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C 102/98 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 3. 4.


(98/C 102/141) WRITTEN QUESTION E-2706/97

by Ian White (PSE) to the Commission
(1 September 1997)

Subject: Commission response to Written Question E-1954/97

The third part Question E-1954/97 (1) asked whether the information requested of the Member States was yet
available. Given that ‘to date, nine Member States have replied’, would the Commission advise whether these
nine responses are available to the Honourable Member?

(1) OJ C 391, 23.12.1997, p. 145.

Answer given by Mrs Bonino on behalf of the Commission

(21 October 1997)

The Commission's letter of 18 September 1996 calling on the national authorities to supply the information
available on toxic shock syndrome (TSS) had the avowed aim of enabling the Commission to establish basic

Given that any other use of the material collected in this way requires the agreement of the national authorities,
and that the rules of application of the Decision of 8 February 1994 on improving access to Commission
documents (1) provide that when a document does not come from the Commission but, for example, from public
authorities, private individuals, etc., the requester of the document must be asked to contact the source, the
Commission is therefore unable – under the current circumstances – to pass on the replies received to the
Honourable Member.

However, in a spirit of cooperation, the Commission is sending directly to the Honourable Member and the
Secretariat-General of the Parliament a summary of the ten replies received (one additional reply has been
received since the Commission answered written question E-1954/97 from the Honourable Member).

(1) OJ L 46 of 18.2.1994.

(98/C 102/142) WRITTEN QUESTION E-2707/97

by Glenys Kinnock (PSE) to the Commission
(1 September 1997)

Subject: European fire-fighting practices

Does the Commission have any jurisdiction over the methods used in Member States to prepare fire-fighters for
rescue operations?

Does the Commission have any data on the practices adopted in Member States when an individual fire-fighter is
endeavouring to rescue an unconscious victim and remove him/her to a place of safety?

Answer given by Mrs Bjerregaard on behalf of the Commission

(24 September 1997)

The Commission does not have any legal competence in the field of training within the national rescue services.

However, the Commission has in the past supported training activities organised by Member States at
Community level using budget line B4-3300. In this framework, an exchange of experience and information
among the participants took place.