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421 Water and Wastewater Utilities Project

The U.S. 421 Water and Wastewater Utilities Project is a major economic development effort to
provide water and sewer infrastructure along the U.S. 421 corridor just north of the Isabel
Holmes Bridge to the Pender County line. Benefits include superior services for water, including
for fire protection, and sewer suitable for the needs of existing industry and future growth.

This corridor is considered among the last areas in New Hanover County suitable for industrial
development. The 2014 county-commissioned report “Pathways to Prosperity: New Hanover
County’s Plan for Jobs and Investment” identified water and wastewater services as critical to
attracting industries like manufacturing and research facilities.

Construction involved boring under the Cape Fear River from Wilmington to Eagles Island. The
project – including planning, design and construction -- cost $15.5 million, with New Hanover
County providing $1,575,000 to construct fire suppression services. The contractor was T.A.
Loving Construction Co.

The City of Wilmington also provided easements critical to constructing the sewer force mains.

Despite two hurricanes striking the region during construction, the project came in on-schedule
and on budget.

Timeline By the numbers

August 2015-March 2016: Preliminary 31: additional fire hydrants
engineering report completed
982: developable acres
October 2017: Design, permitting and
9,193: feet of low-pressure sewer
property acquisition completed
34,580: feet of water main
December 2017: Construction bids
obtained 27,290: feet of sewer force main
January 2018: CFPUA approved $12.8 1,550: feet of 20-inch pipe bored under
million construction contract with T.A. Cape Fear River
Loving Construction Co.
12.8 million: construction cost, in
March 2018: Construction began dollars
November 2019: Work completed 15.5 million: total project cost, in
December 2019: Water and sewer
services come online