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Federal Emergency Management Agency FEMA.4337-DR-FL Florida Recovery Office {6021 South Rio Grande Ave, REQUEST FOR INFORMATION (RFI) FO-RFI-1033 Transmittal Reference Number: FEMA-4337-DR-FL, Date: 08/07/2019 To: Holly Hugdahl, City of Miami Shores Village (086-UKCBI-00) 10500 N.E. Second Avenue Miami Shores, Florida 33138-2382 C: Miami-Dade County From: Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Public Assistance Branch FEMA-4337-DR-FL 6021 Rio Grande Orlando, FL. 32809 Subject: Past due request for information/documentation to support damage/claims under the FEMA Public Assistance Program Project #77551 Federal regulations and FEMA policies mandate applicants to provide documentation to support claims as eligible. Federal regulations at 2 Code of Federal Regulations § 200.403(g) require costs to be adequately documented to be allowable for Federal awards. FEMA policy further mandates “if an Applicant does not provide sufficient documentation to support its claim as eligible, FEMA cannot provide funding for the work. (PAPPG, p13) Chapter 3: Public Assistance Program Administration in the FEMA Public Assistance Program and Policy Guide, FP 104-009-2, April 2018 provides many examples of the types of documentation required to fulfill these requirements. See especially Section II, Project Formulation. This document is forwarded as a final attempt to obtain previously requested information to support damage and/or claims under the FEMA Public Assistance Program. To date, FEMA has requested 12 Essential Elements of Information (EEN, that have not been fully met, all of which are past due. ‘The following is a summary of those request: Essential Elements of Information (EEI): © EEI 77551, for Category A, this i EE! Completion. the 3rd time this project has been in Pendit Request for Information (RFI): © [9] Vegetative debris was removed © [9.5.1] Did the Applicant obtain the necessary permits to utilize the TDRs? * Load Tickets, Truck Certs., Monitoring Reports «Need documentation for Monitoring of the Debris Removal such as; © Locations of debris removal (photos, site maps of pick up locations) ©. type of debris removed © FEMA debris removal eligibility determination © Debris quantities (volume or weight, determined at inspection site) © Photos of eligible hangers, leaners, stumps, et. © GPS locations of hangers, leaners, stumps, etc. to validate immediate threat. © Identification of debris hauling truck/trailer and contractor © Location of permitted final debris disposal site © documentation of labor, equipment, and materials charges including hours of service, and associated charges (for time and materials contracts) © documentation of quantities of debris reduced or recycled at DMSs and associated detailed charges © invoices of disposal tipping fees. © The Applicant must provide all of the following documentation to support the eligibility of removing tree limbs, branches, stumps, or trees that are still in place: * Specifics of the immediate threat with the U.S. National Grid (USNG) location and + photograph or video documentation that establishes the item is on public property; = Diameter of each item removed (measurement must be 2 feet up the trunk from the ground for stumps and 4.5 feet up for trees); Applicants should have debris monitors submit daily reports, to the applicant, on operational issues, including DMS operations and safety issues, to promote situational awareness and help identify and resolve issues. Regular reporting promotes quality assurance and provides the applicant with a Page 2 of 3 consistent accounting of operations, issues, and costs in the field. This information is included in reports such as tower monitor logs, roving monitor reports, and daily issue logs. FEMA has made 2 attempts to obtain some or all of the above EI / RFI information on the following date(s), 4/4/2019, 3/21/2019, FEMA requests that you provide this information within 30 days of receipt of this letter, in order to complete the PA sub-grant application (project) request. If FEMA does not receive this information by requested date, then FEMA will review and process your sub-grant application based on the documents and information currently in the administrative record. This may result in a reduction of funding, or a denial of eligibility, which may require an appeal to reinstate damage or cost made under the determination. Enclosures Page 3 of 3