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Beyond Academics

A Four-Year Certificate Program for Students with IDD

Beyond Academics was established in 2009 to collaborate with the university to provide academic and therapeutic supports to students with
intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Integrative Community Studies (ICS): A Four-Year Certificate Program

Beyond Academics is a Comprehensive Transition Program (CTP) that provides individually designed supports while students are enrolled in
Integrative Community Studies, a four-year certificate program of study that emphasizes three life areas: self-determination, life planning, and
career development.

Social Work Services Provided

 Case management for students who require multiple resources
 Counseling
 One-on-one & group work
 Academic supports
 Help students develop appropriate social and professional interaction skills
 Work with students’ families to facilitate support in their children's college and post-graduation life
 Assist students in accessing and utilizing school and community resources

Comprehensive Transition Program (CTP)

A CTP is a degree, certificate, or nondegree program that is offered by a college or career school and approved by the U.S. Department of
Education designed to support students with intellectual disabilities who want to continue academic, career, and independent living
instruction to prepare for gainful employment; offers academic advising and a structured curriculum; and requires students with intellectual
disabilities to participate, for at least half of the program, in: regular enrollment in credit-bearing courses with nondisabled students, auditing
or participating (with nondisabled students) in courses for which the student does not receive regular academic credit, enrollment in
noncredit-bearing, nondegree courses with nondisabled students, or internships or work-based training with nondisabled individuals.

Contact Information
Office of Comprehensive Transition and Post-Secondary Education
Beyond Academics
UNC Greensboro
3607 MHRA, 1111 Spring Garden Street
Greensboro, NC 27412

Office: 336-334-3905
Fax: 336-334-3661

Eric Marshburn | Director of Admissions |

Lisa Pluff | Director of Operations |
Ryan Milligan | Assistant Director |

CTP Department Course Examples

CTP 104 Principles of Advocacy 3

Introduction to principles of advocacy with emphasis on self-determination and personal responsibility in relationship to self, peers and
Prerequisites: Integrative Community Studies student.

CTP 106 Introduction to Personal Finance 3

Introduction to basic financial literacy skills including assessment of personal resources, budgeting and goal setting, and prioritization and/or
tracking of personal spending habits.
Prerequisites: Integrative Community Studies student.

CTP 111 Academic Success Planning 3

Introduction to student-centered academic planning and goal setting with an emphasis on strategies for success in a college environment.
Prerequisites: Integrative Community Studies student.

CTP 124 Human Rights 3

Overview of concepts related to human rights, including Universal Declaration of Human Rights, different civil rights movement in the U.S., and
the impact of discrimination on marginalized groups.
Prerequisites: Integrative Community Studies student.

CTP 126 Financial Services, Providers, and Products 3

Designed to increase knowledge of the different characteristics and functions of financial services and providers in the U.S., along with
exploration of personal relationship to banking.
Prerequisites: Integrative Community Studies student.

CTP 204 Self-Determination and Community Engagement 4

Through this course, students will explore and apply knowledge of the relationship between personal advocacy and self-determination in the
context of community engagement.
Prerequisites: Integrative Community Studies student.

CTP 206 Financial Security on a Budget 3

Expanding knowledge of personal finance methods and strategies for maximizing financial resources as a student in college.
Prerequisites: CTP 106. Integrative Community Studies student.

CTP 211 Navigating College Life 3

Interactive seminar designed to build on student's knowledge of personal responsibility skills required for successful navigation of life on campus
and in community.
Prerequisites: Integrative Community Studies student.

CTP 214 Legislative Action 4

Exploration of the basic functions of the various branches and areas of government, legislative processes, options for taking action, and personal
interaction with legislators and public officials.
Prerequisites: Integrative Community Studies student.