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Reaching all
Through ISSUE 2 VOLUME 2

scouting 20 /11/ 2010

Duty to God

Duty to others On Sunday,

18th /0ctober/2010.
Forty eight (48)
Duty to self
scouts from Equator
scouts group visited
Sanyu babies home
in a bid to accomplish
Scouts engagement

one of their priority

projects for this
year.“Put a smile on a
baby’s face”. This
place consists of ba-
bies who were aban-
doned by their par-
ents, those who are
orphaned and those
Scouts solidarity who were intention-
ally thrown away by
their parents. The main objective for this We left feeling happier than we had been
project was to put smiles on these babies’
Much as all these activities were done,
faces and to live them happier than we had
we mostly enjoyed playing with the
found them. We also donated items that
babies since this is the only activity that
were suitable for the babies. These do-
physically justified our objective of
nated items were collected from within
putting smiles on these babies’ faces.
equator scouts. We also did a number of
We left Sanyu babies home at 6pm
activities that we thought could make a
Scouts adventure feeling happier than we had gone.
positive contribution to the lives of these
abandoned babies. We believe this project created great
The activities included laundry, cleaning, impact not only to the abandoned
arranging and organizing their property, children but also to the people we met
feeding them among others. on our way to the venue.
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dren enjoyed all the
games we played with
them and they felt loved
E-scouts also visited
and cared for. From the
Kampala School for
head girl’s touching
the physically hand
speech, she thanked us
caped children which
for thinking about the
has over 70 disabled
disabled children and for
children it looks after.
the work we had done
We donated a number
while there. She encour-
of items we had col-
aged us to keep going
lected from all equator
there since our presence
scouts, well wishers,
had created a difference
friends and parents to
in their lives. Lastly, she
equator scouts. This
asked us to introduce
was followed by a
scouting in their school
good turn that in-
and many disabled chil-
volved washing, clean-
dren raised their hands in favour of her idea. We pre-
ing the compound, sweeping and mopping the class-
pared them for lunch, helped them to wash their hands
rooms, dining hall and their dormitories. We also
and took them to where they were going to have their
helped in washing their wheel chairs. Each patrol pre-
lunch. To us, this was a success and we feel blessed to
pared a piece of entertainment in terms of songs,
have been part of this noble cause.
drama, and plays which we presented to the disabled
children. We also had a chance to interact with them
after handing over our dona- Spending quality time with these children was worth it.
tions and charity. The chil-

The head girl encouraged

us to keep going there since
our presence had created a
difference in their lives.

Equator scouts will be

attending the end of
year chief
commissioners cup
competitions this
December 3rd - 6th

E-scouts will also

attend the world
scouts jamboree in
Sweden come 2011.

E-Rovers will have a

weekend camp to plan
for the younger scouts.
It’s a get together and
fellowship 4 E-Rovers.
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In a bid to show solidarity, love and concern for the

disadvantaged children, the smartly uniform
dressed E-scouts held a charity walk from rubaga
though mengo and Bakuuli.
This walk was punctuated with activities like dona-
tions, good turns and talking to the on lookers why
the disabled people also needed to be taken good
care of. This walk was led by the Equator rovers in
support of the Equator ventures. MUTEBI COLLINS,
one of the E-Rovers further explained that it’s
through solidarity, mutual respect and reach out
programs that the disadvantaged people would feel
happy. He also noted the need for all of us to not
only make places better but to also make people’s
hearts better.


As a scout, I have been able to learn things I wouldn’t have been able to learn in class.
It has given me an opportunity to interact and make as many friends as possible. I have been taught
things beyond scouting and most importantly, the ability to associate and to freely express myself. I also
enjoyed both the activities at the camp and in school. I want to continue with the heart of caring for oth-
ers in need. I feel I am with the right people, doing the right things and at the right place. The scouts
promise always guides and reminds me to do my best in everything. Am proud to be a scout.


I was a girl guide in my primary school and changed to scouting in secondary because of the things they
were teaching the scouts. They were always happy and worked as a team in their activities. I feel happy
being part of the scouts’ fraternity because our leader teaches us everything about life in general.
Scouting has made me stronger and a happy person. I believe am contributing a lot in making this world
a better place. I will always be a good scout.


Scouting has a way it changes people’s character into a positive one. I have managed to acquire skills
and knowledge about life. Scouting has helped us to be all round by knowing something about everything.
I have received certificates from the many activities I have participated in. It has taught me how to be re-
sponsible for my life and nothing would ever change my love for scouting.


We appreciate what scouting has inculcated into us. It made us better people and it is what we
always turned to whenever we had an opportunity. We managed to acquire leadership skills since we
have been on the scouts committee in our school. Caring for others has become part of us and
working as a team gave us an opportunity to socialize very well with other people. To all the scouts,
don’t forget to keep your honour by always keeping the scouts promise closer to your heart.


I am a troop leader for the Elgon troop. Scouting has given me an opportunity to lead others and to offer
service above self. I have managed to be part of those helping the needy, the abandoned children and
the disabled. This gives me joy whenever I know that am not only doing a duty to God but also a duty to
others. Scouting has taught me to be cheerful under all circumstances and to be smart in both body and
mind. What mostly inspires me about scouting are the values it stands for and the principles it upholds.
To me, being a scout is worth it.
This is an open scouts group registered under the National
scouts organisation of Uganda with a vision to provide hands
on skills through quality scouting. Our group consists of friends
to scouts, cub scouts, junior scouts, venture scouts, rover
scouts and their parents are always invited to participate and
see a variety of activities that their scouts are involved
in.(Equator scouts)

EQUATOR SCOUTS GROUP Equator scouts group aims at having a generation of youths
EQUATOR SCOUTS GROUP fully empowered with skills, appreciating the environment and
making it a better place to live in. This is done through chal-
P.O.BOX 122
lenges, adventure, interaction and a wide range of educational
KAMPALA activities full of fun.
These young scouts are resilient, generous, humorous, full of
Phone: +256 774 462 222 fun and would like to share their wide experience and knowl-
+256 701 744 472 edge with you.


This was done in relation to the scouts principles to which we

adhere. (Duty to self, Duty to God and Duty to others).

It’s against this back ground that I am forever grateful to all the
equator scouts who believe that helping another person rise
higher simply makes you a better person. Your efforts, time,
commitment and love for one another is what has kept us intact
as the united equator family.
Dear friends in scouting, It is another
As we end this year, let us be mindful of all the things we have
of those glorious moments when am
learnt, discovered and experienced so that we can practically be
very honoured to say a few words to
in position to put them into practice.
you our dear scouts. As we end this
Am most impressed by the will of the equator scouts to work
year, am filled with so much joy be-
together as the equator family to build a society based on solidar-
cause we have managed to do our
best and to contribute positively to
the society. We hope that everything
I wish to thank the association of equator parents, friends to
we have done with rightful intentions
equator and the national association of Uganda for helping us
has been a blessing and of great value
achieve our hearts desire through scouting.
to those who urgently needed sup-
port. As previously observed, equator
scouts group managed to accomplish
three of its community based projects
which were meant to show solidarity
and love to the disadvantaged chil-