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The research is about Cigarette Smoking for Students (Junior & Senior High School) of Osias

Educational Foundation. To determine the level of awareness of the effects of cigarette

smoking and make them clarify such things that smoking is dangerous for their health.

We would like to give some important details about this research to provide statement of the
risks associated with smoking: including why it is so difficult to give up smoking; and an
outline of the advantages and disadvantages of smoking and quitting.

Our study’s tentative title is: A Collaborative Study with a Health Officer and students of Osias
Educational Foundation as a basis for Smoke-free Academic Community.

Is the topic researchable & feasible?

An alarming issue of our environment today includes the use of cigarettes

especially among students considering their young age. As this survey takes place, we
can apply this topic with the help of the Health Officer due to the students who keep on
smoking cigarettes every day.

Are the data available and accessible?

It is approachable to conduct a survey and interview to encourage these students who

are smokers at the young age. And make some clarification to lessen this habit for them to
know the bad effects of cigarette smoking. In this case, this research can truly help every
individual or respondents (Osias Educational Foundation students) to live longer and enjoy
their life.

Can the topic sustain your interest?

Smoking is a very bad habit. Individual should take greater responsibility for their
health care. It truly understands the very real dangers associated with smoking become the
motivating factors that help them to quit. That is, quitting smoking ensures a longer and better
life. To bring awareness to the dangers of smoking and discourage this bad habit. This research
helps to emphasize the importance of health. Learning about and understanding the many
facets of the smoking habit can put them on the right track to successful smoking cessation.

Who will be the target audience of research?

Students of Osias Educational Foundation who are keep on smoking cigarettes every
day. Smoking is harmful for not just the smoker but also for those around who are known as
victims of passive smoking. He or she may quit or lessen smoking because he or she will know
the bad effects of smoking. Cigarette smoking during childhood and adolescence poses a clear
risk for the human body. Due to the said topic, this research wants to make those students to
be aware of the need to quit smoking due to its life threatening effects on health. There are
cooler ways to die than smoking. Breathe healthily, live happily.