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The year is wrapping up quickly. Do you have your budget set for 2011? The buzz is … should
Volume 2, Issue 3 you or shouldn’t you budget for postage increases? Just this morning, I received word the USPS
November 2010 has filed an appeal with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit on the September 30,
2010, ruling of the PRC denying the Postal Service exigent price request. Who knows what will
happen in 2011, so prepare, my mailing industry colleagues!
MSMA is dedicated to the Our “Tailgate for Success” event on October 13th was a complete success. Congratulations to
Professional Advancement Anna Knue for winning the Garmin GPS system drawing. For each meeting you attended in 2010,
of the Mail Distribution you received a ticket chance for that meeting. We really appreciated
Industry. the vendors who supported this Connie’s event and donated numerous door
giveaways. It was exciting.
Our speaker, Mark Fallon from
Cameo The Berkshire Company, presented
Ohio Valley MSMA “The Power of Networking.” Areas Mark covered were: Why
P.O. Box 14567 Network, Who Can Network, Where Do You Network, and How
Cincinnati, Ohio 45250-0567 Do You Network. Networking is a MUST in order to be successful. By now, you have received Mark’s email inviting you to be a guest at his
next teleseminar on November 18th regarding “Setting Goals for
Yourself & Your Organization.” Here is a quote I took from Mark’s
message, “Spend time finding why someone is great!” Check out
Upcoming Events Mark’s article in our Guest Speaker column. Mark converted--he
is now a Buckeye fan and also learned a new game with his stay in
December – tbd Ohio, cornhole. Thank you, Mark, for a job well done!
I want to personally thank Tom Parker for all the work he put into this and all who attended. I
Feb. 8, 2011 – tbd received more feedback from this meeting than many others so we must have done something
right. Check out the photos from our “Tailgate for Success” event.
Mar. 1-3, 2011 Congratulations to W&S associates: Amy Helmer, Vanessa Lee, Shelli Riedman, Dan Wernery
MailCom Spring 2011 in and Trina Whittemore, for achieving your MDC certification!
Washington, DC Networking of the future is changing fast. You have the online networks such as LinkedIn,
Facebook, and Twitter. We hope to schedule a meeting in December about social networking. In
the meantime, please get LinkedIn and add the “Mail Systems Management Association Ohio
Apr. 12, 2011 – tbd Valley” group to your page.
Be a Chapter volunteer! There’s a lot of pleasure donating time to an organization in your field.
May 1-4, 2011 This is a great avenue to network and gain many resources. If you are interested in serving on a
National Postal Forum in committee (meeting registration, newsletter, etc.) or a potential board seat, please contact me.
San Diego, CA
An Ohio Valley MSMA Thank You! to:
Addresser Based Systems | Bowe Bell + Howell | Kern International President
Jun. 14, 2011 – tbd Midwest Direct | Neopost Hasler | Pitney Bowes | Pitney Bowes Presort Services
Tension Envelope Corp. | United Envelope | United Mail | UPS Mail Innovations
U.S. Postal Services | WITS Internal Tracking System
Aug. 9, 2011 – tbd

Sep. 21, 2011

National PCC Day

Oct. 11, 2011 – tbd

Dec. 13, 2011 - tbd

Apr. 1-4, 2012

National Postal Forum in
Orlando, FL

Ohio Valley eNews -1- November 2010

U.S. Postmaster General John E. Potter Retires
Tom Parker, Regional Account Manager, UPS Mail
Guest Writer
A previously submitted third quarter Hot Topic was the
pending USPS rate case. However, the subject went from Mark Fallon (Recent Buckeye Fan Convert)
“hot” to “still very warm, but not quite as hot” due to the Networking Your Way to Success. Belonging
announcement last week U.S. Postmaster General John E. to groups like the Mail Systems Management
Potter will retire on December 3, 2010, after serving nearly Association is an excellent investment in your
10 years in the post, and 35 years overall service with the professional development. To be successful,
USPS. His tenure as Postmaster General was the longest in you need to maximize the return on that
that post since the 1820s. The chairman of the Board of investment.
Governors, Louis J. Giuliano, cited Potter’s many The same is true for industry conferences, like the National Postal
accomplishments in thanking him for his years of service:
Forum or MailCom. My good friend, Paul Balbastro, has a time
“You have been a steadying and far-sighted leader
management tip for getting the most out of a conference: the "30-
throughout a period of dynamic change in America’s use of 30-30-10 Rule." Paul says you should spend 30% of your time in
the mail and during times of economic uncertainty. The classes, 30% of your time at exhibits, 30% of your time
Hallmark of your success was your ability to build networking, and 10% enjoying the host city. Most people follow
respectful relationships with all stakeholders, customers and only three of Paul's recommendations. Too many ignore the most
employees that built a trusted level of credibility. We important one – networking. There are five reasons why you
unreservedly regard your tenure as one of great should network:
(1) “Everyone lives by selling something.” This quote doesn't
In announcing his decision, Potter made a point to praise the
come from P.T. Barnum or Donald Trump, but from the author,
Post Office’s almost 600,000 full- and part-time workers. “I Robert Louis Stevenson, who wrote Treasure Island over 100
fully appreciate their support in maintaining the tradition of years ago. It may be selling an idea to your boss, it may be
trust that dates back to Benjamin Franklin and the founding interviewing for a job, and it may just be selling products or
of our nation. It is our people that define our organization, services for a living. But we all sell, and we need to be successful.
and it is their dedication and sense of purpose that drives
our business.” Your network can connect you to the information, the resources
and the people you need to be successful in your selling. What do
The Board of Governors named Patrick R. Donahoe, you need to know about your competition? What do you need to
currently Deputy Postmaster General and Chief Operating know about the issues facing management? Who are the people
Officer, to succeed Potter. you'll need to support your sales efforts? What do you need to
On a slightly less HOT note, on October 22, 2010, the U.S. know about the company you're interviewing with? Your network
Postal Service filed an appeal with the U.S. Court of can tell you. We all sell so we all need a network.
Appeals regarding the recent ruling of the Postal Regulatory
(2) Education, training and talent will only take you so far. The
Commission (PRC) denying the Postal Service exigent price old adage is true, it’s not only what you know, it’s who you
request. If upheld, the ruling would cap an anticipated know. It's been said we live in the information age. Information is
January 2011 rate increase at 1.7% based on current CPI. more powerful than money. Yes, information is more powerful
Instituting a CPI-based rate increase in January will not when it's shared. And information is shared through networking.
prevent the Postal Service from appealing the PRC’s
You may have read a lot of books, but is it as many books as a
decision. combined number read by people in your network? You may have
While the additional rate increase would provide needed an advanced degree, but does it add up to the combined education
revenue in the short term, clarity regarding exigent price of the people in your network? The Internet may be a powerful
increase rules in the event of future occurrence is more network of computers, but is it as powerful as a network of people
critical in the long run. using it? You may know a lot, but a network of people will
always know more.
(3) You don’t know who knows who. Networking brings you into
other people's networks. Perhaps you've heard of the "Six Degrees
of Separation" (not "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon"). The Six
Degrees of Separation is a theory developed in 1967 by Stanley Milgram who gave letters to several hundred people in Omaha,
Nebraska. They had to get the letter to a stockbroker in Sharon, Massachusetts (where I used to live) by going through people
they knew. They couldn't mail the letter directly to the stockbroker; they could only send it to someone they knew. The result,
the maximum number of connections to get the letter to the stockbroker, was six.
In further work, Milgram proved mathematically everyone in the world is separated by only six degrees. There are only six
people separating you from anyone else in the world. We're all much closer than we think. The only way to take advantage of
those connections is by networking and joining other people's networks.

Ohio Valley eNews -2- November 2010

(4) You don’t know who’s looking for you. Right now, someone out there may be looking for a person with your talent, your
knowledge, or your product. If you haven't networked, then they can't find you. I found my last job in corporate America
because of my network. I received a phone call from a consultant I knew. He was doing some work for a bank which needed
someone like me. That job was never advertised in the papers or through a recruiter. If it wasn't for my network, I never would
have gotten the phone call, I never would have gotten the interview, and I never would have gotten the job. Who’s looking for
you? Who are you looking for? You'll only find out by networking.
(5) People are very interesting as people, but only if you get to know them! Networking isn’t just about business. It’s about
connecting with people of similar interests or concerns. Do you have a hobby or special interest? If you network, you may find
other people who share the same interest or have a similar hobby. If you network, you may find someone who shares your sense
of humor and laughs at the same jokes. How did you meet your spouse or significant other? How do you meet friends? Through
networking, even if you didn't call it that! If you network, you may just meet someone you might like if you network.
Meeting people is only the first step in networking; it's the seed you plant. You
must cultivate the seeds in the garden for your network to grow (i.e., follow
up). You can follow up with emails or letters, maybe even a handwritten letter,
Ohio Valley eNews
after meeting someone. If you aren't following up, you aren't networking. Go MSMA Newsletter
through your contact list on a regular basis. Make phone calls or send emails to
people you haven't heard from lately. Send birthday cards, or notes for no
Tom Parker
particular reason. Do you remember the postal campaign a few years ago about Ohio Valley MSMA, VP Communications
"the mail moment?” How almost everyone looks forward to receiving mail, Design/Layout: Chris Russell
especially when it isn't a bill? Think about how you feel when you open up a
card or letter someone took the time to write and send to you. Nice, huh? It can Contributing Writers
make your whole day. Become the reason why someone might just have a Connie Compton
Western & Southern Financial Group
better day. Follow up with the people on your network.
Mark Fallon
Networking is a survival skill. You have to do it. There are no guarantees in The Berkshire Company
life. You are going to come up against problems and difficulties where you will Anna Knue
need help. If it's 3am and the water pipes have burst, it's not a good time to United Mail
start looking for a reliable plumber. If it is next month and your boss says your Ryan McManus
job has been eliminated, that's not a good time to start building connections to Kern, Inc.
your next job. Build your network now. Tom Parker
UPS Mail Innovations
Mark M. Fallon is President & CEO of The Berkshire Company
(, an independent management consulting firm that Ohio Valley eNews is published four times a year.
For additional information, contact Tom Parker at
specializes in the print and mail industry. He can be reached at 508-485-9090 or

Ohio Valley eNews -3- November 2010

Peaceful Protest: Inside & Outside This Year’s National Postal Customer Council Day
Ryan McManus, Marketing Communications Manager, Kern, Inc.
September 15th was National PCC Day. In addition to the many local events held across the country, the main
event was hosted by the Greater Portland PCC in downtown Portland, Oregon. The big attraction to the main
event at the National location is the Keynote speech from our Postmaster General Jack Potter. It was obvious the
post office is trying to get creative and remain optimistic. At this event, the PRC was still reviewing the postage
increase request for 2011 and had not released a decision. Everyone in attendance had hoped for a buzz-worthy
announcement on 5-day delivery or a drastic strategy for reorganization. Prior to the keynote there was much
discussion about the many turn-around strategies the USPS could employ. Unfortunately, no major announcements
were made and PMG Potter’s speech was an optimistic, but vague, outlook of change within the USPS organization. It is obvious
Postal Executives are hard at work looking for creative solutions; the challenge is there seems to be a group standing in opposition of
every proposed alternative.
To my surprise, outside the event, American Postal Workers Union was represented with a picket line of protesters holding signs like,
“Keep the service for our customers” and “Save 6-day delivery.” The presence of the APWU should not have been a shock though, as
this heated debate from Washington stands to impact every Postal Employee across the country. The USPS was, and still is to some
extent, looked at as a great place to work because of the benefits and career potential. Many other groups have joined the anti-5-day
debate with arguments ranging from the critical nature of USPS Saturday delivery to rural communities to the demand for DVD
delivery on the weekend from mega-mailer Netflix.
The debate has also made its way onto social media sites with posts and comments; even a Facebook page has been created for
“Citizens Against 5-Day Delivery” with 1,313 people who “like it.” Because I work in the mailing industry, I am open to any idea
which sustains mail, maintains delivery, and keeps postage increases to a minimum for my customers. But the arguments from many
groups are valid and deserve some attention. Instead of making a judgment or sharing my opinion, I posted a question on our MSMA
Ohio Valley Chapter LinkedIn group to start a discussion on the topic.
Is 5-day delivery necessary to achieve USPS profitability, or is it a distraction from finding a real solution?
We all rely on the USPS as a crucial link in our livelihood. Come join the discussion and share your perspective. If you want an
invitation to the LinkedIn MSMA Ohio Valley Chapter Group, email me at or connect with me on LinkedIn.
PS: Last month’s meeting was a great opportunity for networking, and Mark Fallon’s presentation has encouraged many of us to be
more active and stay connected in-between meetings. I look forward to connecting with you.

MAILCOM 2011 Alert! Make your reservation early to guarantee accommodations in the Washington Hilton (host hotel).

Need to Obtain Your Credentials? MSMA established the Certified Mail and Distribution Systems Manager (CMDSM) and the
Certified Mail and Distribution Systems Supplier (CMDSS) programs to recognize mailing industry professionals. Individuals are
evaluated, tested and certified on the body of technical knowledge, sales skills and management skills for the profession.
To apply to take either exam scheduled for February 28th during MAILCOM 2011 in Washington, DC, submit a hardcopy application
along with back-up documentation to: MSMA Education Committee, PO Box 1145, N. Riverside, IL 60546-1145. You can also
e-mail your application and documentation to Barbara Fahy. Submissions must be received prior to January 25, 2011. The CMDSM
and CMDSS application fees are $475 for Members and $675 for Non-Members. Exams consist of 135 multiple-choice and five essay
questions. It is a timed; four-hour exam requiring a score of 75% or more to achieve credentialing in either program. Both exams will
be administered on Monday, February 28, from 10:00 to 2:30.
The new updated CMDSM/CMDSS Study Guide is also now available and may be ordered through the MSMA National Website. To
participate in an eight-week study group to prepare for the exams, contact Barbara Fahy, MSMA Executive Administrator.

Ohio Valley eNews -4- November 2010

Member Spotlight

Anna Knue
Anna Knue, United Mail
Member name, organization, job title and contact information (phone &/or email)?
Anna Knue, United Mail, Vice President Sales, (513) 242-5100,
What does it mean to you to be a member of MSMA?
The MSMA provides me the opportunity to learn about industry trends, enhance my knowledge and education, and network with my
How does membership in the MSMA assist your professional development?
Naturally, through education. Many years ago, I achieved my CMDSM. This type of certification elevates the professionalism of our
How did you get involved in the MSMA?
I have been a member for so long, I am not sure how or who introduced me … possibly through the PCC.
How did you get interested in/involved in the mailing industry?
I was an Operations Manager at First National Bank (a/k/a Star Bank, First Star, now US Bank) when a position managing their
Corporate Mail Center became available, I decided to take the job. Back then they had 5-digit barcodes. I remember my postal rep
explaining we would soon be going to 9-digit zip codes and thinking “no way!” Lol. I guess I am showing my age. 18 years ago, I
went to work for United Mail. I was studying to be a CPA. Somewhere along the way, I decided the mailing industry and sales was
way more fun than Accounting.
What are the key responsibilities of your job?
My key responsibilities are working with current and potential customers helping to find solutions to their direct communication and
mailing needs. Consumers and businesses are diverse. Some prefer mail, some prefer electronic communication, and others prefer a
hybrid of both. My job is to listen to my customers, ask questions, and propose solutions which work best for their situations. Mail
and one-on-one communication is way more complicated than it used to be.
What has been your most memorable experience in the mailing industry?
Probably taking the CMDSM test. Possibly, most recently educating customers on Move Update and educating them it is a
requirement now.
What tips do you have for new participants in the mailing field?
Good Luck. Just kidding! Get involved with associations such as the PCC and MSMA, get to know the individuals at the USPS, and
take seriously networking with your peers

Ohio Valley eNews -5- November 2010