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11. 3.

98 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 76/31

− conferences and congresses

− information and publications.

Can the Commission also give figures for these four types of expenditure expressed as a proportion of the total
appropriations allocated to the heading in question and state whether it considers this to be a reasonable

Supplementary joint answer

to Written Questions E-0698/97, E-0699/97, E-0700/97, E-0701/97, E-0702/97,
E-0703/97, E-0704/97, E-0705/97, E-0706/97, E-0707/97, E-0708/97, E-0709/97, E-0710/97,
E-0711/97, E-0712/97, E-0713/97, E-0714/97, E-0715/97, E-0716/97, E-0717/97, E-0718/97,
E-0719/97, E-0720/97, E-0721/97, E-0722/97, E-0723/97, E-0724/97, E-0725/97, E-0726/97,
E-0727/97, E-0728/97, E-0729/97, E-0730/97, E-0731/97, E-0732/97, E-0733/97, E-0734/97,
E-0735/97, E-0736/97, E-0737/97, E-0738/97, E-0739/97, E-0740/97, E-0741/97, E-0742/97,
E-0743/97, E-0744/97, E-0745/97, E-0746/97, E-0747/97, E-0748/97, E-0749/97, E-0750/97,
E-0751/97, E-0752/97, E-0753/97, E-0754/97, E-0755/97, E-0756/97, E-0757/97, E-0758/97,
E-0759/97, E-0760/97, E-0761/97, E-0762/97, E-0763/97, E-0764/97, E-0765/97, E-0766/97,
E-0767/97, E-0768/97, E-0769/97, E-0770/97, E-0771/97, E-0772/97, E-0773/97, E-0774/97,
E-0775/97, E-0776/97, E-0777/97, E-0778/97, E-0779/97, E-0780/97, E-0781/97, E-0782/97,
E-0783/97, E-0784/97, E-0785/97, E-0786/97, E-0787/97, E-0788/97, E-0789/97 and E-0790/97
given by Mr Liikanen on behalf of the Commission
(19 September 1997)

Further to its answer of 5 May 1997 (1), the Commission is now able to provide the following additional

In view of the length of its answer, the Commission is sending it direct to the Honourable Member and to
Parliament’s Secretariat.

(1) OJ C 21, 22.1.1998, p. 28.

(98/C 76/100) WRITTEN QUESTION E-0894/97

by Johanna Maij-Weggen (PPE) to the Council
(11 March 1997)

Subject: UN Commission on Human Rights

The UN Commission on Human Rights will be meeting from 10 March to 18 April 1997 in Geneva.

Can the Council say what contributions it has made with regard to Turkey, Algeria, Colombia, Indonesia/East
Timor, Nigeria and Burma, and how it has taken account in its contributions of the views of the European

(25 September 1997)

The Honourable Member of the European Parliament can be assured that, in the preparation for this year’s 53rd
session of the Commission on Human Rights, the Council took note and made use of the European Parliament’s
resolution adopted at its session of 17-21 February 1997.

This year the European Union has taken the lead on country specific resolutions on East Timor, Iran, Iraq,
Myanmar (Burma), Nigeria and Zaire. All resolutions sponsored by the European Union were adopted. It should
also be mentioned that a UN Committee of Inquiry into the killings in East-Zaire was created with the help of the
Member States.
C 76/32 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 11. 3. 98

Additionally, under item 10 (“Questions of the violation of human rights and fundamental freedoms in any part
of the world”) the Council has addressed its concern about the human rights situation in a large number of
countries, among which Algeria, Colombia, Indonesia and Turkey are mentioned by the Honourable

The case of Turkey was taken up under part four (countries in transition towards democratization) of the
intervention by the Netherlands on behalf of the EU, in which mention was made of the fact that despite certain
good intentions on the side of the Government, the human rights situation in Turkey continues to be cause for
great concern.

On Algeria, a paragraph in the statement on country situations, demands that human rights be fully respected and
earnestly calls upon the Algerian Government to create conditions conducive to the establishment of a
democratic process and of peace and stability in the country.

On Colombia, the European Union expressed its concern about the serious situation of human rights and
humanitarian law in that country and called on the Colombian authorities to commit themselves to improving
their human rights record, inter alia to cooperate with international organizations. The Union equally contributed
to the statement of the Chairman of the Commission on Human Rights which inter alia welcomed the opening (in
April 1997) of the office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Columbia.

In the EU co-sponsored resolution on Indonesia/East Timor and in its statement on Indonesia, the Union
expressed its deep concern about the limited progress on the commitments made by the Government of Indonesia
to promote human rights in East Timor and in line with the views of the European Parliament , the Government of
Indonesia was again called upon to ensure full respect for the human rights and fundamental freedoms of the
people of East Timor and inter alia to ensure early release of East Timorese detainees.

The European Union remains deeply concerned about the human rights situation in Nigeria. The Honourable
Member of the European Parliament will have noticed that the resolution on Nigeria demands the release of all
political prisoners, and defines the brief for the appointment of a special rapporteur on human rights in Nigeria.

Like last year, the EU resolution on the situation of human rights in Myanmar was adopted without a vote. The
human rights situation remains of great concern to the European Union, as is well known to the European
Parliament. It is worth nothing also that the European Union − outside the framework of the Commission on
Human Rights − in referring to the human rights clause − cancelled the GSP status of Myanmar.

(98/C 76/101) WRITTEN QUESTION E-0961/97

by Roberta Angelilli (NI) to the Commission
(13 March 1997)

Subject: Scheme to build an underground car park in Piazza Cola di Rienzo in Rome

The Rome City Council is planning to build a large underground car park in Piazza Cola di Rienzo consisting of
four underground levels, four access ramps and spaces for a total number of 755 cars. The site to be excavated
will be more than 17 metres deep, 37 metres wide and 195 metres long, with a total surface area of 7 215 m2 and a
cubic capacity of 122 600 m3, and some 98 trees on the square will have to be chopped down. This is therefore a
major project, on which work is expected to last four years and seven months and it may adversely affect the
traders in the area. Furthermore, the car park will have to be constructed close to palaces built almost a century
ago, on earthworks and close to aquifers which risk being affected by serious problems of instability.

Despite the fact that No 10(b) of Annex II to Directive 85/337/EEC (1) stipulates that the Member States must
adopt appropriate criteria to determine which urban development projects should be the subject of an
environmental impact assessment pursuant to Articles 5 to 10 of the directive, and despite the considerable scale
of the project, which would appear to justify an environmental assessment under the procedure laid down, no
public consultations concerning the project have been launched by the council and the 17th district of the Rome
City Council, the decentralized local authority body with responsibilities in the area concerned, has not been
invited to deliver an opinion on the construction of the car park in Piazza Cola di Rienzo.