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98 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 85/3

List of organisations having received Community funding for environmental purposes

(98/C 85/04)

In implementation of the provisions set out in the remarks on budget heading B4-3060/1997,
the Commission hereby publishes in the Official Journal of the European Communities the
amount involved and a list of the organisations having received Community funding.

1. General information and awareness activities relating to the environment

Organisation Amounts granted Title of project

in ecus

1.ÙInternational Institute for the 314Ø334 Streams Information project for ‘Sustain-
Urban Environment ability through raising environmental
(Netherlands) awareness in municipal settlements’

2.ÙSønderjyllands Amt 104Ø969 Good practice exchange programme for

(Denmark) regional-authority members of the North
Sea Commission

3.ÙBundesverband für 100Ø000 Cascade ‘Craft and Sustainable

Umweltberatung Consumption — Activities and Dissemi-
(Germany) nation of Best Practice in Europe’

4.ÙAXI Dienstcentrum vzw 100Ø000 Waste under attack — Multimedia presen-

(Belgium) tation supporting waste prevention

5.ÙRegional Environmental 123Ø688 Media information service — Environ-

Centre mental information and reference service for
(Hungary) the mass media in Europe

6.ÙEnvironmental Protection 107Ø301 ‘Good practice guide for waste management

Agency of Copenhagen planning’

7.ÙStichting AfvalØ@ØMilieu 182Ø395 ‘NEWS — Networking in Europe on waste

(Netherlands) and sustainable development’

8.ÙFriends of the Earth 125Ø000 Awareness raising campaign on aviation and

Netherlands — Vereniging the environment

9.ÙNederlands Institut voor 111Ø945 Action programme and lecture entitled

Volksontwikkeling en ‘Long-term development of the Maas
Natuurvriendenwerk region’

10.ÙUniversit~ Europ~enne de 121Ø607 The part played by the media in bolstering

l’Environnement sustainable development in Europe —
(France) Project involving a European session
consisting of training, discussion and the
dissemination of good practice

11.ÙStichting 123Ø826 Awareness raising on integrated farming

Landbouwvoorlichting DLV
C 85/4 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 20.3.98

Amounts granted Title of project

Organisation in ecus

12.ÙEco Mare, Centrum voor 111Ø398 Development of a digital encyclopedia

Wadden en Nordzee (lexicon) on the international Wadden Sea
(Netherlands) area, the North Sea and the coastal regions
of the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark
for large-scale application in visitors’ centres
and nature museums

13.ÙFriends of the Earth Scotland 192Ø832 SURE ‘Sustainable use of resources in

(United Kingdom) Europe’

14.ÙViladecans City Council 100Ø000 Exchange of experience concerning

(Spain) information, awareness and citizens’
involvement aimed at reducing noise

15.ÙBodenseestiftung — 100Ø000 A Lake Constance that can face the future.

Internationale Stiftung für Sustainable, environmentally-acceptable
Natur und Kultur securing and development of the Lake
(Germany) Constance region as a drinking-water
reservoir and model region

16.ÙTelevision Trust for the 100Ø000 ‘Hands on: it works’

(United Kingdom)

17.ÙThe Danish Outdoor Council 348Ø561 The European Blue Flag Campaign 1998
on behalf of the Federation
for Environmental Education
in Europe (FEEE), as
European Coordinator of the
European Blue Flag Campaign

18.ÙNational Society of 200Ø000 Increasing public awareness and NGOs’

Conservationists consciousness of the European Union

19.Ù‘Forum Franken’ Ökologische 350Ø000 Water protection

Bildungsstätte Oberfranken

20.ÙEuropean Union for Coastal 90Ø514 Green islands for Natura 2000

21.ÙSveriges Television AB 79Ø175 Wildlife Europe — The European Nature

(Sweden) Film Festival

22.ÙIstituto per la Ricerca sulle 92Ø908 Environmental tourism at medium- and

Tecniche Educative e high-mountain altitudes

23.ÙAmigos de la Tierra 93Ø853 European awareness campaign concerning

(Spain) substitutes for methyl bromide as part of the
Community environmental policy

24.ÙMorgane Productions 68Ø404 World connection, the traffic of animals


25.ÙSwedish Association of Waste 63Ø340 The application of environmental

Management management systems in the European waste
(Sweden) industry
20.3.98 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 85/5

Amounts granted Title of project

Organisation in ecus

26.ÙConf~d~ration Europ~enne 89Ø649 Global ecology: Environmental and social

des Coop~ratives de regeneration
Production et de Travail
Associ~ — CECOP
27.ÙCity of Edinburgh Council 69Ø903 Reducing traffic in European cities
(United Kingdom)
28.ÙAssociazione Culturale 92Ø873 South meets north — Dialogue on
Turismo Ambiente — ACTA sustainable development
29.ÙFoundation for International 64Ø263 Project for a practical training and
Environmental Law and internship programme
Development — FIELD
(United Kingdom)
30.ÙEuropäische Vereinigung von 12Ø193 European EJDM Conference — ‘Environ-
Juristinnen und Juristen für mental law in Europe’
Demokratie und
Menschenrechte in der Welt
31.ÙÖkomedia — Institut für 20Ø530 Children and environmental rights seminar
ökologische Medienarbeit
32.ÙStichting ‘Fietsend naar het 7Ø752 ‘Cycling to work? Do it!’
werk? Doen!’
33.ÙAsociaciön Ecologista de 48Ø573 Better implementation of EU environmental
Defensa de la Naturaleza legislation: Air quality, environment and
(Spain) health
34.ÙInstitute for European 20Ø971 Newsletter on fisheries and the environment
Environmental Policy
(United Kingdom)
35.ÙGlobe EU — Global 17Ø977 Bringing parliaments into the debate: an
Legislators’ Organisations for information exchange system for members
a Balanced Environment of parliament on the EU environmental
(Belgium) agenda
36.ÙEnvironment and 31Ø865 Europe-World Forum: international
Development Resource Centre forum on Europe’s role in implementing
(Belgium) Agenda 21
37.ÙFaust Film GmbH 35Ø887 ‘Big treasure chest for future kids’
38.ÙGlobal Action Plan 46Ø659 Lifestyle assessment form project
39.ÙIstituto Universitario Europeo 22Ø000 Environmental summer school 1998
40.ÙSolagro — Initiatives pour 36Ø102 Preparation and dissemination of a technical
l’Energie, l’Environnement et document analysing and assessing the agri-
l’Agriculture cultural environment
41.ÙAmigos do Mar — Associaç}o 39Ø037 Electrical batteries: A future threat
còvica international para a
defesa do mar
C 85/6 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 20.3.98

Amounts granted Title of project

Organisation in ecus

42.ÙFundaciön de los Ferrocarriles 14Ø904 Eurovelo network launch conference


43.ÙTerra — Centro para la 20Ø975 Good practice in implementing the legis-

Polòtica Ambiental lation on access to environmental
(Spain) information

44.ÙProvincia di Foggia 34Ø844 The new training outlook — experience,

(Italy) instruments and training models for
sustainable development

45.ÙInstitut Royal des Sciences 36Ø098 Dissemination of the ORNIS database in

Naturelles de Belgique order to underpin Directive 79/409/EEC
(Belgium) on the conservation of wild birds

46.ÙF~d~ration Rhøne-Alpes de 15Ø201 Provision of a network of European

Protection de la Nature festivals in conjunction with the 12th
(France) Grenoble International Festival of Nature
and Environment films

47.ÙRED — Ruralit~ 49Ø912 North Atlantic cross-border agencies


48.ÙEuropa Inform 40Ø932 Integrated pilot project for the certification

(Italy) of the environmental quality of certain
municipalities and tourist enterprises in the
Emilia Romagna region in compliance with
Regulation (EEC) No 1836/93 EMAS and
standard ISO 14000

49.ÙUnion Europ~enne de 70Ø000 Best practice guide for volatile organic

l’Ameublement compounds (VOC) — Emission reduction
(Belgium) in the furniture industry

50.ÙEcoteam — Dr. Selgrad @ 100Ø000 Cooperative transposition of commercial

Partner Umwelt- und environmental law via the LCS (Legal
Unternehmensberatung compliance system) instrument

51.ÙSaar-Lor-Lux 107Ø968 Environment-driven business administration

Umweltzentrum der and eco-audit in small- and medium-sized
Handwerkskammer Trier model business — Reports from the Saar-
(Germany) Lor-Lux region

52.ÙInter-Environnement Wallonie 150Ø000 ‘Sandrine’ project: Prevention of health

(Belgium) problems arising from pollution inside

53.ÙAsociaciön Independiente de 58Ø865 Project on the incorporation of environ-

Jövenes Empresarios de mental policy into the economic activities of
Zaragoza new companies

54.ÙICLEI — The International 25Ø382 Incentives for employment and environment

Council for Local — a guide for local authorities on the use of
Environmental Initiatives economic instruments
20.3.98 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 85/7

Amounts granted Title of project

Organisation in ecus

55.ÙSAFE Alliance — Sustainable 147Ø303 European food and environment indicators

Agriculture, Food and
Environment on behalf of
Alliances for Sustainable
(United Kingdom)
56.ÙMaison de l’Europe d’Avignon 71Ø326 Organisation of information campaigns on
et du Vaucluse the implementation of Community environ-
(France) mental law
57.ÙSezione Italiana del Consiglio 51Ø165 Master’s in Community environmental law
dei Comuni e delle for local-authority officials
Regione-Federazione Veneta
58.ÙNaturschutzbund Deutschland 100Ø000 Building public awareness and support for
(Germany) landscape protection and sustainable devel-
opment within the pan-European biological
and landscape diversity strategy
59.ÙWorld Wildlife Fund 100Ø000 Actions to raise public awareness on the
for Nature habitats Directive

2. Support for representative European organisations

Amounts granted Aim of work programme

Organisation in ecus

1.ÙEuropean Environmental 473Ø347 Environmental protection and sustainable

Bureau development
2.ÙFriends of the Earth, Europe 218Ø655 Environmental protection and sustainable
(Belgium) development
3.ÙWorld Wildlife Fund 183Ø700 Conservation of nature and ecological
European Policy Office processes
4.ÙMediterranean Information 105Ø111 Coordination of Mediterranean environ-
Office mental NGO activities
5.ÙEurogroup for Animal 120Ø000 Information exchange on animal protection
6.ÙEuropean Federation for 109Ø327 Promoting environmentally conscious
Transport @ Environment transport
7.ÙClean Baltic Coalition 100Ø000 To promote the protection of the environ-
(Sweden) mental and natural resources of the Baltic
Sea area
8.ÙEuropean Centre for Eco 75Ø000 Promotion of Eco Agro tourism in order to
Agro Tourism combine rural tourism with care for the
(Netherlands) natural environment
9.ÙStockholm Environment 141Ø470 Capacity-building, through the NGO
Institute/Climate Network network, on the problems of and the
Europe solutions to climate change and the coordi-
(Belgium) nation of European NGO policy on climate
C 85/8 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 20.3.98

Amounts granted Aim of work programme

Organisation in ecus

10.ÙNaturfreunde Internationale 110Ø000 Sustainable development and regional

(Austria) ecological development, and ecological

11.ÙEurosolar 100Ø000 Substitution of renewable energy sources for

(Germany) nuclear and fossil-fuel power

12.ÙStichting Wetlands 100Ø000 To sustain and restore wetlands, their

International resources and biodiversity for future
(Netherlands) generations through research, information
exchange and conservation activities

13.ÙNorthern Alliance for 70Ø000 Changing unsustainable consumption and

Sustainability ANPED production patterns

14.ÙEuropean Cyclists’ Federation 60Ø000 To promote the use of the bicycle in an

(Belgium) integrated multi-sector and multi-disci-
plinary approach

15.ÙEuropean Environmental Law 49Ø443 Promotion of environmental law throughout

Association the EU

16.ÙBirdlife International 48Ø568 Conservation of birds and their habitats

European Community Office

17.ÙStichting Milieukontakt 55Ø507 Strengthening NGOs in CEE and NIS

Oost-Europa countries and encouraging cooperation
(Netherlands) between them and EU NGOs

18.ÙEuropean Forum on Nature 75Ø000 Promoting regional farming systems which

Conservation @ Pastoralism work in harmony with local environmental
(United Kingdom) conditions

19.ÙStichting Seas at Risk 67Ø919 Coordination of activities and exchange of

(Netherlands) information on marine environmental issues

20.ÙBellona Europa 44Ø427 Disseminating information and research

(Belgium) results particularly on nuclear safety and
alternative energy

21.ÙMed Forum 129Ø923 A series of coordinating activities applying

(Spain) to proposals concerning environmental
awareness and cooperation in the Mediter-
ranean area

22.ÙEscaut sans Frontires 42Ø118 Maintaining and extending a network of all

(Belgium) concerned by the problems affecting the
Scheldt catchment area

23.ÙEuromontana 100Ø000 Better incorporation of the environmental

(France) aspect into the body of policies developed in
mountainous areas

Further information may be obtained from the European Commission’s server at the following