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C 88/14 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 24.3.


(d) professional competence on the basis of the GNP figures per capita for the
year 1995, calculated by the World Bank. For
Proof of this can take the form of proof of projects under the technical assistance scheme Asia-
inscription in a professional or trade register, a Invest has determined its contribution as follows:
sworn declaration or an equivalent certificate.
Level of Asia-Invest contribution
10.ÙGrant covered by Council Regulation (EEC) No
443/92 (Asia and Latin Amercia). Asia-Invest will cover 50Ø% of the project costs in
the case of technical assistance activities in China,
Maldives and Sri Lanka.
Financial support under this scheme shall be
available to sectoral associations, chambers of
Asia-Invest will cover 65Ø% of the project costs in
commerce and groups of companies from the above
the case of technical assistance activities in Bhutan,
mentioned less developed South and Southeast Asian
India, Laos and Pakistan.
countries and China.
Asia-Invest will cover 80Ø% of the project costs in
Part-financing will be available through Asia-Invest the case of technical assistance activities in Bang-
to cover between 50Ø% and 80Ø% of project costs, ladesh, Cambodia, Nepal and Vietnam.
depending on the level of development of the bene-
ficiary country. The maximum contribution from
Asia-Invest per project will be ECU 200Ø000. The 11. Date of dispatch of this notice: 18 March 1998.
actual counterpart financing is determined by
considering the status of the country and the 12. Date of receipt by the Office for Official Publi-
involved companies and/or institutions. The level of cations of the European Communities: 18 March
development of the beneficiary countries is measured 1998.

‘Asia-Invest Programme’
Call for proposals No IB/AP/339

(98/C 88/08)

1. Authority awarding the grant: The European Brunei, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Laos,
Commission, Directorate General IB — External Malaysia, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines,
Relations: Southern Mediterranean, Middle and Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam and the
Near East, Latin America, South and South-East EU Member States.
Asia and North-South Co-operation, Unit IB/E/2,
(SCØ14 — 06/59), rue de la Loi/Wetstraat 200,
B-1049 Brussels, Fax: (32-2) 296Ø11Ø01. One of the instruments offered by the Asia-Invest
programme is Asia-Interprise. It offers financial and
technical support for business matching events which
2. Description of the operation provide a framework for the discussion of possible
cooperation between small and medium-sized enter-
The Asia-Invest programme has been developed by prises from Asian countries and the EU. Direct
the European Commission as part of its range of contacts between business managers are arranged in
initiatives to promote EU-Asia economic coop- the form of bilateral meetings which are aimed at
eration. Asia-Invest, supported by the European setting up partnerships between the SMEs involved.
Community over a five-year period with a budget of
ECU 45 million is intended to facilitate investment
and to help small and medium-sized enterprises Asia-Interprise events are expected to follow a
(SMEs) from the European Union and Asia to inter- methodology involving five different phases:
nationalise their business strategies and to do
—Ùselection of companies,
business with each other for the first time. It is
designed to help SMEs to identify cooperation —Ùproduction of the catalogue,
partners and provides them with the information —Ùsearch for partners,
necessary to make decisions on partnerships, markets
and investments. The Asia-Invest participating —Ùbusiness meetings days,
countries are: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, —Ùevaluation.
24.3.98 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 88/15

The proposal must aim at promoting cooperation Secretariat, rue Archimde/Archimedesstraat 17,
between enterprises defined as small and B-1000 Brussels, Belgium, Fax: (32-2) 282Ø17Ø60.
medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It must bring
together SMEs from one industrial sector, or to a 6.Ùa) Final date for receipt of proposals: 29 May 1998;
maximum of three related sub-sectors among the
following priority industry sectors for the year 1998: b) Address to which they must be sent:
automotive components, manufacturing machinery,
machine tools, processed foods, medical equipment, Proposals under Asia-Interprise should be sent by
energy electrical equipment and electronics, environ- registered post in four copies to the following
mental technology, transport, information tech- address: Asia-Invest Secretariat, rue Archimde/
nology and telecommunications and service industry. Archimedesstraat 17, B-1000 Brussels.

7. Legal form of the candidates:

Asia-Interprise events may take place in the
European Union or in Asia. The proposal must be submitted by a non-profit
making organisation or body (or organisations or
The objective must be to arrange meetings between bodies) representing businesses. Information on legal
firms aimed at discussing possible cooperation status of the applicants is required.
projects in order to establish partnerships.
Information seminars are thus excluded but may be Each recipient organisation and/or group of
acceptable as a supplementary feature. companies must make a financial contribution to the
project either directly, by providing funds, or
indirectly, by providing staff. In a letter of intent
At least three partner organisations from two
each body must state its intention of taking part in
different Member States of the European Union and
the operation and of making a financial
one Asian partner country must be brought together.
Once this maximum requirement has been met, other
partners may be included. The proposal will be put
forward only by one organisation, the main 8. Information to be supplied by candidates:
organiser. Each organisation partner must make a
financial contribution to the project either directly, —Ùa detailed description of the lead applicant
by providing funds, or indirectly, by providing staff. organisation and its partner organisations. The
In a letter of intent each body must state its intention presentation of partners. Each partner must state
of taking part in the operation, of making a financial its experience, the curricula vitae of the project
commitment and of bringing along at least 15 busi- managers and the motives for participating in the
nesses. An extra requirement is added to this project,
criterion: at least 30Ø% of the total number of
participating firms must come from the other partici- —Ùdescription of the organisers’ experience/
pating countries (firms required to travel to the ambitions in EU-Asian business relations,
event). Training and information courses for the
—Ùthe terms of reference will include a general
participating enterprises from the EU and Asia is
description of the project, its objectives and the
obligatory. These courses should familiarise the
letters of intent signed by the partners. The
companies with the instrument Asia-Interprise and
purpose is to describe how an Asia-Interprise
the business culture of the participating countries.
project can benefit the economy and the partici-
pating regions. The terms of reference will
The proposal must be prepared and submitted in further include a description of the working
strict adherence to the guidance provided in the method in detail. Each stage (selection,
Asia-Interprise Application Guidelines, which can be catalogue, the search for partners, the actual
obtained from the Asia-Invest Secretariat as event, assessment) must be described as
mentioned in points 5 and 6. accurately as possible, with references being
made not only to the contribution of the
principal organiser but to the contribution of
3. Place of execution: European Union or Asia-Invest each partner as well,
participating countries.
—Ùminutes of the preparatory meetings held with
4. Duration of the operation: up to 24 months. the partners must be enclosed with the dossier;
these minutes should bear the signature of all the
parties involved,
5.ÙThe documents with the objectives of the operation
and instructions to candidates will be sent free of —Ùa timetable of the various stages must be drawn
charge, subject to requests made exclusively in up,
writing or by facsimile, stating the name and address
or E-Mail of the sender and marked ‘Call for —Ùa detailed budget by expenditure item, and by
proposals No IB/AP/339’ to the address: Asia-Invest individuals.
C 88/16 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 24.3.98

9. Criteria for the award of the grant: —Ùa statement of total turnover and turnover
relating to the services concerned, covering
The following criteria will be taken into the last three financial years.
consideration when selecting proposals to be
supported as Asia-Interprise events,
c) technical competence
The clarity of the presentation/examination of eligi-
bility criteria The organisation submitting a proposal must
demonstrate the capacity to carry out the actions
—Ùproposal in line with Asia-Interprise involved in the proposed project effectively.
methodology and technical requirements as
described in the Asia-Interprise application A Øcurriculum vitae from proposed expert(s) to
guidelines, carry out the activities, noting their prior
experience in conducting research or monitoring
—Ùobjectives of the action/justification of the activities, must be furnished.
chosen sector,
—Ùquality of marketing approach, A detailed research/monitoring methodology
must be furnished.
—Ùnumber of companies targeted in comparison
with the cost of technical assistance for the d) professional competence
companies and intended follow-up.
Proof of this can take the form of proof of
Expertise of the organisers in EU-Asian business
inscription in a professional or trade register, a
relations and matchmaking programmes.
sworn declaration or an equivalent certificate.
How the proposal fits into the priorities of the
annual Asia-Invest work programme as described 10.ÙGrant covered by Council Regulation (EEC) No
above. 443/92 (Asia and Latin America)
a) exclusion criteria The European Commission will award each accepted
The organisation putting forward a project proposal a financial contribution up to a maximum
proposal under Asia-Intereprise must provide of ECU 100Ø000, while not exceeding 50Ø% of the
proof that: total budget. The budget includes time costs for staff
of the applicant organisations, travel costs,
—Ùit is not bankrupt or in receivership, has not consultancy fees for external software experts,
ceased or suspended trading, is not subject to consultants and costs directly related to the running
a court settlement or other arrangement with of the Asia-Invest project: Hiring and setting up of
creditors and is not involved in any similar premises and appropriate facilities, communications,
proceedings, promotion and publicity including printing costs,
light snacks during the Asia-Interprise event, trans-
—Ùit has not received a sentence against which
lation costs.
there is no appeal for an offence involving its
professional integrity,
Although no change in the overall budget estimate
—Ùit has duly paid all social contributions and can be accepted after approval of the budget by the
taxes, Commission, actual expenditure for individual
budget elements may deviate from the original
—Ùit is not-profing making. estimates as long as written approval from the
Commission is received.
b) financial and economic standing
Proof of this may take the form of one of the 11. Date of dispatch of this notice: 18 March 1998.
—Ùa statement by a bank, 12. Date of receipt by the Office for Official Publi-
cations of the European Communities: 18 March
—Ùbalance-sheet or balance-sheet extracts, 1998.