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COPYRIGHT—All Rights Strictly Reserved In All Languages By EDWIN JOHN DINGLE Copyright, 1930 (First Church of Mystic Christianity) The Science of Mentalphysics Founder: EDWIN J. DINGLE (Ding Le Mei) International Headquarters, Institute of Mentalphysics, 213 S. Hobart Bivd., Los Angeles, California, U. S. A. GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS The Course of Instruction that will come to you has TWO PARTS—namely: (a) SCIENTIFIC SPIRITUAL BREATHINGS (in printed and illustrated form) ; (b) WEEKLY MANUSCRIPT LESSONS. eco PROCEDURE—follow instructions: 1, Read and reverently study “Confidential from Teacher to Student” (pp. 5-7). 2. Read and reverently study “Introductory” (p. 7.) 3. Turn to p. 12 and familiarize yourself with the names of the whole of the Spiritual Breathings; the First Two Breathings come to you with your First Lesson, and other Lessons will come to you regularly. 4. Turn to p. 13—THE HARMONIC BREATH. Breathe this as instructed. 5. Turn to and most carefully study the VIBRATORY (MEMORY-DEVEL- OPING) BREATH. Be careful that you do not miss anything. Follow- ing your morning routine, as outlined in the printed chapter, “MENTAI- PHYSICS TEN-DAY DIETARY REGIME,” breathe this Breath as in- structed. If you care to breathe it during the afternoon, do so, but follow your instructions closely. The Breathings should be done in the morning, being careful to give due attention to the Spiritual Affirmations. Manuscript Les- sons must be carried out at night, before going to bed, giving your- self time, and following instructions. 6. Take the Manuscript, “YOUR FIRST LESSON—GUIDANCE FOR THE INITIATE.” This must be studied and practised. Let me advise you that unless you are prepared to discipline yourself and follow instrue- tions minutely, your progress will be impeded. If you will do as you are taught, your life will be entirely changed. And now, as you embark upon this great romance of Self-discovery and Self-unfoldment, let me say to you that the Universal Principle, the Creative Spirit, God—whatever name you care to use for the final Law of Life—will reward you openly in exact relation to your desire to manifest power, granted that the desire is sincerely and cheerfully backed up with honest endeavor. My earnest hope and belief is that you start with ZEAL, and that you may have the force of character to maintain your zeal throughout your study and practice. Peace Be Unto You. Sincerely your Teacher—and Friend, EDWIN J. DINGLE, (Ding Le Mei) The Institute of Mentalphysics, 213 South Hobart Boulevard, Los Angeles, California, U. S. A. Two MENTALPHYSICS—The Key to Your Bible Many people forget that our Christian Bible comes from the Orient, that it was written entirely by Oriental mystics. Jesus, Himself, was the foremost of all mystics. The Apostles, the early Christian saints, most of the Christian writers of the Middle Ages, the hermits of ancient Christianity, St. Bernard, Thomas 4 Kempis, Bonaven- tura, and numerous others all were mystics and practiced mysticism. A mystic may be described as someone who has had a great religious experience which cannot be put into words, someone who knows a great truth he finds himself unable to tell. The great truths of life are so transcendental, so far beyond the ability of mere words to depict, that Orientals seldom make the effort to explain them in words. Hence Western minds have great difficulty in getting the real mean- ing of the Bible and all other Oriental works. In Mentalphysies you will learn the methods of the modern mystics who are still practicing mysticism in the Far East, the greatest masters of these methods in the world today. In the rest of the world this art seems to have been forgotten. These modern mysiies, however, still practice the methods of ancient days, similar to those used by the early Christian saints and the writers of the Bible, methods which Jesus the Christ and His Apostles used. As a result, the mystic learns through feeling and inspiration what the words in his Bible cannot tell. Many students have told us that they never knew what their religion was, could never understand it, until they had practiced Mentalphysies. Then they learned through feeling and through experience what the Bible is talking about. Do not expect to understand the Bible all at once from your very first lesson. Later on we shall go into the interpretation of the Bible more in detail. But as we go along, we shall point out to you interesting passages in the Bible which throw light on Mentalphysics, and passages in Mentalphysics which throw light upon your Bible. As a result, we believe you will find yourself gradually becoming more devoted to your religion than ever; and if you have no religion, you will soon find it necessary to adopt or formulate one. However, Mentalphysics teaches a method and not a creed. Primarily our pur- pose is not to inculcate certain religious beliefs, but to teach you the methods of mysticism, the way to learn that which cannot be explained in words—HOW to seek, HOW to find. * * * * * — SECRECY — “Confidential from Teacher to Student,” Pages 5 and 6 BIBLE REFERENCES: In the West the importance of secrecy is not “And immediately his leprosy was cleansed. realized so clearly as it is in the Orient. And Jesus said unto him, See thou tell no man; Seerecy is an important part of all ocenlt teach. but go thy way...” ing. It was part of the teaching of Jesus, as Matt. 8:3, 4 you will observe in the following verses from the New Testament: “And their eyes were opened; and Jesus Three