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C 73/48 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 9.3.


Opinion of the Economic and Social Committee on the ‘Proposal for a Council Regulation
(EC) amending Regulation (EEC) No 1442/88 on the granting, for the 1988/1989 to 1997/1998
wine years, of permanent abandonment premiums in respect of wine-growing areas’

(98/C 73/13)

On 30 September 1997 the Council, acting in pursuance of Articles 43 and 198 of the Treaty
establishing the European Community, consulted the Economic and Social Committee on the
above-mentioned proposal.
The Section for Agriculture and Fisheries, which was instructed to prepare the Committee’s
work on the matter, adopted its opinion on 7 November 1997. The rapporteur was Mr Kienle.
At its 350th plenary session held on 10 and 11 December 1997 (meeting of 10 December) the
Economic and Social Committee adopted the opinion set out below by 114 votes to one, with
three abstentions.

1. Introduction 2. Observations

2.1. The Committee welcomes the proposed amend-

1.1. Regulation (EEC) No 1442/88 on the granting of ment to Regulation (EEC) No 1442/88. This measure
premiums for the permanent abandonment of wine- will make it possible for meaningful use to be made,
growing areas was amended under the 1996/97 farm in Germany too, of the programme for regulating
price round in such a way as to introduce a maximum wine-growing areas.
EU quota of 25 000 ha per year over a two-year period
in respect of the wine-growing area eligible for a
grubbing premium. The area allocated to Germany 2.2. The Committee points out that the simultaneous
under this scheme (50 ha per year) proved to be too reduction of the area allocated to Spain by the same
small to enable it to be distributed amongst the various figure of 950 ha will have no effect in that country as it
wine-growing areas, with the result that no use whatso- has so far used only a small part of its allocation. It is
ever was made of this scheme in Germany. assumed that the 12 050 ha allocated to Spain will be
sufficient fully to meet all applications for the grubbing
of vines.
1.2. The proposed amendment under consideration
provides for an increase of 950 ha in the area allocated 2.3. The Committee welcomes the fact that the
to Germany and a reduction by the same amount of the proposed amendment to Regulation (EEC) No 1442 will
13 000 ha originally allocated to Spain. not require additional funds from the EU budget.

Brussels, 10 December 1997.

The President
of the Economic and Social Committee