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Before handing in your paper, use this PPT Checklist!

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Hi! Like, you wanna use this PPT to check your paper, like, cuz… you wanna do good and stuff? Cool.

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Got your paper in front of you? YES NO


My PAPER is now in front of me.


long is your essay/paper/project?
Is it the required minimum?

Okay. Now, let’s start with the biggest deductions. Because who wants to get smacked with those?



I added MORE words.

Now that the length is taken care of, are you required to use sources? If so, are they cited in the essay with parenthetical citations? (Also known as in-text citation.)

If you are confused by parenthetical citations, click HERE. If you have used parenthetical citations correctly, click YES.

The word dumb is defined as “lacking intelligence or good judgment; stupid; dull-witted” (“dumb”). My sister bluntly defines it as “characteristics of an idiot” (Priebe).

This is an intext citation.

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How about your Works Cited page? Does it contain completed entries? Is it alphabetical? To look at an example, check HERE. To move on, check THIS.

Works Cited "dumb." Unabridged (v 1.1). Random House, Inc. 21 Sep. 2009. < >. Priebe, Alisa. Personal Interview. 20 Sept 09. Back to Checklist. Works Cited Page Check

Next, we would like to remind you to hand in your project ON TIME. Late projects and papers typically receive massive deductions. Ick. Click YES to handing it in on time!

Look at your topic sentences (the first sentence in each paragraph); does each topic sentence flow into the next one? YES NO



To further check for organization and flow, look at each paragraph – does it connect back to the thesis? YES NO



I may be a baby, but I know thesis statements shouldn’t just be questions. Duh. Also, if the thesis starts with, “In this paper,” change that as well. Click HERE for Thesis Help. Click THIS to continue with the Paper Checklist.

Good Thesis Examples: --- The true definition of “slut” is a combination of amount of partners and length of time with each partner. --- At the age of 18, Americans are allowed to vote and buy cigarettes (a drug); this age should also be allowed to buy and consume alcohol as well.
Not-So-Great Thesis Examples: --- In this paper, I’ll explain why drinking is bad for you. --- The definition of “beautiful” is different things to different people.

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Checking for transitions. In between each paragraph should be a sentence (or two) that connects the previous paragraph with the one that follows. Click HERE for Transition Help. Click THIS to continue.

Sample Transitions.

From the time I was sixteen I ceased to say my prayers and ceased to go to church or to fast of my own volition. I did not believe what had been taught me in childhood but I believed in something. What it was I believed in I could not at all have said. I believed in a God, or rather I did not deny God - but I could not have said what sort of God. Neither did I deny Christ and his teaching, but what his teaching consisted in I again could not have said.   Looking back on that time, I now see clearly that my faith - my only real faith - that which apart from my animal instincts gave impulse to my life - was a belief in perfecting myself. But in what this perfecting consisted and what its object was, I could not have said.

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EVIDENCE CHECK. We want to know if you have backed yourself up in the paper with evidence (sources or examples, etc.)? Click HERE for help. Click THIS to continue.

Sample Evidence:
Currently, the American way is the Hypocritical way. We view sex and violence and political bashing and religious wars on TV, but the minute those subjects are in print, particularly sex, Bam!, letters to the editor come pouring in. We can’t handle those topics in our paper, but we’ll surely go shop at Abercrombie where naked people are used for advertisements or purchase magazines where half the ads use sex to sell us something. Like one of the latest ads on MTV demonstrates, we’ll let our kids watch a head get blown off on TV, but the minute someone fondles someone on TV, the wool comes over the eyes. We’ll fight openly about politics in our kitchens with 8-year-olds nearby, but we have parents that won’t tell their sons that it’s a “penis” and not a “pee-pee.”

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So, you’ve checked the big items in your paper. Now to look at the smaller things can make or break an essay/paper/project. Spelling. Don’t just use spell-check either! Proofread with human eyes or read it aloud. Click YES once you have completed this.

Now, let’s look at punctuation. ---Do all complete sentences end with a period or semi-colon? Click HERE to check on punctuation issues.

This is why I teach, this is why I am in graduate school. I want to learn more and I want to encourage others to learn/discuss/write about subjects they are ignorant in and I’ll deal with being pushed and shoved because I want to have discussions, even if they’re “uncomfortable” ones.

Sample Sentences: Which one is correct?

This is why I teach; this is why I am in graduate school. I want to learn more, and I want to encourage others to learn/discuss/write about subjects they are ignorant in. I’ll deal with being pushed and shoved because I want to have discussions, even if they’re “uncomfortable” ones. Return to Checklist.

My title is interesting. Is yours?

No, Mine isn’t.

Like, Duh: The Controversy of LIKE. Swearing with Acronyms! A Definition Essay. My Academic Narrative. Who Let the Language Out? Paper 1. Sample Titles: Which ones are the best? Return to Checklist.

Now that Have a nice day. you’ve The End. taken your paper through the checklist, it should be ready to go… ( If not, click this .) Save it as a .doc or .rtf file and upload it or print it off

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