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In Touch Now

Version 5.1

Confidential SoonR, 2005

What is SoonR?
SoonR is a service that lets its users securely search, access, and share PC powered information
from any mobile device. SoonR will revolutionize the way we use our mobile phones to keep “In
Touch” with computers and the people that have the information we need.

Over 600 million cell-phones were sold in 2005. This number is projected to grow to over 800
million by 2008. These handsets are used as the everyday tool of mobile professionals and the
primary communication channel for
many consumers. Most of these phones
will have built-in data access capabilities
with increasingly higher bandwidth.
World-wide we see the rollout of wireless
services with up to 100mps data rates!
People are always on-the-go, yet the
most important information and
applications are left behind on their
desktop PCs. What if your mobile phone
could leverage the processing power of
the desktop PC to bring applications and
the data to your mobile device? What if
you could share this information and
ensure its availability, even when the
computer is shut down?

SoonR has been founded to address these challenging demands. SoonR’s Mobile Access Platform
(MAP) provides a secure and scalable foundation to create collaborative and compelling mobile
experiences for mass market phones. There is no software to install on the phone. SoonR leverage
the built in capabilities of the phone and the power of the PC to optimize information delivery. We
are not only targeting smart-phones, which make up a tiny percentage of the worldwide market.

What’s possible with SoonR?

• Access - Use your phone to search, view,

or print documents and photos on any
computer, anywhere, without
synchronization. Leverage to power of
your PC to bring rich functionality and
content to your phone.
• Share - Create communities by instantly
sharing and collaborating with those who
need to know. Be alerted via email, IM,
SMS, or a regular phone call when changes
• Understand - See only changes to
documents, share schedules, see team
activities, and monitor access to any
document or other resource.

This is accomplished without storing sensitive data

on the handset. The SoonR service maintains a
secured version of critical information so that you
can instantly access it if you have to move to
another phone. If your phone is lost or your
computer crashes, a backup can be recalled
remotely. A browser interface is also available to
support remote workers. The results are The SoonR service makes the simplest phone a smart-
increased mobility, a rapid ROI, security, and phone by leveraging the powered of the desktop PC.
amazing functionality.

Confidential SoonR, 2005

Important: All data remains on their respective computers and networks so that security and
available mobile bandwidth is not jeopardized. The power of PC applications is maximized and
SoonR’s presence features give users a real-time view of their contact network.

In order to use SoonR, a computer(s) connected to the Internet runs a small secure client as a
service. An account with the SoonR server is established, and a mobile phone with basic data
capability is used for submitting requests. There is no software to install on the phone,
eliminating administration and maintenance issues.

Business Model:
SoonR will initially be offered as a hosted service with free and premium editions. The service
manages and monitors information access, acts as a DMZ and adds optional remote storage. The
service itself can also be licensed as a white-label service to other providers. Mobile carriers,
bandwidth providers, or hand-set manufacturers will see an excellent opportunity to increase data
traffic and provide added services for customer retention. The SoonR Technology license will allow
corporations to bring all components of the technology into its “walled garden”, thus eliminating
external dependencies and offering the ability to monitor access from a centralized administration
interface. Later, an open API will be release allowing integration with mission critical applications
requiring mobile deployment.

Why Is this Unique?

SoonR is based on a centralized content store. This provides the capability for both online and
offline access. Current mobile offerings are through services like GoToMyPC (acquired by Citrix in
’04 for $225M) targeting a fairly technical audience focused on duplicating the desktop
experience, or Orb systems and Avvenu which are focused on entertainment media and streaming
(TV, Movie, Music and Pictures) for consumers, and based on Peer to Peer technologies. All these
products only work on the fastest new handsets and only when the host computer is available.
SoonR is centralized, works regardless of the state of the host PC, works across mobile carriers,
and works without the need to install software on the handset. Furthermore, SoonR interfaces to
desktop applications resulting in unexpected functionality and access to critical data. SoonR
believes the market opportunity combining networked PCs connected to the Internet and users of
cellular phones or other mobile data devices, is well over $2 Billion a year.

In its short history, SoonR has released mobile support for the major desktop search engines
(Google, Yahoo/X1, and Microsoft’s Windows desktop search), integrated Outlook support, and
offline storage functionality. This has resulted in coverage in the Red Herring, Business 2.0, and
an Audience Choice Award at IDB Network’s “Under the Radar” event.

Confidential SoonR, 2005

The Executive Team:
The SoonR team is a combination of technology company executives with experience from
successful start-ups and larger, public software companies. The founders have worked together
for over 12 years creating product lines that have added up to $130 million to yearly company
revenues. They have a demonstrated track record of creating and launching award-winning

• Martin Frid-Nielsen, CEO /Founder, was most recently VP of Development at enterprise software house,
Merant (makers of PVCS and Collage), which was sold to Serena in ’04 for close to $400million. Before
Merant, he was VP of Engineering at NetObjects (Web-authoring and Content Management) since its
founding and through its IPO in ’99. He was originally at Borland during its early years working on Sidekick
and Quattro Pro.

• Steven Boye is the CTO / Founder, and a longtime friend of Martin. Together they have designed multiple
award winning products that have achieved over $100 million in yearly sales. He served in senior engineering
roles at Borland, NetObjects, and Merant. Steven, Martin and Song all worked together at Borland during its
rise in the late 80s.

• Lars Gunnersen is VP Engineering / Founder and has been working with Martin for over a decade,
beginning with Borland International. He has been the brains and engineering muscle behind many of the
products that were built at Merant, NetObjects and Borland. In addition, Lars worked at CRIMP, a provider
for ATS systems for the world’s major airports, where he led initial development and became head of

• Song Huang is Vice President of Marketing / Founder. Previously Song served in executive positions at
Mediabolic (a digital media platform developer), where he is a named inventor of a technology patent
covering networked media devices. Mr. Huang has founded three Internet start-up companies: PriceRadar,
acquired by EBAY; SmartPassky, acquired by PubliCard; and, QuickSite, acquired by Site Technologies. In
addition, he served in senior management positions at Frame Technology (acquired by Adobe Systems) and
Borland International.

• Abbe Patterson is Vice President of Worldwide Media. She has developed communications strategy for
trailblazing companies including Junglee, acquired by Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN), GrapeVine
Technologies, acquired by SUN (NASDAQ: SUNW) and Neoforma (NASDAQ: NEOF). Her efforts at
Junglee earned her the prestigious Bulldog Award for the best media campaign of 1998 and were recognized
as crucial in positioning the company for its acquisition. At Neoforma, she garnered coverage from top tier
press and analysts and she helped prepare the S-1 registration statement and roadshow presentation for the
company's successful IPO. She has consulted for early stage start-ups including Google (NASDAQ: GOOG),
Stratify, Attainia and Moonstorm. Patterson began her career as a TV and radio media buyer in 1985, where
she was responsible for a $15 million electronic media budget.

• Peter Engelbrecht is the Vice President of Business Development. Peter directs partnership efforts with
companies that possess huge brand recognition and add to SoonR's mission to acquire new users around the
world. Most recently Peter was Director of Business Development for Intel's Wireless Networking Group
(NASDAQ: INTC), where he led the business development group for Intel's Wi-Fi and WiMAX initiatives
driving major partnerships and industry standard initiatives. Prior to Intel, Peter managed marketing for
venture funded startup WireCache a database technology company. Before WireCache, Peter was in charge
of the marketing and product management teams for Intel's Ethernet Switching business unit, and also
worked on Intel's high volume Fast Ethernet NIC product line where he was European Marketing Manager.
Before Intel, Peter held sales and marketing positions with Danware, a Remote Control Software vendor.

“In Touch Now”

Confidential SoonR, 2005