid No: N 705/97 Budget: GBP 500Ø000 (ECU 340Ø000) per year, around
Title: Modernisation and improvement of irrigation half of which in the form of State aid
Objective: To improve irrigation infrastructure Aid intensity: Up to 100Ø%
Legal basis: Proyecto de Decreto por el que se establece Duration: Unlimited
un r~gimen de ayudas a las comunidades de regantes
para la mejora y modernizaciön de los regadòos
Budget: ESP 1Ø800 million (approximately ECU 11 Date of adoption: 26.11.1997
Aid intensity: Up to 80Ø% of expenditure Member State: Spain (Madrid)

Duration: 1998 and 1999 Aid No: N 620/97

Title: Aid scheme in the plant health sector

Date of adoption: 26.11.1997 Objective: To eradicate and control plant diseases

Member State: Spain (Balearic Islands) Legal basis: Proyecto de orden por la que se regula el
pago de las indemnizaciones derivadas de las medidas
Aid No: N 682/97 fitosanitarias adoptadas la erradicaciön y control de
Title: Aid in the livestock sector agentes nocivos en la Comunidad de Madrid
Objective: To improve livestock holdings Budget: ESP 5 million (approximately ECU 30Ø000) in
Legal basis: R~gimen de ayudas para la homologaciön y 1997
adaptaciön de las explotaciones ganaderas a la normativa Aid intensity: Up to 100Ø% of eligible expenditure
comunitaria y a la protecciön del medio ambiente y el
paisaje Duration: Until August 2001