This is amazing. I've never been this drunk before. It was a wild experience. Id k how to truly desrcibe it.

I felt lost and yet I know who I am and where I am. The fact that I'm writing this shows that I wasn't too far gone to remember this . A lot of giggles were had. And I lost at beer pong but it was so close. It was down to one to one. There was blue moon and rolling rock but I only had blue mo on. I'm so tired but I'm having so much fun. I drank a lot of azul taquila and i t messed me up. So much fun though. I used the bathroom a lot because I have tro uble keeping liquieds in my body. Ryan won three times at beer pong, he is king. Bartender is an awesome song. I'm am literally two people right now. It's amazi ng. I have to wait to go to the bathroom because the color is red so that's a no go. Scott read my journal and he laughed which made me laugh. Ryan walked thoug h a sprinkler and it made him wet everywhere. Lol Luis asked me if I was alrigh t and I was like yeah I'm alright! My co-workers are awesome. I wish I could I'v e spent more time with them. They are so cool to hang with. I love being with th em so much. ! I just picked up Stephanie off of the floor. Michael Jackson was p layed, first it was Billie Jean and then it was Rock with you. Steph was being h eld by Felisa and Luis. Then I traded spots with Luis. She was heavy. Lol my l eg hurt. Felisa and I took her to the port o potty. Then I got her some water. I t was cool because the bartender was nice and gave me water. I gave her some wat er the waited to use the bathroom for the 7th time. Writing this journal is amaz ing. Luis said was time to go home so we did. I felt worse than ever. I did not throw up but I was talking about the pinochio lot and how it did not exist anymo re because there is Mickey, Minnie, and so forth. Scott drove us home. He is a c ool guy and he took us home. Britanny was so hot. She was awesome and had a grea t 21st birthday. David and I talked and it was 1:30 in the morning. Lol I am suc h a light weight. Scott drove Luis's car. We listened to power 106 even though i t was tuned to 105.9. It had better reseption apparently. Sloppy seconds is not a great idea and yet I thoght of it. Luis is going to tell me about how I wanted to toot it and boot it. Which was with some one from work which I will not say but she is hot. Damn I'm so glad I went to brittanys birthday party. This was th e most fun I've had in a long time. I'm glad I didn't do something completely st upid. I am starting to sober up slightly but I don't want to sit up yet. I want to check my emails but I know I shouldn't because I may say something stupid. I have truly learned how it is to be drunk and to not have passed out. I've had an amazing experience that I would not trade for the world. This is something I ca n learn from. I hope I don't do this too often because it could lead to some stu pid things in my life. My stomach began to not feel good. I passed some gas and felt better. I'm trying to relax and recollect what just happened. Man I said so me stupid shit to Luis. I hope he won't tell people at work because that would b e bad. Scott also knows too much, he was the DD so he saw and heard everything. Which is not good if he didn't like me. But I'm cool with him as far as I know. It feels like there's a motor in my head running. I just want to turn it off to go to sleep. I mean it's 2:00 am and I'm tired. I've done enough today and I wan t to sleep. I can't wait to read this tomorrow and go WTF was I doing. Lol I fee l fuzzy all over which is good because my teeth hurt. I need to take better care of them. I'm shutting off the computer so I can go to sleep. Burping tastes gro ss because it tastes like beer. I'm glad I don't have a girlfriend so that she c an see how stupid I was. This is why you don't drink and drive. I understand tha t now first hand. Goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow.

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