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Cycles of Hope

Christmas 2019

From Linwood to Santa Cruz

A neighbourhood programme which the nominated for the Herman Goldstein Award,
Christchurch Methodist Mission is part recognising outstanding police officers and
of is about to contend for a global good police agencies around the world that reduce
crime, disorder and public safety problems. You
policing award.
Matter to Us will represent New Zealand on the
Acclaimed for reducing crime and violence in world stage at a policing conference in Santa
Linwood, You Matter to Us, is a monthly hub Cruz, California, from November 11-13, one of
that began in 2016 in response to the high only five projects globally to be nominated.
number of domestic violence callouts police Anne Gibling, CMM Community Development
were attending. It focuses on families with Team Leader, says, “Crime has gone down, the
young children and is run by the NZ Police, streets look tidier, residents have a sense of
the Christchurch City Council and the Linwood pride and neighbours know each other which
Avenue Union Church, as well as CMM. wasn’t the case before.”
Whānau who are part of You Matter to Us live “Children know other children and know they
in two streets of Linwood disproportionately can go to the neighbours if they have to get
affected by crime and violence. out of the family home. They also see the
In the three years since You Matter to Us was police in a different light; not just as people
set up, police call-outs have dropped. Parents who respond to call-outs but who will kick a
have got to know and trust one another and football around with the children.”
take part in community activities and children’s One child in the neighbourhood dreams of
programmes. becoming a police officer.
Lasting change has occurred because the You Matter to Us children’s programme, Kids
families themselves have led the programme Hub, runs holiday programmes and activities
with the result that patterns of violence passed for 45 children and is now largely led by
from generation to generation are being parents. So successful, parents now refer other
broken down. parents to CMM advisory services, organise
Now, You Matter to Us is about to take to the children’s activities and write project funding
stage at a global community policing award applications.
ceremony in the United States. After winning a
national policing award, You Matter to Us was
CMM housing portfolio to increase
The Christchurch Methodist Mission sense of community amongst the families.
is poised to significantly increase its “In our experience if there is no common area
community housing in east Christchurch. for families to come together then it becomes
hard to promote community-based activities.
Last month it purchased two new-build Aranui We hope to offer activities and events such as
houses for families who are homeless and is courses on budgeting, cooking, coffee morning
also set to sign the lease on what will become groups and family holiday activities,” Executive
its largest single housing community for Director Jill Hawkey says.
families in the city.
“CMM sees first-hand the struggles of people
The Aranui houses will provide stability and trying to find an affordable and suitable place
security for two families. Both houses are on to call home. Our social workers who work with
the same title, providing opportunities for families say that housing is often the number
a two-generational family that wants to live one issue affecting their clients.”
together, or to be used as housing for youth,
people with intellectual disabilities, or for Currently, almost 900 households in
young parents and their support workers. Christchurch are on the Ministry of Social
Development social housing register.
The two houses (two bedroom and three
bedroom) were purchased from a Christchurch “As a registered community housing provider,
community housing trust. High quality, with our priority is to provide warm, affordable and
open plan living room and kitchen, they are secure housing to vulnerable families and older
double glazed, well-insulated, north facing and people without assets.”
are near shops and schools. CMM currently has 26 bedsits, 12 one-
The houses are presently being used as bedroom villas and 11 one-bedroom
transitional housing, under a contract with the apartments for older people at Wesley Village
Ministry of Housing and Urban Development. plus 18 houses for families, including the two
new Aranui houses. It also provides transitional
After the success of Weteriana Courts in housing for families who are homeless. It leases
Linwood, CMM has purchased a further 16 14 houses in Christchurch and 35 houses and
homes that had been used as homes for motel units in Blenheim for this purpose. CMM
people whose houses were being repaired is also leading the Housing First collaborations
post-earthquake. They will be located at for people who have been long term homeless
another east Christchurch location once a lease in Christchurch and Blenheim.
agreement is signed.
The proposed new community will
be offered to families on the social
housing register and so are either
homeless, in transitional housing or
in housing that is unsuitable.
Most of the houses are three
bedroom, with some two and four
bedroom. Another house will be
dedicated to activities to promote a
Festive season support for those in need
Christmas is around the corner and with a compassionate and caring service that
it comes challenges. Extra expenses, last- responds directly to their needs.”
minute shopping, end-of-year events, and CMM keeps a close eye on families in our
catering for Christmas day itself can be housing and on kaewa of Housing First who
financially and emotionally taxing. may be spending Christmas alone. Its team of
social workers, child and family psychologists
Many families, though, worry about being and budget advisors will provide a range of
unable to provide any sort of Christmas at all. support to families, particularly as violence
For others, the snowballing costs associated sadly often spikes at Christmas.
with the holiday season add to already
Support a Family is another way CMM brings
unsustainable debt levels.
relief to families at Christmas. Without the
At this time of year, CMM doubles its efforts to worry of affording festive food and a present
support people in need. “We see families really for their children, parents can relax and enjoy
suffer around Christmas time because of strain the season. This year, CMM expects around
on relationships and the effects of poverty. 200 individuals and families will receive a
Debt becomes unbearable and families carry Christmas hamper, thanks to the support
it forward into the new year, often long after of businesses, families and churches in the
the festive season,” CMM Executive Director community.
Jill Hawkey says. “We’re pleased to offer

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Housing First Christchurch marked World Homeless Day with a display at Tūranga
on the 10th October. Featuring a video on homelessness in Christchurch and pictures
of kaewa telling their story, the display gave the public an opportunity to engage
and learn more about those that are sleeping rough. Lee Risby and Caitlin Davidson
from Housing First Christchurch are pictured here with James Cox (left) and CMM
Fundraising & Communications Manager Dave Marsh (right).

A small ceremony was held on the 30th October to unveil two plaques marking
where the former Methodist Children’s Home stood from 1914 - 1987. The
ceremony was attended by staff from the Christchurch Methodist Mission and
the Methodist Church of New Zealand as well as former residents. Pictured
here are former residents and staff cutting a commemorative cake.
Guiding people to the health care they need
A woman who’s had a stroke and can no “A lot of these people are the forgotten;
longer drive, a man with poor literacy someone who’s not got many friends or whose
struggles to read an appointment letter family is a long way away or have passed away.
Often a GP is the only person these people see.
from his GP, a family foregoes their son’s
If the guy who normally comes into a shop on
visit to the dentist because they’re unable
a Thursday doesn’t come, the cashier won’t
to take time off work. All valid – and notice. But a GP will if he’s not picked up his
sometimes distressing - reasons for failing meds,” says Danielle.
to seek medical help. All of which can be
Much of the work of the PCWs involves
addressed with the help of a partnership explaining the health care system before
community worker. helping clients come up with a plan of action
the next time they meet a similar situation. It
For various reasons, the number of people in
could mean providing a client with a voucher
our community missing out on health care
to go to the doctor, checking they receive the
is rising. It could be the cost of treatment is
correct entitlement from Work and Income,
prohibitive, that they lack transport, have a
referring them to a budget advisor, or setting
mental or physical impairment or live isolated
up an automatic payment of a few dollars a
lives that prevent them seeking help. For
week to the local medical centre so the money
people disaffected by the health system, a
is there when they need care.
partnership community worker (PCW) can
work with them to remove barriers to care “When they can’t see the forest for the trees, I
and prevent them slipping through the cracks. just walk beside them. I say to them, “There is
Authorities have no way of knowing who is not a path, how about we just walk together until
registered with a primary health organisation. one becomes apparent,” Danielle says.

Funded by Pegasus Health, the two PCWs Both Julie-Ann and Danielle work with about
at the Christchurch Methodist Mission are 30 clients each, although the number peaked
Danielle Bakker and Julie-Ann Pyatt. in the cold months of August and September
to over 40. They stay with a client until that
person is fully linked to the services they need.
Referrals come from GPs, the Canterbury
District Health Board, the emergency
department and elsewhere in the community.
Danielle and Julie-Ann say the work aligns
with the CMM commitment to bi-culturalism
and to empowering people who are
disadvantaged. The work matches the kaupapa
of the Methodist Mission. “I’m proud that bi-
culturalism is part of our strategic plan and that
we are committed to seeing equity, particularly
for Māori and Pacifika clients,” Julie-Ann says.

Julie-Ann Pyatt (left) and Danielle Bakker.

Thank you Fran
and Jim
CMM recently farewelled two long-
standing managers who have given
over 50 years combined service to the

Fran Pucilowski has retired after 40 years at

WesleyCare, including 19 as Facility Manager.
Another long-serving colleague, Jim Martin,
retired as Finance Manager after 11 years with
“The organisation is losing two dedicated
professionals who have run major services of
CMM with professionalism and care,” CMM
Executive Director Jill Hawkey said. “Both Fran healthcare assistants, saying they are the most
and Jim have a keen wit and sharp sense of undervalued and under-rated members of our
humour that will be missed, too.” workforce. “The health care assistants are the
“Fran has brought a deep level of commitment unsung heroes. You’ve got to be able to battle
to the running of WesleyCare and her strong for them.”
leadership has ensured WesleyCare has Jim Martin came to CMM as a contractor from
retained its reputation as a provider of excellent a commercial background for three months in
care over the years.” 2007 to do the annual accounts and stayed on
Fran’s nursing career began in 1966, inspired by when a position became available. The values
an aunt who was a nurse. In 1979 she started of CMM align with those of his. “As a practicing
working on a casual basis at what was then Catholic, things at the Mission are not too far
Fairhaven Home and Hospital as a part-time away in that respect. I’ve got empathy with the
registered nurse while her family was young. work we do and had no problem fitting in.”

In 1990, she became manager, soon after WesleyCare will be managed by a dual
having to contend with strikes regarding leadership team consisting of a Manager
overtime allowances. Between 2015 and of Care (Cath Swain), with responsibility for
2017 saw the two-stage re-development of nursing and care, and a Business Operations
WesleyCare, with the demolition of the existing Manager (Pauline Ng), who will be responsible
building and the construction of new facilities. for systems, human resources, IT and finance.
By 2019, in addition to having nursed two Andrew Gallagher has been named the new
generations of patients, Fran was increasingly Finance Manager.
nursing people she went to school with. CMM wishes Fran and Jim a happy and
Fran describes herself as more of a nurse enjoyable retirement.
than a manager. Her concern is for the

(03) 375 1470 ChristchurchMethodistMission @ChChMethodistMn ChristchurchMethodistMission