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98 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 76/89

Answer given by Mr Monti on behalf of the Commission

(4 September 1997)

The Commission is aware of the problem raised by the Honourable Member. Following the resolution adopted
by Parliament on 13 May, the Commission has adopted a proposal for a Parliament and Council Directive on the
legal protection of conditional access services. (1)

(1) COM(97) 356 final.

(98/C 76/181) WRITTEN QUESTION E-2272/97

by Patricia McKenna (V) to the Commission
(2 July 1997)

Subject: Proposal for a Commission White Paper on arms trade

In May 1997 Parliament adopted a report by British Socialist MEP Gary Titley on the Commission
communication on the challenges facing the European defence-related industry (A4-0076/97).

The report suggested that the Commission draft a White Paper on the arms trade and encourage the EU Council
of Ministers to draft a legally binding code of conduct on EU arms exports to third countries.

What progress has the Commission made in implementing Parliament’s suggestion? When is the White Paper
likely to be published?

Answer given by Mr Van den Broek on behalf of the Commission

(4 September 1997)

During discussion of the Titley report the Commission gave its wholehearted support to the suggestion that it
prepare a white paper on arms exports incorporating a legally binding code of conduct.

The report highlights the complexity and importance of arms exports in what is an area of national sovereignty
controlled by national governments where Member States have very different interests and sensitivities.

Criteria governing arms exports have been adopted at European Union level but responsibility for their
implementation lies solely with the Member States. The Commission will need more information about national
controls of arms exports for progress to be made in simplifying controls on transfers of arms within the

In its conclusions the Amsterdam European Council called for swift action to be taken within the European
Union to develop a ‘responsible and coherent arms export control policy’. The Commission will draw on the
work undertaken within this framework to draft the white paper on arms exports which it has agreed to present to

(98/C 76/182) WRITTEN QUESTION E-2273/97

by Susan Waddington (PSE) to the Commission
(2 July 1997)

Subject: Transportation and storage of nuclear waste

Following recent public demonstrations against the transportation and storage of nuclear waste in Germany, the
Commission must be aware of the growing public concern surrounding such activity in all Member States.