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C 102/86 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 3. 4.


Joint answer
to Written Questions E-2666/97 and E-2752/97
(7 November 1997)

The Council would ask the Honourable Members to kindly refer to the reply given to Written Question
No E-1515/97 (1).

(1) See page 3.

(98/C 102/124) WRITTEN QUESTION E-2667/97

by Alexandros Alavanos (GUE/NGL) to the Commission
(1 September 1997)

Subject: Survival and protection of the Cretan tracker dog

The ‘Cretan tracker’ is a Cretan dog to which there are countless references in ancient literature as well as
pictorial representations testifying to its presence on the island since Minoan times. These descriptions together
with later accounts written by travellers to the region are highly admiring of the dog’s tracking ability, its
relationship to people and its unique appearance.

As this species of dog − which is part of the historic fauna of Crete − is falling in numbers day by day and is
liable to die out, will the Commission say:
1. what measures could be taken to classify the Cretan tracker dog as an animal in danger of extinction, and
2. what other measures could be taken to provide funding to protect the dog and help it survive?

Answer given by Mrs Bjerregaard on behalf of the Commission

(3 October 1997)

Council Directive 92/43/EEC (1) on the conservation of natural habitats and of wild fauna and flora lists habitat
types and species, including animal species in danger of extinction, requiring special management and
conservation actions. The Cretan tracker dog is not included in these annexes which only refer to wild species.

Work on protection and preservation of the Cretan tracker dog would not be eligible for support under
Regulation (EC) No 1467/94 on the conservation, characterisation, collection and utilisation of genetic resources
in agriculture (2).

(1) OJ L 206, 22.7.1992.

(2) OJ L 159, 28.6.1994.

(98/C 102/125) WRITTEN QUESTION E-2669/97

by Kirsi Piha (PPE) to the Commission
(1 September 1997)

Subject: Problems with the announcement of the Commission’s Agenda 2000 programme

On 16 July 1997, the Commission announced to the European Parliament the Agenda 2000 programme, which
contains opinions about the state of readiness of the individual applicant countries to enter into accession
negotiations with the European Union. However, anyone who had been following the media would have known
the substance of the opinions well in advance, as European news agencies, referring to Commission sources, had
carried details of the assessment.