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C 82/58 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 17. 3.


It may be noted that, before the formal procedure, the project planning was also marked by a phase of public
consultation. A discussion document prepared by the project team and their consultants set out five possible
alternative routes between Bluebell and Heuston Station, with a comparative socio-economic engineering and
environmental examination of each option. Using a multicriteria analysis and taking into account submissions
received from interested parties and locally held meetings, the routing now proposed was chosen.

In view of the foregoing, the Commission does not at present consider it appropriate to address the Irish
authorities on the specific matters mentioned. The Honourable Member is advised to use the procedures provided
at national level to make a full submission to the national authorities.

(98/C 82/103) WRITTEN QUESTION E-2331/97

by Jean-Yves Le Gallou (NI) to the Commission
(7 July 1997)

Subject: Community subsidies

On 9 and 10 May 1997 ‘Europe Days’ were held in Brussels, organized jointly by the European Parliament, the
Commission and the Council of Ministers.

Will the Commission give details of the actual cost of the event and indicate which budget line provided the
requisite appropriations?

Answer given by Mr Oreja on behalf of the Commission

(18 September 1997)

Manufacture of 5 products bearing the logo ‘9 May’ (11 official languages, Member States and
non-member countries, approx. 2 million units) 65 000
10 May (open days) some 29 000 people visited the Parliament the Council, the Commission, the
Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions
Financial contribution by the Commission Office in Belgium to the festivities at Rond-Point
Schuman 100 000
Cost of the open days for the Commission 13 836
Total cost for the Commission 178 836
Contribution (Parliament, Council, Economic and Social Committee,Committee of the Regions) to
the cost of the common folder and outside signs 12 816

The Commission used appropriations from budget item B3-3000

(98/C 82/104) WRITTEN QUESTION E-2337/97

by Nuala Ahern (V) to the Commission
(10 July 1997)

Subject: Implementation of environmental and safeguards sampling at nuclear facilities in the EU

According to a memorandum prepared by International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Deputy Director-
General Bruno Pelland concerning a high-level liaison committee meeting between the European Commission
and the IAEA in Brussels on December 12/13/1996, Euratom and the IAEA are at loggerheads over the
implementation of environmental and safeguards sampling at certain nuclear facilities in the European Union.