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C 102/40 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 3. 4.


− Joint Action, on the initiative of Belgium, concerning action to combat trafficking in human beings and
sexual exploitation of children, adopted on 24 February 1997 and published in OJ L 63 of March 1997;
− Joint Action, on the initiative of the Netherlands, with regard to cooperation on law and order and security,
adopted on 26 May 1997 and published in OJ L 147 of 5 June 1997;
− Joint Action for the refining of targeting criteria, selection methods, etc., and collection of customs and
police information, adopted on 9 June 1997 and published in OJ L 159 of 17 June 1997;
− Joint Action, on the initiative of the Netherlands, concerning the information exchange, risk assessment and
the control of a new synthetic drugs, adopted on 16 June 1997 and published in OJ L 167 of 25 June 1997.

During this period, the Presidency kept the European Parliament regularly informed on work being carried out in
areas relevant to Title VI of the Treaty and on the salient aspects and aims of some of these proposals.

2. During the current six months, the Presidency has requested consultation on the European Parliament on
the following draft texts:
− draft Resolution laying down the priorities for cooperation in the field of justice and home affairs for the
period from 1 July 1997 to the date of entry into force of the Treaty of Amsterdam;
− draft Joint Action to create a European Judicial Network;
− draft Joint Action introducing a programme of training, exchanges and cooperation in the field of asylum,
immigration and crossing of external borders (Odysseus programme).
− draft Joint Action on making it a criminal offence to participate in a criminal organization in the Member
States of the European Union;
− draft Joint Action establishing a mechanism for evaluating the application and implementation at national
level of international undertakings in the fight against organized crime;
− draft Joint Action on making corruption in the private sector a criminal offence.

The Presidency has also announced its intention of consulting the European Parliament on other draft texts.

(98/C 102/57) WRITTEN QUESTION E-2419/97

by Laura De Esteban Martin (PPE) to the Council
(18 July 1997)

Subject: Seminars of experts

Can the Council state which particular seminars of experts − and how many − were held under the third pillar
during 1995, 1996 and 1997, giving details of the participation of the various Member States in each one?

Could the Council also provide Parliament on a regular basis with the information derived from these seminars
on issues on which Parliament must be consulted or draw up a report, so as to facilitate Parliament’s work?

(17 November 1997)

The Council does not have the list of seminars of experts organized in the field of Justice and Home Affairs since
these are organized under the direct responsibility of the Member States and in particular by the respective
Presidencies. The follow-up to such seminars is also administered entirely by the organizing Member States
even if some proceedings are subsequently included in the programme of cooperation priorities in the field of
Justice and Home Affairs.