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Congress af the United States ‘Bashington, BE 20515 November 19, 2019 Dear Commissioner Manfred, ‘We are writing to express our firm opposition to Major League Baseball's radical proposal t0 eliminate numerous Minor League Baseball clubs. If enacted, it would undermine the health of the minor league system that undergrds alent development and encourages fan loyalty. Ic ‘would particularly be felt in areas far from a major league team or where tickets toa major league game are cost-prohibitive. ‘Tens of millions of fans attend Minor League Baseball games each season. These professional ‘baseball clubs are vial components of our communities because they provide affordable, family- friendly entertainment to members of our communities, support scores of allied businesses, employ thousands o individuals, donate millions of dollars in charitable funds, and connect our ‘communities to Major League Baseball. A number of these Minor League clubs operate at loss ‘but continue to persist due to strong fan support and club ownerships' commitment to their ‘communities and America’s Pastime. ‘The abandonment of Minor League clubs by Major League Baseball would devastate our ‘communities, their tond purchasers, and other stakeholders affected by the potential loss of these clubs. We want yout fully understand the impact this could have not only on the communities ‘We represent, but also on the long-term support that Congress has always afforded our national pastime on a wide variety of legislative initiatives. For over a century, Congress has taken numerous actions specifically designed to protect, preserve, and sustain a system and structure for both Major and Minor League Baseball .o flourish. ‘You are the most important steward ofthe great game of baseball and tasked with ensuring the popularity and love of it across the world, Reducing the number of Minor League Baseball clubs and overhauling a century-old system that has been consistently safeguarded by Congress is not in the best interest ofthe overall game of baseball, especially when Major League Baseball's revenues are at all-time highs. ‘As members of Congress who recognize the tremendous value of the Minor League system, we 38k Major League Baseball to strongly reconsider its proposed course with Minor League Baseball and do all tha it can to ensure the continuation of affiliated baseball in our ‘communities. paral Lori Trahan Sincerely, BMT p ZX Cr Max Rose Seoit 8 Tipe bender G Ke ‘oe Courney i ob ‘Moblenaar ‘Chris Pappas David Price - TK2IR ‘Ale §. Adams, PhD. Ted Budd tt bd ‘Kart Schrader Christopher H. Smith ipopy Panetta Lebel Naud er Stow: htutll ‘Tem Sewell aS Coa Paul D. Tonko asa Anthony G. Brown 1" As Poratd Meat — Lovee In Ger “A, Donald Mekachin ‘Kevin McCarthy oc fer xendrck Menara General Parner aston Osmonds [emcee [Chima [avons raver [ete ngelos [Oumar ofthe Sana/CEO sutimore ovter jtsHeney [Pensa Owner soston Red Sox [on ests [Oasiman [nce cubs jm Reinesor [Cima [Guego white Sar foter casein [residence [crcnnat Rees [rattan [Svan ace [Geveland indian aMontat | owner/Oumaa/ [coord oaies [hrstopner ines [orsrman CeO Devo ges imcrane [owner Caiman houston Astros [Dsus Gar [Ont Eee OFF ans cy Rose [acs Morena [orsiman & CEO ls Angses Angel Sar nasten — [rsident/e0, os Angeles Doers vc sherman [Chima &Pincpl Guner Mani Marine sre aang General Parrer/Co renbrenner__[enarpeson penta est [one navel [resident [oakang amen managing Panter pmiadetrapniies fcknuting [Gasman arg Pte IetrSeier [Genes ParnarOwneis cigars ioxFowier —[tseesve Cnamar/Onnerhip any Baer President a C20 [sn ranceco Gant Stanton ——[onsrman& Managing Parner Iseatle arnee nilDewie, ic [cham & cnet Executive Ofc Ist. tous arial Ie tian [o-Chaiman & Managing Parner 0826S Mau shopro [resident ceo forono ue ays wa. terner [anoying nip! Owner [vashngton Navona vaio [P*BUtY Commissioner, Baba laa lasminsaton & Clo as [tous Sword Sve, eague Economies EOpesiony [ses aca |v, League Economics & Operations 13