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C 79/14 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 14.3.



Rolling call for Proposals for support and co-ordination actions in the field of trans-European
telecommunications networks

(98/C 79/08)
(Text with EEA relevance)

Title XII of the Treaty establishing the European TIØ4.ÙTrans-European telecommunications support and
Community provides that the European Community co-ordination actions.
contributes to the establishment and development of
trans-European networks, including the field of telecom- The maximum level of Community financial aid is
munications. defined in the information package, which describes in
detail the action and contains further information on the
A decision of the European Parliament and of the procedures and on rules for the submission of the
Council on a series of guidelines for trans-European proposals.
telecommunications networks was adopted on 17 June
1997 (OJ L 183, 11.7.1997, p. 12). It identifies in its
The indicative Community budget allocation for this call
Annex I supplementary support and co-ordination
ranges from ECU 1 to 2 million.

On the basis of Annex I, the Commission adopted a The text of this call and the information package is also
work programme on 7 January 1998, which specifies available on the Internet at the TEN-Telecom Web site:
such actions.

The Commission of the European Communities is The submission may take place at any time from
launching a call for proposals aiming at the implemen- 14 March 1998 until the closing date fixed on 31
tation of support and co-ordination actions providing the December 2000.
appropriate environment for projects of common interest
in the field of trans-European telecommunications
networks. The proposal must be sent by registered mail to the
Commission, or delivered by hand or by courier to the
address indicated below.
Individual organisations or consortiaØ(Î) responding to
the conditions defined for the present call are invited to
submit proposals for support actions, such as measures to The administrative correspondence related to this call for
prepare, support and disseminate the outcomes of proposals should be addressed to:
European Commission, Directorate-General XIII, Direc-
Proposals must refer to the following project for this call torate A, BU 31 3/7, ref. TEN-Telecom 3/98, rue de
for proposals: la Loi/Wetstraat 200, B-1049 Bruxelles/Brussels, Tel.
(32Ø2) 296Ø83Ø42, Fax (32Ø2) 296Ø83Ø93.

(Î)ÙIn the case of consortia one organisation must be designated An ‘Information day’ will take place in Brussels on
as the lead contractor and agent responsible. 1 April 1998.