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Gargoule Masthead managing editor-in-chief an isang, ‘content editorin-chief sofa champion production manager ‘ves huntsman merkar treasurer erin holliday carts & culture maya morgan & ema kelly opinions Iocashentsman meskar avant-garg Isobel carnegie Siam p. bryant polities sofia champion grace Kovacs copy-editor ‘bole moser distributor frida cerna sal annika Joshua bienstock ‘adtaiccalin ‘bhi jh, kitkeaton Honesty some peso nese Inever_seen_starwars 15 pois” ‘ing beter tod than berate people for tings they genuinely eps 30 hours ago 1 mean, 1 gt that i's 3 bg even Wars, ight? You cant be mare four. You have fo bean sock fF to people han 23°25 af meat with an actual fob tor but you guys dnt veryone who grew u actually row up wth Star 2 with Star Wars sat eae from your chidhooa KYlo’shee-face-turm was completely unbelievable given al the chances he had in the ast movie oul ony barely beeve that he fet remorse ater seeing what he had become, not ater ready done without batting a eve But damn, dama, OAM, that Wash a ell ofa at scene, think ene think my tle nerd brain hed a goddamned orgasm. Tat was a symphony of saber, with ssounctrack tet Would have ‘made Wagner weep, 171, my favourte tine was undoubtedly when Yoda sai, “The greatest teacher, fale i" AS 3 struggingcalege student trying to Balance school with extrocuriclas and» personal ie, Wok was really upiting. "tik thats another thing ROS lacked. Heart A real thematic connection othe pas Ives of many of ‘these characters that we grew up ath ate-Crime’d Getting Pizza This is what I do when 'm angry and sad this yt man icherally yelled at ME for iting vILD. Would be have done this hit fem gue and ota probably nt Me thins notte {ame fT was i fateh Black one, sey Hh wikto do ater numer Masters of Wary eta {it’s finals if you're not aware), so Thad to : hee ‘$0, when events like this occur, and the probler 3 Gbona by Burna Boy Stoneman Cheney “theavy spin mode. Water no get enemy by Fela Kuti ishing on “ * BOY BYE by BROCKHAMPTON. altering meand hang me on cotbeaine eth aol repeats x ou alk oe the for a good emotional dry off. $0, let's begin We ore taboo Shean tc lof yur ean ors dgeettinetosriveyaknow Likeabanother —_jayatouninmy apse Ieee ey voter aggresive moat iy cal ‘metioal repression necessarily, ts more ike ‘motional mimbing and containment. Serre ve songs ep me poses that aly poseaig tres eee quick playlist, : = repression efor ater, But this is more ike a Compliment side salad toa sour ace journey Who Carries the Burden of a Fan Community? or, “god why do queer-and trans ppl have to save everything, our backs hurt so much, fuck.” Fam p. bryant Incase you haven't seen it yet, his is a spoiler tarning for the first two movies nthe third Ste Wars rflogu! Folks who write fanfiction are the absolute backbone ofthe creative economies that spaen from modern media, More specifically, hose writers with entities whose very same media Underrepresent thet. Inthe cas of tar Wars, one such pairing (eitimatey dub FinnPoe), provides the hagest, the faction in question usually Concerns the pairing ofthe ex-storm trooper Finn and the rebel statchld Poe Dameron Why I Love (American) Thanksgiving tuey stark ob, you thought Thanksgiving already happened? You thought yo were justified in ‘elebrating Christmas alread)? Well, ‘ongeatulation, you are NOW justified because teen youre reading this, the rea Thanksgiving weil have already passed’ American ‘Thanksgiving ‘ove Canads, thats why T came here for university ouve even converted met saving “niversiy” instead of-cllege, that's how such love all); However, Tsay that American “Thankeiving ee eal Thanksgiving because ‘we go #0 HARD when it comes to Turkey Day. personaly spend hours on Piterest planning ove want our dinner tablet look, searching forthe most miaute, «pec thing lke "rose old napkin ringer “raticyet elegant Fenterpeces” Why? Becruse this table mast be peautifalenough to old the most precious items inown to mankind m taking about Crock Pot, sderumb-toppedive-cheese mac & cheese} Sow -roasted lavender scented Turkey, onion and gale flavored stating. and Ay butter infused mashed potatoes perfect example fr this case. As the name would PINIONS To provide some context all throughout the first movie the origins and character ars ofthese to characters are indelibly intertwined. The basic recounting oftheir tale Superstar Poe Dameron i captured by evil nasty bos Ke Ron while oa mission Stormtrooper FN- defects from his brainwashed upbringing and saves Pc, stealing a THE Fighter and shooting out ofthe ship ater a realy cool and kinda sexy escape Dae, they bond lke nobody’s business. Poe ‘even gives Stormtrooper FN-1a name cause his ‘doesnt git roll ofthe tongue andi kinds fascist: Finn After their new enemy crash ands them 08 “aki the planet where the rest of the plot ‘atches up, they spend the rest ofthe movie trying to find eachother Both thinks the other has perished in « sandy doom; Finn finds only Poe's ack nthe wreckage, sn after focling stra veht, is [rounded bythe only notion of him ‘Eventually after moc shenanigans, they find each other again on the rebel planet of ‘avin 4, bome of Resistance. The st thing they ‘ois run towards each other and embrace ~ Poe Sees his jacket, Finn offers to give i back. Poe Tooks him over, ites is ip, and with a cheeky ‘rin, implores him to kep it. "Itlooks good on Sou", heads | kattors Note; Ifyou don't believe this isan securate retelling, watch the clip on YouTube Ana inthe second move, they take it all avay with the introduction ofa female love terest for Finn, who has no connection or sie for him asa person Also doesnot save him or havea viable ‘character are that intersects with itn And its then, at this pot tha fanfiction comes fin Saving te character ates thatthe directors have thrown aay They literally ba to try harder to make them aot fall a ove, and it tras so event to everyone else tha within fe Star Wars fandom, FinnPoe remains one o the most poplar paring. ‘Some of th bet iterature that Ihave read on ‘Wattpad.A03 (ucke) and FanFiction Net Ihave been about things that directors should have done, on stuff that was underserved. All for fre. ll forthe people, salable al the ime, “There's no point tots article other than to sy tht gy people rock and the straights need to get with Don't weit characters that lend {themselves to homosexuality and then make them straight that's e0 straight of you dude, Ae Jay-Zonce ssid AMABHBBBADS, ut that passin a Sarcophagus. They spend the rest ofthe movie saving each other and working up their posible relationship it youre hungry, welcome tomy bran. Tm act thinking about systemic racism and how it has plagued the course of American history. 'm thinking about Thanksgiving fod. ‘And ifyour grandmother ever stars to fat shame Jou, dont wory: you can aways drown Your Xorrows in endless sweet potato marshmallow casserole But only recently have I discovered why 1 hold such an aft fr this particular holiday 1 grew opin an interfaith hoaeehol my dad is Jewish ny mom i Quaker, Obvious perks we clebrated both Chanukah and Christmas, a J days of presents December. However even though [loved enting elt and waking upto treatlled Chstma stocking, Talways looked forward to Thanksgiving more than ether of thee holidays Thanks, Thanksgiving, A few woeks ago, my’ dad told me that when my brothers and were younger, he and my mom etively teed to not compete wth each other to ‘See who could have the dominant December olay Instead of going all-out for ether [Chanukah or Christmas they put their combined energy into Thanksgiving. As seealar holiday Thanksgiving ws the perfect opportunity for my parent to exert ther shared extra-ness and ove bt good food and eeat the most joyful, unified holiday sprit of al. We would invite both sides ofthe family everyone from my Jewish cousins to my Quaker grandmother. don't have large extended family on either of my parents’ sides, sobeing able to combine the two families for Thanksgiving created that large family chaos that Falways ened in cheesy holiday movies, This why Thanksgiving trumps all: i's a day of Jove and gratitude, with no religous affiliations. Isa time to bring together your whole family Alofyour friend groups, ahd hash out those ‘beautiful politcal conversations tht you Took forward tener year Like a Fish Out of Area 51 advice for the extraterrestrial nevada roswell, paranormal consultant (and your good friend) So youve cometo Eat, Maybe youve been fesca while, contained bythe Canadian Ceram eee aren seguialent bse in {hebecmen the Royal Ota Moxcam, Or gb sue nein to, broght here y te Shepton ofthe Ferg ‘Selmi ists Op way oraoter you've euesoue ay the Caer of Toronto and etudyig oder fake namelie"Alexander iSca or’ Michael” may seem seay hee to Eset especialy tone hat are ou of his stride you sre, but hae no fear You ae not Aone, meet ie you sl he ave you sccioreading the government ndapting 2 Sex planetsenvronoent ond ost hllenging {al Susvng une ‘The names ofthe following question-askers have been omitted for thet safety. We can never know what shady government ‘organizations may or may no be perusing te Gargovle ‘Star Student asked: Greetings, Nevada! I love Earth, but T can't help but feel a Kittle homesick. Do you know of any courses I may take that {will remind me ofrmy life back among the ‘A: Tknow that feeling, not that Tm an alien of {nything, Fortunately, you're in lack! Here at U | oft we have our very own Astronomy program, Some pod courses include ASTIOIH4 = The Sun and its Neghbours,AST201H- Stars and Galaxies, and ASTazaHl Calxis and Cosmology. There's also AST25iH1 «Life on Other World, butt might be litle too theoretical for someone who's seen the rea thing, Defi itely not an alien, totally just ‘writing in as ajoke haha asked: UH HELLO HEY. UM. TM NOT AN ALIEN, BUT MY ROOMMATE 15 BEGINNING TO SUSPECT THAT IAM, AND AS SOMEONE WHO IS NOT AN ALIEN THAT MAKES ME VERY SCARED. WHAT DOI DO. A: Woah there! Looks ike a simple case of ‘miscommunication. What Fd suggest is Increasing human behaviours, which, as 4 human, {know very well For example, complain tien when the weather is "cold" Sure, aml 20 Celsius might not be much compar Puto's 229 to 299, but we humans dont ike the cold, Ifyou don't know how to judge when it's realy cod, keep a lookout for dudes wearing waht hors The wear then prety much all year, except when the temperatures ae life threatening, Fy to dress atleast ite warmer than them all mes, rm On The Right Planet, Right asked: What ts that strange concrete growth Jcoming out of the side of Harbord street? ‘A: That's Robarts Library! You can study there ‘bat watch ont That's all the space Ihave for this particular article. Lik the light rom a UFO dramatically blaring down onto an unassuming cow, hope this shed some light on the answers to your ‘queries. Myon dike to ask a question of your ‘wn, write tor Hey. Hey o, No. You dont have {warrant Get aay fom my hogs. Tm mas, Sir, PM HUMAN, TRUST METM NOT AN ALIEN, NO. MY DOOR, N- Movies Make Me Want to be Dead i need a new hope lucas hunteman merkur Being highly opinionated person ie the most important quality for opinion editor. Thave a Jott thoughts about things In the words of my oommate"You have too many words about things Please stop explaining your 2.2. brainstorm abot calelating roughly how old Batman will bein the new Rober Pattinson remake. dont aretha they haven't cast Robin Set" But Id care that they havent east Robin The modern film franchise phenomenon has burt me out, Lean’ build any expectations about Rise ofthe Skywalker becatse lst ime | ‘went into» Star Wars fim, I aed oat hur Confused, and deeply regretting my overpriced ‘opening nah ticket. There was asx month period where Iwas tid, discussing what I trould have done diferent with anyone I could Tosp into «conversation But eventoally Thad 0 Stop. Thee was n closure for me. Rian Johnsoa at hear me, andthe boardrooms of excestives ste even more uneeachable For the sake of my ‘wn emotional state I had to let go of my anger Unfortunately, the anger isn't the only thing that Jef To protect myself rom any future hurt tha] to stop bullding any expectations, hoping for any ood things to come from the franchise that I feed to adore. [mis caring about Star Wars. The seris shaped] me and was one of my fis forays int fandom. Tesracd how to cae about media through Sar ‘Wars. To lose that part of myself is frightening. Set. Batman sat his best (read: funniest) when he's tying to parent, and isa take onthe character that has not yet appeared in the recent ‘0 milena ‘Nonetheless {willbe puting on ig red nose ‘nd ting hilarious Yong shoes onto my fet | ‘ral into an opening weekend showing of Rise ofthe Skywalker. Because god forbid someone ese tell me thei opinion before I can formulate we that could ‘War for thi hit ith “This is why itcame a a shock to not generate an opinion abou fesue, {love Star Wars. Tm wearing @ the Millenium Falcon’ schematics ax write this But have nary a thought about Star Wars, nd it's Feaking me out {can remember having opinions about Star Wars My parents made sure that my brothers nd {grew upon the Original Tlogy, and ‘lbating which characters woud win ina fight was a frequent pastime. The Skywalker are Jewish = this isafat, not an opinion. all three leads ofthe Sequels shoul be ga: 1 sobbed through the lst 10 minutes of Rague One, which isa vastly underrated entry in the franchise Its not that I don't have any opinions about Star ‘Wars, just dont care about them anymore, DP Anxious post- conversation thoughts of a soft boi joshua bienstock Wait what dd Lay? Dad he get what Fmnean? Maybe should have phrased it different Dil talk too much? definitely talked to much Great now he thinks Im an arrogant asshole Was he looking at me funny? The this sweater, italways makes me lok fat Dos he think Tm fat? ing at my face to. smething in ny tet? Did shave alight? newt thought it as uneven My hai was alot messier then usual too. {dont have straight hai ke him, He probable thought it was ugly He probably thinks I'm ugly Tm not prety ik him, at The Other U of T tahmeed shafiq ‘My midmorning lectures ae interrupted by rumbles ene where ight slants through manbole covers and Into the gloom tf dust, and nstsil-smoke, and dreaming, Thisisthe shadow institution Yow can se iifou half close your eves, orf you walk beneath the Burwash ach on a dark night ‘nen you hea the eed pipes on the sot air Where the colleges are at war with each other Each turing their knowledge again thet TThave heard there ae foul things being raised in Trinity's tunnel long limbs, quik and taloned ‘And ghost ofsmoke and ash that guard University's hers thelnt ents of Victor's Ad somewhere there just as here, ‘ook is waitingon a lien shelf for years uncounted, unt someone comes along and opens it some thoughts on emily dickinson isobel carnegie {ve been thinking ot aboot Emily Dickinson Probably because I'm writing 2 fifteen page paper on half dozen of her poems, and some of the more depressing ones fon. 1 Keep wanting to fall her Ely" write I eel Tike we're on a first name bais now. Te been reading her ‘deepest, most intimate ad private thoughts for thee months lene poems and Death poems tnd possibly orgasm poems (I guest voleanoes are sexy now according to Apple?) and Twi never meet her and ask, were you ever so lonely Sou coulda breathe. Also what's up withthe ies? Does it bother you no one seems to know Your sister was also pet? Did you consider rouse a poet? 1 guess I cold read you letters, ‘hut couldn fathom having my letters to my best friends published after my death. That ‘would fel. mortifying. ‘ve thonght so much about Eis Dickinson the past few days dont want to nish my essay and put er away wih all the other people Ihave ‘ead inthe past thre anda hal years, She Tels Tike my friend. oa = In the Pot ‘anonymous verse egg in milk? With ts whiter eeding Hsyolk atingup to elon sk? Haveso eet witha whi Matched sk gor umn ek From am ht stein a> Have you watched it bubble Insinaller and stale bits? Have sou tres ermB Ike thefevesachern? Haves ben hued wiht canege Tye seem an ogg in mil Tre felt the whisk From it Tshould scramble, ute ight that pi 2 DaN'T. kw w ~ Canncong < ow Hin Sa, ON IS & GAy Ma CoRWER: Por favor DAMER ROCKIN’ ROCKIN' AND ROLLIN’. ‘DOWN TO THE BEACH, I'M STROLLIN' BUT THE SEAGULLS POKE AT MY HEAD NOT FUN! | SAID, "SEAGULLS, MMM! STOP IT NOW!" HMM HAH HMM HMM HMM HAH HMM HMM HA HMM HMM HMM HM HA HMM HM HM HM HA EVERYONE TOLD ME NOT TO STROLL ON THAT BEACH, SAID, "SEAGULLS GONNA COME, POKE ME IN THE COCONUT, " AND THEY DID, AND THEY DID. AND THEY GOIN' LIKE 'HWAWWH HAWH HAWH HAWH HAWH HAWH ‘HAAWW HAWH HAWH HAWH HAWH HAWH ‘HAAWW HAWH HAWH HAWH HAWH HAWH NOTHIN' | COULD DO BUT YELL WHEN THESE BIRDS ATTACKED ME. ‘WHEN | TRIED TO RUN I FELL, 4¥m=.5M THESE KdDs iad LAUGHIN'.