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98 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 102/9

Supplementary answer
given by Mr Santer on behalf of the Commission
(22 October 1997)

In view of the length of its answer, the Commission is sending it direct to the Honourable Member and to
Parliament’s Secretariat.

(98/C 102/11) WRITTEN QUESTION E-2007/97

by Leonie van Bladel (UPE) to the Council
(18 June 1997)

Subject: Ethiopia

Can the Council explain why no pressure has been put on the Ethiopian authorities in the light of the serious
human rights violations committed against the Oromo ethnic group?

Can the Council explain why, during the talks on development aid, the parties were not urged to enter into a
peaceful and constructive dialogue with the 25 million strong Oromos?

Is the Council aware of the fact that EU development aid does not always reach the competent organizations and
that the Oromos are automatically excluded from European development aid from the EU?

Has the Council taken up with the Ethiopian authorities the fact that Ethiopian journalists, and in particular
journalists from the province of Oromia or of Oromo descent, are seriously impeded in their work, and
furthermore that journalists have been imprisoned and tortured without any charges being levelled against them
and without any sort of trial?

Is the Council prepared to reconsider, or stop, aid to Ethiopia for as long as the Ethiopian army conducts military
operations against the Oromos?

(10 November 1997)

The Council follows the situation in Ethiopia closely and is aware of the reports of human rights abuses in
Ethiopia, against ethnic groups, including the Oromos. It fully shares the concern of the Honourable Member
about this situation. However, according to available information, there is no clear link between the specific
ethnicity of the Oromos and human rights violations by the authorities. Nevertheless, whenever possible the
Council has taken and will take every opportunity to raise the need for respect of human rights with the Ethiopian
authorities. The Union has indicated its willingness to help Ethiopia to improve respect of human rights.

The Council does not share the position of the Honourable Member concerning the automatic exclusion of the
Oromos from the EU’s development aid.

(98/C 102/12) WRITTEN QUESTION E-2015/97

by Nana Mouskouri (PPE) to the Commission
(11 June 1997)

Subject: Auctions on television

What is the Commission’s position on the appearance on some TV channels, particularly in Greece, of
programmes conducting auctions?

Does the Commission not think that such programmes may prejudice the rights and protection of consumers?