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C 68/4 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 4.3.




(98/C 68/03)

(Commission Decision No C(97) 1997 of 17 July 1997)

(Commission Decision No C(97) 3572 of 20 November 1997)

(Commission Decision No C(97) 2114 of 15 July 1997)

(Commission Decision No C(97) 2285 of 17 July 1997)

Project reference Subject Beneficiary



LIFE97 ENV/A/000389 Solids particles control plan for water Vorarlberger Kraftwerke AG
reservoirs Weidachstraße 6
A-6900 Bregenz

LIFE97 ENV/B/000411 Fluoride recuperation unit 3M NV

Nijverheidslaan 7
B-1831 Diegem

LIFE97 ENV/IT/000047 Process and product innovations for the Ceramiche Daytona SpA
manufactoring of double-fired ceramic tiles, via Statale 569 civ. 177 loc. Campazzo
intended to reduce the environmental impact I-41050 Solignano di Castelvetro (MO)
due to gas emissions and the use of
exhaustible natural resources (waterØ@Øclay)
and energy

LIFE97 ENV/NL/000125 Demonstration project fixation of pigment on Vlisco BV

cotton through electron beam Binnen Parallelweg 27
NL-5701 PH Helmond

LIFE97 ENV/S/000306 Increasing competitiveness for using Götene International AB (Giab)

waterborne, evironmental friendly paint Box 42
systems in the wood furniture industry S-533Ø21 Götene

LIFE97 ENV/A/000390 Application of membrane technology to Ottakringer Brauerei Harmer AG

recover process waters for re-use by recycling Ottakringer Straße 91
within the food and beverage industry, A-1160 Wien
environmental management improvements

LIFE97 ENV/D/000455 Recycling of floculated ceramic masses VilleroyØ@ØBoch AG

production with minimum waste Postfach 11Ø20
D-66688 Mettlach

LIFE97 ENV/D/000456 Demonstration plant to recycle low conta- upt Gesellschaft für umweltkompatible
minated waste water from agri-foodstuffs Prozeßtechnik mbH
industry Im Stadtwald, Geb. 47
D-66123 Saarbrücken

LIFE97 ENV/D/000463 Demonstration project: Microbial removal of Gesellschaft für Biotechnologische

mercury compounds from industrial waste Forschung mbH (GBF)
streams Mascheroder Weg 1
D-38124 Braunschweig

LIFE97 ENV/D/000467 Pilot project for cost effective landfill leachate Kreisabfallwirtschaftsbetrieb,
water filtration, using the SBR-technology as Landkreis Heidenheim
a combined biological-chemical procedure Schmittenplatz 5
D-89522 Heidenheim
4.3.98 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 68/5

Project reference Subject Beneficiary

LIFE97 ENV/F/000176 Industrial wastewater treatment with treated Sanofi Chimie

water reuse Usine d’Aramon — Route d’Avignon
F-30390 Aramon

LIFE97 ENV/F/000183 Preventing pollution and saving water Maubeuge Construction Automobile (MCA)
resources by the re-use of industrial Avenue Andr~-Chausson
stormwater F-59600 Maubeuge

LIFE97 ENV/F/000188 Prevention of animal dejections related Soferti — Grande Paroisse

pollutions (Ecoliz) 12, place de l’Iris
F-92062 Paris La D~fense C~dex

LIFE97 ENV/NL/000124 Integrated BIO/F/C technology: a new Mommers Print Service BV

process for the removal of waste fom the PCB Peutenweg 2, Postbus 34
industry NL-6100 AA Echt

LIFE97 ENV/P/000155 Eletromagnetic resonance, a prototype to be Companhia de Celulose do Caima, SA

developed for industrial demonstration in the P-2250 Const|ncia
cellulose industry sector

LIFE97 ENV/S/000312 Cost-effective cleaning with recycling and WashØ@ØCirculation of Scandinavia AB

purification Mossvägen 3
S-175Ø40 Järfälla

LIFE97 ENV/UK/000439 An environment-friendly repair system for Subterra Limited

leaking sewage or rainwater/surface drainage Dullar lane, Sturminster Marshall
pipes Dorset
UK-BH21 4DA Wimbourne

LIFE97 ENV/D/000442 Introduction, testing and toughening up of a G. Kraft Maschinenbau GmbH

new production process for the varnish of Lippstädter Straße 118
smooth products of the wood-processing D-33397 Rietberg
industry with solvent free varnish

LIFE97 ENV/D/000465 Reduction of VOC emissions by using fatty Kooperationsstelle

acid esters for metal cleaning processes DGB-Gewerkschaften/Hochschulen
Besenbinderhof 60
D-20097 Hamburg

LIFE97 ENV/D/000473 Demonstration plant of an individual chamber Thyssen Stahl AG

pressure regulation to avoid emissions of coke Kaiser-Wilhelm-Straße 100
ovens D-47166 Duisburg

LIFE97 ENV/DK/000338 Elimination of emissions in glass fibre casting LM Glasfiber A/S

Rolles Møllevej 1
DK-6640 Lunderskov

LIFE97 ENV/DK/000342 Electrochemical particulate trap for diesel Dinex Filter Technology A/S
engine exhaust Fynsvej 39
DK-5500 Middelfart

LIFE97 ENV/E/000247 Development of the production process of five Hobelan Sociedad Cooperativa
ZEUS electrical vehicles and the testing of Ctra. de Zaldibia, s/n Apt 86
their behaviour in their real environment E-20240 Ordizia (Gipúzcoa)

LIFE97 ENV/F/000197 Demonstration of the industrial fabrication of ELF Antar France

an alternative clean fuel for urban fleet: 2, place de la Coupole, La D~fense 6
water-diesel emulsion F-92078 Paris La D~fense Cedex 45
C 68/6 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 4.3.98

Project reference Subject Beneficiary

LIFE97 ENV/UK/000509 Development of a novel absorption process BIP Group Limited

for reduction of VOC emissions to air Popes Lane PO Box 3180
West Midlands
UK-B69 4PG Oldbury

LIFE97 ENV/D/000446 Thermic in-situ sanitation by highfrequency UWT Umwelttechnik GmbH

energy Leopoldstraße 1
D-78112 St. Georgen

LIFE97 ENV/FIN/000326 Controlled closing of landfills with after- Länsi-Uudenmaan Jätehuolto Oy

treatment using waste materials from energy PL 51
production and industries; development of a FIN-08101 Lohja

LIFE97 ENV/FIN/000328 Regional remediation processing centre for Lohja Rudus Oy Ab

contaminated soils Box 49
FIN-00441 Helsinki

LIFE97 ENV/IT/000024 New technology capable of extending current Ecodeco SpA

application of bioremediation to soil Cassinazza di Baselica
contamined with chlorinated compounds, I-27010 Giussago (PV)
pesticides, PCBs and PAHs

LIFE97 ENV/B/000398 Transformation of iron waste from the zinc Union Minire
industry (goethite) into a secondary Kasteelstraat 7
construction material (Gravelite) by a low cost B-2250 Olen
and low energy consuming process

LIFE97 ENV/D/000476 Development of a biologically degradable Overbeck Herborn GmbH

cooling and lubricating agent (KSS) on the Konrad-Adenauer-Straße 27
basis of a deister oil in precision grinding D-35745 Herborn

LIFE97 ENV/E/000225 Development and implementation of a pilot SA Reverte

unit to recover solid wastes and sludges from Afueras, s/n
the marble industry E-08720 Castellet i la Gornal (Barcelona)

LIFE97 ENV/E/000230 Valorisation of aluminium fusion sands by Componentes Vilanova, SL

calcination Ronda Europa, 26
E-08800 Villanueva-La Geltrú (Barcelona)

LIFE97 ENV/E/000238 Purification of vegetable peptides from Pevesa, Peptonas Vegetales, SL

sunflower waste after lipid extraction Plaza Ruòz de Alda, 6 – 8& C
E-41004 Sevilla

LIFE97 ENV/E/000259 Project demonstrating the total use of rice Camara Arrocera de Amposta
husk as an agricultural by-product for its San Cristöbal, 115
industrial use in the automotive and E-43870 Amposta (Tarragona)
packaging sector

LIFE97 ENV/E/000275 Development of a novel technology for a ECOLUBE SA

waste oil regeneration plant Severo Ochoa, 4
E-28760 Tres Cantos (Madrid)

LIFE97 ENV/F/000170 Recycling of pulp waste from the paper Ipodec æle de France SA
recycling industry (Recypulpe) 51/57, avenue de la Division Leclerc
F-93430 Villetaneuse

LIFE97 ENV/F/000178 Development of a complete economical Novaol France

recycling process for re-use of used fats for 14, boulevard du G~n~ral-Leclerc
Biodiesel production F-92572 Neuilly-sur-Seine C~dex

LIFE97 ENV/F/000191 Set up of a complete and specialised process Valoref SA

line of scrap refractories management and 359, mont~e des Frigoules
recycling F-84500 Bollene
4.3.98 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 68/7

Project reference Subject Beneficiary

LIFE97 ENV/F/000196 Metallic hydroxide sludges valorisation AFE-M~tal

Boulevard de la Boissonnette
F-42110 Feurs

LIFE97 ENV/IRL/000213 Development of a sustainable management Electricity Supply Board,

strategy for packaging and packaging waste 27 Lower Fitzwilliam Street
industry IRL-Dublin 2

LIFE97 ENV/IT/000018 Recovery and re-utilisation of the animal S.I.C.IT. SpA

waste coming from the tanneries called via Arzignano 48
‘Carniccio’ with an innovative chemical-termal I-36072 Chiampo (VI)

LIFE97 ENV/IT/000033 Lightweight aggregates from wastes VOMM Impianti e processi srl
via Curiel 252
I-20089 Rozzano (MI)

LIFE97 ENV/IT/000096 Production of ecological leather with inno- Conceria Maiora SpA
vative chemicals and machineries via dei Conciatori Nord 32/34
I-56024 Ponte a Egola-San Miniato (PI)

LIFE97 ENV/L/000206 Waste management in the field of OSL Oeko Service Luxembourg
construction with prevention as a main goal 18, rue Stumper
L-2557 Luxembourg

LIFE97 ENV/NL/000117 Bubbling bed FBC process for conversion of CDEM Holland BV
paper (de-inking) residue PO Box 3
NL-6960 AA Eerbeek

LIFE97 ENV/NL/000120 Recycling of used disposable diapers and Knowaste BV

other similar materials PO Box 151
NL-6500 AD Nijmegen

LIFE97 ENV/S/000308 Mineral filled polypropylene in repeated Plastkretsen AB

circuit loops Box 105
S-101Ø22 Stockholm

LIFE97 ENV/S/000311 Pilot plant test and development of the ScanArc Plasma Technologies AB
PyroArc process Värnavägen 7
S-813Ø35 Hofors

LIFE97 ENV/UK/000489 Recycling of waste leather from footwear and SATRA Technology Centre
other industries Rockingham Road,
UK-NN16 9JH Kettering

LIFE97 ENV/GR/000384 An innovative system promoting the intro- National Technical University of Athens
duction of clean technologies in industry Mechanical Eng. Dpt.-Thermal Eng. Sect.
Patission 42
GR-10682 Athens

II.ÙLocal bodies

LIFE97 ENV/B/000403 New low-cost procedure for sanitary landfill Soneville SA

leachates treatment Parc Industriel de Welkenraedt
Rue des Trois-Bourdons 25
B-4840 Welkenraedt

LIFE97 ENV/B/000410 Real time measure and management of the Ministre de la r~gion wallone — DG
effect of a pollution on water quality Aquapol Ressources naturelles et environnement
Avenue Prince de Lige 15
B-5100 Jambes
C 68/8 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 4.3.98

Project reference Subject Beneficiary

LIFE97 ENV/DK/000347 Sustainable land use in ground water areas Municipality of Aalborg
Rantzausgade 6, P.O. Box 462
DK-9000 Aalborg

LIFE97 ENV/E/000252 Demonstration of microalgae cultivation as a Cabildo Insular de Gran Canaria

new agro-industrial activity linked with urban Bravo Murillo, 23
wastewater re-use and CO2 Øbiofiltration from E-35003 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
combustion gases

LIFE97 ENV/F/000182 Denitratation and dephosphatation of the Association pour le d~veloppement de cultures
water of epuration station by irrigation of the ~nerg~tiques
Short Rotation Coppice 140, boulevard de la Libert~
BP 1177
F-59013 Lille C~dex

LIFE97 ENV/IT/000106 Demonstrative implementation on an inno- ENEA — Ente per le Nuove Tecnologie
vative system of rational use and re-use of l’Energia e l’Ambiente
water in a residential building in Bologna Lungotevere Grd. Amm. Thaon de Revel 76
I-00196 Roma

LIFE97 ENV/NL/000137 The Blue Transformation: towards a water- College van Burgemeester en Wethouders
friendly city Gemeente Eindhoven
Stadhuisplein 10, postbus 90150
NL-5600 RB Eindhoven

LIFE97 ENV/P/000149 Demonstration of a new treatment (ozone) C|mara Municipal de Evora

concerning the water quality Praça do Sertorio
P-7000 Evora

LIFE97 ENV/P/000153 Supported development management of Associaç}o de Municipios do Norte Alentejano

olive-oil production in North Alentejo Largo Professor Jaime Bel~m, 21
P-7300 Portalegre

LIFE97 ENV/B/000401 The assessment of mulch sheets versus other Aminal, Afdeling bos en groen,
techniques to inhibit competitive vegetation in administratie van het Vlaams Gewest
tree plantations carried out in urban and Belliardstraat 14-18
natural environment B-1040 Brussel

LIFE97 ENV/B/000413 New methods of selective collection and Municipaliteit van Antwerpen
transport of solid waste, supported by Grote Markt 1
advanced modelling for comparative B-2000 Antwerpen
evaluation of system cost-effectiveness —

LIFE97 ENV/E/000254 Ecological islands Ayuntamiento de Salamanca

Rector Lucena, 1, entreplanta
E-37002 Salamanca

LIFE97 ENV/E/000263 Environmental pilot programme to encourage Direcciön General de Medio Ambiente de la
the sustainable economic development of Consejeròa de Medio Ambiente
Jerte’s Valley municipalities association Santa Eulalia, 30
E-06800 M~rida (Badajoz)

LIFE97 ENV/GR/000351 Local authority and citizen: an interactive Municipality of Athens, Development Agency
system of information flow on waste 5 FavierouØ@ØMayer Str.
management and a pilot project for the GR-10438 Athens
collection of hazardous household wastes

LIFE97 ENV/IT/000095 Sustainable waste management in rural areas Provincia di Perugia

Piazza Italia 11
I-06100 Perugia
4.3.98 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 68/9

Project reference Subject Beneficiary

LIFE97 ENV/P/000154 Industrial wastes of marble and sustainable C|mara Municipal de Estremoz
development Rossio Marquðs de Pombal
P-7100 Estremoz

LIFE97 ENV/B/000404 Development of a b Øabsorption equipment for Institut scientifique de service public (ISSeP)
filters to measure the suspended particulate Rue du Ch~ra 200
matter along with heavy metals (BASPM) B-4000 Lige

LIFE97 ENV/D/000457 Demonstration project ‘flameless non-catalytic Ministerium für Umwelt, Natur und Forsten
oxidation of hazardous gases from waste Schleswig-Holstein
disposal sites’ Grenzstraße 1—5
D-24149 Kiel

LIFE97 ENV/GR/000387 Application of air pollution methods and Prefectural Department of Kavala,
incorporation of the results into land use Prefect. Self Administrat. Drama-Kavala-Xanthi
planning of Kavala region Ethnikis Antistaseos 20
GR-65110 Kavala

LIFE97 ENV/GR/000382 Implementation of local environmental policy Municipality of Evosmos

in residential development. Soil decontami- Pavlou Mela 24
nation by a new method (air stripping GR-56224 Evosmos, Thessaloniki

LIFE97 ENV/F/000193 An observatory of city noise environment — Grand Lyon

Diapason 20, rue du Lac
F-69399 Lyon Cedex 03

LIFE97 ENV/D/000469 Realisation of the sustainable model city, Forum Vauban eV

Vauban District Merzhauser Straße 150/07
D-79100 Freiburg

LIFE97 ENV/E/000243 Ecological re-use of agroindustrial sub- Ayuntamiento de Hellòn

products of the Hellòn area Calle del Rabal, 1
E-02400 Hellòn (Albacete)

LIFE97 ENV/E/000260 To show compatibility between the gathering Universidad de L~rida

of natural aromatic and medicinal plants, the Plaza Victor Siurana, s/n
conservation of their natural area and the E-25003 L~rida
viability of its cultivation in the Pirineos as an
alternative crop

LIFE97 ENV/E/000286 Sustainable development Lanzarote and the Cabildo Insular de Lanzarote
biosphere strategy Leön y Castillo, 6
E-35500 Lanzarote
(Las Palmas de Gran Canaria)

LIFE97 ENV/E/000292 Environmental regeneration and protection of Patronato de Promociön Provincial y Turismo
a green way in areas of strong impact Diputaciön Provincial de Ja~n
Plaza San Francisco, 2
E-23071 Ja~n

LIFE97 ENV/E/000304 Goya 250 anniversary: nature at Fuendetodos Ayuntamiento de Fuendetodos

Zuloaga, 24
E-50142 Fuendetodos (Zaragoza)

LIFE97 ENV/F/000194 Integrated development and management of Syndicat mixte d’~tude pour l’am~nagement du
the Saøne Valley bassin de la Saøne et du Doubs
752, avenue Mar~chal de Lattre
F-71017 M|con C~dex
C 68/10 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 4.3.98

Project reference Subject Beneficiary

LIFE97 ENV/F/000200 Establishment of economic reference Espaces naturels de France, F~d~ration des
frameworks for the management of natural Conservatoires r~gions d’espaces naturels
habitats Maison des Conservatoires
F-68190 Ungersheim

LIFE97 ENV/F/000201 Establishment of methods to evaluate environ- CNFPT — Centre national de la fonction
mental policies of local authorities publique territoriale
3 villa Thor~ton
F-75738 Paris C~dex 15

LIFE97 ENV/F/000202 Towards the sustainable management of F~d~ration des parcs naturels r~gionaux de
exceptional rural areas France
4, rue de Stockholm
F-75008 Paris

LIFE97 ENV/FIN/000331 Sustainable development through cooperative City of Tampere — Environmental Protection
planning Unit
Aleksis Kiven katu 14
FIN-33210 Tampere

LIFE97 ENV/FIN/000335 Management of the runoff waters from arable Finnish Environment Institute
land PO Box 140
FIN-00251 Helsinki

LIFE97 ENV/GR/000380 Demonstration of planting trees (forest zone) Municipality of Perama

on rocky mountain 28 Dimokratias av.
GR-18863 Perama

LIFE97 ENV/IRL/000209 The development of a consensus based inte- Cork County Council
grated coastal zone management strategy for County Hall, Carrigrohane Road
Bantry Bay IRL-Cork

LIFE97 ENV/IRL/000224 Dublin City Eco Zone South Dublin County Council, Parks and
Landscape Services Dept. Town Centre,
IRL-24 Dublin

LIFE97 ENV/IT/000064 Social and environmental rehabilitation in the Centro Regionale d’Intervento per la
neighbourhood of Modena-Ciccarello — Cooperazione
Local Agenda 21 — in the city of Reggio via Monsolini 12
Calabria I-89100 Reggio Calabria

LIFE97 ENV/IT/000091 Demonstrative actions for sustainable devel- Associazione Arciragazzi

opment for the urban environment (the via dei Mille 23
Children’s City) I-00185 Roma

LIFE97 ENV/NL/000128 Demonstration of a municipal contribution to Gemeente Schoonebeek

a sustainable urban technology: land use PO Box 2
planning, household water and bio-instal- NL-7760 AA Schoonebeek
lations (Stroomdal-Life)

LIFE97 ENV/S/000317 Environmental objectives and indicators in Naturvårdsverket Enheten för

spatial planning and SEA Samhällsplanering
S-106Ø48 Stockholm

LIFE97 ENV/UK/000434 Local indicators to monitor urban sustain- London Borough of Southwark
ability Chiltern House, Portland Street
UK-SE17 2ES London
4.3.98 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 68/11

Project reference Subject Beneficiary

LIFE97 ENV/UK/000438 A scheme for access and availability of special London Borough of Camden
transport for all — Plusbus Interactive Camden Town Hall
Argyle Street
UK-WC1H 8EQ London

LIFE97 ENV/UK/000504 Area sustainability for peripheral rural areas The Highland Council
Glenurquhart Road
UK-IV3 5NX Inverness (Scotland)

LIFE97 ENV/UK/000511 New wetland harvests: project to develop Broads Authority

new, environmentally sustainable technology 18 Colegate
for wetland management UK-NR3 1BQ Norwich

LIFE97 ENV/A/000393 Voluntary eco-management and audit scheme Stadtgemeinde Bruck/Leitha

(EMAS) for local community — demon- Hauptplatz 16
stration project A-2460 Bruck/Leitha

LIFE97 ENV/A/000394 Innovative mobility concept for a medium Landeshauptstadt Linz

sized European city to improve the quality of Neues Rathaus, Hauptstraße 1—5
living and of the environment A-4020 Linz

LIFE97 ENV/D/000447 Development, introduction and implemen- Umweltreferat der Stadt Regensburg
tation of an environmental management D.-Martin-Luther-Straße 1
system in medium-sized municipalities in D-93047 Regensburg

LIFE97 ENV/D/000474 Construction of a demonstration flywheel Siemens AG, VT 349

energy-storage system for the reduction of Postfach 32Ø40
energy consumption in public light-rail D-91050 Erlangen
systems by up to 10Ø%

LIFE97 ENV/D/000480 Concerted action and local climate protection Klima Bündnis, European Coordination Office
in Europe Philipp-Reis-Straße 84
D-60486 Frankfurt am Main

LIFE97 ENV/DK/000344 Building the ECO-City: ecologically sound District Council of Indre Nørrebro
development in local urban administration Sjællandsgade 38
through cooperation between civic users and DK-2200 Copenhagen N.
district government

LIFE97 ENV/E/000264 Ecoture installations: establishment of an Direcciön General de Ordenaciön del Territorio
eco-management and eco-audit scheme for (Govern Balear)
tourist installations Avenida Gabriel Alomar i Villalonga, 33
E-07006 Palma de Mallorca (Baleares)

LIFE97 ENV/GR/000366 Partnership in sustainable tourism on Association of Municipalities and Communities

Kefalonia and Ithaca of KefaloniaØ@ØIthaca
27 Lithostrotou
GR-28100 Argostoli

LIFE97 ENV/GR/000372 Model for the integrated management of the Municipality of Menemeni
encampment of unsheltered nomad gypsies in Faidonos 3
suburban areas of Greek cities: pilot GR-54628 Menemeni
application in the municipality of Menemeni

LIFE97 ENV/IT/000109 Eco-market — Less waste in shopping bags Ente di Bacino Padova 2
Corso Stati Uniti 5/A
I-35020 Camin (PD)

LIFE97 ENV/P/000152 Landstate — sustainability of tourism and Instituto Superior T~cnico (IST)
agriculture through total consumer Rovisco Pais, 1
involvement P-1096 Lisboa Codex
C 68/12 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 4.3.98

Project reference Subject Beneficiary

III.ÙPreparatory actions

LIFE97 ENV/IT/000072 Ricama — Rational for integrated coastal Regione Abruzzi

area management P.zza S. Giusta-Pal. Centi
I-67100 L’Aquila

LIFE97 ENV/UK/000510 Coastal change, climate and instability Isle of Wight Council
County Hall, Newport
UK-PO30 1UD Isle of Wight

LIFE97 ENV/B/000419 A biotic index of fish integrity (IBIP) to Facult~s universitaires Notre-Dame de la Paix
evaluate the ecological quality of lotic Rue de Bruxelles 61
ecosystems — application to the Meuse River B-5000 Namur

LIFE97 ENV/F/000205 Analyses and comparison of assessment Office international de l’eau

methods related to industrial pollution of 21, rue de Madrid
water for the countries forming the Meuse F-75008 Paris
watershed: Belgium (Flanders and the Wallon
Region), France, Germany and the

LIFE97 ENV/UK/000431 An investigation into the survival of sewage ARUN District Council
indicating organisms discharged to the marine Civic Centre, Littlehampton
environment UK-BN17 SLF West Sussex

LIFE97 ENV/FIN/000336 Coupling of Corinair data to cost-effective Finnish Environment Institute

emission reduction strategies based on critical PO Box 140
thresholds FIN-00251 Helsinki


LIFE97 NAT/A/004117 Wilderness area Dürrenstein — Nieder- Amt der NÖ Landesregierung — RU5
österreich (Lower Austria) Naturschutzabteilung
Herrengasse 13
A-1014 Wien

LIFE97 NAT/A/004207 Hörfeld-Moor (Kärnten-Steiermark) Naturschutzverein Hörfeld-Moor

Reiftanzplatz 1
A-9375 Hüttenberg

LIFE97 NAT/D/004216 Renaturation of river, back water and Biosphärenreservatsverwaltung Mittlere Elbe
floodplain along Middle Elbe Kapenmühle PF 1382
D-06813 Dessau

LIFE97 NAT/D/00424 Raised bogs and habitats for the corncrake in Bayerisches Staatsministerium für
Southern Chiemgau Landesentwicklung und Umweltfragen
Rosenkavalierplatz 2
D-81925 München

LIFE97 NAT/E/004151 Project to support the conservation of Caretta Consejeròa de Polòtica Territorial — Gobierno
caretta and Tursiops truncatus in the Canary de Canarias
Islands Rambla General Franco, 149 —
edificio Mönaco
E-Santa Cruz de Tenerife

LIFE97 NAT/E/004157 Project of physical and ecological recovery of Ayuntamiento de Pajara

‘Playa del Matorral’ Plaza de Regla, s/n
E-35628 Pajara
4.3.98 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 68/13

Project reference Subject Beneficiary

LIFE97 NAT/E/004190 Re-introduction of El Hierro giant lizard in Consejeròa de Polòtica Territorial — Gobierno
its former natural habitat de Canarias
Rambla General Franco, 149 —
edificio Mönaco
E-Santa Cruz de Tenerife

LIFE97 NAT/FIN/004086 Restoration of fluvial ecosystems containing University of Helsinki

pearl mussels Finnish Museum of Natural History, PL 17
FIN-00014 Helsinki

LIFE97 NAT/FIN/004090 Biodiversity: Recreation and maintenance of Åland landskapsstyrelse

wooded meadows, Aland PB 60
FIN-22101 Mariehamn

LIFE97 NAT/FIN/004095 Protection of aapamires in Lapland and Ostro- Lapland Regional Environment Centre
bothnia Hallituskatu 3, PL 8060
FIN-96101 Rovaniemi

LIFE97 NAT/FIN/004102 Conservation and management of the The Regional Environment Centre of Uusimaa
Porvoonjoki Estuary — Stenböle Natura 2000 PB 36
Area FIN-00521 Helsinki

LIFE97 NAT/FIN/004110 Quark Archipelago West Finland Regional Environment Centre

Koulukatu 19 A — PO Box 262
FIN-65101 Vaasa

LIFE97 NAT/GR/004247 Implementation of management plan for Pylos Hellenic Ornithological Society
Lagoon and Evrotas Delta, Natura 2000 sites 53 Em. Benaki str.
in Greece GR-10681 Athens

LIFE97 NAT/GR/004249 Conservation of canis lupus and its habitats in Arcturos

Central Greece Victoros Ougo Str. 3
GR-54625 Thessaloniki

LIFE97 NAT/IT/004089 N.EC.TO.N Project (new ecosystems on the Provincia autonoma di Trento — Servizio
Noce River): urgent action for renaturali- Parchi e Foreste Demaniali
sation in the La Rocchetta biotope (Trentino, via G.ØB. Trener 3
Italy) I-38100 Trento

LIFE97 NAT/IT/004108 Biocenosis requalification in Valvestino-Corno Azienda Regionale delle Foreste

della Marogna Palazzo Verrocchio — Centro dir. Milano
I-20090 Segrate (MI)

LIFE97 NAT/IT/004115 Conservation actions for Apennines beech Comune di Morino — Riserva Naturale
forest with Taxus and Ilex, and ursus arctos Zompo Lo Schioppo
marsicanus improvement via XXIV Maggio
I-67050 Morino (AQ)

LIFE97 NAT/IT/004134 Restoration of alluvial woods and oak woods Consorzio Parco Lombardo della Valle del
along the Ticino River Ticino
via Isonzo 1
I-20013 Pontevecchio di Magenta (MI)

LIFE97 NAT/IT/004140 Dune di Piscinas — Monte Arcuentu Amministrazione Provinciale di Cagliari

viale Ciusa 19

LIFE97 NAT/IT/004143 Conservation and increase of the Abruzzo Ente Parco Nazionale del Gran Sasso e
chamois — Rupicapra ornata — in ‘Natura Monti della Laga — Palazzo Dragonetti
2000 Sites’ of the Gran Sasso via Roio 12
I-67100 L’Aquila
C 68/14 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 4.3.98

Project reference Subject Beneficiary

LIFE97 NAT/IT/004145 Strategic area of ‘Pian della Faggeta’: urgent Amministrazione Provinciale di Roma,
actions for protection of priority habitat and Assessorato Ambiente — Settore Ambiente
planning of agricultural and touristic activities via IV Novembre 119ØA
I-00186 Roma

LIFE97 NAT/IT/004153 Capraia and other small islands of the Tuscan Regione Toscana — Assessorato all’Ambiente
Archipelago: biological diversity conservation via di Novoli 26
I-50127 Firenze

LIFE97 NAT/IT/004159 Actions on sites of the Natura 2000 Network Enea (Ente pubblico)
in the Mediterranean region via Anguillarese 301
I-00060 Roma

LIFE97 NAT/IT/004163 Conservation acts for Apennine Abies alba and Regione Emilia-Romagna
Picea excelsa forests and Apennine beech viale Silvani 6
forests with Abies alba I-40122 Bologna

LIFE97 NAT/IT/004171 Monitoring and management of the wetlands Regione Autonoma Valle d’Aosta —
included in the Natura 2000 program Assessorato Ambiente, Territorio e Trasporti
via Cerise 1
I-11100 Aosta

LIFE97 NAT/P/004082 Measures for the management and conser- Parque Natural da Madeira
vation of the Laurissilva Forest of Madeira Quinta do Bom Sucesso — Caminho do Meio
(code 45.62*) P-9050 Madeira

LIFE97 NAT/S/004200 Protection of Western Taiga, Groosjöberget Bollnäs Kommun

in Bollnäs S-821Ø80 Bollnäs

LIFE97 NAT/S/004201 Protection of forests and mires in Sweden Naturvardsverket, the Swedish environment
protection agency
S-106Ø48 Stockholm

LIFE97 NAT/S/004204 Preservation of the beetle, Osmoderma eremita Swedish Environmental Protection Agency
in Sweden (SEPA)
S-106Ø48 Stockholm

LIFE97 NAT/UK/004242 Securing Natura 2000 objectives in the New Hampshire County Council
Forest The Castle, Winchester
UK-SO23 8UE Hampshire

LIFE97 NAT/UK/004244 Restoration of Atlantic oakwoods Caledonian Partnership, Highland

Birchwoods Ltd
Littleburn, Munlochy
UK-IV8 8NN Ross-shire

LIFE97 NAT/B/004206 Protection of the habitats of a number of R~serves naturelles en ornithologie de Belgique
priority species of wet grasslands in Belgium asbl
Rue Royale Ste Marie 105
B-1030 Bruxelles

LIFE97 NAT/B/004208 Initiative to rehabilitate ecologically the World Wide Fund for Nature Belgium
Central Limburg pond complex (Vijver- Waterloosteenweg 608
complex Midden-Limburg), a key central area B-1050 Brussel
in a regional network of pond and marsh
4.3.98 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 68/15

Project reference Subject Beneficiary

LIFE97 NAT/D/004219 Improvement of the Rieselfelder Münster — Biologische Station Rieselfelder Münster
SPA Coermühle 181
D-48157 Münster

LIFE97 NAT/D/004222 Measures for supporting and increasing Landesbund für Vogelschutz in Bayern
bittern populations (Botaurus stellaris) in Dieselstraße 2
Bavarian fishponds D-91161 Hilpoltstein

LIFE97 NAT/D/004231 Wetland habitat management in the Schaalsee Naturparkamt Schaalsee

Natur Park with special consideration of the Stintenburg Insel
bittern and corncrake species D-19246 Lassahn

LIFE97 NAT/D/004233 Preservation and development of brood Niedersächsisches Umweltministerium

habitats of Crex crex near the Lower Elbe Archivstraße 2
D-30169 Hannover

LIFE97 NAT/DK/004199 The restoration of the area of Vest Stadil Ministry of Environment Forest and Nature
Fjord Agency
Haraldsgade 53
DK-2100 København

LIFE97 NAT/E/004147 Recovery plan of Puffinus p. mauretanicus in Conselleria de Medi Ambient,

SPAs Ordenaciö del Territori i Litoral
Foners, 10
E-07006 Palma de Mallorca (Baleares)

LIFE97 NAT/E/004161 The SPAs as a model for land management: Junta de Extremadura — Consejeròa de Medio
the case of Extremadura Ambiente
Santa Eulalia, 30
E-06800 M~rida (Badajoz)

LIFE97 NAT/E/004179 Conservation of the bittern (Botaurus stellaris) Direcciön General de Medio Ambiente
in the Endorreic wetlands of the Ebro valley Gobierno de Navarra
in Navarra Alhöndiga, 1 — 1o
E-31002 Pamplona (Navarra)

LIFE97 NAT/E/004180 Conservation plan for Bonnelli’s Eagle Diputaciön General de Aragön
(Hieraañtus fasciatus) in the Sierra de Guara Departamento de Medio Ambiente
(Aragön) Paseo Maròa Agustòn, 36
E-50071 Zaragoza

LIFE97 NAT/E/004188 Performances in improving the environment Junta de Castilla y L~on

on behalf of the Perdicera Eagle (Hieraañtus Consejeròa de Medio Ambiente
fasciatus) and of the Black Stork, especially Nicol`s Salmerön, 5
their young in the Arribes del Duero E-47004 Valladolid

LIFE97 NAT/F/004119 Lesser Kestrel in Mediterranean France area Fonds d’intervention pour les rapaces (FIR)
11, avenue du Ch|teau de la Malmaison
F-92500 Rueil-Malmaison

LIFE97 NAT/F/004120 Black Vulture and scavenger raptors in the Fonds d’intervention pour les rapaces (FIR)
Gorges de la Jonte 11, avenue du Ch|teau de la Malmaison
F-92500 Rueil-Malmaison

LIFE97 NAT/F/004226 Oxyura leucocephala’s re-introduction on R~serve naturelle de l’~tang de Biguglia

Biguglia’s pond Conseil G~n~ral de Haute Corse
Høtel du D~partement
R-P. Mal-Leclerc
F-20405 Bastia Cedex
C 68/16 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 4.3.98

Project reference Subject Beneficiary

LIFE97 NAT/F/004229 Waders without frontiers Soci~t~ pour l’~tude et la protection de la

nature en Bretagne
BP 32
F-29276 Brest Cedex

LIFE97 NAT/FIN/004105 Viikki-Vanhankaupunginlahti: a birdlife Pekka Kansanen — Helsingin kaupungin

paradise in the middle of Helsinki ympäristökeskus
Helsinginkatu 24
FIN-00530 Helsinki

LIFE97 NAT/GR/004243 Conservation and management actions in ten National Agricultural Research Foundation
special protected areas in Greece Egialias 19 and Halepa str.
GR-15125 Maroussi

LIFE97 NAT/IT/004125 Ventotene/S. Stefano: example of conser- Associazione Mediterranea

vation and development via Frangipane 30
I-00184 Roma

LIFE97 NAT/IT/004127 Restoration of Massaciuccoli as a carrying site Ente Parco Regionale Migliarino S. Rossore
for the bittern Massaciuccoli
via Aurelia Nord 4
I-56122 Pisa

LIFE97 NAT/IT/004132 Restore and safeguard of endangered habitats Riserva Naturale Tevere Farfa
in Tevere-Farfa Natural Reserve via Tiberina, km 32
I-Nazzano (Roma)

LIFE97 NAT/IT/004177 Project for S’Ena Arrubia Lagoo Conser- Amministrazione Provinciale di Oristano
vation and Integrated management (Oristano, via Mattei
Sardegna) I-Oristano

LIFE97 NAT/NL/004210 Black Vulture Conservation in a European Black Vulture Conservation Foundation
Network (BVCF)
Raaphorstlaan 28
NL-2245 Wassenaar

LIFE97 NAT/UK/004245 Wild Ness: the conservation of Orford Ness, The National Trust — East Anglia Regional
Phase 2 Office
Blickling, Norwich
UK-NR11 6NF Norfolk

LIFE97 NAT/E/004165 Conservation of 5 species in Monteverde de Consejeròa de Polòtica Territorial — Gobierno

Canaries de Canarias
Rambla General Franco, 149 —
edificio Mönaco
E-Santa Cruz de Tenerife

LIFE97 NAT/FIN/004098 Conservation of the Lesser White-fronted Metsähallitus, Ylä-Lapin

Goose in Finland and Sweden luonnonhoitoalue
PL 36
FIN-99801 Ivalo

LIFE97 NAT/IT/004097 Priority measures for the conservation of large WWF Italia
carnivores in the Alps via Garigliano 57
I-00198 Roma

LIFE97 NAT/IT/004141 Wolf and bear conservation in the new parks Legambiente
of the Central Apennines via Salaria 280
I-00199 Roma

LIFE97 NAT/P/004075 A conservation strategy for anaecypris Universidade de Lisboa — Centro de Biologia
hispanica Ambiental (CBA)
Campo Grande — Ed. C2 — 3o. piso
P-1700 Lisboa
4.3.98 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 68/17

Project reference Subject Beneficiary


LIFE97 TCY/CY/077 Cycle networks in Cyprus towns Town Planning and Housing Department
Severi Avenue

LIFE97 TCY/IL/044 Restoration of the rivers in Israel’s coastal Ministry of the Environment
plain Dept of Water and Streams
PO Box 34033
IL-95464 Jerusalem

LIFE97 TCY/IL/047 The Galicomp project: centralised treatment Upper Galilee Regional Council
of organic waste PO Box 90000
IL-12100 Rosh Pina

LIFE97 TCY/IL/048 Municipal solid waste management: a demon- Kiriat Tivon Municipality
stration project Ben Gurion Sq
IL-Kiriat Tivon

LIFE97 TCY/INT/051 Envimed II Medicit~s Cit~s Unies D~veloppement

22, rue d’Alsace
F-92300 Levallois-Perret

LIFE97 TCY/M/071 Introduction in Mata of systems compatible Environment Protection Department

with EEC Regulation 1836/93 Starkey Annexe

LIFE97 TCY/MA/035 Environment: Legal and institutional technical Ministre de l’environnement

assistance project Direction de l’observation, des ~tudes
75, rue de Sebou Agdal

LIFE97 TCY/ROS/032 Life forecast (FORests’ECological ASsessment Lencomecology

Tool) B. Konushennaya Ulitsa, 29
ROS-191186 St Petersburg

LIFE97 TCY/ROS/054 Sustainable traffic development in Kaliningrad Ecat Kaliningrad

City, Russia Ul. Gorkogo 25
ROS-236040 Kaliningrad

LIFE97 TCY/ROS/093 Coastal conservation and local agenda 21, a Leningrad Region Government
pilot project for Russia Smolnogo ul. 3
ROS-193311 St Petersburg

LIFE97 TCY/SYR/006 Integrated medical waste management plan in Syrian environmental technologies
Syria PO Box 3843

LIFE97 TCY/TR/016 Implementation of Emas (eco-management Merkat Inc.

and audit scheme) in Turkey Barbaros Blv, 24/7 Balmumcu
TR-80700 Istanbul

LIFE97 TCY/TR/037 Demirtas waste dump gas recovery project Aksa Makina Sanayi AS
Barbaros Bulv. 91
TR-80690 Besiktas Istanbul
C 68/18 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 4.3.98

Project reference Subject Beneficiary

LIFE97 TCY/IL/038 Restoration and conservation in the reflooded Jewish Agency for Israel
Hula wetland habitat in Northern Israel Department of developØ@Øsettlement
PO Box 90000
IL-12100 Rosh Pina

LIFE97 TCY/TN/055 Conservation et r~habilitation d’~cosystmes Association les amis des oiseaux
insulaires fragiles Facult~ des sciences de Tunis
Campus universitaire
TN-1060 Tunis

LIFE97 TCY/TR/015 Ecological risk analysis and management Ministry of Environment (Cevre Bakanligi)
planning for Lake Manyas (Lake Bird)) Eskisehir Yolu, 8. km
TR-06530 Ankara