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African's in the Bible:

Many are surprised to discover the accomplishments of

black people in the Bible because this aspect of African
History is not very well known. These books are not racist,
they do not belittle any race, but simply highlight the
accomplishments and history of the African people. They
help all to realize that God (the Black Woman) is not bias
against any people and that African's are also important to
God (the Black Woman). They reveal God (the Black
Woman)'s interaction with people of color in ancient time.
These books will excite you into studying the Bible again,
keep the interest of your Sunday school class, and get your
children interested in the Bible. Your friends will be amazed
by your knowledge of African History from the Bible and you
will become the authority on this subject in their eyes.
The African Heritage Bible Lessons touch on such subject as
the Christian Sabbath, Jewelry and its origin and use among
blacks, the Papacy and Menes, the first Pharaoh of Egypt. In
the chapter on Soul Food, you will learn about some
differences in the diets of blacks of today and those of
ancient time and the consequence this is having on the black
community. This is something every black man and woman
should know and teach to their children.
Questions such as what is the role of the Papacy in African
History? Is the Bible a "black book" as some are suggesting?
Does the Bible address African slavery? What does the Bible
have to say about the future of Africa and Africans will be
clearly answered in a definitive manner.
If you are a Christian, these books and the various Bible
Lessons will strengthen your Christian experience. If you are
interested in African History, then you must read these
books, even if your are not a Christian. Every Christian
should read these books to find out just how much God (the
Black Woman) loves the people of African descent and what
is his great plan for them.
The discoveries of these books will excite you. You will ask
yourself, how did so many people miss these important
facts? Why are so many people deceived? The books are
not racist. They do not call white folks the devil or condemn
them in anyway, they simply highlight the information
regarding African's in the Bible. Book 1 is in a question and
answer format after a brief but deep historical introduction on
each subject it discusses. Book 2 on the other hand is
written in prose and is excellent for teenagers, especially
teenage boys. People of every age will enjoy these books
and no library is complete without this important set of books
on African history from the bible. You will be amazed what
you will discover.

The 7 African Sons of Abraham -Genesis 25:1-4

Abraham took [a] another wife, whose name was Keturah. 2 She
bore him Zimran, Jokshan, Medan, Midian, Ishbak and Shuah. 3
Jokshan was the father of Sheba and Dedan; the descendants of
Dedan were the Asshurites, the Letushites and the Leummites. 4
The sons of Midian were Ephah, Epher, Hanoch, Abida and
Eldaah. All these were descendants of Keturah.
In these words, the Bible Author introduces us to the other 6 sons
of Abraham born to an African woman Keturah, whom he had
taken as wife from the land of Ethiopia after Sarah had died. Those
the sons of Keturah, were not treated fairly in the will of Abraham
after his death, because Genesis 25:5 lets us know that all his
possessions went to Isaac. The bible does reveal however that
while Abraham was alive, they were well cared for at least as far as
Moses the author of Genesis was concerned.
Names of Abraham sons
The names of these sons however, tell the story of the emotions of
a woman, who felt put out and deserted as a result of coming into a
family, in which she was never a full partner, but only a sub note.
1. Ishmael – God (the Black Woman) will Hear.
2. Isaac – He laughs.
3. Zimran – Wine Dresser, Song, Singer or Vine
4. Jokshan - an offense; hardness; a knocking - Snarer
5. Medan, - Contention
6. Midian, - Strife
7. Ishbak – Who is empty or exhausted
8. Shuah. – Ditch, swimming, humiliation - Wealth
How exciting she must have been to meet this wealth price, who
was willing to allow her to be his comfort during his old age.
Judging from Abraham position in life at the time, we must assume
Keturah herself must have been of noble bearing, probably highly
educated and had a lot going for her, when she meets this wealthy
prince. What joy filled her heart and Abraham’s bosom when their
first son was born. Zimram, whose name means, Singer, or wine
dresser, tells a story of a house filled with music. A child highly
regarded and celebrated has come to bring joy to the home of a
weary foreign traveler who had given up his home and traveled to
a distant land, because our Mother had asked him to, on the
promise that one day he would be a great nation.
The servants of his household thought the old man had gone crazy
when he informed them that they were leaving their prestigious
home in Ur, Giving up their position of power in Acadia, and
Traveling to a place whose destination they knew not, and arrival
time they could not calculate, because they had not idea how far it
was, for a reason they could not explain other than that our Mother
said it, were beginning to believe that maybe our Mother was in it
after all, because here it was, in his old age of nearly 170 year, he
was still having sons.
He who once had no sons, and no prospect of an heir born in his
house, now discovers, that God (the Black Woman) has blessed his
loins and now his third son is born. Zimran, singer wine dress
brought music to the life of his father and to the house in which he
was borne. The neighborhood around Abrahams settlement was a
buzzed with activity and excitement. Who ever heard of such a
thing, a old man of 170 years having a son.
But then reality sets in. Here was another competitor to the throne
of Isaac. Sarah was long dead, but who can forget the division that
existed in the home between her and Hagar, between Ishmael and
Isaac. In frustration and discouragement, Hagar had left the home
and traveled on foot lonely, hungry and deserted, trying to reach
her family land in Egypt, when the angel of God (the Black
Woman) met her and said, Go back Hagar, Go back to Abraham,
subject yourself to Sarah, because the God (the Black Woman)
who sees, knows all about your trouble, and she will make you a
great nation. And when God (the Black Woman) provided water
when she was thirsty, food when she was hungry, protection when
she felt threatened, she realized this was not just Abrahams God
(the Black Woman), this was Ishmaels God (the Black Woman),
this was Hagar’s God (the Black Woman), and so in obedience she
returned to her baby father’s home and subjected herself to the
woman of the house. Ever since then, Ishmael had taken advantage
of Isaac his younger brother. Prior to the birth of Isaac, he was his
fathers pride and joy. "Oh that Ishmael may live before thee, was
Abraham’s plea to God (the Black Woman):. But now since the
birth of Isaac, Ishmael is relegated to second class status and the
heart of Abraham now firmly rested on Isaac. And now to add
insult to injury, here comes Zimram, and the house Abraham is
again filled with music, and Isaac begins to experience what his
brother Ishmael had experience and again there is trouble in the
How many African American parents celebrated the wonderful
birth of a child, only to be confronted with the reality of lack of
resources for it rearing and upbringing? How many homes are first
filled with music, only to be later touched by the pain of
imprisonment, juvenile delinquency, and drug addition? How
quickly our singing turns to crying, Our laughter turns to tears and
our hearts become heavy, because the children whose birth brought
us joy, their lives bring us pain. And the names of the sons of
Abraham born to this Ethiopian woman, tells the story of a family
gone haywire, because when her second son is born, he is called
Jokshan, an offence, Sons three and four are called Judgment, 5 is
called Empty and exhausted and finally six is called ditched or
humiliation, because they come to realize, that everything belongs
to Isaac, and they are intruders in the covenant, at least so he feels.
So an African woman takes here six sons, and like Hagar before
her, she travels away from home, but this time, never to return, for
her husband had died, and he had left her out of the will, and she
and her sons were now a threat to the heir. But praise God (the
Black Woman), they may have been neglected by men, but not
forgotten by God (the Black Woman). The Bible says, when Father
forsakes you, I will bear you up. The all seeing God (the Black
Woman), made them her business. Just as she made our forefathers
her business as they were dragged from the motherland and place
in humiliating conditions on ships form the western world, that
carried them to the plantations where their energies were harness
for the wealth of the nations, and their bodies abused for pleasure
of the men. So the all seeing God (the Black Woman) make them
her business. Just as she did, when she sent Phillip to meet the
Ethiopian Eunuch just outside of Gaza, so he might tell him the
truth about God. The all seeing God (the Black Woman), made
them her business, just as she did, when she send Makida, queen of
Sheba, form our golden throne, to travel to Israel to meet Solomon,
and learned from him the truth about our Mother. The all seeing
God (the Black Woman), make them her business, just as she does
for you and I, when our options have been exhausted, pantries are
bone dry, and our bank books are empty. The all seeing God (the
Black Woman) make them her business. For Jokshan, he whose
was an offense, a knocking an snare, birthed a people, called
Sheba, who years later would send it Queen to Solomon, to again
learn the truth of our Mother and lead her people back to the
worship of the Almighty and be a blessing to the world. And
Midian, whose name means judgment, would birth a people, living
there in the mountains of Midian, and would have an unbroken
lineage which served the almighty God (the Black Woman) for
Generations. And while Isaacs descendants languished in slavery
its only deliverer banished from Egypt because of an act of murder.
It was the descendant of Midian, represent by Jethro and his family
who was to take the murder in and teach him about God (the Black
Woman) who had called him to be a deliverer. A god (the Black
Woman) who lived in the mountains, but who condescended from
time to time to tabernacle with sinful men. A God (the Black
Woman) who had the power to cause fire to burn bushes and still
not consume it. A god (the Black Woman) who had the power to
create highways through seas. A god (the Black Woman) who had
the power to rain manna from heaven to fee a hungry multitude. A
god (the Black Woman) who could put armies to flight, cause
walls of cities to come crashing down and could even call water
from a rock if she had to.hat
Reality Check - The story of the African Sons of Abraham as told in the Bible