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Client Case Study

 Capability to manage a staff 59 developers including Project
managers, SQA’s, DBA’s and Business Systems Analysts.
 Distributed Servers in Canada, US and Argentina – Keeping About Band of Coders (BOC)
server information up to date all the time. Server population
was growing dramatically and there where many changes The Band of Coders is a team of programmers
updated daily. (Visio diagrams where not kept current and staff and system architects that creates business
could not locate diagrams) applications, web applications, and front-end
 Hardware and server growth was becoming unmanageable. interfaces. They work with companies that
 Upper management could not view project status per client know exactly what they want and are looking
 It was becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of their for the raw programming talent to make their
Project Portfolio as they acquired more projects from different vision a reality quickly and efficiently.
Locations: Canada, USA and Argentina
 It was extremely time consuming to keep track of resources
assigned to each project and time spent on specific tasks to Website:
estimate progress.

BOC was quickly coming to the realization that their only choice was to purchase 7 different applications and attempt to make
them work together. Fortunately, before they committed to purchasing a host of disparate systems, they discovered IS
Untangle, a single source, completely integrated solution.

IS Untangle provided the following integrated solution to BOC

 Internal/External Client Contact Management – BOC could track internal and external contact information along with related
Applications and Servers associated with the client. Communication was facilitated with the client by utilizing project and task
‘add-stake-holder’ functions (this system created an automated email message of project and task status). The team could easily
Sync their outlook contacts to quickly update the system. Relate Projects to Internal or external clients.

 Project Portfolio Manager – BOC could create, edit and view Project Planning, Master projects, Projects, Project Tasks, Project
Documents, Project Subtasks, Project Security (Only selected project members can view the project), Project estimation, Project
description and lessons learned, Project Status, Import projects from MS project, Gantt view of project tasks, Export projects in XLS
or MS project, View and select resources available (by name, title, task count and priority tasks assigned, resource location and
select stake holders), View and create project analysis and project reports, Associate projects with Internal or external applications
and components, Create Project sprints and mile stones (Agile/Scrum methodology), and Generate overall Project Team reports
within seconds to send to upper management.
*Any time a project had a description change, users could add a time stamp and automated Email notification to the team would
be sent out with the new added or changed Project description or comments made.
Solution- Continued
 Task manager - BOC Project Managers and team members could easily view tasks assigned to them in a project. They could
quickly create and assign new tasks, Task Document Repository, add stakeholders to tasks for automated Email status notification,
track Task modification (When and whom modified the task and create modification history report), Update task status and priority
and create bug tickets, Assign completed tasks to SQA for testing, update task time, send task time to TimeSheets (Creates
automatic timesheet entry), Developers could keep track versions of code (Code report of code changed, new code and unchanged
SVN integration – ISU picks up committed code reads a time-tag placed by developer in the notes field and the system updates
task time and creates an automatic timesheet entry thus reducing administrative tasks for developers

 Servers (Configuration Management / Inventory Control) – BOC Development teams could easily search and quickly connect
(Connection Button) to Internal/External client server via Remote Desktop Connection, view server name, IP Address, Server Type,
Physical locations, options to restart server, determined if server is a ‘Shared Server’, Remote Access Information (Address-URL,
Client, Business Contact and BOC team contact. The team could add server details (Especially how to build the server, restart
procedures). Server listing provided ample view as to who created the server to when the server was last modified.


 BOC Upper Management was able to access a ‘Real-time’ precise view of Multiple Client Requirements, Project
Statuses, Progress, Estimations (Estimated start vs. actual start/ estimated end and actual end), Percentage of project
completion, Modifications, and Project tasks by team members within seconds. Upper management could also view
Comments, Notes and lessons learned in each project and any documents associated with the project including tasks
documents. Execute multiple Summary reports and release note to submit to Clients and Stakeholders

 Stakeholders in projects received automated notifications on Project and Tasks updates maximizing communication
between Project Managers, Stakeholders and assigned Team members.

 BOC Teams were able to quickly ramp-up on assigned projects and tasks, view and control assigned tasks, update task
time and hours spent on specific task automatically thus maximizing developers time. Quickly send Time-Sheet reports
to Project Managers and Upper Management, assign completed tasks to SQA for testing, and generate Release notes
within seconds.

 BOC Teams were able to find and connect with internal and external client servers with a click of a button, view server
information, and keep track of server modifications & locations.
Efficiency Report
This report is to validate the amount of administrative hours Project Managers, Developers, DBA’s and Business Analysts
saved when using IS Untangle

7 Project Managers (PMO’s) 37 Developers

1092 Project Management hours earned 3,848 Development hours earned

Per Project Manager per week – Minimum of 3 hours earned Per developer per week – Minimum of 2 hours earned

3 (Hours) x 7 (PM’s) = 21 Hours per week earned x 52 weeks = 2 (hours) x 37(Dev’s) = 74 Hours per week earned x 52 Weeks
1092 hours earned per fiscal year =3848 hours earned per fiscal year

2 Database Administrators 3 Business Analysts

208 Database administration hours earned 468 Business Analysts hours Saved

Per DBA per week – Minimum of 2 hours earned Per Business Analyst per week – Minimum of 3 hours earned

2 (hours) x 2 (DBA’s) = 4 hours per week earned x 52 weeks = 3 (hours) x 3 (BA’s) = 9 hours per week earned x 52 weeks =
208 hours earned per fiscal year 468 hours earned per fiscal year

10 SQA’s

1040 Testing hours earned with the integration of automated testing with the SQA manager

Per developer per week – Minimum of 2 hours earned

2 (Hours) x 10 (SQA’s) = 20 hours per week earned x 52 weeks = 1040 hours earned per fiscal year

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