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Liberal millionaires to US: Please hike my taxes
Kim Dixon (Front Row last several years,” about 50 calling the rich ‘fat cats,’ he has
Washington) millionaires including several been increasingly citing the
Submitted at 11/22/2010 3:51:11 PM early Google Inc. executives and impact on the burgeoning budget
the founder of IAC’s, deficit.
Nov 22, 2010 16:51 EST say in a letter to leaders. “We Republicans want to extend
Some liberal millionaires are don’t need more tax cuts, and we lower rates on all tax groups and
putting their money where their understand that cutting our taxes threatened to block a deal in the
mouths are: they are calling on will increase the deficit and the Senate where some conservative
Democrats to stay true to their debt burden carried by other Democrats have sided with them.
word and allow the Bush-era tax taxpayers.” This entry passed through the
cuts for the wealthiest to expire Obama wants to let lower tax Full-Text RSS service — if this is
next year. rates expire above the first your content and you're reading it
Joining the likes of Warren $200,000 of an individual’s on someone else's site, please read
Buffett and George Soros, a new income but has been clashing with our FAQ page at
crop of rich folks calling Republicans, and some in his own content-only/faq.php
themselves “patriotic party, in Congress on a deal to Five Filters featured article:
millionaires” want President prevent all taxpayers from seeing suggested that benchmark, as dozens of phone calls to lobby Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
Barack Obama and congressional hikes on January 1. have some others. Obama, House of Representatives Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
Democrats to raise their taxes to The group is asking policymakers “They felt comfortable speaking Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Catastrophe.
levels before former President to extend the higher rates for for themselves and their income Majority Leader Harry Reid.
George W. Bush cut them in those making more than $1 bracket,” a spokeswoman for the Obama’s rhetoric in defense of
2001. million. New York Democratic group said. letting the rates rise has changed
“We have done very well over the Senator Chuck Schumer has The group says it will make over the past year. Instead of

Washington Extra – Bad behavior Drunken Slanted Stemware - The Alvaro
Simon Denyer (Front Row full-text content]"We will not be revelations that the world's most Uribe 'Tipsy' Wine Glass Optimizes
Washington) drawn into rewarding North reclusive state showed off its
Korea for bad behavior," State latest...
Scent and Savor (GALLERY)
Submitted at 11/22/2010 5:40:17 PM
Department spokesman P.J. (TREND HUNTER - The Latest Uribe 'Tipsy' wine glass might
[ unable to retrieve Trends) make you feel a little drunk when
Crowley said today, after
Submitted at 11/23/2010 1:48:02 PM looking at it. The canted chalice
has been orchestrated in such a
( The way that the tumbler sits slanted...
delightful design of this Alvaro
2 Headline/ Business/ E-reader News Edition

Barbara Bush says Sarah Palin should Industrial Designer Carl Gustav
Magnusson: "Design Is Function
stay in Alaska With Cultural Content."
Steve Holland (Front Row Republican candidates for 2012,
Washington) with Palin gaining 19 percent to Fast Company staff (Fast systems furniture. Teknion also is
Submitted at 11/22/2010 5:00:59 PM 18 percent for former Company) the publisher of the Design Does
Massachusetts Governor Mitt Submitted at 11/23/2010 1:47:28 PM Matter book, now in its third
Nov 22, 2010 18:00 EST Romney and 17 percent for edition, featuring essays from top
Former President George W. former Arkansas Governor Mike Industrial designer Carl Gustav designers and design thinkers.
Bush has carefully steered around Huckabee. Magnusson has been inspired by The Design Does Matter concept
the subject of Sarah Palin during Photo Credit: REUTERS/ automobile design since he was was developed for Teknion by
interviews about his memoir. But Jonathan Ernst (Barbara Bush 12, working such motifs into San Francisco designer Michael
his mother, Barbara Bush, aka the with son George at n the deck of lamps and other office furniture. Vanderbyl of Vanderbyl Design,
“Silver Fox,” is showing no the US Navy aircraft carrier USS Why cars? "Everything that I do who has articulated what Teknion
restraint. George H. W. Bush at Naval has a certain mechanical logic to stands for in every media from
“I sat next to her once,” Mrs. Station Norfolk, Virginia) it, and follows my definition of print collateral to showrooms to
Bush told CNN’s “Larry King This entry passed through the design--which is function with digital presence. This year's
Live” in an interview that also Full-Text RSS service — if this is c u l t u r a l c o n t e n t . " H e r e , Design Does Matter films were
included her husband, former your content and you're reading it M a g n u s s o n e x a m i n e s h i s produced by Kris Johnson, an
President George H.W. Bush. she could defeat President Barack on someone else's site, please read definition of design in greater independent producer based in
“Thought she was beautiful. And I Obama. She has a book, “America our FAQ page at detail. San Francisco.
think she’s very happy in Alaska by Heart,” coming out Tuesday content-only/faq.php [twistage 18a0d1fd6c0f3] Read more about Innovation
— and I hope she’ll stay there.” and is starring in a reality TV Five Filters featured article: The Design Does Matter video Agents
Palin is weighing a run for the show, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.” Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- series is produced by Teknion,
2012 Republican presidential A Quinnipiac University poll Reporting of Falluja's Cancer creator of award-winning office
nomination,telling ABC’s Barbara released on Monday showed a Catastrophe.
Walters last week that she thinks close contest between potential

Alcoa Hurt by Aluminum Oversupply Concerns
Brent Archer (BloggingStocks) Aluminum Oversupply Concerns
Submitted at 11/23/2010 3:00:00 PM Alcoa Hurt by Aluminum
Oversupply Concerns originally
Filed under: Bad News, Alcoa appeared on BloggingStocks on
Inc (AA), Japan, Options, Tue, 23 Nov 2010 15:00:00 EST.
Technical Analysis Alcoa ( AA- report stated that analysts believe good time to look at a bearish trading at $12.99, down $0.30 (- Please see our terms for use of
option chain) stock is trading aluminum premiums are already hedged play on AA. 2.3%). The chart for AA looks feeds. Permalink| Email this|
lower with other aluminum stocks in a downtrend and could dip as This morning, AA opened at bullish and S&P gives AA a Comments
this morning on reports that much as 10%. If you think this $13.10. So far today the stock has positive 4 STARS (out of 5) buy
premiums for aluminum stock won't be rising too far in the hit a high of $13.14 and a low of ranking.
shipments to Japan will likely fall coming months, then it could be a $12.96. As of 12:30, AA is Continue reading Alcoa Hurt by
during the first quarter of 2011. A
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Why Is America Still Wasting A Ton Of Money On Ethanol
Robert Rapier (Business want to see it maintained to
Insider) protect their market. For a more
Submitted at 11/23/2010 2:12:00 PM detailed look at the issues around
the tariff, see Implications Of The
(This guest post previously U.S. Ethanol Tariff.
appeared at The Oil Drum, and is I believe that the ethanol lobby
licensed under a Creative recognizes that they don’t really
Commons Attribution-Share need the VEETC with the
Alike 3.0 United States License.) mandate in place. After all, we
It has been interesting to watch had subsidies for 30 years, but the
the flurry of ethanol rhetoric since explosive growth in the industry
the recent elections. With the only happened once the
$0.45 per gallon subsidy (called Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS)
the VEETC) and the ethanol was passed into law in 2005. The
tariffs both set to expire at the end RFS meant that it was no longer
of next month, both sides feel that optional for the oil companies to
there is a lot at stake, and they blend ethanol; they were
have really ramped up the compelled by law to do it.
rhetoric. One side will claim that Following the passage of the
ethanol is the greatest thing since RFS, ethanol use exploded,
sliced bread, then the other side tripling in 5 years following
claims it is an environmental passage of the Energy Policy Act
disaster. Around and around the of 2005. In fact, growth was so
claims go. Misinformation this is incredibly selfish and something to improve the paying a subsidy for something fast that ethanol producers
abounds. irresponsible. We are supposed to prospects for future generations, I that is already being compelled by produced too much ethanol. So
Mortgaging the Future work to improve the future for our would suggest that it was money law. As I have argued before, it is they went back and lobbied
I am not going to argue in this children, not sabotage it. So my well spent. But I don’t think that’s like paying people to obey speed Congress to increase the amounts
essay that U.S. ethanol policy is view is that when we spend tax what it does at all, for reasons I limits. I don’t know too many that oil companies were mandated
good or bad, but I am going to dollars, we need to have a very will get into below. people who would think it is a to blend. Originally scheduled to
argue that extending the VEETC good reason for doing it. The Redundant Subsidy good idea to borrow money from blend 7.5 billion gallons of
is fiscally irresponsible. There are The Bills Our Children Have to To review, here is where things our children so we can give it ethanol by 2012, the new schedule
a couple of issues that influence Pay stand. There are two pieces of back to their parents for obeying increased the blend amount to
my thinking on this: (1) I think I also hate waste. Wasted food, legislation set to expire at the end traffic laws. (You can find a more o v e r 1 3 b i l l i o n g a l l o n s o f
governments need to be better energy, money, time – I loathe of this year. One is the $0.45 per detailed discussion on the VEETC conventional (corn) ethanol by
stewards of taxpayer dollars; and them all. So any time I see gallon subsidy (called the here). 2012 and 15 billion gallons of
(2) I hate waste. wasteful government spending VEETC) that is paid to oil The second piece of legislation is corn ethanol by 2015.
Over the past decade, the U.S. that mortgages the futures of the companies to blend ethanol into an ethanol tariff that is applied to The Subsidy Protects the Tariff
has been on a spending binge, next generation, I am determined gasoline. Because the oil ethanol entering the U.S. market. So if the RFS accomplished what
spending far more money than we to fight it. companies are also mandated to Brazilian producers want to see the VEETC was intended to
have collected in tax revenues. If, however, I thought that the blend ethanol, the subsidy is that tariff removed to open up the accomplish, why is the ethanol
That means that we are burdening VEETC was actually doing mostly redundant. That is, we are U.S. market, and U.S. producers WHY page 4
our children with debt. I believe
4 E-reader News Edition
continued from page 3

lobby so concerned about seeing upstream to ADM or stay with the spokesman): I think we would be disadvantage. So what? Is it the fault of the
the VEETC extended? What I blender. IT GOES TO THE content for it to expire. We do not The Cost of Discretional taxpayer that ethanol producers
think they fear is that since a cited CONSUMER @ the rate of 4.5 see ourselves as the beneficiary of Blending produced more than the legal
justification for the ethanol tariff cents in savings for every gallon that subsidy. We think in the So what about the argument that requirement? Should we be in the
is that it prevents foreign ethanol of e10 they buy. It’s simple, just marketplace today, that subsidy the subsidy encourages gasoline business of encouraging
producers from benefiting from follow the money. probably flows through to the producers to blend more than they overproduction, or protecting
tax credits for U.S. producers, if One thing I wanted to comment consumer. We do not see how it’s are legally required to blend? This industries who overproduce from
the tax credit goes away then so on is that these are clearly talking a subsidy that benefits us or a is the essence of the argument that the consequences of doing so?
does that cited justification of the points that one of the ethanol subsidy that benefits ethanol chief ethanol lobbyist Bob Further, what is the price that we
tariff. Then, corn ethanol has to lobbying groups has sent out. refiners or farmers that produce Dinneen used recently when he are being asked to pay? In 2011, it
compete against imports. This is How do I know? They once sent the corn, although some folks talked about extending the would amount to around $6
something that corn ethanol out talking points related to continue to think that this is a subsidies without having a debate: billion to protect 2 billion gallons
producers do not want, so they something I wrote, and they had subsidy that benefits either Bob Dinneen: In the absence of of ethanol. Really? Someone can
lobby to keep the VEETC, which the same characteristics. People ethanol producers or corn the tax incentive discretionary seriously suggest that we should
then gives them cover to argue to suddenly start to show up producers. blending evaporates. With more pay a subsidy equivalent to $3 per
keep the tariff. parroting the same line of defense. So let’s agree that the subsidy, at than 2 billion RINs through the gallon of ethanol (on top of the
Shifting Strategies I have now seen the above a taxpayer cost next year of $6 RFS program that are out on the cost of the ethanol!) just to make
It has been interesting to watch argument — in almost identical billion, will flow through to marketplace, they would quickly sure ethanol demand doesn’t fall?
the shifting strategies of the style and making the same claims consumers. Now I ask you, why be bought up by refiners. So Preposterous.
ethanol lobby. Initially, they — popping up in lots of places on earth is it a good thing to hit all there’s no question that in the Too Late for Debate?
distanced themselves from the where people are critical of the taxpayers with a $6 billion bill absence of the tax incentive Incidentally, what about
VEETC, saying that it really ethanol subsidies. The idea is to (again, borrowing money from demand for ethanol will fall. Dinneen’s argument that it is
benefited the oil companies. simulate this big, grassroots our children) only to subsidize So let’s take that one on. What simply too late in the year to
When it became pretty clear that movement in favor of continuing fuel consumption for motorists? this means is that ethanol debate the issue, and therefore the
the oil companies couldn’t care the subsidy. But the comments are Why is it fair for a person who producers have overproduced default position should be to
less, they started talking about so similar, it is clear that this was doesn’t drive to subsidize the fuel ethanol to the tune of 2 billion extend the credits?
jobs, foreign oil, etc. All of that organized. of those who do? Or for those gallons. (Remember, the last time Bob Dinneen: You can’t have
was irrelevant with respect to the Subsidizing Consumption who are very fuel efficient to they overproduced, ethanol that in the week or two that you’re
VEETC, because the mandates So how about the claim, that the subsidize those who are not? producers lobbied for and going to have in a lame duck
ensured that any benefits (e.g., VEETC slightly lowers gasoline I believe with every fiber of my received a new RFS schedule that session. So they can extend this
displaced imports) would occur prices? Actually, I agree with it. being that WE SHOULD NOT benefited them). It means in 2011, tax incentive with, you know, a
with or without the VEETC in One thing the subsidy does is SUBSIDIZE CONSUMPTION for instance, that gasoline stroke of the pen, a little bit of
place. Later there was some subsidize the price of gasoline. So OF A DEPLETING RESOURCE. producers could buy and blend 2 Whiteout, just change the date.
dissension in the ranks, when it can be argued that some or even If the subsidy lowers the price of billion gallons less ethanol That’s what they need to do this
Growth Energy suggested(as I had all of the savings passes through gasoline, it encourages (actually it is more like 1.4 billion year and let’s have a robust
long suggested) that perhaps the to consumers. In fact, consumption. That is the exact gallons since the mandate discussion about future biofuels
subsidy no longer serves the ExxonMobil recently said as opposite of what we should be increases in 2011) than the tax policy and make sure we’re
function it was designed for, and much to me: doing, and therefore the worst mandate requires. So if removal thinking about it in terms of
perhaps some thought should go ROBERT RAPIER: What is your possible reason for extending the of the subsidy caused ethanol to what’s the best policy to promote
into using some of that money for position on the expiration of the subsidy. We are not only be more expensive per unit of cellulosic ethanol?
developing infrastructure for E85. VEETC at the end of the year? Do mortgaging the next generation’s energy than gasoline — almost a The problem with that is that
Lately, however, their argument you object to that expiring? future, but the money we are certainty since it is more Dinneen wasn’t interested in
goes like this: Would you be happy to see that using to do so will cause us to expensive than gasoline today — debating that issue earlier this
Unlike most subsidies the ethanol expire? What’s your view? consume resources that will put then demand for ethanol would WHY page 8
blenders tax credit does not go MR. SPELLINGS(XOM them at an additional indeed fall.
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INSTANT MBA: In All Forms Of Communication, Including
Emails And Presentations, Less Is More
Eunju Lie (Business Insider) Albania Algeria American Samoa Taiwan, Province Of China
Submitted at 11/23/2010 2:05:19 PM Andorra Angola Anguilla Tajikistan Tanzania, United
Antarctica Antigua And Barbuda Republic Of Thailand Timor-leste
Today's lesson comes from Argentina Armenia Aruba Togo Tokelau Tonga Trinidad
entrepreneur turned venture Australia Austria Azerbaijan And Tobago Tunisia Turkey
capitalist Mark Suster. Bahamas Bahrain Bangladesh Turkmenistan Turks And Caicos
"Minimalism beats clutter. Barbados Belarus Belgium Belize Islands Tuvalu Uganda Ukraine
Substance trumps verbosity. For Benin Bermuda Bhutan Bolivia, United Arab Emirates United
years I’ve been offering advice on Plurinational State Of Bosnia And Kingdom United States Minor
how to better communicate and Herzegovina Botswana Bouvet Outlying Islands Uruguay
for years I’ve seen most people Island Brazil British Indian Ocean Uzbekistan Vanuatu Venezuela,
commit the same universal Territory Brunei Darussalam Bolivarian Republic Of Viet Nam
mistake: including too many Bulgaria Burkina Faso Burundi Virgin Islands, British Virgin
details. Cambodia Cameroon Canada Islands, U.s. Wallis And Futuna
Less is more effective. Less has Cape Verde Cayman Islands Western Sahara Yemen Zambia
more impact. Less actually takes Central African Republic Chad Zimbabwe Zip Code Privacy
more effort. There are so many Chile China Christmas Island Policy
instances in the business world Cocos (keeling) Islands Colombia Please Note: Business Insider
where less is more that I’d Comoros Congo Congo, The will never share your information
encourage you to always ask Democratic Republic Of The Jamaica Japan Jersey Jordan Islands Norway Oman Pakistan with any other companies. You
yourself whether this might Cook Islands Costa Rica Cote Kazakhstan Kenya Kiribati Korea, Palau Palestinian Territory, a l s o h a v e t h e a b i l i t y t o
actually be the case in your D'ivoire Croatia Cuba Cyprus Democratic People's Republic Of Occupied Panama Papua New u n s u b s c r i b e f r o m t h e s e
situation. This includes emails, Czech Republic Denmark Korea, Republic Of Kuwait Guinea Paraguay Peru Philippines newsletters at any time simply by
phone calls, elevator pitches, Djibouti Dominica Dominican K y r g y z s t a n L a o P e o p l e ' s Pitcairn Poland Portugal Puerto following the unsubscribe link
presentations, products, resumes, Republic Ecuador Egypt El Democratic Republic Latvia Rico Qatar Reunion Romania located at the bottom of each
training manuals, you name it. Salvador Equatorial Guinea Lebanon Lesotho Liberia Libyan Russian Federation Rwanda Saint email
Remember the adage: when in Eritrea Estonia Ethiopia Falkland Arab Jamahiriya Liechtenstein Barthelemy Saint Helena Saint Join the conversation about this
doubt, leave it out." Islands (malvinas) Faroe Islands Lithuania Luxembourg Macao Kitts And Nevis Saint Lucia Saint story »
Want your business advice Fiji Finland France French Guiana Macedonia Madagascar Malawi Martin Saint Pierre And Miquelon See Also:
featured in Instant MBA? Submit French Polynesia French Southern Malaysia Maldives Mali Malta S a i n t V i n c e n t A n d T h e • Want To Get Rich? Sign Up For
your tips to Territories Gabon Gambia Marshall Islands Martinique Grenadines Samoa San Marino Our "Instant MBA" Email Georgia Germany Ghana Mauritania Mauritius Mayotte Sao Tome And Principe Saudi • INSTANT MBA: Developing
Be sure to include your name, Gibraltar Greece Greenland Mexico Micronesia, Federated Arabia Senegal Serbia Seychelles Your Personal Brand Makes
your job title, and a photo of Grenada Guadeloupe Guam States Of Moldova, Republic Of Sierra Leone Singapore Slovakia Getting A New Job Easier
yourself in your email. Get Guatemala Guernsey Guinea Monaco Mongolia Montenegro S l o v e n i a S o l o m o n I s l a n d s • INSTANT MBA: Striking The
Instant MBA Delivered To Your Guinea-bissau Guyana Haiti Montserrat Morocco Mozambique Somalia South Africa South Right Balance Between Rigid
Inbox Heard Island And Mcdonald Myanmar Namibia Nauru Nepal Georgia And South Sandwich And Flexible Management Will
It's simple. It's convenient. It's Islands Holy See (vatican City Netherlands Netherlands Antilles Islands Spain Sri Lanka Sudan Motivate Employees
free. Just complete the form State) Honduras Hong Kong New Caledonia New Zealand Suriname Svalbard And Jan
below and click "Sign Up". Email Hungary Iceland India Indonesia Nicaragua Niger Nigeria Niue M a y e n S w a z i l a n d S w e d e n
Country United States Iran, Islamic Republic Of Iraq Norfolk Island Northern Mariana Switzerland Syrian Arab Republic
Afghanistan Aland Islands Ireland Isle Of Man Israel Italy
6 Business/ Politics-Left/ E-reader News Edition

Israeli Military Using Facebook To Find Draft Dodgers
Neal Ungerleider (Fast waiver in addition to Israeli-Arab
Company) women.
Submitted at 11/23/2010 2:23:10 PM The most interesting factor in all
of this is that the news that the
The Israeli Defense Forces' IDF is actively involved in data
newest methods to hunt down mining social media sites.
draft dodgers? Data mining and According to official IDF
creative Facebook tricks. magazine BaMahachne, an
The Israeli military has stumbled investigative division within
on a novel way of busting draft Military Intelligence's Department
dodgers: checking out their of Information Security actively
Facebook profiles. According to searches through Facebook,
the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), Twitter, MySpace and other social
1,000 women were found falsely networking sites. The Associated
posing as orthodox Jews after Press also interestingly claims
photos and information on their that the same division “reviews
profiles indicated otherwise. transcripts of hundreds of senior
According to Israeli law, officers' conversations, to ensure
orthodox women are exempt they are not speaking to
from a military draft that effects journalists without authorization.”
most individuals in the country. No further information was given.
Ultra-orthodox male Jews and Israel's military has had an
members of Israel's Arab ambivalent relationship to
minority are also exempt from Facebook in the past. This week
military service. pro-Palestinian Web activists
Fake party invitations for events menu from a non-kosher in Israel are required to sign a
During hearings in the Knesset, placed a list online containing the
taking place on Friday night were restaurant. declaration stating they maintain
the Israeli parliament, on personal details of 200 soldiers
sent to individuals under It is unknown whether the IDF a “religious lifestyle,” do not
Monday, Brig. Gen. Amir who fought in the 2009 Gaza
investigation. Recipients who set up fake accounts to friend travel on the sabbath and do not
Rogovsky told parliamentarians conflict, using material partially
marked their replies as individuals under investigation or eat non-kosher foods.
about the IDF's embrace of social obtained on the site. Back in
“Attending” or “Might Be whether Israeli teenagers (like All of the women found by the
media to catch purported draft August, former Israeli soldier
Attending” were summoned into teenagers everywhere) are IDF's investigators to be falsely
dodgers. Six separate offices are Eden Abergil also caused an
questioning as orthodox Jewish particularly poor at understanding claiming the religious exemption
involved in the task of looking international incident when she
women are expected to observe Facebook privacy settings. were called up to military
for women who falsely claim to posted pictures of her humiliating
the sabbath. Other women However, the party invitations service. According to the
be religious. These offices use a Palestinian detainees with
avoiding military service were appear to suggest that fake Jerusalem Post, no legal charges
variety of data mining techniques humorous captions on Facebook
found through more conventional accounts were created by IDF were bought up against any of
to parse the Facebook profiles of as well.
methods; one woman was investigators. them. Thirty-five percent of
potential suspects.
summoned after a photo on Orthodox women who receive an Israeli women receive army
The methods used by the IDF
Facebook showed her holding a exemption from military service exemptions under the orthodox
were, frankly, rather ingenious.
The Charnel Continent
Istvan Deak (The New Republic Bloodlands: Europe Between By Timothy Snyder
- All Feed) Hitler And Stalin (Basic Books, 524 pp., $29.95)
E-reader News Edition Business/ Technology/ 7

Acer's Tablet Onslaught Revealed, Includes Giant Dual-Screen
iPad Rival
Kit Eaton (Fast Company) unfriendliness via a custom UI.
Submitted at 11/23/2010 2:04:05 PM It's tagged as offering "a personal
approach to personal computing"
Acer, hottest ticket in the netbook with the two screens able to be
game, has just revealed it's not configured either as a
going to sit idly by while Apple's conventional notebook, with
iPad eats its dinner: It's got a wide touch keyboard, or a more
range of tablets inbound, interesting dual-display tablet.
including a dual-screened half- We've seen similar ideas from
laptop/half-tablet iPad rival. Toshiba and Kno before, but the
At a press event today, Acer has Toshiba Libretto W10 0 was
just revealed in detail its plans to stymied by a limited edition status
tackle the tablet/slate PC market and small screens, and the Kno
with a broad range of products hasn't surfaced as a viable product
designed to rival Apple's iPad. yet: The Iconia is scheduled for a
The company's tablet onslaught is mid-January arrival at a cost of
possibly the most concerted effort about $2,300.
that anyone--including Apple--has Of course Apple's iPad 2 is
made yet to capture the broadest expected to be revealed at about
possible range of the nascent the same time as the Iconia, and
tablet market: Acer plans to it very carefully as "100% smallest Acer "tablet" would seem The thing that's most intriguing will likely go on sale before the
release a 5-inch (larger than smartphone, 100% tablet" so we pitched to compete with the though is Acer's dual-screen clutch of smaller Acer offerings,
iPhone-size) smartphone, a 7- can guess they're chasing both the iPhone and iPod Touch--and tablet. It's the Iconia, a twin-14- so we'll have to watch the
incher (Samsung Galaxy Tab size) iPhone and iPod Touch. While the probably take them on a good run inch-touchscreen leviathan of a situation closely to see if-- as
one and a 10-inch version 10-inch tablet--also due in April-- for their money--while the 10- computer, half-laptop and half- rumors suggest--the merest hint of
(pitched to compete with the will have a smaller 5-megapixel incher sounds like a poor rival to tablet. The Iconia would seem to the iPad 2 suppresses the success
iPad's large screen estate, which camera on the back, but a 1GHz this year's iPad (since we're be Acer's attempt to reconcile the of its competition.
many commenters still think leads Tegra 2 CPU/GPU solution that expecting a faster CPU and twin t w o p a r a d i g m s o f p e r s o n a l To keep up with this news, and
the pack). The smartphone is will likely keep its costs down. camera's in 2011's iPad 2) though computing that are in such more like it, follow me, Kit Eaton,
going to sport a massive-sounding We don't yet know the specs for it'll probably have a very low dramatic collision at the moment, on Twitter.
8 megapixel unit and will arrive in the iPhone and iPad revisions due price and Google's tablet-friendly and neatly side-stepping the
April 2011, and Acer's positioned in 2011, of course, but the version of Android will help. problems of Windows 7's touch-

Rainbow-Happy Sneaks - The Special Edition Haroshi Nike Dunk
Makes Your Feet Look Happy (GALLERY)
(TREND HUNTER - The Latest ( The Haroshi actually made from decks
Trends) Nike Dunk sneakers are a very belonging...
Submitted at 11/23/2010 2:14:02 PM artistic and creative pair of shoes
stripes and specially-made features. These sneakers are
decked out in colorful rainbow
8 Business/ Technology/ E-reader News Edition
New Spinal Implant Could continued from page 4

year either. He could have been mongering on the horrible
Revolutionize Physical Therapy proactive and said “Let’s have
that discussion.” Instead, he has
consequences of not extending the
tax credits, and you have the stale,
Neal Ungerleider (Fast surgeons were uncomfortable simply repeated the mantra all backward-looking strategy that he
Company) with inserting more than one into year that the tax credits should be has used for years. I say enough.
Submitted at 11/23/2010 1:47:35 PM a patient. Infection and hygiene extended. When Growth Energy If it is too late to have a debate,
concerns also surround current tried to have that debate way back then don’t ask taxpayers for $6
A new implantable microchip spinal implants. in July, Dinneen wasn’t billion. We are broke.
the size of a child's fingernail has The bulkiness reduction in the interested. His response to their In the next post, we will examine
been proven to help the disabled new implant is significant and proposal was: the possibility that part of the
exercise their leg muscles. The praiseworthy: Current implants “Now is not the time to add VEETC is going toward
Active Book chip, developed in that stimulate spinal nerves have uncertainty and complexity to the subsidizing exports.
Britain, could just replace the use to be connected via cable to an energy tax debate,” said Bob This post was published at The
of electrodes for moving outside power source, which Dinneen of the Renewable Fuels Oil Drum >
immobile legs in physical therapy. usually consists of a muscle Association. “Losing the tax Join the conversation about this
The chip is implanted in patients' stimulator separately implanted incentive will shutter plants and story »
spinal canals and integrates in the user's abdomen. This is the cost tens of thousands of jobs.”
electrodes and a muscle stimulator first spinal implant that also So it should be clear that Dinneen
into a single, tiny unit. includes a muscle stimulator. isn’t interested in having a debate.
Developers named the product the
College London, who is the leader Apart from the size reduction, His strategy is to stall, delay, and
Active Book due to the implant's
of the research team that this also means better results are then claim it is too late for debate.
shape: The Active Book consists likely. Top it off with a bit of fear-
developed the Active Book, “The
of a silicon chip attached to tiny Demosthenous' team at 45 Crocodile Fashion
work has the potential to
electrodes made out of platinum University College London
foil that then wrap around
stimulate more muscle groups
developed the Active Book along
Features - From Crocodile
than is currently possible with Skin Sneakers to $50,000
patient's nerve endings. Viewed
existing technology because a with engineers from Germany's Chic Cartoony
with a microscope, the effect
number of these devices can be Freiburg University and the Collections - The Purple Crocodile Coats
looks quite like the pages of a University of Cork in Ireland. Cloth Holiday 2010 Line (CLUSTER)
implanted into the spinal canal
book are folded over the nerve The implant was developed over
[…] Stimulation of more muscle
groups means users can perform the past three years with funding Channels Minnie Mouse (TREND HUNTER - The Latest
While previous attempts at by the British Engineering and (GALLERY) Trends)
enough movement to carry out
muscle-stimulating spinal Physical Sciences Research (TREND HUNTER - The Latest Submitted at 11/23/2010 2:00:01 PM
controlled exercise such as
implants have been tried before, Council (EPSRC). Trends)
cycling or rowing.” ( If you're one
the vast majority have been bulky The silicon microchip used in the
Other possible uses for the of the people who believes that
and difficult to implement in real-
implant include the possibility of implant is hermetically sealed to Submitted at 11/23/2010 2:26:02 PM
world situations. The Active prevent water penetration and any ( Since I truly crocodiles belong on purses just
using multiple implants in one as much as they do in swamps,
Book's small size means that it possible corrosion. believe that there's a little Minnie
patient to help the disabled with then these crocodile fashion
will be far easier to implant into Pilot testing of the implant will in each of us gals, the Purple
restoration of bladder or bowel features are for you. Some may
users' spines. begin in 2011. Further details on Cloth Holiday 2010 collection
control. The size of previous think it is unethical to hunt...
According to Dr. Andreas the tests were not available as of will surely appeal to a variety of
implants meant that doctors and
Demosthenous of University press time. women on many different levels.
From cutesy to classy,...
E-reader News Edition Business/ Policy/ 9

Chevron: Time to Take
Some Profits off the
Joseph Lazzaro
Whoopi Tells Bill
Submitted at 11/23/2010 2:30:00 PM
O'Reilly She Walked Off
Filed under: Chevron Corp 'The View' Because "I
(CVX), Stocks to Buy Crossed The Line"
Chevron's ( CVX) shares, first
discussed here on February 15, Glynnis MacNicol (Business
2009, at a price of $66.18, burst Insider)
to 2.5% per year through 2012.
higher this fall, finally ending a Meanwhile, its reserve Submitted at 11/23/2010 2:24:00 PM
long period of doldrums and replacement rate remains
volatility that many refiners During her interview on the
adequate. O'Reilly Factor tonight (a rather
displayed during the gasoline Continue reading Chevron: Time
Apple Sells 2 Million Beatles demand slump.
In fact, with CVX testing $88,
to Take Some Profits off the
pleasant sounding) Whoopi
Goldberg tells Bill O'Reilly that
she walked off the set of the View
Songs, 450,000 Albums In now may be a good time to
consider taking some profits off
Chevron: Time to Take Some
Profits off the Table? originally
last month because she "crossed
the table with Chevron. the line...I heard myself saying
One Week (AAPL) Further, assuming no more
irregular events (such as oil spills)
appeared on BloggingStocks on
Tue, 23 Nov 2010 14:30:00 EST.
something I had no business
saying" and "I had to get out of
Jay Yarow (Business Insider) Kafka at All Things D points out Please see our terms for use of
in the oil sector, look for there." Presumably she is
Submitted at 11/23/2010 2:14:42 PM Apple gets to use Beatles songs in feeds. Permalink| Email this| referring to pat where she said
advertisements for iTunes. That's Chevron's production to increase Comments
from its current 2.75 million "that is such bullsh*t.”
While many people ( ourselves pretty valuable as a standalone As for trash talking O'Reilly after
included) scoffed at all the hype proposition. barrels per day (bpd) by about 2%
he left the set...apparently nothing
for Apple getting the Beatles, it
seems to be working out well for
See Also: 5 Huge Musicians
Holding Out On iTunes
Internal Divisions Mask External Unity beyond what was said on air was
voiced backstage. Watch below.
both parties. Join the conversation about this (AEI.Org: Articles) on someone else's site, please read Join the conversation about this
Apple has sold 2 million Beatles story » Submitted at 11/22/2010 5:00:00 PM our FAQ page at story »
songs, and 450,000 albums after See Also: content-only/faq.php
one week in iTunes, Billboard • The Beatles Coming To iTunes Sorry, Readability was unable to Five Filters featured article:
reports. May Have HUGE Significance To parse this page for content. Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
That's a pretty decent total The Overall Stock Market This entry passed through the Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
considering most Beatles fans • The Beatles Finally On Sale At Full-Text RSS service — if this is Catastrophe.
probably already have the Beatles iTunes your content and you're reading it
in some capacity -- be it on • Apple's Big Announcement:
record, CD, or ripped from CD to Beatles On iTunes
Beyond the sales figure, Peter
10 Business/ News Wire/ Economy/ E-reader News Edition

Comcast's Slow Climb Will TiVo Pop or Drop
Continues After Its Q3 Report?
Joseph Lazzaro Elizabeth Harrow
(BloggingStocks) (BloggingStocks)
Submitted at 11/23/2010 3:30:00 PM Submitted at 11/23/2010 2:00:00 PM

Filed under: Comcast Cl'A' Filed under: Earnings Reports,
(CMCSA), Stocks to Buy Cable/ Options, Technical Analysis The Weirdest Idea From
communications giant Comcast Television titan TiVo ( TIVO) The FOMC Minutes:
Corporation ( CMCSA) took the will step into the earnings Bernanke Might Start
long way home, to quote internet, and 8.4 million digital spotlight after tonight's closing SATS) and Dish Network (
Supertramp, to get to $20, but it's Giving Press Conferences
p h o n e . C o m c a s t h a s a l s o bell, with Wall Street looking for DISH) took an ugly turn in the
arrived. formalized its plan to buy a 51% a third-quarter loss of 17 cents per courtroom, and the stock has yet Gregory White (Money Game)
Comcast, which I first wrote joint-venture stake in NBC share -- wider than TiVo's year- to recover. Submitted at 11/23/2010 1:38:02 PM
about on April 22, 2009 at a price Universal ( GE), which will ago deficit of 6 cents per share. Continue reading Will TiVo Pop
of $14.05 will likely post a 2010 contribute programming. The firm has been on a hot streak or Drop After Its Q3 Report? In the latest step to make the Fed
revenue increase of 5-7%, with a Continue reading Comcast's Slow with its quarterly reports, having more "transparent," the FOMC is
Will TiVo Pop or Drop After Its
similar increase in 2011, Climb Continues exceeded analysts' consensus discussing the possibility that the
Q3 Report? originally appeared
propelled higher by increased Comcast's Slow Climb Continues earnings expectations in each of on BloggingStocks on Tue, 23 Fed Chairman, Ben Bernanke,
multi-service customers, higher o r i g i n a l l y a p p e a r e d o n the last three reporting periods. Nov 2010 14:00:00 EST. Pleasemight start giving press briefings
video services revenue, and a BloggingStocks on Tue, 23 Nov However, the equity's technical (HT Hedgeye).
see our terms for use of feeds.
rebound in advertising revenue. 2010 15:30:00 EST. Please see p e r f o r m a n c e i s n ' t q u i t e s o From the FOMC Minutes:
Permalink| Email this| Comments
Margins should improve slightly. our terms for use of feeds. impressive. The shares took a dive Participants discussed whether it
Comcasts' most compelling Permalink| Email this| Comments earlier this month after TiVo's might be useful for the Chairman
metric? Subscribers: 22.9 million patent dispute with EchoStar ( to hold occasional press briefings
video, 16.7 million high speed to provide more detailed
information to the public
Cargo area at Boston airport evacuated regarding the Committee's
assessment of the outlook and its
(Reuters: Top News) addresses were being X-rayed and *We welcome comments that those of Reuters. policy decision making than is
Submitted at 11/23/2010 12:58:44 PM examined by bomb-sniffing dogs. advance the story directly or with This entry passed through the included in Committee's short
The Massachusetts State Police relevant tangential information. Full-Text RSS service — if this is post-meeting statements.
BOSTON| Tue Nov 23, 2010 bomb squad is handling the We try to block comments that your content and you're reading it It makes sense. The FOMC has
1:58pm EST incident, with the Boston Police use offensive language or appear on someone else's site, please read been in the public eye like never
BOSTON(Reuters) - A cargo Department's own bomb unit to be spam and review comments our FAQ page at before. Might as well have him
area and about 25 staff at Boston's standing by, police said in a frequently to ensure they meet our content-only/faq.php answering inane questions from
Logan International Airport were statement. standards. If you see a comment Five Filters featured article: the press.
evacuated on Tuesday after the Local media said the suspicious that you believe is irrelevant or Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- Join the conversation about this
discovery of two suspicious items were found in the Delta inappropriate, you can flag it to Reporting of Falluja's Cancer story »
packages, authorities said. Airlines cargo area, located about our editors by using the report Catastrophe.
An airport spokesman said two a mile away from any passenger abuse links. Views expressed in
duffel bags with Nigerian areas at the airport. the comments do not represent
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Hit by AIDS, Africa welcomes Pope's condom message (AP)
(Yahoo! News: Most Viewed) positive impact ... Catholics Nelson Mandela Foundation, assuming moral responsibility "in as sanctioning condom use in
Submitted at 11/23/2010 1:29:45 PM consider the Pope infallible. He applauded the pope Monday, the intention of reducing the risk many risky situations, even before
cannot err in what he's teaching. saying "condom use is essential in of infection." the Vatican amplified the
NAIROBI, Kenya – From clerics That way, they will now be able the fight against HIV. This could have a big effect in remarks.
to AIDS activists, Africans to use condoms, and I can see While some church leaders in Africa, where nearly 20 percent of "I think it's good as a lifesaving
applauded Pope Benedict XVI's further decline in the AIDS Africa disagreed with the new the continent's 1 billion people are device, especially for married
suggestion that condoms could be epidemic." approach and others said they are Catholic. couples when one of them has
used in limited situations to Sheila Tlou spoke with The waiting for an official church Caroline Nenguke of the HIV and they want to continue the
protect partners — a shift that Associated Press during a meeting communique, Bishop Valentine Treatment Action Campaign, an marriage," Oluwarotimi said. "It
could make a dramatic impact in a Tuesday in Johannesburg in Seane, the leader of Botswana's advocacy group for people with is also good for the youths who
continent that is both battling an which UNAIDS announced a 70,000 Catholics, said he is open HIV, said more people will now still indulge in sins."
HIV pandemic and is the fastest- nearly 20 percent drop in new to the idea of condom use. accept the use of condoms, saving But Rev. Venicious Reeves, a
growing region for the Roman HIV infections around the world "The lesser evil is to use available lives. Pentecostal preacher in Monrovia,
Catholic church. over the past decade — largely means of protection," Seane told "He has a wide following and Liberia, disagreed with the pope's
"I say hurrah for Pope Benedict," due to increased condom use. AP. there are some people who take statement about condoms and
exclaimed Linda-Gail Bekker, Tlou, the eastern and southern The Catholic Church rejects the his word as gospel truth," said male prostitutes.
chief executive of South Africa's Africa regional director for use of condoms as part of its Nenguke, whose group is based in "The pope should instead
Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation. UNAIDS and a former Botswana overall teaching against artificial Cape Town, South Africa. "If encourage people he classifies as
She said the pope's statement may h e a l t h m i n i s t e r , s a i d o t h e r contraception. Senior Vatican condom use has more credibility, male prostitutes to get out of
prompt many people to "adopt a churches should follow the pope's officials have advocated fidelity then more people will use prostitution and live in morality,"
simple lifestyle strategy to protect lead. in marriage and abstinence from condoms and therefore infection said Reeves.
themselves." More than 20 million people premarital sex as key weapons in rates will reduce." ___
In comments made public last across Africa are infected with the fight against AIDS. Many others embraced the pope's Associated Press reporters across
weekend, the pope said condoms HIV — more than the rest of the Seane said of the pope's latest new stance. Africa contributed to this report.
could be morally justified in some world combined. comments: "The intention is very Melrosa Williams, a churchgoer Gross reported from
c a s e s , s u c h a s w i t h m a l e In Sierra Leone, the director of important here because it is to in Sierra Leone, said: "I support Johannesburg, South Africa.
prostitutes to prevent the spread the National AIDS Secretariat safeguard one from viruses such what the pope has said 100 This entry passed through the
of HIV. The Vatican went even predicted condom use would now as the pandemic," and not to percent since prevention is better Full-Text RSS service — if this is
further on Tuesday, saying the increase, lowering the number of sanction birth control. than a cure." your content and you're reading it
comments also apply to women. new infections. During a visit to Africa last year, The pope sought to "kick-start a on someone else's site, please read
A b o u t 5 4 p e r c e n t o f t h o s e "Once the pope has made a the pope said condoms are not the debate" when he said some our FAQ page at
infected with HIV in Africa are pronouncement, his priests will be answer to the AIDS epidemic and condom use may be justified, content-only/faq.php
women. in the forefront in advocating for even declared that distributing Vatican insiders said on Monday. Five Filters featured article:
R e a c t i n g t o t h e e x p a n d e d their perceived use of condoms," condoms "increases the problem." For many, there is little to debate. Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
statement, a senior official with said the official, Dr. Brima But in comments made public last In Nigeria, Charles Oluwarotimi, Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
the United Nations AIDS agency Kargbo. weekend, he said using condoms who works in the financial field, Catastrophe.
said: "I think it will have a very Sello Hatang, spokesman for the could represent a first step in interpreted the pope's statements

The Fed Reveals Its Depressing New Economic Outlook
Joe Weisenthal (Money Game) Along with he Fed minutes, the Join the conversation about this
Submitted at 11/23/2010 1:04:00 PM FOMC has revealed its new story »
economic outlook Click here to enlarge
12 Top News/ Culture/ E-reader News Edition

North Korean artillery pounds S.Korean island (AFP)
(Yahoo! News: Most Viewed) Council, diplomats said. speak with his South Korean several messages protesting about separated by the war, were
Submitted at 11/23/2010 1:39:59 PM China -- North Korea's sole major counterpart Lee Myung-Bak to South Korean exercises being shelved.
ally and economic prop -- also discuss the crisis. staged south of the border, a Professor Kim Yong-Hyun of
SEOUL (AFP) – North Korea urged restraint, and called for the South Korean General Lee Hong- presidential spokesman said. South Korea's Dongguk
fired a deadly barrage of artillery resumption of stalled six-nation Ki accused Pyongyang of a "pre- "Flashes along with a thunderous University said North Korea had
shells onto a South Korean island t a l k s a i m e d a t d i s m a n t l i n g planned" attack and an "inhumane sound were seen here and there staged an "intentional provocation
on Tuesday in one of the most P y o n g y a n g ' s n u c l e a r d r i v e . atrocity that fired random shells across our villages and up to 10 to heighten cross-border tensions"
serious border incidents since the The firing came after North towards residential areas of houses were engulfed in flames," and to unify its people during the
1950-1953 war, inciting global K o r e a ' s d i s c l o s u r e o f a n defenceless civilians". said Woo Soo-Woo, 62, who fled leadership succession.
condemnation. apparently operational uranium Some 50 shells landed on to the mainland by ferry along "It is also sending a strong
South Korea's military went on enrichment plant -- a second Yeonpyeong near the tense with scores of other islanders. message to the United States and
top alert, its troops fired back with potential way of building a Yellow Sea border, damaging Yeonpyeong lies just south of the the international community that
cannon and the government met nuclear bomb -- which is causing dozens of houses and sending border declared by UN forces the peninsula urgently needs a
in an underground war room, serious alarm for the United plumes of thick smoke into the after the war, but north of the sea peace regime," to replace the
officials said, in response to what States and its allies. air, YTN television reported. border declared by Pyongyang. uneasy 1953 armistice and win
Seoul called an atrocity against It also comes as North Korea Two South Korean marines -- The Yellow Sea border was the Pyongyang more legitimacy, he
civilians. prepares for an eventual dynastic part of a contingent based scene of deadly naval clashes in said.
N o r t h K o r e a ' s s u p r e m e succession from Kim Jong-Il to permanently on the frontline 1999, 2002 and last November. While others around the world
command, however, accused his youngest son, Kim Jong-Un. island -- were killed, the military Tensions have been acute since lashed out at North Korea,
South Korea of firing first and The expected transfer is fuelling said. the sinking of a South Korean Chinese foreign ministry
vowed "merciless military attacks speculation about the opaque Another 15 marines were warship in March, which Seoul spokesman Hong Lei said Beijing
with no hesitation if the South regime's military and nuclear wounded along with three says was the result of a North had "taken note of the relevant
Korean enemy dares to invade our intentions. civilians, officials said. They said Korean torpedo attack. report and we express concern
sea territory by 0.001 mm". The United States "strongly South Korean forces fired 80 Pyongyang has rejected the over the situation".
But condemnation of Pyongyang condemned" the attack on the rounds back from K-9 self- charge. This entry passed through the
poured in from the United States, border island of Yeonpyeong but propelled guns on Yeonpyeong. President Lee convened an Full-Text RSS service — if this is
which has 28,500 troops in South said it was too early to consider "A Class-A military alert issued emergency meeting of ministers your content and you're reading it
Korea, along with Russia, Japan any military response. for battle situations was imposed and national security advisers in on someone else's site, please read
and Western Europe. "We're still monitoring the immediately after shelling began," an underground war room. our FAQ page at
UN Secretary General Ban Ki- situation and talking with our a military spokesman told AFP. His office warned that South content-only/faq.php
moon called for restraint from allies," Pentagon spokesman Sporadic firing by each side Korea would "sternly retaliate" Five Filters featured article:
both sides after condemning the C o l o n e l D a v e L a p a n t o l d continued for more than an hour, for any further provocations. Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
attack by the North. reporters. the military said. Inter-Korean talks scheduled for Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
No country has yet requested a The White House said President The shelling began at 2:34 pm Thursday, aimed at arranging Catastrophe.
meeting of the UN Security Barack Obama was shortly due to (0534 GMT) after the North sent further reunions of families

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise Bid Farewell to the High Seas
Katie Henry (PopSugar) boarded a private jet in Ft. costar Adam Sandler. Tom Cruise time for a family Thanksgiving, To see more photos of Suri and
Submitted at 11/23/2010 11:00:00 AM Lauderdale, FL today. Suri spent missed out on their nautical giving Tom and Katie a chance to Kate leaving the boat, just read
time with a young friend during adventure, as he's been off in also celebrate their anniversary more.
Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise their stay on Oprah's favorite Dubai doing stunts for Mission: belatedly. View 20 Photos ›
wrapped up their stay aboard the cruise ship, while Katie was busy Impossible 4. The Cruises will
luxury liner Allure of the Seas and working on Jack and Jill with hopefully be able to reunite in
E-reader News Edition Top News/ Culture/ 13
Only the quick will
Review: 'Burlesque' shakes, shimmies, doesn't stir survive the tomb!
(AP) Play Alu's Revenge
(HowStuffWorks Daily Feed)
(Yahoo! News: Most Viewed) good enough as a guilty pleasure, and dancers. Then she stumbles tastefully lighted love scenes, of
Submitted at 11/23/2010 1:05:10 PM simply because it's all splash and upon The Burlesque Lounge on course. Submitted at 11/23/2010 1:00:56 PM

no substance. It's also a shameless Sunset Boulevard, an aging "Burlesque," a Sony Screen Gems
Stop me if you think you've heard vehicle for Christina Aguilera, theater where the ageless Cher release, is rated PG-13 for sexual Alu's Revenge - Falling Stones,
this one before. trying to position herself as an rules as the proprietress and content including several Ancient Ruins, Loads of Fun
A small-town girl with big actress in her film debut, even headliner, Tess. Ali's hooked the suggestive dance routines, partial Alu's Revenge serves up solid
dreams and a big voice packs up though she's essentially playing a second she walks in the door, and nudity, language and some gameplay, where stacked stones
everything she owns in a suitcase, version of herself. She can really insinuates herself from cocktail thematic material. Running time: continue to fall as you use your
makes her way to Hollywood and sing, of course — one character waitress to backup dancer to 116 minutes. Two stars out of quick wits and speedy strategy to
wows the world with her talent. aptly describes her as having featured star in the blink of an four. open the tomb and reveal the
But not everyone has her best "mutant lungs" — and she looks eye. (Alan Cumming is ___ jewels inside similar to the
interest at heart, so she'll have to great on camera, but the depressingly underused as the Motion Picture Association of popular game Collapse online.
cling tight to her values to figure performance is all one note lounge's host, in a halfhearted nod America rating definitions: When you play this Collapse
out whom she should trust. And otherwise, if you'll pardon the to "Cabaret.") G — General audiences. All ages genre online game, you'll be
she'll do it ... in song! pun. From there, the rest of admitted. tasked with unlocking the secrets
Yes, they should provide a cliche And while we're comparing "Burlesque" plays like an PG — Parental guidance of this ancient tomb in a fun and
checklist at the door of "Burlesque" to trash of the past, it extended version of the "Lady suggested. Some material may not challenging puzzle game that's
"Burlesque," just to make it isn't the abject failure that Mariah Marmalade" video, with a few be suitable for children. sure to please. Simple matching
interactive and help pass the time. Carey's similar "Glitter" was, but contrivances to provide vague PG-13 — Special parental won't get you through this
Sure, this song-and-dance that's mainly because it has better conflict. There's never a doubt guidance strongly suggested for enchanted tomb but speedy
extravaganza is sufficiently shiny production values. that the plucky, determined Ali children under 13. Some material strategy will. Play Alu's Revenge
and sparkly, an explosion of Aguilera's romantically named will win over Tess and her may be inappropriate for young online -similar to Collapse online-
sequins and feathers and sass. Ali Rose is bathed in warm, obligatory best gay pal, stage children. and journey to this ancient relic to
Writer-director Steven Antin is golden light wherever she goes. manager Sean (Stanley Tucci, R — Restricted. Under 17 face the falling stone guards head
the brother of Pussycat Dolls This includes the opening who has an effortless rapport with requires accompanying parent or on.
creator Robin Antin, so there's a sequence in which she leaves the Cher). When jealous bad-girl adult guardian. Try our free Alu's Revenge and
certain familiarity to the bump- dingy Iowa diner where she works Nikki (Kristen Bell) threatens to NC-17 — No one under 17 begin your adventure today!
and-grind numbers the dancers as a waitress (but not without stand in the way of her fame, we admitted. This entry passed through the
perform. The mere presence of belting out a bluesy tune first), know Ali will triumph anyway. This entry passed through the Full-Text RSS service — if this is
Cher guarantees a high camp gathers her meager belongings, When Tess is on the verge of Full-Text RSS service — if this is your content and you're reading it
factor; at a recent screening, the traipses through the trailer park eviction, we know she won't have your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read
first sight of her on stage in all her she's called home, then crosses a to sell the place to a predatory real on someone else's site, please read our FAQ page at
sailor-hatted, Plasticine glory railroad bridge and steps through estate entrepreneur (Eric Dane). our FAQ page at content-only/faq.php
drew appreciative laughs and a hole in a chain-link fence en And when Ali meets eyelinered content-only/faq.php Five Filters featured article:
applause from the audience. route to the bus station. bartender Jack ("Twilight's" Cam Five Filters featured article: Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
Although "Burlesque" is never Once in Los Angeles, she Gigandet), who's really a Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
the juicy diva smackdown of literally stands on the corner of sensitive, aspiring musician, it's Reporting of Falluja's Cancer Catastrophe.
"Showgirls," to which Hollywood and Vine, holding a only a matter of time before they Catastrophe.
comparisons are inevitable, it's list of want ads for backup singers fall for each other — in chaste,
14 News Wire/ E-reader News Edition

EU urges feuding Irish not to delay budget
(Reuters: Top News) reporters after meeting Irish "We're in an impossible situation adopt the pound sterling and make nobody wants a bailout of Ireland
Submitted at 11/23/2010 11:51:26 AM members of the European here. We're being asked to tacitly a greater Great Britain. plus Greece, nobody wants the
Parliament in Strasbourg, France: support a budget that we haven't Britain must never ever fully join Billion-NATO-missile-shield,
A man carrying his tools walks "Stability is important. seen," Fine Gael lawmaker Brian this mad lunatic crazy socialist nobody wants nuclear waste
near a graffiti in South Dublin, "We don't have a position on the Hayes told public broadcaster agenda.. Dont these idiots deposits, nobody wants the illegal
November 23, 2010. domestic democratic politics of RTE. understand why Communism S21 construction. It´s against the
C r e d i t : R e u t e r s / C a t h a l Ireland but it is essential that the EU partners are watching the failed and crumbled/ will of the people. And by the
McNaughton budget will be adopted in time Irish turmoil with concern. Nov 23, 2010 11:20am EST way, German money is not very
By Gilbert Reilhac and Jodie and we will be able to conclude German Chancellor Angela ‘Britain must never ever fully join popular abroad plus it is not safe!
Ginsberg the negotiations on the EU-IMF Merkel told employers that this mad lunatic crazy socialist Germany has huge debts!!!
STRASBOURG/DUBLIN| Tue program in time." Ireland's crisis was different from agenda..’ Anyhow: where has actually all
Nov 23, 2010 12:51pm EST In New York, senior IMF official Greece's but just as worrying and As I recall, the Brits voted not the money gone from the US,
S T R A S B O U R G / John Lipsky said talks with the euro was in an "exceptionally once but twice against adopting Ireland, Iceland and the UK?
D U B L I N ( R e u t e r s ) - T h e Ireland were moving forward serious situation." the Euro and joining the EU. Where exactly is it???
European Union urged Ireland on quickly but it was up to the Irish Dutch Finance Minister Jan Kees Score one for Anglo-saxon Nov 23, 2010 2:47pm EST
Tuesday to adopt an austerity government to make the necessary de Jager said it would be a bad common sense! At least they had You see, the Irish people are a
b u d g e t o n t i m e t o u n l o c k political decisions. idea to throw Ireland out of the an opportunity to vote, unlike the proud people, steeped in
promised EU/IMF funding, in On Tuesday, the small leftist euro or split the single currency Europeans. generations of self sufficiency.
response to a deepening political Sinn Fein party submitted a area with southern countries Nov 23, 2010 11:27am EST They view the EU and IMF as a
crisis that could derail the motion of no confidence in devaluing, since that would Sorry, EU, but you cannot Save landlord offering to mortgage
financial rescue. Cowen, but it is unlikely to be provoke "a chain of unwanted your way out of a Depression. It their future for handouts today.
Dublin's government is on a knife debated or put to a vote because events." has never been done and cannot The EU and IMF, if they really
-edge. Damaged Prime Minister the party lacks the required 12 Nov 23, 2010 6:57am EST be done. care about the Irish people, should
Brian Cowen has rebuffed calls signatories. Everything was going fine in Ireland should sue Goldman explain it is helping “a friend in
for a snap election and insisted the Cowen also faces critics in his Ireland until that Dermot Sachs and English banks for need” (which is a friend indeed)
budget would go ahead as planned own Fianna Fail party who want McMurrough bought those creating this Depression. and not trying to profit from their
on December 7 before he calls an him out, though most want him to damned Normans back with him. And, Ireland should learn from economic misery. Afterall, Ireland
early poll. quit after the budget. Nov 23, 2010 8:59am EST the Greeks – never give Goldman would do the same if the tables
Opposition leader Enda Kenny Trade unions have warned that Free of the UK only to be in a dime for making your situation were turned, right? Why of course
hinted in parliament that his the austerity plan could provoke thrall to the Belgians and the worse. they would.
center-right Fine Gael party might c i v i l u n r e s t : a s t u d e n t Germans. If I was Irish, I’d be Nov 23, 2010 12:16pm EST The EU and IMF are genuinely
let the budget pass, saying it demonstration over planned fee most displeased. Ireland’s unemployment rate is trying to help not hinder. If we
would act in the national interest, increases turned violent this Nov 23, 2010 9:27am EST 14%, UK is 7.7%, Germany is 6.7 don’t help one another in
and challenged Cowen to bring it month, and unions have organized The Irish must be mentally and the Netherlands is 4.5%. And desperate times, how can we ever
forward to next week, but the a march to protest at the planned disturbed not to see exactly what the EU27 surplus in trade in hope to establish world peace and
prime minister refused. measures on Saturday in Dublin. is happening here. The EU goods with the USA almost prosperity for all?
Cowen said he expected all Tens of thousands are expected to “WANTS” you to take the doubled in the first six months of *We welcome comments that
budget legislation to be completed turn up. bailout, they are happy your in a 2010. Sounds to me those advance the story directly or with
by February, suggesting he would PUBLIC FURY mess, its all part of the greater “socialistic” countries could teach relevant tangential information.
not call an election in January as Opposition politicians said they socialist agenda to control the us something about employment We try to block comments that
h i s c o a l i t i o n p a r t n e r s h a d took Rehn's comments seriously whole EU… finances are and will and economic development. use offensive language or appear
requested. and were aware of the always be the main focus. Nov 23, 2010 12:16pm EST to be spam and review comments
European Monetary Affairs implications for the stability of Britain should offer Ireland the The govern’mental’ crisis at
Commissioner Olli Rehn told the euro zone. whole £100billion, Ireland can Germany might be even worse: URGES page 16
E-reader News Edition News Wire/ 15

North Korea shells South in fiercest attack in decades
(Reuters: Top News) question whether the But he made no suggestion the Let`s bomb our neighbour :) N.Korea (50’s) as historical
Submitted at 11/23/2010 2:14:01 PM bombardment might in part have South would retaliate further, Nov 23, 2010 5:48am EST precedents to try to prove a
been an attempt to burnish the suggesting Seoul was taking a CORRECTION: The Korean point….
People look as smoke rises from ruling family's image with the measured response to prevent War did not end in 1953 as you Nov 23, 2010 6:37am EST
South Korean Yeonpyeong Island military. things getting out of hand. report. Both sides are, technically, Am I missing something here?
after being hit by dozens of "Houses and mountains are on fire The North has a huge array of still at war – as only an armistice North Korea= despot state, China
artillery shells fired by North and people are evacuating. You artillery pointed at Seoul that was signed in 1953! = Friend of despot state. The
Korea November 23, 2010 in this can't see very well because of could decimate an urban area Nov 23, 2010 6:23am EST remainder = North Koreas worst
picture taken by a South Korean plumes of smoke," a witness on home to around 25 million people There might be a link between nightmare when the dust settles.
tourist. the island told YTN Television and cause major damage to its china, Chinese yuan and north Oh and China – Take Note!
Credit: Reuters/Yonhap before the shelling, which lasted trillion dollar economy. Korea and american dollar. Nov 23, 2010 7:21am EST
By Jack Kim and Lee Jae-won about an hour, ended. The two Koreas are still What was the need for north “afterall whatever the outcome ,it
INCHEON, South Korea| Tue YTN said at least 200 North technically at war -- the Korean korea to provoke south korea. will help china.” Are you insane?
Nov 23, 2010 3:14pm EST Korean shells hit Yeonpyeong, War ended only with a truce -- China and northkorea want to Anyone who thinks China has
INCHEON, S o u t h which lies off the west coast of and tension rose sharply early this spread the fear. so that Yuan will something to gain in a potential
Korea(Reuters) - North Korea the divided peninsula near a year after Seoul accused the North fall and dollar will rise. afterall war on the Korean peninsula is
fired scores of artillery shells at a disputed maritime border. Most of torpedoing one of its navy whatever the outcome ,it will help woefully misinformed. If the
South Korean island on Tuesday, landed on a military base there. vessels, killing 46 sailors. china. North keeps up hijinx like this,
killing two soldiers, in one of the Photographs from Yeongyeong North Korea said its wealthy Nov 23, 2010 6:24am EST Beijing might actually apply some
heaviest attacks on its neighbor island, just 120 km (75 miles) neighbor started the fight. Am I the only person wondering pressure.
since the Korean War ended in west of Seoul, showed columns of "Despite our repeated warnings, exactly WHY the N.Koreans Of course they also don’t want
1953. smoke rising from buildings. Two South Korea fired dozens of shells would do this without the North to failcascade, as this
The barrage -- the South fired soldiers were killed in the attack, from 1 p.m. ... and we've taken provocation? When they know all would produce millions of
back and sent a fighter jet to the 17 wounded. Three civilians were strong military action about the military resources refugees, so they won’t be too
area -- was close to a disputed also hurt. immediately," its KCNA news available to the South Koreans, tough.
maritime border on the west of the News of the attack rattled global agency said in a brief statement. the US, and associated poodles??? Nov 23, 2010 7:26am EST
divided peninsula and the scene of markets, already unsettled by Nov 23, 2010 3:20am EST How typical that a member of the It’s a civil war between koreans.
deadly clashes in the past. South Ireland's debt woes and a shift to Again N Korea shows that they US’s so-called ‘axis-of-evil’ What’s the big deal? After all, we
Korea was conducting military less risky assets. are completely nuts. And again should perform yet another had Civil War.
drills in the area at the time but Experts say North Korea's Kim we will see china step in to unprovoked attack on its *We welcome comments that
said it had not been firing at the has for decades played a carefully protect and harbor N Korea’s acts neighbour! I for one am shocked advance the story directly or with
North. calibrated game of provocation to of war. and I don’t believe for one minute relevant tangential information.
The attack came as the reclusive squeeze concessions from the Nov 23, 2010 3:51am EST that this attack was actually We try to block comments that
North, and its ally China, presses international community and Dear China, carried out by the US themselves use offensive language or appear
regional powers to return to impress his own military. The risk They’re your friends; you deal in order to further their own to be spam and review comments
negotiations on its nuclear is that the leadership transition with them. military and global interests by frequently to ensure they meet our
weapons program and revelations has upset this balance and that Signed, making NKorea out to be the bad standards. If you see a comment
at the weekend Pyongyang is fast events spin out of control. The civilized world guy. that you believe is irrelevant or
developing another source of South Korean President Lee Nov 23, 2010 4:57am EST And I definitely wouldn’t use inappropriate, you can flag it to
material to make atomic bombs. Myung-bak, who has pursued a I woke up this morning thinking , Japan (threats of an oil embargo our editors by using the report
It also follows moves by leader hard line with the North since what a great day…I`ll have my pre-empting the Pearl Harbour abuse links. Views expressed in
Kim Jong-il to make his youngest, taking office nearly three years coffee out in town :D … seems attack), Vietnam (Gulf Of the comments do not represent
but unproven, son his heir ago, said a response had to be like some ppl woke up thinking Tonkin), Iraq (WMD)
apparent, leading some analysts to firm following the attack. …. Hmmm , what a great day . Afghanistan (Bin Laden), NORTH page 16
16 News Wire/ Culture/ E-reader News Edition
Royal Wedding Date Set For 29th April continued from page 14

frequently to ensure they meet our
(Epoch Times | All headlines) committed to public and standards. If you see a comment
Submitted at 11/23/2010 12:38:40 PM ceremonial duties," said Lowther- that you believe is irrelevant or
Pinkerton. inappropriate, you can flag it to
By Simon Veazey The Dean of Westminster, The our editors by using the report
Epoch Times Staff Created: Nov Very Reverend Dr John Hall, said abuse links. Views expressed in
23, 2010 Last Updated: Nov 23, in a statement on the Abbey’s the comments do not represent
2010 website, "We are very pleased those of Reuters.
UK Gears Up For A Royal they have chosen Westminster This entry passed through the
Wedding After Engagement Abbey for their marriage and look Full-Text RSS service — if this is
Announcement-Workers at forward to the detailed planning your content and you're reading it
Aynsley China start producing for what will be a great and happy on someone else's site, please read
commemorative plates, cups and occasion for the couple our FAQ page at
mugs to mark the engagement themselves, for their families and content-only/faq.php
between Britain's Prince William friends, for the country and Five Filters featured article:
and Kate Middleton on November Commonwealth and for well- Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
17, in Stoke On Trent, United wishers across the globe." Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
Kingdom. (Christopher Furlong/ Bank holidays are devolved in Catastrophe.
Getty Images) Prince William will wedding was following the Britain does best," Lowther- Scotland, meaning that the
marry Catherine Middleton on precedent set by the Queen’s own Pinkerton is widely reported to Scottish Government will make a
Friday 29th April at Westminster wedding, which was payed for by have said at a news conference decision later as to whether or not
A b b e y , t h e r o y a l f a m i l y the Royal Household. announcing the date. to call a bank holiday too,
announced on Tuesday. The prime minister confirmed "Prince William and Catherine according to Downing Street.
The Prime Minister declared that that the wedding bill would be have made it very clear that they This entry passed through the
the day of the wedding would be payed by the royal family, but that wish everybody to be able to Full-Text RSS service — if this is
Tron's Triumphant
national holiday. the tax-payer would be covering enjoy the day with them.” your content and you're reading it Return to
“The wedding of Kate and costs for secretory and transport. "Consequently, the day will be a on someone else's site, please read
William will be a happy and Spokesperson for the Royal proper celebration for the nation our FAQ page at
momentous occasion,” said Family Lowther-Pinkerton said and the realms. Having said that, content-only/faq.php Adam Rogers (Wired Top
Cameron. “We want to mark the William and Kate were "calling the couple are very mindful of the Five Filters featured article: Stories)
day as one of national celebration, t h e s h o t s " o n t h e w e d d i n g current situation, and for example, Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- Submitted at 11/23/2010 12:00:00 PM
a bank holiday will ensure the plans."We know that the world Prince William has already Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
most people possible will have a will be watching on April 29, and expressed a clear wish that any Catastrophe. Sorry, Readability was unable to
chance to celebrate on the day,” the couple are very, very keen involvement by the armed forces parse this page for content.
he said, according to a Downing indeed that the spectacle should should rely in great part on those This entry passed through the
Street statement. be a classic example of what servicemen and women already Full-Text RSS service — if this is
Clarence House said that the your content and you're reading it
NORTH on someone else's site, please read
continued from page 15 our FAQ page at
those of Reuters. our FAQ page at Catastrophe. content-only/faq.php
This entry passed through the content-only/faq.php Five Filters featured article:
Full-Text RSS service — if this is Five Filters featured article: Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
your content and you're reading it Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
on someone else's site, please read Reporting of Falluja's Cancer Catastrophe.
E-reader News Edition News Wire/ Culture/ 17
Top 5 Thanksgiving
Smartphone Apps Help You Snag Black Friday Sides That Won't
Deals Pack on the Pounds
(HowStuffWorks Daily Feed)
(Epoch Times | All headlines) iPhone app was even named an
Submitted at 11/23/2010 1:03:46 PM App of the Week by Gizmodo. Submitted at 11/23/2010 1:00:56 PM

Download it here. 3. Signpost for
Smartphone apps like the one iPhone Food. Family. Food. Football.
above (TGI Black Friday) can Like Dealmap, Signpost will give Food. The Thanksgiving Day
help you get the best deals on you local deals within your area, itinerary circles back to one thing
your mobile. (Courtesy of TGI and promises to “uncover hidden as often as possible: eating. You
Black Friday / Apple App Store) neighborhood gems.” It calls its might argue that one day of
Smartphone apps can do anything deals and features “community- stuffing your belly full of sweet
these days—including helping powered,” and also it has a potato casserole and corn pudding
you grab Black Friday deals for tremendous social networking never hurt anyone. The problem is
the holidays this shopping season. aspect, but it is limited to Boston, that sometimes this one-day event
There are a bunch of apps for San Francisco, Chicago, and New triggers an entire season of
iPhone, iPod and Android—so York, so far. If you live in one of gluttony. Is it possible to eat
how do you figure out which ones those cities, we recommend you healthy on turkey day?
are the best? Don’t fret—we’ve check this app out. It won’t give Sure it is. With a few simple
found the three best apps just for you electronics or gadgets deals alterations and substitutions, you
you. 1. TGI Black Friday for like the other two apps mentioned can enjoy a traditional
iPhone above, but it will give you some Thanksgiving meal -- and you
The TGI Black Friday app boasts great deals on food and drinks, may not even have to unbutton
that it is the ”highest rated Black which is just as important when your pants afterward. Read on for
Friday app for the Apple iPhone,” shopping with friends and family. five healthy Thanksgiving side
and it’s by far the most popular in also create your own shopping list t h e d e a l s i n y o u r a r e a , o r Download it here. dishes!
the Apple App Store. Launched by adding items you want, and wherever you want to view, with This entry passed through the This entry passed through the
by, TGI Black buy things directly from the app. an impressive listing of more than Full-Text RSS service — if this is Full-Text RSS service — if this is
Friday gives you a slew of Black TGI Black Friday has a 4.5-star 350,000 Black Friday deals. Like your content and you're reading it your content and you're reading it
Friday ads, including PDFs that rating with more than 4,000 the TGI Black Friday app, you on someone else's site, please read on someone else's site, please read
are scanned directly from paper ratings, so you know it’s reliable. can save the deals you want for our FAQ page at our FAQ page at
ads, from most major retailers. The app will introduce push later, or buy directly from the app. content-only/faq.php content-only/faq.php
There’s a search function, which notifications in a later release. It even offers social networking, Five Filters featured article: Five Filters featured article:
is useful when you know exactly D o w n l o a d i t h e r e . 2 . T h e so you can share deals with Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
what you want and want to Dealmap for iPhone and Android friends in your area on Facebook, Reporting of Falluja's Cancer Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
compare the price of the deals Dealmap gives you a map of all Twitter, and through e-mail. The Catastrophe. Catastrophe.
among different stores. You can

Sneak Peek: Meet Super Papika!
alice (Featured Blog Posts - My with Super Mamika, the coolest have been looking for Papika for come...(We can't wait!)
Modern Metropolis) 91-year-old grandmother in the more than a year now. He is a
Submitted at 11/23/2010 12:30:00 AM world. Well, did you know that dentist, and he is very good as a
there's a Super Papika? As Sacha photographer, explains to us, "I model. Both off them are fantastic
You came and you fell in love Goldberger, the grandson/ when they are together." More to
18 News Wire/ Technology/ Culture/ E-reader News Edition

Aubrey Huff Re-signed by Giants for Duke Energy And ITOCHU
Two Years Testing New Uses For Old
(Epoch Times | All headlines)
Submitted at 11/23/2010 1:26:50 PM
Electric Vehicle Batteries
Lora Kolodny (TechCrunch)
By Alex Johnston Submitted at 11/23/2010 2:14:10 PM
Epoch Times Staff Created: Nov
23, 2010 Last Updated: Nov 23, Duke Energy and ITOCHU Corp.
2010 announced a partnership today
by storing power generated either
Aubrey Huff re-signed with the through which they will evaluate
during off-peak hours or from
San Francisco Giants for two and test new uses for old electric
intermittently available renewable
more years on Tuesday. (Elsa/ vehicle (EV) batteries. Once they
sources, like wind or solar, finally
Getty Images) Aubrey Huff, the are too spent for life on-the-road,
dispensing it during peak demand
first baseman and outfielder for EV batteries could store power
the San Francisco Giants, will and deliver a charge elsewhere,
EV skeptics believe that
return to the Bay Area NL team the companies reason.
production and recycling of EV
for two years with a contract EV batteries falling below 80
batteries— at least until battery
worth at least $22 million, percent of their original capacity
design and reycling related
according to Major League when fully charged will be
technology improves— might
Baseball’s website on Tuesday. integral part in the team's success This entry passed through the candidates for replacement and make electric vehicles more
Huff was one of the key players last season, not only with his Full-Text RSS service — if this is reuse. Duke and Itochu promised harmful to the environment than
of the San Francisco offense, outstanding play in the field, but your content and you're reading it to begin their project by testing the highest-efficiency diesel
helping the Giants accomplish a also providing a great clubhouse on someone else's site, please read Ener1 lithium-ion batteries models. That’s especially if a
magical World Series title run. On presence." our FAQ page at extracted from a fleet of 80 EVs majority of electricity used to
Tuesday, Huff came in seventh in Huff, 34, hit .290 with 26 home content-only/faq.php in a Duke Energy facility in
charge EVs comes from non-
National League’s MVP voting. runs and 86 RBIs in the regular Five Filters featured article: Indianapolis. renewable sources, like coal.
"We're extremely excited to be season and batted .268 with eight Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- The automaker GM embarked on Giving batteries a new life
able to re-sign Aubrey," Giants RBIs and one home run in the Reporting of Falluja's Cancer a similar initiative with The ABB beyond the vehicle, and using
general manager Brian Sabean postseason. Catastrophe. Group in September, specifically
them to shift electricity
said, according to the San Jose On a single-year contract last looking for ways to use spent
production to renewables as much
Mercury News. "He was an year, he earned just $3 million. Chevy Volt batteries in the smart
as possible would quiet many of
grid. One vision of reuse for EV
these worries. At the same time,
Computing Across the Keys: The batteries proposed by GM would
see them to store power from
companies like GM, Duke, ABB
Group and Itochu hope that
renewable sources in EV charging
Piano Case Mod [Featured Workspace] stations, the devices used to
charge cars.
increasing the total lifetime value
of EV batteries would ultimately
reduce the cost of producing them
Jason Fitzpatrick (Lifehacker) workstation. Peek inside for Other ideas (as reported by
p i c t u r e s a n d a d e t a i l e d and as well. CrunchBase Information
Submitted at 11/23/2010 12:00:00 PM
explanation of the build. More » include using the weakened EV Duke Energy Corporation General
Most case mods involve tweaks Motors Information provided by
batteries to keep cell phone
to a small computer case. Today's piano shell, completely gutted and CrunchBase
towers up and running during
workspace features a vintage restored, turned into a concealable
blackouts, or to stabilize the grid
E-reader News Edition World News/ Technology/ Culture/ 19

Ukraine Follows the 'Turkey Model' Report: Viewers seem
Judah Grunstein (World Politics
Review: Trend Lines)
Submitted at 11/23/2010 8:08:00 AM
Moscow and Brussels, after the
period of tilt toward the West
under his predecessor. It's also
central location, both
geographically and strategically,
that Turkey has put to good use in
OK with more Web video
worth noting that, if ties with the
There's an inherent risk involved EU have indeed suffered, it has to
its neighborhood. Not
surprisingly, Georgian President ads
in taking at face value the policy do in part with the fact that Mikheil Saakashvili seems to (CNET minute of ads watched 59 percent
declarations of a country's leader. Brussels hasn't exactly shown have caught on, signaling that he, Submitted at 11/23/2010 1:36:12 PM of an episode, while those who
My general rule of thumb is to do enthusiasm in delivering on too, will now seek a similar had 20 minutes of ads watched 49
so when the declaration in either its maximal offers from five rapprochement with Moscow. You might be more willing to percent of the show.
question supports an argument I'm years ago (full membership), or Operating as such a geostrategic watch video ads online than you The results of that study,
trying to defend. And that's the more-modest wish list that hub is smart policy in a multipolar think you are. according to the Times, made
certainly the case when it comes Y a n u k o v y c h h a s s i n c e environment, especially one that According to The New York Turner realize that having to
to Ukrainian President Viktor formulated (economic partnership is enjoying a broad warm front. Times, Turner Broadcasting, watch more ads isn't necessarily
Yanukovych's description of and energy cooperation). But it can be challenging when which owns TBS and TNT, an issue to online viewers.
Ukraine's approach to its foreign Yanukovych is also correct in that environment begins to recently tested how long people Video ads have become a key
policy posture: observing that improved Ukraine- polarize, whether on particular will watch television shows online part of most Web users' lives. In
After his first meeting with the Russia relations have been a net policy issues or more generally. with few ads, compared to how October alone, 84.1 percent of
European Union, M r . gain for Europe and the West. But Because if there's one thing a hub long they will watch shows with a U.S. Web users viewed online
Yanukovich contrasted past m o r e i m p o r t a n t l y f o r can't do, it's to choose sides. We slew of ads embedded in them. video, according to data released
disputes with Russia with the way Yanyukovich, who is after all see that now as the central Jack Wakshlag, the company's last week by research firm
in which he said Ukraine is now elected by Ukrainians, the overall challenge to Turkey's foreign chief research officer, told the ComScore. Over 4.6 billion video
working — "in the spirit of rebalancing act has been a net policy, whether it be in terms of Times that when viewers were ads were displayed during the
partnership in the triangle of gain for Ukraine. Now, part of EU relations and Cyprus, or presented with more ads, they month with over 1.1 billion of
Russia-Europe-Ukraine." that has to do with the policy shift NATO relations and Iran. would still "spend approximately those ads shown on Hulu. All
But it's worth noting that despite taking place in the context of a Ukraine's new posture is likely to the same amount of time watching told, the average viewer watched
fears that Yanukovych would broader thaw in Russia-EU and pay dividends for the time being. episodes online." 34.1 ads during the month.
return Ukraine to the Russian Russia-U.S. relations. And that is But Kiev should push to cement According to the Times, which This entry passed through the
sphere of influence, he's been a r e f l e c t i o n o f b o t h s m a r t its relationship with Brussels and cited Turner's internal statistics, Full-Text RSS service — if this is
pretty consistent about his desire d i p l o m a c y b y t h e O b a m a reform its energy sector while the people who watched Turner's 30- your content and you're reading it
to avoid improving relations with administration, but also structural good weather lasts. Because minute broadcasts online viewed on someone else's site, please read
Moscow at the cost of Ukraine's incentives that now make it in should the West's relations with 40 percent of a show when they our FAQ page at
relations with the EU. That Russia's interest to pursue better Russia hit another rough patch, were presented with one minute content-only/faq.php
mirrors what I observed in the relations. the "zero problems" approach will of ads. They watched 37 percent Five Filters featured article:
aftermath of his election, namely But Yanukovych's navigation of be tougher to manage. of the show when they were Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
that Yanukovych isn't so much that shift recalls in many ways forced to sit through 16 minutes Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
realigning Ukraine with Russia, as Turkey's "zero problems" policy, of ads. For hour-long shows, Catastrophe.
he is rebalancing Ukraine between and capitalizes on the same those who viewed a little over one

Shining Charm
Habitually Chic (Habitually "The more mirror-minded you Dorothy Draper was perfect since Have a shining day!
Chic®) become, the more your home will my last post was full of mirrors.
Submitted at 11/23/2010 9:03:43 AM reflect shining charm!" - Dorothy It just so happened to be
Draper I thought this quote from legendary interior designer Dorothy's birthday yesterday.
20 Technology/ E-reader News Edition

A Week with NOOKcolor: Reading (aka Core Apps)
Chris Burns (SlashGear)
Submitted at 11/23/2010 1:17:16 PM

Welcome to the second
installment in SlashGear’s“A
Week with” review session with
NOOKcolor, a device which
Barnes and Noble promises will
be for customers the culmination
of all their knowledge on how
people interact with what they
read. This device is a reader-
centric tablet, made by the
world’s largest bookstore for the
people who enjoy reading the
most. Today’s review session
revolves around the way you the
user will potentially interact with
the reading materials you’ll be
using while utilizing NOOKcolor.
As this device is aimed not at
those who wish for an open
Android tablet experience, this
review will for the most part
assume that the people who will
buy this device are the same
people Barnes and Noble intends
to market to. On the other hand, I
and we know there’s a large
population of tech-smart
individuals out there who indent
to try this device out as a hacked
device. While I won’t be hacking
into this device for your pleasure,
we will be keeping you in mind.
As you open up your NOOKcolor
for the first time, you’ll be sort of
dazzled by the brightness and
colorfulness of it all. If you’ve
only used an e-ink reader in the
past, this will be like going from spectacular, in some ways a bit of function. NOOKcolor isn’t meant purchasing books that don’t appreciate, oh you lovers of e-ink,
an original GameBoy to a a draw back, especially since, like for people only intending on require color, stick with an e-ink features that don’t necessarily
GameBoy color (remember that many of the games created for reading novels. Barnes and Noble device. require the color the display here
transition?) In some ways GameBoy back in those days, lots might disagree with me, but if That’s not to say that there aren’t WEEK page 21
of books never needed color to you’re only intending on features here that you’ll
E-reader News Edition 21
continued from page 20

presents, but features hereto color combinations, those named: recommend you take a look at the the same way you’d do it if you child to select the page they want
unavailable in e-readers. Most of Normal, Night, Gray, Butter, list before purchasing if reading were holding the paper copy in to find (“mom, lets start from
these features have to do with Mocha, Sepia – these are all very your favorite title is high on your your hands, but it’s better in that where the goats and piggies
sharing and interactivity. nice combos, the one standing out list of things to do with you’ve got the option to employ perform for the chickens!”)
Inside a novels, you’re able to most being Night as it’s the only NOOKcolor. Once you’re inside Article View. What Article View You’ve also got the option of
highlight specific passages or one with a dark background with one of these periodicals, you’ll is is a way to have the entire pressing the “Read By Myself”
whole books and share them via white lettering. After that there’s find a very different experience article you wish to read (often button or the “Read To Me”
Twitter, Facebook, or your three choices for how much space than the reading of an actual otherwise spread throughout a button. If you opt for the read to
Contacts (connected through you’d like between each line of newspaper – there’s sort of a magazine here and there) all in me option, the book is read aloud
NOOKcolor.) Using this same text, and three more options for disconnect, if you will, but not one place, floating above the by a narrator, sometimes a famous
method*, you can also highlight, how much of a margin you’d like necessarily a bad one. magazine until you’ve finished narrator!
add a note, or use your around your text. If all of these Each article is set up in a single reading it. In the future there will be more
highlighted text to search the rest options give you a nervous column, one above the next, each Everything else about reading a interactivity with these children’s
of the book. You may also add a breakdown, you’ve always got the with a tiny thumbnail preview magazine here is great – zooming books (starting at the beginning of
bookmark to a page by tapping option of flicking on the image where appropriate. in works, finding a page you want next year when the first big
the upper right hand corner of the “Publisher Defaults” switch. All Newspapers have basically the by using the thumbnail scroller at update to NOOKcolor happens)
screen (I consider this to be a of these options are awesome, the same controls and functions that the bottom of the screen works, including moving images and the
function in the same house as the Publisher Defaults being the icing novels do, they having the ability getting new issues works (similar ability to move characters around,
highlighting.) *This highlighting on this nice little cake. to have their letters, margins, line to newspapers). The only thing play with them, all sorts of things
is a very fun function but don’t The rest of the functions inside a spacing, etc changed at will since that you might think twice about, that work directly with the
expect to be adept at making it novel I don’t see everyone their content is here not the layout again, is if your favorite title is storyline. Over the phone I
work unless you try at it for a accessing all that often, that being of the paragraphs, but the available, as there are only 67 recently spoke with a Barnes and
while. Attempting to highlight brightness, search (aka searching messages contained inside the titles at launch. Noble representative who works
text in an incorrect manner can through the book for a keyword), paragraphs. The feature unique to Next, there’s children’s books. If in the department responsible for
instead somehow lead you to a and Share (which includes newspapers (and magazines) is you’ve got a kid who is already executing these children’s books,
completely different page in the Recommend (the book to your that if you purchase a technologically advanced (aka and she described their efforts as
book (I must assume this has to friends), Rate and Review (for subscription, new issues will you give them your iPhone to very much for the advancement of
do with your ability to reach other B&N), and Post Reading Status appear in your desktop’s dock mess around with while waiting in the storyline rather than just a
points in the book via the slider at (which just posts a status to (and in your library) with a ribbon the doctor’s office lobby), plays distraction from it. Exciting!
the bottom of the page, accessible Twitter or Facebook saying the saying NEW as soon as they are video games, or is generally able One of the more interesting
by tapping the bottom of the page, percentage of the book you’ve released. to sit long enough to read a short features available to you in place
invisible otherwise.) completed.)) The furthest-left tab Magazines are a place where book, they’ll probably enjoy for you to be able to interact with
Continuing in on functions inside is Content, and this will be helpful NOOKcolor really shines, and it NOOKcolor’s children’s books other NOOKcolor users is the
reading a novel, there are several if you’ve gotten the hang of really should, being brilliant in its feature. Each children’s book is LendMe tab. You can access the
ways you can adjust the text. One highlighting passages and adding display of colors and its simple landscape mode only as far as I LendMe function from other
is font size – you’re given 6 notes, as Content consists of three navigation, it’s as if NOOKcolor can see, mostly because the places on the device, but here you
different sizes to choose from, tabs: Contents (chapters in the were created with magazines at authors who lay out children’s can both offer your books up
each one general, identified in a book), Notes & Highlights (jump the forefront of the designers books, again, do so by spread directly to friends or browse the
scale of “A”s. Next you’ll be able to any of your notes and minds. You can view magazines rather than by single page. books they’ve got available and
to choose the font you like to read highlights throughout the book), in both portrait mode or landscape Turning the page is done with a ask them to lend them to you.
in best, the list of fonts being: and bookmarks (working here the mode – I’d suggest landscape as swipe, and at the bottom of the When you click one of your books
Century Schoolbook, Dutch, same as notes and highlights.) that’s how people laying out screen is simplified to a single that are available for lending (not
Georgia, Ascender Sans, Next are Newspapers. This magazines intend you to view arrow button which reveals the every book is, mind you,) a
Trebuchet MS, or Gill Sans. After category of reading material has their spreads. whole book in thumbnail mode, WEEK page 27
that, you can choose from several 24 titles at the launch, so I You move through a magazine allowing you the parent or the
22 Technology/ E-reader News Edition

Microsoft Hires World's Leading Geo-Dissident to Join Bing
Maps Team
Marshall Kirkpatrick
Submitted at 11/23/2010 12:50:02 PM

OpenStreetMap is a global map
edited by volunteers, like the
Wikipedia of the mapping world.
Founded in 2004, the project is a
fascinating collection of local
knowledge and is a lot of fun to
participate in. Last month
OpenStreetMap founder Steve
Coast announced that he was
leaving for-profit Cloud Made,
the primary company behind
OSM. Today he announced
where he's going next: to be a
Principal Architect at Bing Maps.
Reaction in the mapping
community has been mixed but
this is a move that will be talked
about for a long time. With the
rise of location-aware mobile As an open alternative to offerings. innovation but these are and I will continue in my roles to
devices and platforms for proprietary world maps, and to Seeing OSM's leader join the companies that ultimately are push the OSM cause forward.
processing massive amounts of Google, big companies have lent corporate megalith Microsoft responsible to the shareholders. I Geo blogger James Fee puts
data, including location data, geo technical and financial support to hasn't made everyone in the guess we'll be hearing more down Coast's move in the context of
technology is poised to grow far make sure that OpenStreetMap mapping community happy, the road about OSM mapping battling giants and says it's going
more important than it already is (OSM) thrives. You can however. Leading GIS blogger tools and apps running on the Win to be a win for users.
today. participate in it yourself with a Glenn Letham tweeted this 7 mobile platform and then there's Makes you wonder about
Coast is a giant figure in the click of a button- the OSM map of morning that he "dang near spit Google... I wonder who Google Google's choice to roll their own
mapping world. In 2009, readers the area around my house, for coffee out of my nose," when he will be looking to hire from the now doesn't it? How quickly
of leading geo publication example, displays churches, bus saw the news. OSM camp?? Google's map looks like it will be
Directions Magazine voted him stops, traffic speed bumps and Letham wrote on his blog today: Coast on his blog tried to pre- a drag on their innovation.
the 2nd most influential person in more. I've added historical Indeed this is big news for the empt such concern by writing: Between the OSM mappers,
the geospatial world, ahead of the markers and other information OSM community and the open Of course, this doesn't mean MapQuest, Microsoft and all the
Google Maps leadership and myself. source movement, however, one Microsoft 'owns' OpenStreetMap others who are part of the open
behind only Jack Dangermond, As part of the deal, Bing is does have to wonder how this can any more than CloudMade or project; I [see] no way OSM
the dynamic founder of 41-year donating access to its distortion- impact the development and the MapQuest do with the significant doesn't become the dominate
old $2 billion GIS company ESRI. free ariel photos of the world to future of OSM... I mean think resources those firms have put in mapping data source for all users
Coast will turn 30 years old next the Open Street Maps community. about it, we now have AOL to making a better map with
month. This Summer, Bing Maps added (Mapquest) and Microsoft buying OSM. OSM continues to be MICROSOFT page 23
Sponsor an OpenStreetMap layer to its up the talent that spurred all this independent as it always will be,
E-reader News Edition Technology/ Culture/ 23
Face shield could head off trauma in military continued from page 22

moving forward. And you know
(CNET helmet and the face shield, Center who, though not involved who wins, everyone who wants
Submitted at 11/23/2010 2:22:31 PM however, does delay the in this research, chaired a free and open data. That's the
transmission of blast wave Department of Defense science take away -- congratulations to
Soldiers may soon be able to stresses to the head, and could panel analyzing blast injuries on Steve Coast because he sure
avoid an all too common injury prove to be a more effective wounded soldiers. "What is deserves success, but the real
associated with modern warfare, strategy for dealing with these ultimately important is the impact winners here are you and I.
if a new helmet and visor design injuries. of the blast on the face, skull, and Coast has long symbolized the
make it to the field. "There is a community studying brain." disruptive potential of free and
In Iraq and Afghanistan, the most this problem that is in dire need of While Radovitzky at MIT sees community edited location data.
common military injury is known this technology," says Raul potential in the face shield for the He, his collaborators and the
as "blast-induced traumatic brain Radovitzky, an associate director civilian population as well (think OpenStreetMap project are being
injury." Some 130,000 U.S. of MIT's Institute for Soldier sports injuries and car crashes), counted on to keep some of the
service members deployed in Iraq Nanotechnologies, in a news widespread adoption beyond biggest and most powerful geo-
and Afghanistan have sustained release. Radovitzky is releasing combat zones might be tricky. focused corporations in the world
traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) as the computer code for the creation That helmet-in-the-car scene in " honest. As we enter into a period
a result of explosions, according of the models to the public this Benny & Joon" comes to mind. of history in which location data
to the Department of Defense, week, alongside the publication of A final note. This study becomes even more important
which can result in concussions, the study's findings in the compared the effects of blasts on than it is today, when it impacts
long-term brain damage, and Proceedings of the National the head without a helmet, with a the everyday lives of non-
death. (And that number could be Academy of Sciences. (For the helmet, and with a helmet and technical people more directly
even higher.) code, e-mail tbi- face shield, but the source of the than ever before, when it becomes
These images show the pressure blast always came from the front. a key dimension in all sorts of
waves transmitted to the brain To create the models, the MIT So the actual benefit of the face other data and when an era of big
tissue for the team's three team worked with David Moore, a shield may only come into play in data processing enables a new
simulation scenarios: without neurologist at the Defense and very specific angles, when the world of place-based inovation on
head gear, with a helmet, and with Veterans Brain Injury Center at shield itself is between the blast scale - as the web enters that era
a helmet and face shield.(Credit: Walter Reed Army Medical and the head. it's a very big move for Bing to
Michelle Nyein) Center, who uses magnetic This entry passed through the have brought this young world-
So a team of researchers at MIT resonance imaging to model Full-Text RSS service — if this is changer onto its team. Discuss
have been using a sophisticated features of the head. The sinuses, cerebrospinal fluid, and your content and you're reading it
computer simulator to investigate researchers added data from other layers of gray and white matter, on someone else's site, please read
the effects of both the Advanced studies of how pigs' brain tissue not to mention the characteristics our FAQ page at
Combat Helmet(ACH) and a face responds to mechanical events, of the blast wave itself. content-only/faq.php
shield on that helmet. such as blasts, as well as details "This would be difficult to test in Five Filters featured article:
Perhaps most surprising is their about the explosive type, mass, any useful way without using Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
finding that the ACH itself, in and location relative to the target. models," says Joseph Rosen, a Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
simulation, barely mitigates the The result: unprecedented professor of surgery at the Catastrophe.
effects of blasts. Using both the anatomical detail of the skull, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical

How to Verify if an Email Address Is Real or Fake [Video]
Amit Agarwal (Lifehacker) Ever wonder whether an email exists? Tech blogger Amit simple and decidedly geekier
Submitted at 11/23/2010 12:30:00 PM address someone gave you—say Agarwal explains how to verify methods. More »—actually an email address using both
24 Technology/ E-reader News Edition

3 Analyst Firms on the Trends Shaping Despite Backing from Google,
the Future of IT Alan Turing's Papers Fail to
Klint Finley (ReadWriteWeb) time frame. Four Converging
Trends That Will Change the Face
Sell at Christie's Auction
Submitted at 11/23/2010 11:20:00 AM Audrey Watters
of IT and Business: (ReadWriteWeb)
As we said last week, it's • Cloud
Submitted at 11/23/2010 11:58:18 AM
prediction season. We've kicked • Business impact of social
off our own trends to watch computing The World War II papers of
series, but we also wanted to • Context Aware Computing British computer scientist and
check in with what the analyst • Pattern Based Strategy codebreaker Alan Turing went up
firms are saying. Forrester,
for auction today at Christie's in
Gartner and ZapThink have all ZapThink about £400,000 short of Christie's
London, but failed to reach the
published their own trend watch- ZapThink rounds out the analysis minimum price set by the seller. £500,000 valuation. And at the
lists. Common themes include with its five supertrends of the In an effort to keep those papers bidding this afternoon, the price
cloud computing, mobility and next decade: only reached £240,000. The
at Bletchley Park, the site of the
analytics. service • Location independence failure to sell the papers today
British Government Code and
Sponsor • Analytics target text and social • Global Cubicle means the Park will have to look
Cypher School, Google had
Forrester networks • Democratization of technology for another deal to save the
donated $100,000 towards the bid
Forrester identified 15 trends, • IaaS nds a broader audience • Deep interoperability archive for the public.
by the Park's trust.
broken down into five categories • Master data management • Complex Systems Engineering The collection of papers includes
Bletchley Park Trust is home to
in its The Top 15 Technology matures a number of handwritten notes, as
the National Museum of
Trends Enterprise Architects Adding it Up well as Turing's first published
Computing, which would like to
Should Watch: 2011 To 2013 A g i l e a n d F i t - t o - P u r p o s e Looking over all of this, I think paper. It's thought to be the
keep Turing's work on public
report. The firm used the criteria Applications we can find some common display. As with any auction of largest collection in the world of
"impact, newness, and • Business rules processing and themes and boil it all down to five Turing's work. Often called "the
this sort, many fear that a private
complexity" to determine its policy-based SOA move to the points: father of the computer," Turing
collector winning the auction
list:"Empowered" Technologies: mainstream • L o c a t i o n i n d e p e n d e n c e , would mean that the papers would created a machine that was able to
• SaaS and cloud-based platforms • BPM will be Web-2.0-enabled m o b i l i t y a n d r e m o t e w o r k not be available to the public. crack the German Enigma code
become standard • Event-driven patterns demand • Cloud computing while he was stationed at
• Collaboration platforms become attention • Standards and interoperability Bletchley Park during World War
Google announced its
people-centric • Patterns and analytics II. He committed suicide in 1954,
contribution this morning: "Dr
• Customer community platforms Smart Technology Management • Collaboration after being sentenced to chemical
Turing is a hero to many of us at
integrate with business apps • System management enables castration for his homosexuality.
Google for his pioneering work
• Apps and business processes go continued virtualization What's Missing Last year, the British government
on algorithms and the
mobile on powerful devices and • IT embraces planning and The trends listed here are d e v e l o p m e n t o f c o m p u t e r apologized for Turing's
faster networks analysis tools to manage the conservative to the point of "horrifying" treatment. Discuss
science." Google's support still
• Telepresence gains widespread future obviousness, which is fine - these left the Bletchley Park's fund
use • C l i e n t v i r t u a l i z a t i o n i s really are the important trends for
ubiquitous IT managers to be looking into.
Process-Centric Data and But is there anything else out
Intelligence: Gartner there that's staring us all in the
• Next-gen BI takes shape Gartner has a much shorter list, face but hasn't been mentioned
combining real-time access with looking at only four high-level yet? Discuss
pervasiveness, agility, and self- trends, without any reference to
E-reader News Edition Technology/ 25

Enjoy Your Unlimited Data Plan While
It Lasts
Mike Melanson move away from data as the only
(ReadWriteWeb) game in town".
Submitted at 11/23/2010 1:04:33 PM The question, of course, is what
will this sort of data pricing mean
For a couple years now, we've for innovation? When AT&T
seen carriers pushing its introduced its tiered data plans in
customers to adopt smartphones June, ReadWriteWeb's Marshall
and pay for unlimited, monthly Kirkpatrick asked precisely that
data plans. We've seen
commercials of families bonding
The problem, Valenzuela pointed question. Nearly 80% of our
out, is that just 10% of all readers said they were concerned
Field of Glory, Civ 5 out
over streaming video and students
exploring the world in new and
innovative ways. There's just one
smartphone users are using the by the limitations and Kirkpatrick
majority of data. With current asserted that most people likely for OS X
s m a r t p h o n e a d o p t i o n r a t e s , fall under the 2 GB limit, but Mike Schramm (TUAW) available on Steam under the
problem - if we keep buying into
carriers are looking at a situation "what about a future of live video SteamPlay banner, which means
these spiels, adopting
where soon cost of providing the streaming to and from mobile
Submitted at 11/23/2010 2:45:00 PM

smartphones and taking to for $50, you get both the Mac and
data being consumed will surpass d e v i c e s , v i d e o c h a t a n d Here's two good strategy game Windows versions, digitally
watching Netflix on the subway
profit. Dave Gill, the senior unforeseeable data-intensive releases for Mac OS X this week delivered to whatever computer
ride home each night, the carriers
director of mobile media at innovations?" (in case you want to spend a little you'd like. If you've ever played
are going to go out of business.
Nielsen, also spoke at the summit Update: Valenzuela contacted us time away from the family after any Civ game, you know this
Sponsor after this story was posted to offer
and offered similar conclusions. the turkey's carved and eaten). series is the pinnacle of strategy
According to Dr. Reinaldo
"You've got to somehow throttle the following: First up, Freeverse has released a titles, and the new version not
Valenzuela, director of wireless
the top end of the spectrum here "I intended to convey that usage game called Field of Glory-- it's a only adds hexes to the mix, but
research at Alcatel-Lucent Bell
to make money in this market," based pricing is one answer. turn-based hex strategy game revolutionizes battle (no more
Labs, the problem is part of what
said Gill, offering the following There are many others, like that's originally based on a stacks of doom) and streamlines
he called the "too-much-data moving away from focusing on
chart of mobile data use. tabletop title and has you fighting city defense as well. I love Civ,
paradox". Dr. Valenzuela spoke higher rate applications and usage
The Solution? Metered Pricing medieval Roman warfare across and having it available in this way
on the topic last week at the Texas
Here's the part we, as mobile based pricing and moving onto single player and multiplayer as is something to be very thankful
Wireless Summit, describing a
Web users and smartphone content based and new service well as a number of different for.
situation wherein the constant
owners, don't want to here. The revenue generation that is not scenarios and setups. The game is Field of Glory, Civ 5 out for OS
push for smartphone adoption will
answer, according to Valenzuela, directly tied up with high rate US $39.95, and includes three X originally appeared on TUAW
prove unsustainable for carriers. usage." He also said that he did
is metered pricing. expansion packs from the PC on Tue, 23 Nov 2010 14:45:00
"There's a tremendous amount of
"Inescapably," he said," we're not intent to imply "that AT&T is version, all ready to go right EST. Please see our terms for use
relevant content on great devices
going to have to start metering. If spending Billions in NYC alone away. of feeds.
at reasonably affordable rates,"
we continue to sell just bytes, to accommodate the iPhone. I do But as cool as that sounds, here's Source| Permalink| Email this|
explained Valenzuela, "however, not know what the number is for
we're going to lose money." the real hex-based strategy game Comments
networks have started crashing
In addition to metered data NYC alone. I believe they are you're waiting for: Civ 5 is out
under this pressure. It's no
pricing, said Valenzuela, the rates s p e n d i n g s u b s t a n t i a l l y i n now for the Mac. And it's
surprise that just in New York, to
for new apps and services need to capacacity nation wide." Discuss
address the iPhone, AT&T is
greatly increase and "we need to
spending billions of dollars."
26 Technology/ Culture/ E-reader News Edition

Google doodle cooks up Thanksgiving Ask a VC: Why We’re
recipes Thankful for David
Submitted at 11/23/2010 1:55:41 PM Hornik Fruit Conserve." There's even
"Pumpkin Banana Mousse Tart."
Many will be wondering at this
Google, one of the world's most
progressive companies, might
surely have considered choosing a Sarah Lacy (TechCrunch)
Google has always given thanks. apparently novel way in which chef with a little more modern and
It gives thanks for the content Google is suddenly favoring dynamic verve. David Chang Submitted at 11/23/2010 1:01:53 PM

creators around the world who specific content by adorning it from Momofuku in New York, for
make its own job selling ads so with the company's own logo. David Hornik of August Capital
example, would have been
much more satisfying. has bailed me out in a short week
Many will be fascinated that the perfect. Jose Andres from the
But it seems a curiously original company chose Thanksgiving to by hopping into the Ask a VC
wondrous Jaleo in Washington,
step into the future for Google to e n j o y w h a t s e e m s l i k e a n chair that I neglected to book in
D.C., would have surely offered a
suddenly attempt to become a i n t e r e s t i n g c o m m e r c i a l advance. The timing wasn’t
more revolutionary and
thanks taker. For, in celebration of experiment. We haven't yet heard planned, but it’s appropriate. The
international spin on the
America's most deeply felt feast, back from Google about whether first time I ever interviewed
Thanksgiving feast.
the company is offering free this is, in fact, a first such content Hornik, I was still at
Mourad Lahlou, from San
G o o g l e - s p o n s o r e d o r i g i n a l partnership. BusinessWeek and when I asked
Francisco's finest restaurant,
content. him to send a headshot he emailed
For myself, I am struggling with Aziza, would have also brought
To reach this new culinary the choice of the Barefoot one over where he was dressed
something entirely original, yet
nirvana, you have to click on the Contessa. like some sort of pilgrim. It was
simple, to your Thursday table. get invited to every year.
n e w G o o g l e d o o d l e , w h i c h As one who has been arraigned clear back then he was not going
Once you attach your logo to a Feel free to send follow-up
features carrots, cranberries, and into watching her cooking shows, to be your average blue-shirt-and-
certain type of content, it says questions on that super angel
other entirely healthy ingredients, she seems to represent a rather khaki-wearing VC.
something about your company. debate, general advice or
n o d o u b t f r o m t h e G o o g l e conservative, nay, retrograde form You may remember Hornik from
Google, perhaps, has suddenly questions about Hornik’s
canteen. a few TechCrunchTV
of culinary presentation. Set in an decided to become a little staid. investments in companies like
Once you click, you are taken to idyllic little place that might appearances, most notably the
This entry passed through the Blippy, Stumble Upon or the Six-
Thanksgiving recipes created by remind some of Toytown, it has a five-part Super Angel-VC
Full-Text RSS service — if this is Apart-and-Video-Egg-combo-
Ina Garten, who is better known somewhat soporific nature. SMACKDOWN! with Dave
your content and you're reading it platter called Say Media.
as the TV chef, the Barefoot And the occasional set piece at McClure. My most memorable
on someone else's site, please read We film in about an hour so get
Contessa. These recipes are the end of the show, when the Hornik moment was when he
our FAQ page at your questions in quickly to
clearly marked as being "from Contessa and her husband get dressed like Tattoo (see left) for
content-only/faq.php AskaVC(at)techcrunch(dot)com.
Google." the first Lobby conference in
together for a meal, features a Five Filters featured article: Don’t make me make up fictional
There's "Perfect Roast Turkey level of performance that some Hawaii– an invite-only
Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- readers and questions…
with Herb and Apple Stuffing." might not wish to see even in the conference he founded that
Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
There are Popovers, "Smashed most optimistic of 1950s B industry superstars, well, lobby to
Sweet Potatoes," and "Cranberry movies.

Video: Beyoncé, Blake Lively, and Kim Kardashian Talk Babies, Boys and Thanksgiving!
PopSugar (PopSugar) Beyoncé hosts Blake Lively, Kim jewelry line ahead of their
Submitted at 11/23/2010 10:36:54 AM Kardashian, and more of her Thanksgiving celebrations. Check
famous friends at the NY launch of Lorraine Schwartz's latest it out on PopSugar Rush!
E-reader News Edition Technology/ Culture/ 27
continued from page 21

message pops up giving you the to your computer like an external magazines and children’s books,
ability to send the book out harddrive. This is an interesting definitely give this device a try.
through Facebook or your feature as it appears that basically As far as e-ink goes: you must be
NOOKcolor contacts. It reads: everything else about the device is the one to decide. I personally do
“You may only lend this book essentially closed-shop and not have any issue with reading
once. Your friend has up to 7 days curated, but inside these folders from a bright screen like the
to accept or decline this offer and you can place basically anything. NOOKcolor uses, but you’ve got
then up to 14 days to read. Once As you may remember from the to take into account the fact that I
the book is returned, you can hardware review portion of this work on a computer screen 10+
download and read again.” “A Week with” set of posts we’re hours a day. If you do not use a
Choose wisely! in, it’s not easy yet to put computer at ALL during the day,
Finally, there’s the organization whatever file you’d like in a then I’d probably recommend you
of your collection. The folder and expect it to open. Will get yourself an e-ink device
organization of books in several this be rectified in the future by instead of NOOKcolor for
places on NOOKcolor is third-party apps? We’ll just have reading. If you’re a person who
everything you’d hope it to be.
You can have them stacked on
to wait and see.
works in the food service industry
during the day and can’t keep Cricut Cake Printer Lets
your three-screen desktop in Everything depends on how you your eyes off your laptop at night,
different sizes, access them from
your desktop dock (which consists
choose to read. This is not a
device for everyone, but a reader
well, then, again, feel free to give
NOOKcolor a try.
You Print Edible Goodies
of new issues from your for people who’d like to access Be on the lookout the rest of this Evan Selleck (SlashGear) cookie dough, tortillas, modeling
subscriptions as they’re released several kinds of periodicals, week for more posts like this, Submitted at 11/23/2010 1:33:44 PM chocolate, and soft candies. When
as well as your most recent reads), books, and children’s books from each of them accessible by you do, you just tell the printer
or access all of your materials in one device. First and last, I’d searching“A Week with” in the Having a printer that will cut out what you want printed on the
your library. Your library is recommend checking to see if SlashGear searchbar.[This pieces of paper in distinct designs particular goodie, and the Cricut
stacked according to the kind of your favorite titles are available or paragraph will be replaced with isn’t new. In fact, even the Cake printer will take care of the
material (Books, Magazines, will become available some time links to the rest of this extended original Cricut printer did the rest.
Newspapers) or however you’d in the future – do not assume review at the end of the week] same thing. So, if you don’t want For those of you out there who
like in your “My Shelves” tab they’re going to certainly be here. to just make the same printer, how have always wanted to decorate a
which you can edit however Should the NOOKcolor blow up, can you take the idea and make it birthday, or other celebratory
you’d like. There’s a “My Files” that’ll be something you can better? You add desserts, of piece of dessert but you lack the
tab inside which there’s multiple assume, but for now, be sure to course. The Cricut Cake printer artistic skill necessary, here’s an
folders which you can access check. If your chosen titles are looks like a normal printer, but in easy way to make it happen. But,
when plugging the NOOKcolor in here, especially if they’re this version, you don’t put regular as you can probably already
paper in there. guess, this won’t be a cheap way
The Cricut Printer is able to cut
How to Get the Best Deals with All pre-determined designs into thing
sheets of sweets. You can load a
to get what you want. You’ll have
to shell out $399 to make the
Cricut Cake printer yours.
Your Online Shopping [Deal Week] sheet of fondant in there, or even
frosting sheets. You can even put
[ via Oh Gizmo!]

Adam Dachis (Lifehacker) on top of all the great deals when
Submitted at 11/23/2010 11:30:00 AM shopping online. More »

Online shopping can quickly holiday season. Here's how to
become overwhelming during the stay organized, focused, and keep
28 Technology/ E-reader News Edition

Facebook Alternative Diaspora
Launches Their Private Alpha With
Some Bet Hedging
MG Siegler (TechCrunch)
Submitted at 11/23/2010 12:48:19 PM

We’ve been tracking the progress
of Diaspora, the open-source be adding more people to the test, clear who is receiving your posts
Facebook alternative, since before starting with those who and who you are receiving posts
the project even started. That’s contributed to the service’s from,” writes Diaspora.
because the idea got so much buzz funding. But the service is also quick to
on the crowdsourced micro- Says the team: hedge their bets. “ It isn’t perfect,
funding site Kickstarter, that they We are proud of where Diaspora but the best way to improve is to
were able to turn a goal of raising is right now. In less than five get it into your hands and listen
$10,000 in 39 days into$200,000
from 6,500 backers in the same
months, we’ve gone from nothing
to a great starting point from
which the community can keep
closely to your response,” they
note about the aspects idea. They
then go on to list five things they
Acer Android Tablets
timeframe. But with such high
expectations, you have to deliver.
And many expressed doubts that
working. We’ve spent a lot of
time thinking about how people
know they could do better,
including: security, better APIs,
can share in a private way, and better documentation, easier Chris Burns (SlashGear) the 10.1-inch dual-core Tegra-
the small team of college students
could do that. still do all the things people love upgrades, and cleaner code. Yeah, Submitted at 11/23/2010 2:03:18 PM powered tablet though, taking a
After the money came in, the to do on social networks. We that’s quite a few major things. peek at some high definition
team sequestered themselves for hope you’ll find it fun to use and a “ Our work is nowhere close to The folks from Engadget that v i d e o b u t n o t i n g i t t o b e
the Summer to work on the great way to keep in touch with done. To us, that is the best part. were in the super fancy fashion “sluggish” and seeming very
project. Despite some hiccups, all the people in your life. There are always more things to audience sitting around the much like a pre-production
they were able to unveil the Interestingly enough, it sounds as improve, more tricks to learn, and runway at the Acer global press device.
source of the project in September if Diaspora is heavily predicated more awesome features to add,” c o n f e r e n c e t o d a y h a d t h e Once they were able to see the 7-
to mixed reviews. Meanwhile, a on lists, which they call “aspects”. they conclude. opportunity to put their hands on inch tablet and 4.8-inch phone,
user-facing alpha launch was This is interesting because As you can see in the alpha site several of the devices announced they noted that they too seemed to
promised for October. That came Facebook is going in the opposite graphic below, they’re smartly at the event, including the 10.1- look and feel like very pre-
and went, and they pushed the direction, as CEO Mark playing towards some of the inch tablet, 4.8-inch smartphone, production units, but did have
launch to Thanksgiving. Well, Zuckerberg has made it clear that things people complain about the and 7-inch tablet. Sadly, because nice glossy black screens and
we’re two days away from turkey people on their service don’t want most with regard to Facebook: m o s t o f t h e t a b l e t s A c e r brushed metal backs. They note
day, and Diaspora has delivered to make lists. In fact, their entire choice, ownership, simplicity. announced today are going to be that the phone’s screen seems
this time. new Groups project is a way to CrunchBase Information running on Android Honeycomb huge[read more here] and that for
As the company notes on their make it so you don’t have to make Diaspora Facebook Information ( G o o g l e ’ s t a b l e t O S ) , t h e y the most part all of the devices
blog, the first batch of private lists. “ We think that aspects are a provided by CrunchBase basically didn’t function at the looked decent. Exciting?!
alpha invites are going out today. simple, straightforward, moment. They did get to peek at [ Via Engadget]
They note that each week they’ll lightweight way to make it really
E-reader News Edition Technology/ Culture/ 29

Blekko Partners Up With Search
Engine DuckDuckGo TheCoolist Goes Behind
Alexia Tsotsis (TechCrunch) most relevant sources on the able to search for the most recent
Submitted at 11/23/2010 12:50:58 PM

Blekko, the little search engine
Web,” said Blekko CEO Rich
As of today Blekko will
results with /date, which is
actually my favorite feature on
Blekko and is especially useful if
the Scenes at Gilt
alice (Featured Blog Posts - My as our motto states, we're all about
that could, has just come off the incorporate DuckDuckGo’s Zero- you’re looking for news articles Modern Metropolis) sharing, inspiring and connecting.
success of hitting one million Click Info summaries on a site by or blog posts or any thing That doesn't just apply to within
Submitted at 11/23/2010 7:00:00 PM
search queries day and 30,000 site basis, which can be ironically chronological. this social network but to artists
slashtags (human curated search accessed by yes clicking on “info” Blekko has come up with some TheCoolist’s Mike Payne and their enthusiasts as well as
topics like /colleges, /vegan, / in the search results while you’re highly original ways to keep users Yesterday, we connected with the from publisher to publisher.
blogs) created in it’s first week of on Blekko and show up at the top coming back (check out its SEO publisher running one of our For now, check out some of the
existence. of your query page while on tools) and I wouldn’t be surprised f a v o r i t e w e b s i t e s a r o u n d , great content on TheCoolist.
Now it has taken a unique“if you DuckDuckGo. if DuckDuckGo isn’t the last TheCoolist. Mike Payne curates Recently, they went behind the
can’t beat them, join ‘em” DuckDuckGo search results will partnership we see from the well this modern lifestyle site that scenes at Gilt, showing us how
approach to the search and now be powered by Blekko for coffered search engine. Says always features the latest and this three-year-old fashion startup,
hooked up with fellow market the following heavy hitting Skrenta“We got a lot of money in greatest in cars, watches, art, making $500 million in sales this
outlier DuckDuckGo, which like searches: “personal the bank [$24 million to be design, etc. In the future, you're year, efficiently operates. It's a
Blekko, is a search engine that finance,”"lyrics,”"recipes,”"hotels exact] so we’re not going going to see us working more fascinating story and well worth a
prides itself on having more ,”"health,”"colleges,” and “autos.” anywhere.” closely with the people behind the look.
relevant results than Google or Blekko itself has been You can check out our TCTV websites we love. Why? Because
Bing with the added bonus of not experimenting with auto-applying interview with Skrenta here and
keeping any of your personally slashtags to these categories in our full review of Blekko here.
identifiable info. order to improve queries, for CrunchBase Information Blekko
“Both our companies share the example using the slashtag /health Duck Duck Go Information
same mission of eliminating spam to cull better results for the search provided by CrunchBase
from search so that users get “cure for colds.”
information from the best and DuckDuckGo users will also be
30 Technology/ Culture/ E-reader News Edition

The Selby
and The
Habitually Chic (Habitually
Submitted at 11/22/2010 4:55:00 PM

I kept hoping that someone else
would photograph Kate and Andy
Spade's apartment and my wish
was finally granted. The Selby has
finally come uptown and shot
their fabulous home for his site. I
remember seeing an interview of
the Spades touring this apartment
Why I'm skipping AirPlay when it was in its original
untouched condition. I'm happy
Victor Agreda, Jr. (TUAW) Airport Express I have is an older is a 3rd party application on the stream music or photos or movies to see they kept many of its
Submitted at 11/23/2010 2:30:00 PM model that causes my Airport store right now that will do this from your Mac to your iDevice? charming details such as the old
Extreme Base Station to freak out, called AirVideo. In fact, true to its View Poll fashioned light switches. I can't
It's pretty simple: I want to requiring frequent reboots of name, it'll stream more than photo by flickr user niceness wait to zoom in and see what's on
stream music from my Mac to my either device, often randomly, music. I used to use Airfoil to do Why I'm skipping AirPlay their bookshelves and study their
iPad or iPhone. Why? Because I never at a good moment. Yet, this from Mac to Mac and from originally appeared on TUAW on art collection. They also make me
sometimes connect one of those with all the awesomeness of Mac to iPhone. Why this Tue, 23 Nov 2010 14:30:00 EST. want to paint something red! For
iOS devices to a home stereo. AirPlay, I cannot do one simple seemingly simple use case is Please see our terms for use of even more photos and a funny
Those devices do not contain my thing: play music (or anything hobbled by Apple's design is feeds. little interview, check out The
e n t i r e i T u n e s l i b r a r y . else) from my $2,000+ MacBook beyond me. It's such a puzzler that Source| Permalink| Email this| Selby!
Unfortunately, AirPlay won't let Pro to my iPad. Instead, Apple I wrote Steve Jobs an email about Comments Photos by The Selby
me stream my iTunes library to wants me to pony up another $99 it. Naturally, I have yet to hear
my iOS devices. Thus, I'm not for an Apple TV -- a device I from him.
able to use AirPlay in my home. simply don't need right now. So I'm throwing it open to the
I don't own an Apple TV. The I'm not sure why this is so. There audience: would you also like to
E-reader News Edition Technology/ Culture/ 31

Ryan and Julianne Bring
Their PDA, and His
Parents, on a Trip to Paris!
Allie Merriam (PopSugar)
Submitted at 11/23/2010 11:30:00 AM

Julianne Hough linked her arm
with boyfriend Ryan Seacrest's
this morning while out for a
romantic stroll in Paris. Ryan had
another lady holding on as well,
as his mother and father
accompanied them on the trip to
France. Julianne and Ryan were
unsupervised during their
OpenFeint has doubled community a p p e a r a n c e S u n d a y a t t h e early side ahead of a good
American Music Awards in LA, evening nap.
where she stunned on the red
since Game Center's launch carpet, and he said a few words
from the stage. It's Ryan and To see more Julianne, just read
Mike Schramm (TUAW) s a y s t h a t ' s e x a c t l y w h a t ' s There's definitely room for Julianne's latest romantic getaway
Submitted at 11/23/2010 3:30:00 PM happened -- the userbase has s e r v i c e s l i k e P l u s + a n d following Summer excursions to
View 20 Photos ›
doubled to a whopping 50 million OpenFeint, even with an official Italy and Mexico, and now they're
When Game Center was first users since Game Center network up and running. p r e p p i n g f o r a n e a r l y
announced way back in April, the launched, and games on the OpenFeint, as far as I've been Thanksgiving dinner eaten on the
first question everyone had was network have also increased told, is also still planning the
about all of the third-party 119% since Game Center was OpenFeint X service, with more
networks that had already built up
in the space. OpenFeint was the
announced. options for in-game Why You Should Rely
T h o s e a r e p r e t t y a m a z i n g microtransactions, so we'll have to
biggest of these, and founder
Jason Citron had no apparent
numbers -- there was a lot of talk see what they're up to next.
earlier this year that Apple would OpenFeint has doubled Less on Your Resume
worries about Apple's advance walk into this space and just community since Game Center's
into social gaming -- he said that
OpenFeint would continue to
dominate (and certainly, I've seen launch originally appeared on
a lot of solid Game Center TUAW on Tue, 23 Nov 2010
offer features beyond what Game integration since release, and of 15:30:00 EST. Please see our Adam Pash (Lifehacker)
Center did, and that developers course because Game Center is terms for use of feeds. Submitted at 11/23/2010 11:00:00 AM

would be easily able to use both automatically installed in iOS, Source| Permalink| Email this|
networks in their apps. A report adoption is probably huge), but Comments A great resume could be your
released last week by OpenFeint that hasn't been the case at all. ticket to landing a new job, but as
your resume can do more harm
information security expert Lenny
than good. More »
Zeltser points out, sometimes
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Sony PS3 Launching 50 3D-Capable
Video Games in the Near Future
Evan Selleck (SlashGear) to play through the title with 3D
visuals turned on. As a new report
AAA titles that we heard were
getting the 3D treatment in the
Art Collector's Paradise
Submitted at 11/23/2010 1:23:50 PM
Habitually Chic (Habitually while remaining elegant yet
from Develop states, Sony’s future. Chic®)
Back in June, we reported that p u s h i n g e v e n h a r d e r n o w , Hocking believes that, due to the comfortable. I especially love
Sony was going full-steam ahead applying 3D technology to 50 hype of 3D and the fact that Submitted at 11/23/2010 3:09:01 PM how the light is reflected in all the
with the adoption of 3D, and that titles in the near future. developer’s are jumping onto the lacquered walls and the light
many of their titles heading to the Candia Fisher is a serious art colors don't compete with the East
According to SCEE studio bandwagon, goes to show how
PlayStation 3 video game console director, Mick Hocking, Sony is collector but then again, she River views. The apartment was
popular 3D is. Especially when it
w o u l d b e g e t t i n g t h e 3 D internally developing upwards of learned from the best. Her featured in the November 2009
comes to video games in the
“improvement.” Many of those 20 titles for the 3D conversion. mother, Emily Fisher Landeau is a issue of Elle Decor but I've found
home. Of course, there’s no
titles, as was suggested, would be That’s part of the total 50 games serious collector of modern art as more photos that give you a
chance that Sony is going to stop
triple-A titles, some of which being converted. Some of those well as, a trustee of of the complete picture of this art
the 3D assault any time soon. The
would even be coming from games, Hocking says, are major Whitney Museum of American collector's paradise. Enjoy!
interesting part will be to see
Sony’s first party developers. names. Whether that means Art. Candia's duplex apartment Photos by Ricky Zehavi and
which games, especially the
Titles like Killzone 3 are being development teams, or the games was designed by Aman & Carson Pieter Estersohn
ridiculously popular ones, get the
treated to the 3D experience, and is unclear. But, if it is the games and highlights the fabulous art
same treatment.
even recent releases like Call of that are featuring the “big names,” [ via Joystiq]
Duty: Black Ops have the ability that would line up with the triple-
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TiVo announces iPad app to control 16 Unusual Facts About the
TiVo box Human Body
(HowStuffWorks Daily Feed)
Michael Gray (TUAW) Submitted at 11/23/2010 1:00:56 PM
Submitted at 11/23/2010 3:00:00 PM
Digital Vision
If you're like most iPad users, -
then you probably surf the web ---People will often say they
and check out IMDB with your know somethin-g "like the back of
iPad while watching anything that their hand" to indicate that they're
might be showing on the familiar with it top to bottom. But our FAQ page at
television. TiVo knows this, how much do you actually know content-only/faq.php
embraces this, and wishes to about your own body? We've got Five Filters featured article:
support this. They want to make 16 tidbits that may surprise you. Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
the experience between your This entry passed through the Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
television and your iPad even Full-Text RSS service — if this is Catastrophe.
closer. your content and you're reading it
TiVo announced Monday a new, on someone else's site, please read
upcoming iPad app that will let
you use many features of the
TiVo service all on your iPad, services like Netflix, let you since it really could open up a lot
Lightened Holiday Classics
without ever interrupting what's check out the cast and crew of powerful features. (Cooking Light: Editor's Picks) This entry passed through the
happening on your larger information of any shows you're [Via] Full-Text RSS service — if this is
television screen. watching, as well as schedule TiVo announces iPad app to This casserole exemplifies the your content and you're reading it
The TiVo iPad application will shows to be recorded while you're control TiVo box originally power of moderation. A holiday on someone else's site, please read
allow you to browse TiVo's on the road. appeared on TUAW on Tue, 23 treat, sweet potatoes are also high our FAQ page at
program guide, schedule Upcoming does mean that it's not Nov 2010 15:00:00 EST. Please in fiber and Vitamin A. The content-only/faq.php
recordings, remotely control your out yet, but TiVo says we'll be see our terms for use of feeds. pecans on top provide a healthy Five Filters featured article:
TiVo unit, and browse your notified in the customer Source| Permalink| Email this| amount of monounsaturated fat. Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
library of recorded shows. newsletter as soon as the app is Comments View Recipe: Traditional Sweet Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
Additionally, the app will search available. It will be interesting to Potato Casserole Next Carrot Catastrophe.
both broadcast TV and premium get our hands on the TiVo app Soufflé

Pic of the Day: Foil Face
Eugene (Featured Blog Posts - British designer Dominic Wilcox via [], [ toxel], [
My Modern Metropolis) created this fragile sculpture by bookofjoe]
Submitted at 11/23/2010 9:00:00 AM forming tin foil onto an old plaster
mold. Dominic Wilcox
The Worn-Out Heart
Helen Vendler (The New Canti (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 498
Republic - All Feed) By Giacomo Leopardi pp., $35)
Submitted at 12/1/2010 11:00:00 PM Translated and annotated by
Jonathan Galassi
34 Policy/ Food/ E-reader News Edition

Fraud, Disqualifications Draw Out Elections in Afghanistan
(AEI.Org: Articles) votes, discounting results from stage protest rallies in the capital in opposition daily Jawedan read, Qanuni as head of the house for
Submitted at 11/22/2010 5:00:00 PM 650 voting centers, and ordering a and the provinces. Hundreds of "Country's Attorney General an another five years. Other reports
recount of votes in 500 vote disgruntled candidates have Instrument to Pressure suggest Karzai may call for new
On September 18, over 5 million centers in all of Afghanistan's 34 formed a new coalition, calling Independent Election elections in certain provinces
Afghan men and women braved provinces. the vote "illegitimate and illegal" Commission." Mohammad Yunis where the turnout was very low or
Taliban threats to vote in their Ahmad Zia Rafat, spokesman for and warning of national protests if Qanuni, speaker of the lower where security prevented voting.
s e c o n d - e v e r p a r l i a m e n t a r y the ECC, told a press conference their complaints are not house, said the parliament had This may lead non-Pashtun
e l e c t i o n . M o r e t h a n 2 , 5 0 0 that the disqualified candidates addressed. "deep concerns" about the candidates to boycott or resort to
candidates, including over 400 did not have the right to appeal, Video and audio recordings Attorney General's Office's violence.
women, contested 249 seats in and suggested other winning documenting fraud and interference. Western observers What does this mean for the
lower house of parliament. The candidates might be disqualified. irregularities have appeared on agree that Karzai is using the United States? First, political
elections were a litmus test for Afghan election officials Afghan television and radio Attorney General's Office as a instability may further complicate
Karzai to regain legitimacy after continue to try to sort out the networks. The latest and most tool to change the results. U.S. and NATO's plan to begin
last year's fraud-marred polls and m e s s . O n N o v e m b e r 2 1 , significant was a secretly recorded There are reasons for the Karzai transition of security
an opportunity for the Obama Afghanistan's election watchdog telephone conversation in which administration to try to influence responsibilities to Afghan forces
administration to demonstrate d i s q u a l i f i e d 1 9 w i n n i n g Ismail Khan, former governor of the vote results. The preliminary next year; and, second, a
progress in Afghanistan that the candidates for alleged fraud, Herat Province, said to an election results indicate a shift of power in parliament dominated by non-
president might springboard into including seven close allies of official: "I hope that the next the new parliament. Pashtun Pashtun minorities will also try to
justification for the withdrawal of Pres. Hamid Karzai, most notably results you announce will be all of candidates have lost perhaps 20 block Karzai's peace efforts with
100,000 American troops Hashmatullah Karzai, the the people that I have named for seats. In the majority-Pashtun the Taliban. Ahmad Majidyar is a
s t a t i o n e d i n t h e c o u n t r y . president's cousin, and Ahmad you." province of Ghazni, for example, senior research associate at AEI.
T h e e l e c t i o n s d i d n o t g o Wahid Tahiri, brother of Karzai Government pressure on the ECC all eleven seats went to candidates Photo Credit: Ahmad Massoud
smoothly. Massive fraud, low national security adviser Rangin is increasing. The office of from the Hazara minority. (UNAMA)
turnout, violence in Pashtun- Dadfar Spanta. Afghanistan's attorney general Security problems and poll This entry passed through the
d o m i n a t e d r e g i o n s , a n d Ahmad Zia Rafat, spokesman for issued a 48-hour ultimatum to the closures in violent Pashtun areas Full-Text RSS service — if this is
government interference have the ECC, told a press conference ECC to allow the body to may have undercut Pushtun your content and you're reading it
called into question the legitimacy that the disqualified candidates investigate election complaints or representation. The current tally on someone else's site, please read
of the vote. More than 4,000 did not have the right to appeal, it would suspend commission for Pashtuns elected stands at 90, our FAQ page at
formal complaints were filed with and suggested other winning officials. The commission rejected making the country's largest content-only/faq.php
t h e U . N . - b a c k e d E l e c t i o n candidates might be disqualified. the warning on the grounds that it ethnic group a minority in the 249 Five Filters featured article:
Complaints Commission (ECC), The disqualifications add to a would contravene the ECC's -member lower house. Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
with more than half of those string of controversies that have independence. (Article 156 of the More problems may be on the Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
serious enough to affect the final undermined the legitimacy of the constitution mandates that the horizon. Karzai may refuse to Catastrophe.
results. On October 20, the parliamentary elections and have ECC is the only authority accept the results. There are
Independent Election Commission delayed the vote results for two responsible for assessing election rumors, denied by Qanuni, that
(IEC) announced the preliminary months now. complaints based on article 61 of Karzai struck a deal with Qanuni
results, canceling 1.3 million Losing candidates continue to the election law.) A commentary to discount the vote and reinstate
Our Best Healthy Pies
(Cooking Light: Editor's Picks) Full-Text RSS service — if this is Five Filters featured article:
your content and you're reading it Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
Sorry, Readability was unable to on someone else's site, please read Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
parse this page for content. our FAQ page at Catastrophe.
This entry passed through the content-only/faq.php
E-reader News Edition Policy/ TV/ 35

Health Reform's Competition Crushers
(AEI.Org: Articles) These exchanges are where most Permanente, where providers are with the concept of giving
Submitted at 11/22/2010 5:00:00 PM Americans will eventually buy salaried employees of a large providers a financial incentive to
their "private" insurance--and the (preferably not-for-profit) entity. band together and coordinate
Liberal consumer groups are White House is working to give The assumption is that insurers patient care. The problem isn't the
aghast to learn that the Obama the ACOs privileges that will let are just costly middlemen and ACOs, but the government rules
health team are really monopolists them undersell normal health doctors financially conflicted that will anoint hospitals as the
at heart, bent on handing hospitals insurers. unless they are given a salary stewards and then tilt the
a cartel in their local markets. The Obama team is now writing rather than a fee for each service marketplace in their favor, On the 'Skating' Scene:
Sunday's New York Times report regulations that are likely to they provide. helping them to prevail over Do Female Celebrities
on this horror confirms what I exempt ACOs from some of the But ACOs are no miracle cure. If private health plans regardless of
wrote about in these pages weeks costly rules that private providers they squeeze out insurers, that the quality and efficiency of the
Have the Edge?
ago ("Killing Marcus Welby," have to play by. For example, the will invariably limit the choice care that the ACOs deliver. Michael Maloney (TV Squad)
PostOpinion, Oct. 18). I warned "Stark" rules bar health-care that patients have on the new Congress must use its oversight Submitted at 11/23/2010 9:00:00 AM
that the creation of "accountable p r o v i d e r s f r o m o w n i n g t h e exchanges. People will be tied to powers to ensure that the ACOs
care organizations," which put facilities that they refer patients to their local community for most if have to play by the same rules as Filed under: Celebrity Interviews
hospitals in control of all the --so that doctors won't have a not all their health care. Going other providers. Restrictions on The first episode of'Skating With
doctors in their outlying areas, financial incentive to prescribe "out of network" will be hard if local monopolization and self- the Stars' is in the can and
would lead to concentrated power treatments simply because they'll not impossible. dealing grew out of corruption Rebecca Budig('All My Children')
over the provision of medical care get a cut. But ACOs may escape Since the ACOs will have local that harmed patients. The ACOs is in a clear lead with 45 (out of
--turning physicians into salaried these restrictions. monopolies, they'll also have little shouldn't get a pass on these rules 60) points, while rocker Vince
e m p l o y e e s a n d r e d u c i n g The ACO concept aims to copy incentive to compete for more so that the White House can erect Neil trails in last place with 28
consumer choices. groups such as Kaiser patients in an open marketplace. the edifice for a nationalized points.
ACOs were invented as a way to Permanente, where providers are Yet this is the only incentive that health-care system. In skating, the men have to lift
cut costs in Medicare. But the salaried employees of a large would spur an ACO to truly Dr. Scott Gottlieb is a resident their female partners, which begs
administration plainly means to (preferably not-for-profit) entity. innovate and improve its delivery fellow at AEI. the question: the female
use them as the tools for vastly The Obama team may also of medical care and offer better Photo Credit: iStockphoto/ celebrities have an advantage in
greater government control of the release the ACOs from key anti- services. Bluberries 'SWTS' over their male
health-care system, by having t r u s t p r o v i s i o n s . M e d i c a r e Private health plans vie to This entry passed through the competitors?
them displace traditional health r e c e n t l y d i s c u s s e d s u c h contract with the best doctors and Full-Text RSS service — if this is "It's definitely a slight edge,"
plans. exemptions with the Federal hospitals, creating market prices your content and you're reading it judge Johnny Weir, a U.S
In anticipation of this, the Trade Commission, so that an for services and competition to on someone else's site, please read Championship skater,
m a r k e t p l a c e i s a l r e a d y ACO can control all the doctors improve outcomes. If the ACOs our FAQ page at acknowledged to TV Squad after
consolidating. The resulting ACO and health-care facilities in its squeeze out this competition, the content-only/faq.php the premiere. "But [female
monopolies will solidify the local marketplace. But these result will be a de facto "single Five Filters featured article: celebrities] have to back that up.
effects of ObamaCare. Even if the antitrust provisions exist precisely payer": Every market will be Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- They have someone who can
"reform" law is repealed in a few because of fear that a consolidated controlled by a single ACO, Reporting of Falluja's Cancer carry them around for 10 seconds,
years, it may be too late. medical provider could drive up which will in turn answer directly Catastrophe. but they can't look like a rock
The ACOs will offer coverage regional health-care costs and/or to the feds, with government when they're set down. You have
d i r e c t l y v i a t h e i n s u r a n c e lower the quality of medical care. regulators setting the prices and to be able to stand on your own
exchanges that the ObamaCare The ACO concept aims to copy all the terms of care. two blades."
law orders into being in 2014. g r o u p s s u c h a s K a i s e r There's nothing inherently wrong Permalink| Email this| Linking
Blogs| Comments
36 Economy/ E-reader News Edition

November FOMC Minutes Reveal Significant Concern About
The Dollar Getting Crushed
Joe Weisenthal (Money Game) factors that were not likely to Elizabeth Duke and David W. Wilcox, Associate to the Board, Office of Board
Submitted at 11/23/2010 1:02:00 PM respond to additional monetary Thomas M. Hoenig Economists Members, Board of Governors
policy stimulus and thought that Sandra Pianalto Brian Sack, Manager, System Mark A. Carlson, Economist,
Just out... additional action would be Sarah Bloom Raskin Open Market Account Division of Monetary Affairs,
The general gist: Most members warranted only if the outlook Eric Rosengren Patrick M. Parkinson, Director, Board of Governors
supported QEII at the November worsened and the odds of Daniel K. Tarullo Division of Bank Supervision and Randall A. Williams, Records
2-3 meeting, but there was talk deflation increased materially. Kevin Warsh Regulation, Board of Governors Management Analyst, Division of
about the negative effects on the Some participants noted concerns Janet L. Yellen Nellie Liang, Director, Office of Monetary Affairs, Board of
dollar. that additional expansion of the Christine Cumming, Charles L. Financial Stability Policy and Governors
This is the key excerpt: Federal Reserve's balance sheet Evans, Richard W. Fisher, Research, Board of Governors Sarah G. Green, First Vice
Most participants judged that a could put unwanted downward Narayana Kocherlakota, and William Nelson, Deputy President, Federal Reserve Bank
program of purchasing additional pressure on the dollar's value in Charles I. Plosser, Alternate Director, Division of Monetary of Richmond
longer-term securities would put foreign exchange markets. Members of the Federal Open Affairs, Board of Governors Loretta J. Mester, Harvey
downward pressure on longer- Several participants saw a risk Market Committee Linda Robertson, Assistant to the Rosenblum, Daniel G. Sullivan,
term interest rates and boost asset that a further increase in the size Jeffrey M. Lacker and Dennis P. Board, Office of Board Members, and John C. Williams, Executive
prices; some observed that it of the Federal Reserve's asset Lockhart, Presidents of the Board of Governors Vice Presidents, Federal Reserve
could also lead to a reduction in portfolio, with an accompanying Federal Reserve Banks of Charles S. Struckmeyer, Deputy Banks of Philadelphia, Dallas,
the foreign exchange value of the increase in the supply of excess Richmond and Atlanta, Staff Director, Office of the Staff Chicago, and San Francisco,
dollar. Most expected these reserves and in the monetary base, respectively Director, Board of Governors respectively
changes in financial conditions to could cause an undesirably large John F. Moore, First Vice Seth B. Carpenter and Andrew T. David Altig, Richard P. Dzina,
help promote a somewhat increase in inflation. However, it President, Federal Reserve Bank Levin, Senior Associate Mark E. Schweitzer, and Kei-Mu
stronger recovery in output and was noted that the Committee of San Francisco Directors, Division of Monetary Yi, Senior Vice Presidents,
employment while also helping had in place tools that would William B. English, Secretary Affairs, Board of Governors; Federal Reserve Banks of Atlanta,
return inflation, over time, to enable it to remove policy and Economist Michael Leahy, Senior Associate New York, Cleveland, and
levels consistent with the accommodation quickly if Deborah J. Danker, Deputy Director, Division of International Minneapolis, respectively
Committee's mandate. In necessary to avoid an undesirable Secretary Finance, Board of Governors; Todd E. Clark, Vice President,
addition, several participants increase in inflation. Matthew M. Luecke, Assistant David Reifschneider, Senior Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas
argued that the stimulus provided Read the whole thing > Secretary Associate Director, Division of City
by additional securities purchases -------- David W. Skidmore, Assistant Research and Statistics, Board of Robert L. Hetzel, Senior
would help protect against further A meeting of the Federal Open Secretary Governors Economist, Federal Reserve Bank
disinflation and the small Market Committee was held in Michelle A. Smith, Assistant Stephen A. Meyer, Senior of Richmond
probability that the U.S. economy the offices of the Board of Secretary Adviser, Division of Monetary The meeting opened with a short
could fall into persistent deflation- Governors in Washington, D.C., Scott G. Alvarez, General Affairs, Board of Governors discussion regarding
-an outcome that they thought on Tuesday, November 2, 2010, Counsel Daniel M. Covitz and David E. communicating with the public
would be very costly. Some at 1:00 p.m. and continued on Thomas C. Baxter, Deputy Lebow, Deputy Associate about monetary policy
participants, however, anticipated Wednesday, November 3, 2010, General Counsel Directors, Division of Research deliberations and decisions.
that additional purchases of at 9:00 a.m. Nathan Sheets, Economist and Statistics, Board of Meeting participants supported a
longer-term securities would have PRESENT: David J. Stockton, Economist Governors; Gretchen C. review of the Committee's
only a limited effect on the pace Ben Bernanke, Chairman James A. Clouse, Thomas A. Weinbach, Deputy Associate communication guidelines with
of the recovery; they judged that William C. Dudley, Vice Connors, Jeff Fuhrer, Steven B. Director, Division of Monetary the aim of ensuring that the public
the economy's slow growth Chairman Kamin, Simon Potter, Lawrence Affairs, Board of Governors NOVEMBER page 37
largely reflected the effects of James Bullard Slifman, Christopher J. Waller, Brian J. Gross, Special Assistant
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is well informed about monetary accepted as counterparties for about its transactions to increase those effects could occur. month, and the available measures
policy issues while preserving the such operations; these the transparency of, and Staff Review of the Economic of job openings and hiring were
necessary confidentiality of policy transactions, which the Desk encourage wider participation in, Situation still low. The unemployment rate
discussions until their scheduled conducted to ensure continuing future purchase operations. The The information reviewed at the remained at 9.6 percent in
release. Governor Yellen agreed operational and systems readiness, Desk judged that if it continued November 2-3 meeting indicated September, leaving the average
to chair a subcommittee to used Treasury securities, agency reinvesting principal payments that the economic recovery rate for the third quarter only
conduct such a review. debt, and agency-guaranteed MBS from the Federal Reserve proceeded at a modest rate in slightly below its average over
Developments in Financial as collateral. In addition, the System's holdings of agency debt recent months, with only a the first half of the year. Long-
Markets and the Federal Federal Reserve conducted and agency MBS in longer-term gradual improvement in labor duration unemployment
Reserve's Balance Sheet another small-value auction of Treasury securities, then it could market conditions, and was continued to recede somewhat but
The Manager of the System Open term deposits to ensure the purchase additional longer-term accompanied by a continued low was still very high. Indicators of
Market Account (SOMA) continued operational readiness of Treasury securities at a pace of rate of inflation. Consumer layoffs remained elevated,
reported on developments in the term deposit facility and to about $75 billion per month while spending, business investment in although initial claims for
domestic and foreign financial increase the familiarity of eligible avoiding disruptions in market equipment and software, and unemployment insurance drifted
markets since the Committee met depository institutions with the functioning. The Manager exports posted further gains in down a little during October. The
on September 21, 2010. He also auction procedures. There were indicated that implementing a the third quarter, and nonfarm labor force participation rate in
reported on System open market no open market operations in sizable increase in the System's inventory investment stepped up. September was unchanged at a
operations, including the foreign currencies for the holdings of Treasury securities But construction activity in both level lower than earlier in the
continuing reinvestment into System's account over the most effectively likely would the residential and nonresidential year.
longer-term Treasury securities of intermeeting period. By entail a temporary relaxation of sectors remained depressed, and a After rising rapidly from mid-
principal payments received on unanimous vote, the Committee the 35 percent per-issue limit on significant portion of the rise in 2009 to mid-2010, industrial
the SOMA's holdings of agency ratified the Desk's transactions SOMA holdings under which the domestic demand was again met production decelerated in August
debt and agency-guaranteed over the intermeeting period. Desk had been operating; by imports. U.S. industrial and edged down in September. In
mortgage-backed securities The Manager described the whether, and to what extent, the production slowed noticeably in the manufacturing sector, output
(MBS). The Open Market Desk at tentative plans the Desk had System's holdings of some issues August and September, hiring at gains across a wide range of
the Federal Reserve Bank of New prepared for implementing a would exceed 35 percent would private businesses remained industries were smaller in recent
York purchased a total of about possible Committee decision to depend on the specific securities modest, and the unemployment months, and capacity utilization
$65 billion of Treasury securities expand further the System's that dealers choose to offer at rate stayed elevated. Headline leveled off at a rate still well
since the Committee decided, on holdings of longer-term Treasury future auctions. Finally, the consumer price inflation was below its longer-run average.
August 10, to begin reinvesting securities. Purchases would Manager summarized the subdued in recent months, despite Production of motor vehicles
such principal payments. continue to be concentrated in implications for the Federal a rise in energy prices, as core picked up during the third quarter
Purchases were concentrated in nominal Treasury securities with Reserve's balance sheet and consumer price inflation trended as automakers replenished
nominal Treasury securities with remaining maturities between 2 income statement of alternative lower. dealers' stocks, but motor vehicle
maturities of 2 to 10 years, though and 10 years, with some decisions that the Committee Private businesses continued to assemblies were scheduled to
some shorter-term and some purchases of shorter- and longer- might make about the size and increase their demand for labor drop back in coming months.
longer-term securities were term securities and of TIPS; with maturity distribution of the only modestly. In September, More broadly, October surveys of
purchased along with some this maturity distribution, newly SOMA's securities holdings. private nonfarm payroll new orders received by
Treasury inflation-protected purchased securities would be Participants discussed the Desk's employment remained on a manufacturers suggested that
securities (TIPS). Over the expected to have an average tentative operational plans; they gradual uptrend, and the average demand for factory goods had
intermeeting period, the Desk duration of 5 to 6 years, also discussed the potential effects workweek of all private-sector continued to increase.
also conducted a number of small- essentially the same as the of an expansion of the System's employees was unchanged for a Real personal consumption
value tri-party reverse repurchase average duration of the System's holdings of longer-term securities third month. In addition, the expenditures (PCE) rose at a
operations with the primary existing holdings of Treasury on financial markets and number of individuals working moderate rate in the third quarter.
dealers and with money market securities. The Desk planned to institutions and on the economy, part time for economic reasons NOVEMBER page 38
mutual funds that have been publish additional information and the channels through which moved back up for a second
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Rising equity prices likely term. Starts of new single-family accounted for part of the step-up, prevailed since the spring of 2009. economic activity in China. Real
resulted in some further houses rose somewhat in August but some of it likely reflected Labor compensation rose at a GDP growth apparently
improvement in net worth over and September, but the pace of another large increase in imports. moderate rate in the third quarter. moderated in the advanced
the same period. However, real construction was still noticeably In August, inventory-to-sales Private-sector wage increases, as foreign economies as well. In the
disposable personal income, below the already-depressed level ratios for most industries measured by both average hourly euro area, industrial production
which rose strongly in the first of the preceding year. New remained well below their earnings of all employees and the rose sharply in August, but
half of the year, increased only homebuilding appeared to be previous peaks. Surveys of employment cost index (ECI), purchasing managers indexes
slightly in the third quarter. As a weighed down by the backlog of purchasing managers in remained subdued. However, moved down in recent months.
result, the personal saving rate unsold existing homes and tight September and October indicated according to the ECI, employer The German economy continued
dropped back somewhat in the lending conditions for that most did not perceive their benefit costs accelerated this year to perform strongly, while recent
third quarter, although it acquisition, development, and customers' inventories to be too after posting a very small increase data showed weakness in the
remained near the high levels that construction loans. high. Business investment in in 2009. peripheral euro-area countries. A
have prevailed since late 2008. After a very strong increase in nonresidential structures was The U.S. international trade reacceleration of food and energy
Bank lending standards were still the first half of the year, business about flat in the third quarter as deficit widened in August, after prices helped push up inflation
relatively tight, and household investment in equipment and another strong increase in narrowing in July, as a modest abroad, albeit generally to still-
borrowing remained low. Surveys software posted a smaller, but spending for drilling and mining increase in nominal exports was moderate levels, in the third
taken in September and October still solid, gain in the third structures offset further declines more than offset by a strong quarter.
indicated that consumers were quarter. Nominal shipments of in outlays on commercial and increase in imports. Following Staff Review of the Financial
slightly more pessimistic about nondefense capital goods from industrial buildings. widespread declines in July, most Situation
the economic outlook than earlier domestic manufacturers remained Consumer price inflation major categories of imports The decision by the Federal Open
in the year. on a moderate uptrend through remained low in recent months. rebounded in August, with Market Committee (FOMC) at its
Activity in the housing market September. But rising demand for The total PCE price index imports of consumer goods and September meeting to maintain
remained exceptionally weak. equipment and software during increased slightly in September as capital goods exhibiting particular the 0 to 1/4 percent target range
Although sales of new and the third quarter was also satisfied consumer energy prices moved strength. Imports of petroleum for the federal funds rate was
existing homes turned up in in part by a further rise in imports up noticeably for a third month. products also increased widely anticipated. However,
August and September, the still- of capital goods. Near-term The core PCE price index was substantially, reflecting both yields declined as market
low level of demand suggested indicators of business spending on unchanged in September, and the higher volumes and higher prices. participants reportedly interpreted
that the payback for the earlier equipment and software were 12-month increase in this index The increase in exports was the language of the
boost to sales from the homebuyer generally positive. New orders for continued to trend down. At concentrated in agricultural accompanying statement to imply
tax credit had not yet faded. nondefense capital goods, earlier stages of processing, the goods, partly boosted by rising higher odds of additional asset
Moreover, despite further declines excluding aircraft, continued to rise in producer prices for prices, and in services; most other purchases and a longer period of
in mortgage interest rates in outpace shipments through intermediate materials remained major categories either declined exceptionally low short-term
recent months, other factors September. Credit conditions moderate in September, but or were flat. interest rates. Investors took
continued to restrain housing improved further in the third prices of globally traded industrial Recent indicators of foreign particular note of the statement's
demand, including consumer quarter, particularly for larger and agricultural commodities economic activity suggested that indication that inflation was
pessimism about the outlook for firms with access to the capital accelerated considerably in growth abroad had slowed below the levels consistent with
jobs and income, the depressed markets. Financing flows to October, reflecting in part the appreciably after midyear. the FOMC's dual mandate for
rate of household formation, and smaller firms, which are more lower foreign exchange value of Following an unsustainably high maximum employment and price
tight underwriting standards for dependent on banks, were more the dollar as well as concerns rate of expansion in the second stability. In the weeks following
mortgages. In addition, the subdued. about supply for certain quarter, growth of real gross the FOMC meeting, Federal
moratoriums recently announced Real nonfarm inventory commodities. In September and domestic product (GDP) in the Reserve communications, along
by some banks on the sale of investment was estimated to have October, survey measures of emerging market economies with economic data releases that
properties they had seized in picked up during the third households' short- and long-term appeared to have slowed continued to point to a tepid
foreclosures were likely to damp quarter. Rebuilding of dealers' expectations for inflation markedly, notwithstanding an NOVEMBER page 40
home sales further in the near stocks of motor vehicles remained in the ranges that have apparent acceleration in
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Failure to Consider Constraints - My Response to "Has Mish
Deflated the Inflationistas?" (Michael market topped, I received an That puts me ahead of all those
Shedlock) (Mish's Global email from someone telling me who claim to know the
Economic Trend Analysis) that he was having turkey for unknowable.
Submitted at 11/23/2010 4:16:00 AM Thanksgiving and I was the Probabilities
I am rather amused by an article turkey. I prefer to look at things in terms
on Mises by Robert P. Murphy I highlighted a sequence of of probabilities. It is highly likely
called Has Mish Deflated the treasury calls in Daniel Amerman the Fed embarks on Quantitative
"Inflationistas"? vs. Mish: Reflections on the Great Easing. That should be good for
I was aware this article was Inflation/Deflation Debate that I gold, but short term that QE may
coming, Murphy told me in am quite proud of, but no I did not easily be priced in.
advance, and I rather expected get every turn correctly. However, Moreover, the Fed may go
some hard hitting piece on inflationistas have generally been slower than what the market
i n f l a t i o n ( o r a t l e a s t s o m e wrong about treasuries for a thinks.
semblance of inflation discussion) decade. Thus, there could be a huge "sell
saying why deflationists are With most inflationistas the news" event in both gold and
wrong, and more specifically why screaming a dollar collapse is not now (although I suppose the bounce could go on longer, and I the stock market on the QE
my deflation theories are wrong. imminent, I have generally taken Euro could bounce a bit higher gave no timeframe for the drop. announcement, no matter what
Instead Murphy outlines a positions for a dollar rise when still). Moreover, Murphy fails to point that announcement is.
number of allegedly bad calls I anti-dollar sentiment has been Fundamentals of Euro vs. Dollar out statements I have frequently Should that happen, given that
have made on the stock market, extreme. Looking ahead, a key question made similar to these in a recent gold is in a long-term bull market,
the US dollar, and treasuries. No my timing was certainly not for the Euro is whether or not the interview with Chris Martenson and given that Bernanke will
I admit I got some calls wrong, always perfect, but I stand by the European governments adhere to called"Straight Talk" with likely go back to the QE well, I
and Murphy did too as he admits. ideas I presented. their austerity measures (I rather Economic Bloggers expect buying the next big dip in
Actually anyone who makes short While everyone was rah-rah on doubt it). 9. What's the question we should gold would be a higher
-term calls is bound to get a huge the Euro, I calmly pointed out A second factor is the alarming have asked, but didn't? What's probability event than buying a
percentage of them wrong. problems in Greece, Spain, the rate at which the ECB is your answer? 10% correction in the stock
Nonetheless I did call the top of Baltic states, and European banks supporting Spain. How long can Mish: I guess it would be: "Does market.
the housing market on time in that would matter. They did. And that continue? your crystal ball have a forecast There is a lot going for gold, but
summer of 2005 as well as I think they will matter again. ... for the stock market? For Gold? it is by no means a "sure thing".
numerous real-time updates. For a That I prematurely called the end Factor that all in, and the The US Dollar?" Let's start with Is the Equities Bottom In?
synopsis of data points, please see of the recent bounce in the Euro is possibility of the US dollar rising gold. I see articles everyday by Many people claim the "Bottom
Housing Update - How Far To of little concern to me. to 1.15 or even to parity vs. the some prominent people saying is In"?
The Bottom? I am not a day trader, or even a Euro is not out of the question. In things like "I know gold is going Is it? How can they know? I am
I called the stock market top on short-term trader. I am looking at a complete distortion of reality to ... whatever". not even sure if the bottom is
the S&P 500 in July of 2007 in the global economic picture, with Murphy translated my sentence " The thing is, they don't know and likely in. Look at the half-dozen
Quotes of the Day / Top Call. And eyes on risk management. the possibility of the US dollar neither do I. Only a charlatan or a 50% or greater rallies in the
no, I did not make numerous top Moreover, Murphy took rising to 1.15 or even to parity vs. fool can make such a claim. Of Nikkei over the course of two
calls on the way up. I was s t a t e m e n t s o u t o f c o n t e x t . the Euro is not out of the course the fools and charlatans decades, all taken back and then
however, a few months and a few In Time for a Dollar Bounce I question." into a short-term may be right, but it is not because some.
percentage points early. The said ... prediction the the Euro would they "know" anything. How many "knew" that would
Stock market made a new high in The time to be bullish on the soon fall to 1.15 even though I One thing I do know is that I FAILURE page 41
October. On the exact day the Euro was at the 1.18 to 1.20 level, mentioned the possibility the don't know things of that nature.
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economic outlook, appeared to rates (or Libor) over those on issuance across the credit credit contracted in August at a likely reflected the relatively
reinforce market expectations that overnight index swaps edged up spectrum and a substantial pace roughly in line with the attractive yields on liquid
additional policy accommodation but remained at levels similar to increase in commercial paper declines posted earlier in the deposits. Currency growth
would be forthcoming in the near those observed prior to the outstanding, but data for October year. Issuance of consumer asset- strengthened, with indicators
term. emergence of euro-area concerns pointed to a moderation in these backed securities was solid in suggesting strong demand from
Yields on nominal Treasury earlier this year. Spreads on flows. Issuance of syndicated September. Consumer credit abroad.
coupon securities and those on unsecured financial commercial leveraged loans in the third quality generally continued to The dollar declined about 3
TIPS declined, on net, over the paper and on asset-backed quarter remained near the improve, though delinquency percent against a broad array of
intermeeting period, largely in commercial paper remained low. average pace recorded in the first rates remained elevated. other currencies during the
response to Federal Reserve Rates on repurchase agreements half of the year. Measures of the Bank credit edged up in intermeeting period, depreciating
communications and somewhat (repos) involving various types of credit quality of nonfinancial September and October, as brisk even more against the euro and
weaker-than-expected economic collateral were little changed on corporations remained solid. The growth in banks' holdings of the yen. In addition, Chinese
data releases. Five-year inflation net. Bid-asked spreads in most pace of gross public equity securities more than offset a authorities allowed the renminbi
compensation increased over the repo transactions generally issuance from seasoned and further decline in total loans. to appreciate slightly against the
intermeeting period, and forward declined while changes in initial public offerings by Commercial and industrial (C&I) dollar. Market commentary
inflation compensation 5 to 10 haircuts on different types of repo nonfinancial firms remained loans turned down in September highlighted the possibility that
years ahead also rose. Anecdotal collateral were mixed. moderate in September and after having increased slightly major central banks would
reports pointed to the increased Broad U.S. stock price indexes appeared to slow in October. over the two previous months. A further ease monetary policy, and
likelihood of additional asset rose, on balance, over the Commercial real estate markets moderate net fraction of banks the Bank of Japan expanded its
purchases by the Federal Reserve intermeeting period, reflecting remained strained. Commercial reported, in their responses to the asset purchase program and
and to FOMC communications investor expectations of further mortgage debt in the third quarter October Senior Loan Officer reduced its policy target rate to a
noting that the Committee viewed monetary policy accommodation was estimated to have declined at Opinion Survey on Bank Lending range of 0 to 10 basis points.
underlying inflation as somewhat and better-than-expected third- a rate similar to the drop in the Practices, that they had eased Benchmark 10-year sovereign
below the levels judged to be quarter earnings news; option- second quarter, and the standards on C&I loans and yields generally declined in the
most consistent with the implied volatility on the S&P 500 delinquency rate for securitized narrowed spreads of C&I loan major advanced foreign
Committee's dual mandate as index was little changed. The commercial mortgages continued rates over their cost of funds; economies, but the overnight rate
factors contributing to lower spread between the staff's estimate to climb in September. However, demand for such loans reportedly in the euro area increased as the
yields and to the increase in of the expected real return on some signals offered modest declined, on net, over the European Central Bank continued
inflation compensation over the equities over the next 10 years encouragement. In particular, preceding three months. to allow the amount of liquidity
period. Yields on investment- and and an estimate of the expected vacancy rates for commercial Commercial real estate loans, provided to the banking system to
speculative-grade corporate bonds real return on a 10-year Treasury buildings stabilized in the third home equity loans, and consumer decline. Spreads relative to
declined somewhat more than note--a rough measure of the quarter, and the pipeline of new loans contracted. However, German bunds on the 10-year
those on comparable-maturity equity risk premium--narrowed a commercial mortgage-backed closed-end residential mortgage sovereign bonds of most
Treasury securities, leaving risk bit but remained at an elevated securities picked up a bit from loans on banks' books increased peripheral euro-area countries
spreads slightly lower. In the level. Bank stocks generally very low levels. modestly for the second month in either declined or were little
secondary market for syndicated underperformed the broader Residential mortgage refinancing a row. changed over the period, but Irish
leveraged loans, prices of loans market amid concerns about the activity moved up in late Over September and October, M2 sovereign spreads moved higher
continued to move up and bid- handling of mortgage foreclosure September and early October, expanded at an average annual on concerns over the fiscal
asked spreads narrowed a bit documents and possible lack of from an already high level, as the rate that was noticeably above its burdens associated with losses in
further. compliance with securitization average interest rate on fixed-rate pace earlier in the year. The the Irish banking sector. Major
Conditions in short-term funding agreements. mortgages fell further over the growth rate of liquid deposits equity indexes in the euro area
markets were generally stable Net debt financing by U.S. intermeeting period. In contrast, moved up, while small time and in the United Kingdom
over the intermeeting period. In nonfinancial corporations was the level of applications for deposits and retail money market increased moderately, whereas the
dollar funding markets, spreads of very strong in September, with mortgages to purchase homes mutual funds continued to NOVEMBER page 42
term London interbank offered sizable gross corporate bond remained anemic. Total consumer contract. The compositional shift
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not happen. How many in the US 10,000 down from a high of central bankers in Frankfurt, developments reversed course. and the first back-to-back decline
"knew" that housing prices could 38,000. Bernanke once again said the Fed Imagine what would happen if since the depths of despair in
not possibly collapse. I still see no reason why the S&P cannot save the economy on its these developments reversed March-April 2009.
I am quite sure that stocks are could not or should not do the own. The Fed's recent move to course. But the reality is that if the • Despite the surge in food costs,
richly priced, but that sure does same. Indeed I did suggest this add to its ballooning balance sheet deceleration of the past eight grocery chains only managed to
not mean stocks cannot rally would play out over as long as by committing to buy up to $600 months persists, then the core raise prices 0.1% last month.
further from here. another decade so I am not billion of government debt faces inflation rate will become the core • Higher cotton prices have yet to
We are in a credit bust scenario concerned about a single year that "limits" to its effectiveness, deflation rate by the second filter through — apparel prices at
with enormous deflationary does not fit a pattern I suggested. Bernanke said. The rest of the quarter of next year. Hence the retail level fell 0.4% and are
pressures, even if outright I have also on numerous government, the chairman added, Bernanke’s quest for QE2. down in each of the past three
deflation is not sustained. As occasions, although not in the could aid the Fed's efforts by Excluding shelter, core consumer months.
such, the risk in equities is a lot article he mentioned, pointed out hammering out a plan for prices actually deflated 0.05% (to • Appliance prices deflated 1.2%
higher than most think. alternate possibilities like a stock stimulative spending. So while the second decimal place) and this in October, the second decline in
Faith Bubble market that goes sideways for 5 Murphy and North think followed a 0.03% dip in as many months; furniture prices
There is a lot of confidence in the years while earning catch up to Bernanke can force prices higher, September. The last time this are down five months in a row.
Fed's ability to produce inflation. valuations. even Bernanke finally admits he metric declined in successive Clearly, the housing market has
Indeed, I think there is a bubble of The only statement Murphy made needs help. months was back in November- yet to stabilize or these items
confidence in the Fed's ability to on the alleged topic of his post This by the way goes along with December 2008 when the would still not be falling in price.
produce inflation. was that he and Gary North " a statement that I have made financial system and the economy • Hotels saw a 1.3% price slide
Should that bubble burst, think Bernanke has the power to numerous times over the years. were imploding. Now, it is simply — negative now for three months
equities can collapse far faster raise prices if he so chooses". "The FED can print money but it a case of a listless recovery failing in a row.
than most think possible. All There was no discussion of ideas can not dictate where the money to redress the vast amount of • Electronics prices dropped 0.1%
things considered, I am pretty involving that belief. All we saw goes." excess capacity overhanging the in October and have deflated for
pleased with my calls, especially was a stated belief. We did not If the Fed could dictate where it macro scene. four months running.
on gold, treasuries, and in spite of even see a definition from went, unemployment would not And, the deceleration has been • Recreational services prices
what Murphy says, the US dollar. Murphy about what inflation is. be near 10%, and prices would be very broadly based. Core goods were off 0.3% and down for two
Now About That Inflation Can Bernanke Force Prices going up 2% annually (Bernanke's prices have declined 0.24% for months in a row.
Discussion?! Higher? inflation target). two months in a row, despite what • After deflating for just the
Robert kicked off his article with I say not really, at least without Rosenberg Says Deflation commodities and the dollar have second time ever in September,
a sentence "Over the last two serious consequences. I am not Coming done. The YoY trend is now education prices were flat in
years, I have gotten perhaps the only one who believes that. Interestingly enough, the same basically flat — it was 2% last October. The three-month trend,
dozens of requests to "deal with" Ben Bernanke now believes that. day Murphy wrote his piece Dave March. Core services (which at -0.5% at an annual rate, is the
the deflationist approach of Mike Please consider Bernanke Calls Rosenberg, who does define exclude energy) have been rising lowest this metric has ever been
"Mish" Shedlock." On Congress To Help The inflation in terms of prices says by only 0.1% or lower now for — for most of the past decade, the
So where the hell was it? Economy -- For At Least The DEFLATION COMING four months running and the YoY price trend here was locked in a 6-
My long-term stock market call Fourth Time In Five Months. For The year started out with the U.S. pace of 0.8% is a record low. 8% band, and now it is negative.
still stands: the bottom may or at least the fourth time since June, core (excluding food and energy) Just take a look at these sectors Goes to show how desperate the
may not be in, however, the stock Federal Reserve Chairman Ben consumer inflation rate at 1.8% that are either deflating or colleges are to draw in cash-
market is not a measure of Bernanke publicly urged YoY; now, it is at a record low disinflating: strapped students.
inflation. Moreover, and although Congress to combat the lackluster 0.6%. This has occurred even • Communication service prices
Murphy went to great lengths to recovery by increasing with massive government • New car prices dipped 0.2% fell 0.2% in October and are down
point out the rally in equities, I government spending, a stimulus, U.S. dollar weakness, a MoM last month, the first decline three months in a row.
calmly point out Japan had at least recommendation that has gone commodity boom and an ongoing since April. • Toy prices slid 0.5% and have
six 50% rallies in the last two unheeded by lawmakers. inventory cycle. Imagine what • Used car prices were down FAILURE page 43
decades but the Nikkei sits near In a speech at a conference of would happen if these 0.9%, the second falloff in a row
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Nikkei index declined. Accordingly, the unemployment In their discussion of the households and businesses housing construction. Some
Several emerging market central rate was anticipated to recede economic situation and outlook, remained mixed. Consumer participants saw disputes over
banks tightened monetary policy, somewhat more than in the meeting participants generally spending was expanding mortgage and foreclosure
including the People's Bank of previous forecast, although the agreed that the incoming data gradually. Participants noted that documents as likely to delay the
China. Against the backdrop of margin of slack at the end of indicated that output and households were continuing their eventual recovery in housing
interest rate declines in many of 2011 was still expected to be employment were continuing to efforts to repair their balance markets. Commercial real estate
the advanced economies, as well substantial. increase, but only slowly. sheets, a process that was markets also were weak, and the
as heavy capital flows toward The staff's forecast continued to Progress toward the Committee's restraining growth in consumer availability of credit for
emerging market countries, many show subdued rates of headline dual objectives of maximum spending. Sluggish employment commercial real estate
emerging market currencies and core inflation during 2011 employment and price stability growth and elevated uncertainty transactions remained limited, but
strengthened, reportedly and 2012. However, the was described as disappointingly about job prospects also low interest rates were helping
prompting further official downward pressure on inflation slow. Participants variously noted continued to weigh on household stabilize prices.
intervention in foreign exchange from slack in resource utilization a number of factors that were spending. With respect to Participants agreed that progress
markets. was expected to be slightly less restraining growth, including low business spending, contacts in reducing unemployment was
Staff Economic Outlook than previously projected, and levels of household and business generally reported that they were disappointing; indeed, several
Because the recent data on prices of imported goods were confidence, concerns about the investing to reduce costs but were noted that the recent rate of output
production and spending were anticipated to rise somewhat durability of the economic refraining from adding workers or growth, if continued, would more
broadly in line with the staff's faster. As in previous forecasts, recovery, continuing uncertainty expanding capacity in the United likely be associated with an
expectations, the forecast for further disinflation was expected about the future tax and States. Energy producers were an increase than a decrease in the
economic activity that was to be checked by the ongoing regulatory environment, still- exception. Participants observed unemployment rate. Participants
prepared for the November stability of inflation expectations. weak financial conditions of that firms had generated rising again discussed the extent to
FOMC meeting showed little Participants' Views on Current some households and small profits, but that business contacts which employment was being
change to the staff's near-term Conditions and the Economic businesses, the depressed housing indicated those gains largely held down, and the
outlook relative to the forecast Outlook market, and waning fiscal reflected cost-cutting rather than unemployment rate boosted, by
prepared for the September In conjunction with this FOMC stimulus. Although participants top-line growth in revenues. A structural factors such as
FOMC meeting. However, the meeting, all meeting participants- considered it quite unlikely that number of businesses continued to mismatches between the skills of
staff revised up its forecast for -the six members of the Board of the economy would slide back report that they were holding back the workers who had lost their
economic activity in 2011 and Governors and the heads of the into recession, some noted that on hiring and capital spending jobs and the skills needed in the
2012. In light of asset market 12 Federal Reserve Banks-- continued slow growth and high because of uncertainty about sectors of the economy with
developments over the provided projections of output levels of resource slack could future taxes, health-care costs, and vacancies, the inability of the
intermeeting period, which in growth, the unemployment rate, leave the economic expansion regulations. But concerns about unemployed to relocate because
large part appeared to reflect and inflation for each year from vulnerable to negative shocks. In actual and anticipated demand their homes were worth less than
heightened expectations among 2010 through 2013 and over the the absence of such shocks, and also were important factors the principal they owed on their
investors that the Federal Reserve longer run. Longer-run assuming appropriate monetary limiting investment and hiring. mortgages, and the effects of
would undertake additional projections represent each policy, participants' economic Firms continued to report strong extended unemployment benefits
purchases of longer-term participant's assessment of the rate projections generally showed foreign demand for their products, on the duration of unemployed
securities, the November forecast to which each variable would be growth picking up to a moderate particularly from Asia. workers' search for a new job.
was conditioned on lower long- expected to converge, over time, pace and the unemployment rate Participants noted that the Participants agreed that such
term interest rates, higher stock under appropriate monetary declining somewhat next year. housing sector, including factors were contributing to
prices, and a lower foreign policy and in the absence of Participants generally expected residential construction and home continued high unemployment but
exchange value of the dollar than further shocks. Participants' growth to strengthen further and sales, remained depressed. differed in their assessments of
was the staff's previous forecast. forecasts are described in the unemployment to decline Foreclosures were adding to the the magnitude of such effects.
These factors were expected to Summary of Economic somewhat more rapidly in 2012 elevated supply of available Many participants saw evidence
provide additional support to the Projections, which is attached as and 2013. homes and putting downward NOVEMBER page 44
recovery in economic activity. an addendum to these minutes. Indicators of spending by pressure on home prices and
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fallen now in seven of the past Murphy and inflationistas need to quarter than rising." on China currency policy. Federal Inflation is rampant in China, not
eight months. read that sentence 100 times and The Fed can force prices up? Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke here.
• Personal care products slipped understand the practical Really? put aside traditional central bank What About Negative Interest
0.3%, the second decline in a row. implications of it. If the Fed could it would, and as I niceties and launched a direct Rates?
• Despite higher fuel costs, Rising commodity prices without noted above the Fed admitted it attack on the slow pace of China’s Gary North has made the claim
airfares have been held to less a pass-through to consumer prices cannot without the "help" of steps to strengthen its currency. the Fed could force banks to lend
than a 0.2% advance in each of kills profit margins and especially Congress. In a speech prepared for a by announcing " from this point
the past two months. destroys small businesses. That Fed Cannot Give Money Away conference at the European on, all money deposited by banks
• Jewellery prices fell 0.7% in fact imposes a serious constraint Here is another constraint on the Central Bank on Friday morning, as excess reserves will be charged
October and are down in three of on Bernanke. Fed: Unlike Congress, the Fed, Bernanke said that China’s a storage fee. This fee could be
the past five months. Lack of Sales Still #1 Problem of cannot give money away. It decision to undervalue the yuan 2%."
• The price of sporting goods was Small Businesses simply cannot, at least legally, has essentially thrown a monkey Really? Perhaps Banks would
flat after three months of decline. Please consider NFIB Report and that is a statement of fact. wrench into the global economic buy short-term treasuries at 0%.
Ditto for reading materials. Shows Lack of Sales Still #1 Sure the Fed can monetize the recovery. Perhaps they would park the
Problem of Small Businesses, debt, and it is doing so right now, The result could be slow growth money in gold futures. However,
If Bernanke Wants 2% Inflation, Inflation Barely Registers but anything in addition to that ahead “for everyone,” he said. even if the Fed could control
Why Don't We Have It? Inflation Is A Non-Issue just may sit as excess reserves. “On its current economic those possibilities, there is still
Of course North and Murphy will Historically inflation measured If consumers do not want to trajectory, the United States runs one other big constraint: Paying
point out that gasoline prices are as a big concern in the mid-to-late spend, and businesses do not want the risk of seeing millions of interest on reserves slowly over
soaring and they may claim food 1970's. Inflation concerns spiked to expand, there is not a damn workers unemployed or time helps to recapitalize banks.
prices are soaring too, although I again in the summer of 2008 thing the Fed can do about it. That underemployed for many years,” Force them to lend and losses
do not believe the latter and I do along with gas prices. In spite of is a statement of fact as well as a Bernanke said. increase. Bernanke wants to help
most of the shopping. Commodity a h u g e r e c e n t r a l l y i n constraint on the Fed, and that is The Fed could not rule out the banks recapitalize. He does not
prices certainly did soar. commodities there is no fear of why Bernanke is running around possibility that unemployment want banks to make poor loans
Regardless, that point is it is inflation now. like a chicken without a head right “might rise further in the near just to make them. That is an
irreverent because Bernanke does From the report "Seasonally now, getting involved for the first term,” he said. This could bring obvious constraint that Gary
not want oil prices or food prices adjusted, the net percent of time in history on fiscal stimulus an end to the tepid U.S. recovery, North misses.
to rise, he really wants housing owners raising prices was a net issues. he said. Moreover there are new Basel
prices to rise, and prices of stuff negative five percent, a six point Fed's Obligation is to Banks “The strategy of currency capital requirements coming up.
in general to rise. Yet, in spite of increase from September. Plans to Although I have pointed out the undervaluation has demonstrated And finally, the reason banks are
$2 trillion in agency purchases to raise prices rose five points to a Fed cannot give money away, the important drawbacks, both for the not lending is out of capital
support home prices and home net seasonally adjusted 12 percent simple fact of the matter is the world system and for the concerns. Banks need those
sales, prices are falling and home of owners. However, most plans Fed would likely not do it even if countries using that strategy,” "excess reserves" to handle
sales are at all time record lows. t o r a i s e p r i c e s h a v e b e e n it could. The Fed does not want Bernanke said. additional (and huge) mortgage-
I g n o r i n g C o n s t r a i n t A f t e r frustrated by the recession and to wreck the banking system. The Thus the actions of other related losses not yet realized.
Constraint weak sales during the past few Fed is beholden to banks and does governments pose additional What the Fed Did and Why
Murphy ignores constraint after years." not really give a damn about constraints on the Fed. By the Inquiring minds may wish to
constraint. First off, I do not think The number of business owners consumers other than they earn way, gasoline and commodity read Ben Bernanke's Washington
Bernanke can cause prices to rise raising prices is a net negative enough to remain debt slaves prices are more of a function of Post Op-Ed What the Fed did and
at will, but IF he can, it clearly is 5%. The profit squeeze continues forever. huge inflation in China, not the why: supporting the recovery and
not the prices he wants. as small businesses are not able Turning Up The Heat On China US. sustaining price stability.
"The FED can print money but it to pass along rising input prices. Further comments from Bernanke Both money supply and credit are The Federal Reserve cannot solve
can not dictate where the money The result is easy to spot: " far about his struggles to create soaring in china while credit all the economy's problems on its
g o e s , o r i n d e e d i f i t g o e s more owners report that earnings inflation and spur jobs can be collapsed in the US for 10 straight FAILURE page 45
anywhere at all." are deteriorating quarter on found in Bernanke turns up heat quarters.
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that the current unemployment conditions had begun to improve currently had little pricing power Similarly, a majority saw the economy's slow growth largely
rate was well above levels that for smaller firms that obtain and that they would continue to risks to inflation as balanced; reflected the effects of factors that
could be explained by structural credit primarily from banks. seek productivity gains to offset some, however, saw downside were not likely to respond to
factors alone, noting, for example, Banking institutions reported higher input costs. Small wage risks predominating while a additional monetary policy
reports from business contacts signs of improving credit quality. increases, coupled with couple saw inflation risks as tilted stimulus and thought that
indicating that weak growth in Improvements in household productivity gains, meant that unit to the upside. Participants also additional action would be
demand for their firms' products financial conditions were labor costs were lower than a differed in their assessments of warranted only if the outlook
remained a key reason why they contributing to better performance year earlier. Many participants the likely benefits and costs worsened and the odds of
were reluctant to add employees, of consumer loans. However, pointed to substantial slack in associated with a program of deflation increased materially.
and job vacancy rates that were banks continued to report elevated resource utilization, along with purchasing additional longer- Some participants noted concerns
low relative to historical losses on commercial real estate well-anchored inflation term securities in an effort to that additional expansion of the
experience. A number of loans, especially construction and expectations, as likely to provide additional monetary Federal Reserve's balance sheet
participants noted that continued land development loans. contribute to subdued inflation for stimulus, though most saw the could put unwanted downward
high unemployment, particularly Participants noted the risk of some time. A few participants benefits as exceeding the costs in pressure on the dollar's value in
with large numbers of workers losses at financial institutions expected that continuing resource current circumstances. Most foreign exchange markets. Several
suffering very long spells of stemming from investors putting slack would lead to some further participants judged that a program participants saw a risk that a
unemployment, would lead to an mortgages back to sellers if the disinflation in coming years. of purchasing additional longer- further increase in the size of the
erosion of workers' skills that quality of the loans was However, a few others thought term securities would put Federal Reserve's asset portfolio,
would have adverse misrepresented when the that the exceptionally downward pressure on longer- with an accompanying increase in
consequences for those workers mortgages were sold into accommodative stance of term interest rates and boost asset the supply of excess reserves and
and for the economy's potential securitization vehicles. monetary policy, coupled with prices; some observed that it in the monetary base, could cause
level of output in the longer term. Measures of price inflation had rising prices of energy and other could also lead to a reduction in an undesirably large increase in
Participants saw financial generally trended lower since the commodities as well as rising the foreign exchange value of the inflation. However, it was noted
conditions as having become start of the recession; the same prices of other imports, made it dollar. Most expected these that the Committee had in place
more supportive of growth over was true of nominal wage growth. more likely that inflation would changes in financial conditions to tools that would enable it to
the course of the intermeeting Most participants indicated that increase, within a year or two, to help promote a somewhat remove policy accommodation
period; most, though not all, of underlying inflation was levels they judged consistent with stronger recovery in output and quickly if necessary to avoid an
the change appeared to reflect somewhat low relative to levels the Committee's dual mandate. employment while also helping undesirable increase in inflation.
investors' increasing anticipation that they judged to be consistent Participants generally agreed that return inflation, over time, to Committee Policy Action
of a further easing of monetary with the Committee's statutory the most likely economic levels consistent with the Though the economic recovery
policy. Most longer-term nominal mandate to foster maximum outcome would be a gradual Committee's mandate. In addition, was continuing, members
interest rates declined, real employment and price stability. pickup in growth with slow several participants argued that considered progress toward
interest rates fell even more, While underlying inflation progress toward maximum the stimulus provided by meeting the Committee's dual
credit spreads tightened, and remained subdued, meeting employment. They also generally additional securities purchases mandate of maximum
equity prices rose, in part participants generally saw only expected that inflation would would help protect against further employment and price stability as
reflecting better-than-expected small odds of deflation, given the remain, for some time, below disinflation and the small having been disappointingly slow.
corporate earnings reports. stability of longer-term inflation levels the Committee considers probability that the U.S. economy Moreover, members generally
Inflation compensation rose expectations and the anticipated most consistent, over the longer could fall into persistent deflation- thought that progress was likely to
noticeably, returning to a level recovery in economic activity. run, with maximum employment -an outcome that they thought remain slow. Accordingly, most
more typical of recent years. They generally did not expect and price stability. However, would be very costly. Some members judged it appropriate to
Participants noted that credit appreciably higher inflation, participants held a range of views participants, however, anticipated take action to promote a stronger
remained readily available--in either. While prices of some about the risks to that outlook. that additional purchases of longer pace of economic recovery and to
debt markets and from banks--for commodities and imported goods Most saw the risks to growth as -term securities would have only a help ensure that inflation, over
larger corporations, and there had risen recently, business broadly balanced, but many saw limited effect on the pace of the NOVEMBER page 47
were some signs that credit contacts reported that they the risks as tilted to the downside. recovery; they judged that the
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own. That will take time and the do about them). housing), and also at the gas something uniquely inflationary There is much additional
combined efforts of many parties, We have yet begun to feel the pump. However, they sure did not about bank reserves financing discussion in the article but it is
including the central bank, deflationary economic show up in the CPI as noted From the article.... clear that Money Multiplier
Congress, the administration, implications of state cutbacks in above. The underlying premise of the Theory as espoused by Murphy,
regulators and the private sector. employment, wages, and benefits. That's besides the point. The key first proposition is that bank North and others did not happen
That's a heck of a lot of help We will. And it is not at all in point of discussion is Murphy's reserves are needed for banks to in Japan nor is there any evidence
needed. Admittedly the sentence Bernanke's control. He needs help misguided notion that excess make loans. An extreme version of it happening in the US, nor is
says "solve all the economy's from Congress. reserves work their way into the of this view is the text-book there a sound theoretical basis for
problems", but can the Fed solve I suggest he may get some help, economy 10-times over spawning notion of a stable money it.
any problems including but nowhere near as much as he massive price inflation. multiplier. In fiat based credit systems,
Bernanke's concern over price needs. That notion, although widely In fact, the level of reserves lending comes first, reserves
deflation? When Will the Inflation Genie believed, is simply false. hardly figures in banks’ lending come second, and extra reserves
Role of Attitudes Get Out of the Bottle? According to Money Multiplier decisions. The amount of credit do nothing much except pay
Inflationistas in general simply On December 14, 2009, in A Theory (MMT) and Fractional outstanding is determined by banks to sit in cash in cases
do not understand the role of Case for the Inflation Camp Reserve Lending, excess reserves banks’ willingness to supply where interest is paid on excess
attitudes. If consumers do not Robert P. Murphy asks When may be lent out as much as 10 loans, based on perceived risk- reserves.
want to spend they won't. Will the Inflation Genie Get Out times over and when that happens, return trade-offs, and by the Monetary Printing vs. Debt
Boomers are headed into of the Bottle? Murphy's concern is massive inflation will result. demand for those loans. Deflation
retirement scared half to death. In over "excess reserves". Money Multiplier Theory Is The main exogenous constraint There is $35 trillion in credit on
aggregate they are looking to My reason for expecting large- Wrong on the expansion of credit is the balance sheets of banks, little
downsize, not upsize. They have scale price inflation is fairly In Roving Cavaliers of Credit minimum capital requirements. of it marked to market. Yet, in
insufficient savings. They no straightforward: I see no coherent Australian economist Steve Keen A striking recent illustration of spite of the fact that Money
longer want to keep up with the strategy for Bernanke to remove has made a strong case that the tenuous link between excess Multiplier Theory is totally
Jones. Consumers are without a the excess reserves from the lending comes first and reserves reserves and bank lending is the bogus, supposedly printing $600
doubt cutting back on frivolous banking system. ... later. I discussed that at length in experience during the Bank of Billion to is going to cause
expenditures. After reviewing the evidence and Fiat World Mathematical Model. Japan’s “quantitative easing” serious inflation.
This puts negative pressure on the theories offered by the two That point alone should seal the policy in 2001-2006. The odds sure don't look very
asset prices as well as the prices camps, I still believe that hash of the debate but it keeps Japan's Quantitative Easing good to me.
of goods and services. More Bernanke's unprecedented coming up over and over. So let's Experiment Practical Constraint Recap
importantly it puts huge stress on infusions of new reserves will try one more time. click on chart for sharper image
the demand for credit by lead to rapid price increases. Please consider BIS Working Despite significant expansions in • Ability of consumers/
businesses and consumers alike. These increases may not show up Papers No 292, Unconventional excess reserve balances, and the corporations to take on more debt
Global Wage Arbitrage in the price of US financial monetary policies: an appraisal. associated increase in base • Willingness of consumers/
Let's not forget about global assets, but they will rear their ugly Note: The above link is a lengthy money, during the zero-interest corporations to take on more debt
wage arbitrage. Even if Bernanke heads at the gas pump and and complex read, recommended rate policy, lending in the • Willingness of banks/credit
could force up prices, he cannot grocery checkout. Moreover, I only for those with a good Japanese banking system did not companies to extend more credit
force up wages. Rising prices think the genie may already be understanding of monetary issues. increase robustly (Figure 4). • Ability of banks/credit
without rising wages would slipping out of the bottle. His It is not light reading. Is financing with bank reserves companies to extend more credit
increase the number of defaults. escape will only be hastened once The article addresses two uniquely inflationary? • Unwillingness of the federal
State Cutbacks the year-over-year CPI figures fallacies If bank reserves do not contribute reserve to print themselves out of
Let's not forget the implications show moderate inflation. Proposition #1: an expansion of to additional lending and are power
of 6 New Governors Seek to Kill Misguided Concern Over Excess bank reserves endows banks with close substitutes for short-term • Actions of other Central Banks
Defined Benefit Plans; 8 of 9 CA Reserves additional resources to extend government debt, it is hard to see • Actions of Congress
Cities Vote to Reduce Benefits; Price increases showed up loans what the origin of the additional FAILURE page 48
Fraudulent Promises (and what to primarily in asset prices (but not Proposition #2: There is inflationary effects could be.
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Irish PM Dissolves Government; Spanish Banks Face Debt
Challenge; Greece May "Shut-Down"; Meaning of "Guarantee";
Should Ireland Ditch the Euro? (Michael public had lost faith in the for six billion euros in savings and domestic product next year, who thinks any rally in bond
Shedlock) (Mish's Global government after its acceptance of will be the first major hurdle that Finance Minister Fernando spreads relative to Germany will
Economic Trend Analysis) a $100 billion rescue package the government must clear to Teixeira dos Santos said after be short-lived.
Submitted at 11/22/2010 7:42:00 PM over the weekend and that it prove to the European Ireland became the second euro "Credit Negative Development" in
Things continue to simmer in would pull out of the government. Commission and the international country to seek a rescue. Spain
Europe with problems appearing It called for elections early next Monetary Fund that this recession The yield premium that investors Moody’s says Spain Banks Face
on multiple fronts in Ireland, year, when a second round of -battered country can come demand to hold Portugal’s 10- Debt Challenge as ECB Cuts
Spain, Portugal, and Greece. austerity measures, forced on together and pass brutally painful year bonds instead of German Cash. Spanish banks may struggle
Here are a few of highlights: Irish Ireland as a condition of the budgets. European Banks Drop bunds narrowed to 404 basis to refinance covered bonds as the
Prime Minister Brian Cowen bailout, will be put before voters As Contagion Concerns Spread points today, on track for a European Central Bank’s plan to
announced he would step down w h o h a v e a l r e a d y s u f f e r e d Bloomberg reports European seventh straight daily decline, reduce liquidity supports forces
once a series of fiscal packages through three years of recession. Banks Drop on Concern of after a euro-era record of 484 lenders to tap debt markets at
and budgets were in place next Ireland faces a stark choice Ireland Contagion basis points on Nov. 11. Portugal record-high yield spreads,
month; Portugal Struggles to Meet between accepting cutbacks in European banking stocks fell, led carried out its last bond sale of the Moody’s Investors Service said.
Deficit Goal; High Frequency popular middle class social by Bank of Ireland Plc and Banco year on Nov. 10 and faces its next The higher cost of refinancing is
Economics Ltd. says Greece May programs or rejecting them and Santander SA, on concern that redemption in April. a “credit negative development”
‘Shut Down’ on Cash Shortage. jeopardizing the rescue package, countries including Portugal and “The Irish bailout announced over for covered bond issuers,
After a look at a few articles I which would invite default. Most Spain may need external help to the weekend will likely provide “especially if the ECB pulls back
take a look at suggestions for analysts expect that Mr. Cowen, fix their finances. some relief to peripheral bonds, its support,” Moody’s analyst
Ireland to abandon the Euro, and a whatever the condition of his Bank of Ireland, the country’s but this could be short-lived, with Tomas Rodriguez-Vigil Junco
critical look at the meaning of coalition, will be able to pass the largest lender, plunged 19 percent Portugal likely to soon return wrote in a report today. Spanish
"guarantee". budget — even though it will to 39 cents in Dublin trading. under the markets’ spotlight, as lenders have about 70 billion
I r i s h L e a d e r t o D i s s o l v e have put into law such severe Santander, Spain’s biggest, the government is finding it hard euros ($96 billion) of covered
Government After Budget Passes measures as a decrease in the dropped 4 percent to 8.19 euros in to meet its fiscal targets,” said bonds coming due in the next two
The New York Times reports, minimum wage (one of the Madrid. The 53- member Luigi Speranza, an economist at years, the analysts wrote.
I r i s h L e a d e r t o D i s s o l v e highest in Europe) and changes to Bloomberg Europe Banks and BNP Paribas SA in London. Spanish Banks rated below A1,
Government After Budget Passes. the country’s generous child Financial Services index fell 2 Credit-default swaps tied to the fifth-highest investment grade,
Prime Minister Brian Cowen said benefits. percent. Credit Default Swaps Portuguese debt jumped 29.5 face the biggest refinancing
late Monday that he would step The always churning Dublin Soar as Portugal Struggles to basis points to a one-week high of burden because they account for
down once a series of fiscal rumor mill is now in overdrive, Meet Deficit Goal 447 basis points, the biggest about 50 percent of the total
packages and budgets were in with speculation mounting that a Yields spreads in Portugal have increase since Sept. 27, according mortgage covered bonds due next
place next month, acceding to the back bench revolt might be declined seven consecutive days to data provider CMA. year, the Moody’s analysts wrote.
demands of the opposition and its brewing as Fianna Fail ministers although Credit Defaults Swaps Portuguese Prime Minister Jose Potential "Shut-Down" in Greece
coalition partner, and injecting the contemplate the possibility of suggest a different picture as Socrates on Nov. 24 will face the Bloomberg reports Greece May
threat of political instability into a going into a new election with a Portugal Says Will Do Everything country’s first joint general strike ‘Shut Down’ on Cash Shortage.
financial crisis that already has new party leader. to Meet Deficit Goal in 22 years as the two biggest Parts of Greece’s government
markets on edge. The 2011 budget is to be Portugal will do all it can to meet labor organizations protest the may be forced to “shut down” as
Earlier in the day, the minority p r e s e n t e d b e f o r e t h e I r i s h its target of cutting the budget austerity measures. I concur with
Green Party declared that the parliament on Dec. 7. It will call deficit to 4.6 percent of gross the assessment of Luigi Speranza IRISH page 50
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time, is at levels consistent with consistent, over the longer run, from agency debt and agency relative to levels that the The Committee will continue to
the Committee's mandate. In their with its dual mandate. Nearly all mortgage-backed securities in Committee judges to be monitor the economic outlook and
discussion of monetary policy for members agreed that the longer-term Treasury securities. consistent, over the longer run, financial developments and will
the period immediately ahead, statement should reiterate the The System Open Market with its dual mandate. Although employ its policy tools as
nearly all Committee members expectation that economic Account Manager and the the Committee anticipates a necessary to support the
agreed to keep the federal funds conditions were likely to warrant Secretary will keep the gradual return to higher levels of economic recovery and to help
rate at its effective lower bound exceptionally low levels of the Committee informed of ongoing resource utilization in a context ensure that inflation, over time, is
by maintaining the target range federal funds rate for an extended developments regarding the of price stability, progress toward at levels consistent with its
for that rate at 0 to 1/4 percent and period. Members agreed that the System's balance sheet that could its objectives has been mandate."
to expand the Federal Reserve's statement should note that the affect the attainment over time of disappointingly slow. Voting for this action: Ben
holdings of longer-term securities. Committee will employ its policy the Committee's objectives of To promote a stronger pace of Bernanke, William C. Dudley,
To increase its securities tools as necessary to support the maximum employment and price economic recovery and to help James Bullard, Elizabeth Duke,
holdings, the Committee decided economic recovery and to help stability." ensure that inflation, over time, is Sandra Pianalto, Sarah Bloom
to continue its existing policy of ensure that inflation, over time, is The vote encompassed approval at levels consistent with its Raskin, Eric Rosengren, Daniel
reinvesting principal payments at levels consistent with its of the statement below to be mandate, the Committee decided K. Tarullo, Kevin Warsh, and
from its securities holdings into mandate. released at 2:15 p.m.: today to expand its holdings of Janet L. Yellen.
longer-term Treasury securities At the conclusion of the "Information received since the securities. The Committee will Voting against this action:
and intended to purchase a further discussion, the Committee voted Federal Open Market Committee maintain its existing policy of Thomas M. Hoenig.
$600 billion of longer-term to authorize and direct the met in September confirms that reinvesting principal payments Mr. Hoenig dissented because he
Treasury securities at a pace of Federal Reserve Bank of New the pace of recovery in output and from its securities holdings. In judged that additional
about $75 billion per month York, until it was instructed employment continues to be slow. addition, the Committee intends accommodation would do little to
through the second quarter of otherwise, to execute transactions Household spending is increasing to purchase a further $600 billion accelerate the economy's
2011. One member dissented in the System Account in gradually, but remains constrained of longer-term Treasury continuing, gradual recovery. In
from this action, judging that the accordance with the following by high unemployment, modest securities by the end of the second his assessment, the risks of
risks of additional securities domestic policy directive:"The income growth, lower housing quarter of 2011, a pace of about additional purchases of Treasury
purchases outweighed the Federal Open Market Committee wealth, and tight credit. Business $75 billion per month. The securities outweighed the benefits.
benefits. Members agreed that the seeks monetary and financial spending on equipment and Committee will regularly review Mr. Hoenig believed that
Committee will regularly review conditions that will foster price software is rising, though less the pace of its securities purchases additional purchases would risk a
the pace of its securities purchases stability and promote sustainable rapidly than earlier in the year, and the overall size of the asset- further misallocation of resources
and the overall size of the asset- growth in output. To further its while investment in nonresidential purchase program in light of and future financial imbalances
purchase program in light of long-run objectives, the structures continues to be weak. incoming information and will that could destabilize the
incoming information and will Committee seeks conditions in Employers remain reluctant to add adjust the program as needed to economy. He also saw a potential
adjust the program as needed to reserve markets consistent with to payrolls. Housing starts best foster maximum employment for additional purchases to
best foster its goals of maximum federal funds trading in a range continue to be depressed. Longer- and price stability. undermine the Federal Reserve's
employment and price stability. from 0 to 1/4 percent. The term inflation expectations have The Committee will maintain the independence and cause long-
With respect to the statement to Committee directs the Desk to remained stable, but measures of target range for the federal funds term inflation expectations to
be released following the execute purchases of longer-term underlying inflation have trended rate at 0 to 1/4 percent and rise. Mr. Hoenig also believed it
meeting, members agreed that it Treasury securities by the end of lower in recent quarters. continues to anticipate that was not appropriate to indicate
was appropriate to adjust the June 2011 in order to increase the Consistent with its statutory economic conditions, including that economic and financial
statement to make it clear that the total face value of domestic mandate, the Committee seeks to low rates of resource utilization, conditions were "likely to warrant
unemployment rate was elevated, securities held in the System foster maximum employment and subdued inflation trends, and exceptionally low levels of the
and that measures of underlying Open Market Account to price stability. Currently, the stable inflation expectations, are federal funds rate for an extended
inflation were somewhat low, approximately $2.6 trillion. The unemployment rate is elevated, likely to warrant exceptionally period" or to reinvest principal
relative to levels that the Committee also directs the Desk and measures of underlying low levels for the federal funds NOVEMBER page 51
Committee judged to be to reinvest principal payments inflation are somewhat low, rate for an extended period.
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• Demographics they won't be, at least on a meet some asinine idea that and a “point-by-point” list from the agency debt market!) That
• Global wage arbitrage permanent basis. prices need to rise 2% a year, that speech. didn’t work...
• Fed cannot create jobs I recently discussed this idea just when to the perspective of the 1. Reduce nominal interest rate 11. Influence yields on privately
• Fed cannot give money away a few days ago in Following the average consumer prices are to zero. Check. That didn’t issued securities. (Note: the Fed
• Fed is beholden to banks Path of Japan and the Madness of going up much more than that, via work... used to be restricted in doing
Bernanke Fighting Just That taxes alone, let alone the grocery 2. Increase the number of that, but not anymore.) Check.
In theory the Fed can cause I have been saying for 5 years the store and gasoline pump. dollars in circulation, or credibly That didn’t work...
inflation rather easily. In practice US would follow the path of Berkanke's policies are just as threaten to do so. Check. That 12. Offer fixed-term loans to
the Fed has to deal with many Japan. An interesting chart in the mad from the perspective credit. didn’t work... banks at low or zero interest,
practical constraints. New York Times shows this is In a fiat credit-based regime, 3. Expand the scale of asset with a wide range of private assets
Murphy can believe what he indeed what has happened. there will be no significant purchases or, possibly, expand the deemed eligible as collateral
wants but he sure did not address click on chart for sharper image sustainable hiring or economic menu of assets it buys. Check & (…Well, I’m still waiting for
any issues of substance in his Madness of Bernanke growth when consumer and check. That didn’t work... them to accept bellybutton lint &
piece. Bernanke wants prices to rise business credit is collapsing. Net 4. Make low-interest-rate loans to Beanie Babies, but I’m sure my
By the way, I want to point out 2% a year. One problem is he credit creation has been negative banks. Check. That didn’t patience will be rewarded.
my definition of inflation and does not count food, energy, or for 10 quarters. Bernanke is work... Besides their “mark-to-maturity”
deflation once again. housing. Although OER (Owners attempting to stimulate lending, 5. Cooperate with fiscal offers will be more than enticing!)
Inflation is a net expansion of Equivalent Rent) is the largest and the Fed can print all the authorities to inject more money. Anyway… Check. That didn’t
money supply and credit, where component of housing, rent and money it wants. However, the Check. That didn’t work... work...
credit is marked to market. housing prices are two different Fed cannot force banks to lend or 6. Lower rates further out along 13. Buy foreign government debt
Deflation is the opposite: a net things. Property taxes and sales consumers to borrow. the Treasury term structure. (and although Ben didn’t
contraction of money supply and taxes are yet another thing, and For now, Bernanke's efforts have Check. That didn’t work... specifically mention it, let’s not
credit, where credit is marked to those are not factored into the caused rising commodity prices, 7. Commit to holding the forget those dollar swaps with
market. CPI either. which is hurting small businesses overnight rate at zero for some foreign nations.) Check. That
By that definition, consumer We are clearly following the that cannot pass on those price specified period. Check. That didn’t work...
prices and the stock market are path of Japan, especially if we increases because consumers are didn’t work... Now What?
s y m p t o m s o f i n f l a t i o n a n d include an analysis of housing and tapped out. The net effect of the 8. Begin announcing explicit I wrote about Bernanke's
deflation not a definition of it. equity prices including the policies of this Fed and this ceilings for yields on longer- Deflation Prevention Scorecard in
There are many more symptoms. Nasdaq. Yet to the pocketbook of administration is small businesses maturity Treasury debt (bonds April 2009.
Not all symptoms need be present the average US citizen, costs are are getting crucified in a price maturing within the next two Now, Bernanke is squealing like
all the time. going up, wages and benefits are squeeze. years); enforce interest-rate a stuck pig, begging Congress and
Following the Path of Japan going down (except of course for Thus, whether you view inflation ceilings by committing to make China to help him produce price
I have stated on many occasions W a l l S t r e e t a n d p u b l i c from a price perspective, or from unlimited purchases of securities inflation in the US
that if deflation is defined as an e m p l o y e e s ) . the proper perspective of credit at prices consistent with the Regarding points 8 and 9 above:
increase in prices, we may or Bernanke Doubly Wrong expansion, Bernanke is simply targeted yields. Check, and the Fed did purchase treasuries
may not see it. By my definition Regardless of what your position wrong. His policies have failed. check. That didn’t work... and agencies, but admittedly
we were in deflation in 2007 is regarding measuring inflation Bernanke's Deflation Prevention 9. If that proves insufficient, cap without an explicit ceiling.
through March 2009 and we have ( p r i c e s o r credit-based), Scorecard yields of Treasury securities at Theory and Practice
probably been in inflation since Bernanke is horrendously wrong. In case no one is keeping track, still longer maturities, say three to Murphy claims "Bernanke has
then. It is sheer madness in a world of Bernanke has now fired every six years. Check (they’re buying the power to raise prices if he so
I thought we were slipping back global wage arbitrage, where 14 bullet from his 2002 “ helicopter out to 7 years right now.) That chooses". Can he? With whose
i n t o d e f l a t i o n b u t t h e F e d million are unemployed, where drop” speech Deflation: Making didn’t work... help? At cost constraints
temporarily put a halt to that with the unemployment rate is close to Sure "It" Doesn't Happen Here. 10. Use its existing authority to Bernanke can ignore?
QE II. That does not mean the Fed 10%, to pursue a policy of Bernanke's Scorecard operate in the markets for agency FAILURE page 53
will be successful. Indeed I think attempting to force prices up, to Here is Bernanke’s roadmap, debt. Check (in fact, they “own”
E-reader News Edition Economy/ 49

Ireland's "String and Sealing-Wax Fix"; Irish PM Loses
Confidence of Own Party; European Sovereign Default Risk Hits
All Time High (Michael “With markets effectively in a the sovereign and the impaired Dublin today. “Several members month low on concern that
Shedlock) (Mish's Global position to dictate policy, the risk financial institutions has been will stand up and ask him to go shareholders will be diluted in any
Economic Trend Analysis) is that the credibility crisis shifts weakened,” the Munich-based after the budget” on Dec. 7. government bailout.
Submitted at 11/23/2010 1:12:00 PM to more sizeable European Union strategist wrote. “The Cowen’s position is weakening Bank of Ireland slid 31 percent to
News in Europe regarding countries and thereby poses a disentanglement of the sovereign as he opens formal negotiations 27 cents at 12:45 p.m. in Dublin
Ireland, Spain, and Portugal is greater risk to the system as a and the financial sector solvency with the European Union and the trading after dropping 19 percent
ominous. Credit Default Swaps whole,” they wrote. That may also issue is the pivotal factor to International Monetary Fund over yesterday. Allied Irish Banks Plc,
(CDS) are soaring in Spain and raise “valid questions about the manage the European periphery’s a rescue package to help stabilize the country’s second-largest
Portugal. European sovereign risk prescriptive policy measures debt problems.” the country’s banking system. lender, fell 19 percent to 33 cents
jumped to an all-time high. being sufficient to deal with “Bailouts are nothing but a short- Fianna Fail lawmakers will meet and Irish Life & Permanent Plc,
Lloyds TSB says "Ireland’s debt issues of such magnitude.” Credit term string-and-sealing- wax fix,” tonight, a day after the Green which has avoided a bailout so
woes may spread because Default Swaps Soar in Spain, Bill Blain, a strategist at Matrix Party, Cowen’s junior coalition far, fell 4.8 percent to 80 cents.
investors have lost confidence in Portugal Corporate Capital LLP in London, partners, called for a January “That the banks will be obliged to
policy makers". In spite of the Irish bailout, wrote in a client note. “We into election, saying he “misled’ raise further capital now looks
Members of his own party are Spain, Portugal Bank Debt Risk the next stage of the euro voters over the past two weeks. assured,” Emer Lang, an analyst
calling on Irish Prime Minister Soars as Traders Look South The sovereign crisis. It’s now a Ireland Borrowing Costs 5%, with Dublin-based securities firm
Brian Cowen to resign. cost of insuring Spanish and struggle between the political will Same as Greece Davy, wrote in a note today. “The
The quote of the day goes to Bill Portuguese subordinated bank of the Brussels elites to maintain Dutch Finance Minister says timing of any increase will hinge
Blain, a strategist at Matrix bonds soared as traders of credit- the euro as is, versus the markets Ireland to Borrow From EU at on the balance struck between
Corporate Capital LLP in London default swaps turned their focus to betting they can’t.” Irish Prime Same Rate as Greece Ireland will ‘immediate’ additional capital
who said "“Bailouts are nothing southern Europe following Minister Brian Cowen Loses pay about the same interest rate injections and ‘top-ups’.” Rescue
but a short-term string-and- Ireland’s bailout. Confidence of His Own Party on emergency loans from the Package Set at $114 Billion, 85
sealing-wax fix”. Swaps on Portugal’s Banco Members of his Fianna Fail Party European Union as Greece, Dutch Billion Euros
With that let's take a look at some Espirito Santo SA rose to a record may ask Cowen to Resign. Irish Finance Minister Jan Kees de The cost of the bailout keeps
specific news. while contracts on Banco Bilbao Prime Minister Brian Cowen may Jager said. going up. The original estimate
Zero Confidence in Irish Solution Vizcaya Argentaria SA, Spain’s be asked to resign by some “We agreed that it will take place was for a $50 billion bailout.
Lloyds says Ireland’s Woes May second-biggest lender, climbed to members of his Fianna Fail party at about the same conditions and Now, Ireland Said to Need 85
Spread on ‘Zero Confidence’“The the highest in more than five as the parliament prepares to pass pricing as with Greece,” De Jager Billion Euros for Rescue
markets currently have virtually months. The benchmark gauge of the country’s 2011 budget, a said in an interview at the European Union officials estimate
zero confidence that the bailout in European sovereign risk also lawmaker in the party said. ministry in The Hague yesterday. that a rescue package for Ireland
Ireland will solve the European jumped to an all-time high, while “Tonight I’ll be telling him that Ireland will have to pay interest of may amount to about 85 billion
crisis even though fiscal austerity two indexes tied to bank debt I’ve lost confidence in you, the “about” five percent on the euros ($114 billion), according to
measures in both Portugal and surged the most since June. public has lost confidence in you emergency loans, he said. two officials familiar with the
Spain have been severe and prima Ireland’s rescue “achieves and for the sake of the country Dilution Concerns Plague Bank of talks.
facie, sufficient to ease market completely the opposite of what it and the party, give us an Ireland The European Commission cited
concerns,” Charles Diebel and allegedly tries to achieve, namely indication when you will resign Over bailout dilution concerns, the figure as a preliminary
David Page, fixed-income to calm markets,” Tim Brunne, at and let us select somebody to lead shares of Bank of Ireland Plunge estimate on a conference call of
strategists in London, wrote in an UniCredit SpA said in a report. us into the next election,” Noel 31 Percent Bank of Ireland Plc,
investor note today. “Instead, the credit profile of both O’Flynn told Bloomberg News in Ireland’s largest bank, fell to a 20- IRELAND'S page 52
50 E-reader News Edition
continued from page 46

early as next week if the country interest costs on its debt, and the kept in mind is that even a "Firepower of Stupidity" Both need to happen regardless of
isn’t able to cover a revenue result of operating at levels of relatively small country like Today the Irish Government sold what labour parties might think.
shortfall after its European Union economic output that are well Ireland has options. Specifically, its citizens into debt slavery by However the biggest job creation
partners delayed its next tranche below full employment – both they could drop out of the euro agreeing to guarantee stupid loans effort will come from Ireland
of aid money, High Frequency outcomes that can be pinned and default on their debt. What made by German, British, and US telling the ECB and IMF to stuff
Economics Ltd. said. largely on the ECB. Can't Be Paid Back, Won't banks. Those loans fueled one of it. There is no reason Irish citizens
“With a big tax revenue shortfall, It is worth remembering that There is much more in the the biggest property bubbles in should have to pay back the
cash requirements are surely Ireland's government was a model Guardian article regarding what the world. Ireland has since foolish guarantees made by Brian
greater than the 6.5 billion euros of fiscal probity prior to the went wrong in Argentina and crashed. Cowen.
($8.95 billion) Athens was meant economic meltdown. It had run why, and how the IMF did Why the average Irish citizen Cowen will be gone soon
to receive next week,” Carl B. large budget surpluses for the 5 everything it could to sabotage should have to bail out foreign enough, and the next PM can and
Weinberg, chief economist at years prior to the onset of the Argentina. It is an interesting read bondholders is beyond me, but I should have different thoughts
Valhalla, New York-based High crisis. Ireland's problem was well worth a look. do note that the same happened in about the meaning of "guarantee".
Frequency wrote in a note to certainly not out of control My only point of major the US with taxpayers footing an German Chancellor Angela
clients today. government spending; it was a disagreement is with Baker's enormous bill for Fannie Mae, Merkel last month called for
“Unless the government gets reckless banking system that suggestion that Ireland could drop Freddie Mac, and AIG. bondholders to foot more of the
funds soon after Nov. 30, it will fueled an enormous housing out of the Euro. While Ireland No matter what stupid thing bill of European bailouts. I agree.
run out of cash,” Weinberg said. bubble. The economic wizards at certainly "could", such a move banks do, prime ministers and It's time to hold her to her word.
“If so, the government will have the ECB and the IMF either could also cause hyperinflation, a presidents are all too willing to Mike "Mish" Shedlock
to shut down, at least in part.” couldn't see the bubble or didn't loss of faith in the currency. make the average taxpayer foot h t t p : / /
Ireland should 'do an Argentina' think it was worth mentioning. Default is another matter. The the bill for the mess. That by the globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot.
Dean Baker writing for the The decision to make Ireland's austerity measures imposed by the way, is one reason why we get com
Guardian says Ireland should 'do workers, along with workers in IMP practically beg for default. into these messes in the first Click Here To Scroll
an Argentina' Ireland is currently Spain, Portugal, Latvia and Will the next government go place. Thru My Recent Post List
experiencing a 14.1% elsewhere, pay for the along with any budget agreement By agreeing to take on that debt, Mike "Mish" Shedlock is a
unemployment rate. As a result of recklessness of their country's Prime Minister Brian Cowen and sticking it to the Irish registered investment advisor
bailout conditions that will require bankers is entirely a political one. works out now? taxpayers who will be forced to representative for SitkaPacific
more cuts in government spending There is no economic imperative I suspect not, nor do I think accept various austerity measures Capital Management. Sitka
and tax increases, the that says that workers must pay; Ireland should, although they may to pay back that debt, Irish Prime Pacific is an asset management
unemployment rate is almost this is a political decision being try for a while. What can't be paid Minister Brian Cowen and firm whose goal is strong
certain to go higher. The Irish imposed by the ECB and IMF. back won't. The sooner Irish Finance Minister Brian Lenihan performance and low volatility,
people are likely to wonder what This should be a huge warning citizens realize this, the better off just sold Ireland down the river. regardless of market direction.
their economy would look like if flag for progressives and, in fact, Ireland will be. For additional insight on how the Visit
they had not been rescued. anyone who believes in The critical point made by Baker crash affects Ireland, please see /account_management.html to
The pain being inflicted on democracy. If the ECB puts is " The decision to make Ireland's Ghost Estates and Broken Lives: learn more about wealth
Ireland by the ECB/IMF is conditions on a rescue package, it workers pay for the recklessness the Human Cost of the Irish Crash management and capital
completely unnecessary. If the will be very difficult for an of their country's bankers is Ireland at Crossroads preservation strategies of Sitka
ECB committed itself to make elected government in Ireland to entirely a political one. There is Ireland is at a major crossroads. Pacific.
loans available to Ireland at low reverse these conditions. In other no economic imperative that says The fact that Irish Prime Minister
interest rates, a mechanism words, the issues that Ireland's that workers must pay; this is a Brian Cowen is willing to step
entirely within its power, then voters will be able to decide are political decision being imposed down helps.
Ireland would have no serious likely to be trivial in importance by the ECB and IMF." I agree that Ireland certainly
budget problem. Its huge relative to the conditions that will Firepower of Stupidity needs reforms. Lowering the
projected deficits stem primarily be imposed by the ECB. I repeat what I said in Irish minimum wage will help create
from the combination of high The other point that should be Citizens Sold Down the River in jobs. So will reducing benefits.
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continued from page 47

payments from agency debt and Committee's objectives, longer-run projections contained the financial crisis. In current
mortgage-backed securities in possibilities for supplementing the in the Summary of Economic circumstances, however, most
long-term Treasury securities. In Committee's communication Projections, which is released saw advantages to a more
his assessment, this continued about its policy decisions, the once per quarter in conjunction incremental approach that would
high level of monetary policy merits of smaller and more with the minutes of four of the involve smaller changes in the
accommodation could put at risk frequent adjustments in the Committee's meetings, convey Committee's holdings of securities
the achievement of the Federal Reserve's intended considerable information about calibrated to incoming data. TV Families We'd
Committee's long-run policy securities holdings versus larger participants' assessments of their Finally, participants discussed the
objectives. and less frequent adjustments, statutory objectives. Participants potential benefits and costs of
Want to Spend
It was agreed that the next
meeting of the Committee would
and the potential costs and
benefits of targeting a term
discussed whether it might be
useful for the Chairman to hold
setting a target for a term interest
rate. Some noted that targeting
Thanksgiving With
be held on Tuesday, December interest rate. The agenda did not occasional press briefings to the yield on a term security could Kim Potts (TV Squad)
14, 2010. The meeting adjourned contemplate any policy decisions provide more detailed information be an effective way to reduce Submitted at 11/23/2010 8:00:00 AM

at 1:15 p.m. on November 3, and none were taken. to the public regarding the longer-term interest rates and thus
2010. Participants agreed that greater Committee's assessment of the provide additional stimulus to the Filed under: Features, Holiday
Notation Vote public understanding of the outlook and its policy economy. But participants also TV
By notation vote completed on Committee's interpretation of its decisionmaking than is included noted potentially large risks, We're not saying there's anything
October 8, 2010, the Committee statutory objectives could in Committee's short post-meeting including the risk that the Federal wrong with your family ... you're
unanimously approved the contribute to better statements. Reserve might find itself buying probably looking very much
minutes of the FOMC meeting macroeconomic outcomes. In their discussion of the relative undesirably large amounts of the forward to spending another long,
held on September 21, 2010. Participants expressed a range of merits of smaller and more relevant security in order to keep long, loooong Thanksgiving Day
Videoconference Meeting of views about the potential costs frequent adjustments versus larger its yield close to the target level. with your relatives. Right? Or
October 15 and benefits of quantifying the and less frequent adjustments in Join the conversation about this maybe not. But whether your own
The Committee met by Committee's interpretation of its the Federal Reserve's intended story » folks are delightful or
videoconference on October 15 to statutory mandate to promote securities holdings, participants dysfunctional, we bet you'll agree
discuss issues associated with its price stability by adopting a generally agreed that large that these TV families would
monetary policy framework, numerical inflation objective or a adjustments had been appropriate make great Turkey Day hosts ...
including alternative ways to target path for the price level. In when economic activity was Permalink| Email this| Linking
express and communicate the the end, participants noted that the declining sharply in response to Blogs| Comments

'Luther' and New TV Shows on DVD for Nov. 23,
Elizabeth Chan (TV Squad) there aren't many more TV DVDs far cry from his Stringer Bell
Submitted at 11/23/2010 7:30:00 AM coming out this week. days.
However, there is one key DVD Definitely get this DVD and
Filed under: TV Shows on DVD that does hit the shelves today. check out the rest of the DVDs
Considering 'tis the holiday As fans of 'The Wire' have that hit the stores today after the Hey Zombie Bears, It's
shopping season with both "Black watched their favorite characters jump! Time To Admit The
Friday" and "Cyber Monday" land in other shows, Idris Elba Permalink| Email this| Linking
coming up on the heels of headed back to the other side of no-nonsense detective, in his Blogs| Comments Recession Is Over
Thanksgiving, it's surprising that the pond in 'Luther.' Elba plays a native British accent to boot -- a Barry
“ Dude, Ritholtz
you (Money Game)
page 52love a good
Submitted don’t
at 11/23/2010 you?
2:04:00 PM You
52 Food/ E-reader News Edition
continued from page 51 continued from page 49

actually have fum when the the tech boom, the 2003 post- flexible, intellectually nimble, euro-region finance ministers on telling the ECB and IMF to stuff
market is getting killed.“ dotcom-implosion rally, the open minded. One cannot marry a Nov. 21, said the people, who it. There is no reason Irish
Prior to the collapse, there were commodity boom, the 2009 position, ignore data that goers spoke on condition of anonymity citizens should have to pay back
few bigger bears than I. Kevin snapback. against it, and just hope for the because the talks were private. Of the foolish guarantees made by
(my partner) constantly harangued After the flood, I started looking best. the total, 35 billion euros would Brian Cowen.
me about it. That’s his quote for the silver lining. We already Markets on occasion appear be earmarked for banks and 50 Cowen will be gone soon
above, and I admit to some level had a massive crisis and collapse, irrational. They operate on billion euros to help finance the enough, and the next PM can and
of guilt. so the worst of what came before different time scales than humans Irish government. should have different thoughts
Understand why this was: The was already reflected in equity do. We are stuck in the moment, Contagion is spreading through about the meaning of
long hours of research put into prices and trader psychology. they exist across longer arcs of the euro region as Ireland "guarantee".
identifying the variant perspective Even after all this, these reflexive time. So very often, we cannot hammers out an aid package with German Chancellor Angela
was a lonely path. There were no Bears refuse to flip. They will not adapt to their ways. We fight the EU and the International Merkel last month called for
guarantees it would be correct. admit the economy is getting them . . . and we lose. Monetary Fund to rescue its bondholders to foot more of the
Worse still, it took a long time — better, albeit slowly. They insist Meanwhile GDP was revised to banking system. Spanish bonds bill of European bailouts. I agree.
years — to pay off professionally. the recession was a depression; 2.5% (more than previously tumbled, pushing the extra yield It's time to hold her to her word.
I ate a lot of crow, and was they insist it never ended. These calculated) on increased exports that investors demand to hold its Mike "Mish" Shedlock
mercilessly tortured by eejits over are the bears who cannot be boosted domestic spending. 10-year debt over German bunds h t t p : / /
what I knew was a giant debacle killed. They will stay bearish, Bad news, bears The Recession is to a euro-era record of 236 basis globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot.
in the making. regardless of the data that all but over . . . Check out Barry points. Irish bonds also dropped com
When the deluge came, I insists otherwise. Ritholtz's take on the end of the today. A tip of the hat to Click Here To Scroll
incorporated the collapse into my These are the Zombie Bears . . . stock-bond correlation > Bloomberg for every one of the Thru My Recent Post List
thinking. It changed the valuation they cannot be killed. Join the conversation about this above links. Mike "Mish" Shedlock is a
calculus, the surprise factor, the As I write this, the market is off story » Ireland at Crossroads registered investment advisor
psychology. I didn’t want to be 1.5%, and some of our long Here are my thoughts expressed representative for SitkaPacific
one of those guys– the über bears positions will soon hit our sell in Irish PM Dissolves Capital Management. Sitka
who stayed negative regardless. discipline (We will stop ourselves Government; Spanish Banks Face Pacific is an asset management
This unfortunate crew missed the out). This is the nature of asset Debt Challenge; Greece May firm whose goal is strong
1982 lows, the 1980s bull market, management: One needs to be "Shut-Down"; Meaning of performance and low volatility,
"Guarantee"; Should Ireland Ditch regardless of market direction.
Season's Best: Roasted Turkey the Euro? Visit
(Cooking Light: Editor's Picks) Ireland is at a major crossroads. /account_management.html to
on someone else's site, please read
The fact that Irish Prime Minister learn more about wealth
our FAQ page at
Sorry, Readability was unable to Brian Cowen is willing to step management and capital
parse this page for content. down helps. preservation strategies of Sitka
Five Filters featured article:
This entry passed through the I agree that Ireland certainly Pacific.
Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
Full-Text RSS service — if this is needs reforms. Lowering the
Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
your content and you're reading it minimum wage will help create
jobs. So will reducing benefits.
Both need to happen regardless of
what labour parties might think.
However the biggest job creation
effort will come from Ireland
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continued from page 48

In theory, the Fed can cause eat more cake. It's up to Congress, Mike "Mish" Shedlock
'Tis the season to be
massive inflation at will. In
practice, they can't. As Yogi Berra
not the Fed, and I doubt Congress
want to eat as much cake as the
h t t p : / /
globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot. sexist? Not like it used to
once quipped " In theory there is Fed needs. com
no difference between theory and
practice. In practice, there is."
Not Start of Blog Wars
No sports fans this is not the start
Click Here To Scroll
Thru My Recent Post List
You can lead a horse to money, of blog wars. Although Murphy Mike "Mish" Shedlock is a Consumer Reports Shopping slacks ad?)
Blog (Consumer Reports) Suggestive advertising is still
you can't make him eat it. That's did an anemic job of covering any registered investment advisor
the very important difference. It's issues of merit regarding the representative for SitkaPacific Submitted at 11/23/2010 11:08:58 AM pretty common (see AXE
a question of attitudes. inflation-deflation debate in his Capital Management. Sitka deodorant and American Apparel
The Fed can certainly encourage article, I wholeheartedly endorse Pacific is an asset management 'Tis the season to be sexist? Not clothing). But the holiday season
inflation by offering money at his post My Debate Challenge to firm whose goal is strong like it used to be seems to be off to a fairly tame
seemingly attractive rates, but it Paul Krugman in which he performance and low volatility, In"Oh honey, you shouldn't start. Some viewers might be
cannot force the issue. challenges Krugman to a debate regardless of market direction. have!" we talked about the perils offended by the Target Two-Day
Right now, neither consumers nor on Austrian versus Keynesian Visit of buying your spouse a vacuum Sale television campaign, in
businesses want the risk. They are business-cycle theory. /account_management.html to or toaster for the holidays. Our which comedian Maria Bamford
too loaded up with debt already, Murphy has over $50,000 in learn more about wealth final word: if you do go the small plays two sisters—one dour, the
no matter how attractive the Fed pledges as of a couple weeks ago. management and capital appliance route, make sure it's a other oddly ageless—gearing up
wants debt to appear. It's like The goal is $100,000. preservation strategies of Sitka t o p m o d e l f r o m C o n s u m e r for the Black Friday bonanza. But
trying to give a kid one piece of 95% of the pledges will go to the Pacific. Reports reviews—and maybe it's more creepy than chauvinistic.
cake too many. At some point, Fresh Food Program at throw in something silky for good (Feel free to disagree in the
extra frosting makes the cake look measure. comment box below.)
less attractive, not more. At that To make a pledge please click on T h e t r o u b l e w i t h s m a l l Things could still take a turn for
point the kid will not take another Murphy-Krugman Debate. appliances, of course, is the whiff the sexist. Even with Christmas
bite. Beating Krugman should be easy of chauvinism they can bring. But Creep pushing the holidays up to
That is the point we are at now. enough, and the results should be seasonal sexism used to be a lot summer this year, we've yet to
The Fed is hoping Congress will entertaining. worse, as a story on feel the full brunt of the 2010
the"The 10 most sexist ads of advertising blitz. But we're
How to Avoid Online Holiday Shopping yesteryear" makes clear. Most of guessing we won't see anything
the spots hail from the heady Mad o n t h e o r d e r o f t h e o l d
Pitfalls M e n d a y s o f a d v e r t i s i n g , Volkswagen ad that warned But not all deals are as great as including the vacuum cleaner spot "Sooner or later, your wife will
(Reader's Digest they seem at first glance. Our with the tag line "Christmas drive home: one of the best
Magazine) (Financiallyfit on friends at morning she'll be happier with a r e a s o n s f o r o w n i n g a
share five potential pitfalls to Hoover." There's also the ad for a V o l k s w a g e n . "
Submitted at 11/22/2010 8:13:46 PM online holiday shopping, and Kenwood Chef stand mixer, —Daniel DiClerico Subscribe
With the holiday shopping season some ways you can address them featuring a smiling couple, loads now!
quickly approaching, we are all to maximize savings and of mixed drinks, and the line "The S u b s c r i b e t o
looking for ways to save. One of
the best ways to cut costs and
minimize stress: Explosive Digital C h e f d o e s e v e r y t h i n g b u t for expert
cook—that's what wives are for!" Ratings, buying advice and
avoid hassles is to shop online. Art by Archan Some of the other campaigns are r e l i a b i l i t y o n h u n d r e d s o f
way racier (remember the tiger products. Update your feed
Nair (15 pieces) lady from the 1970 Mr. Leggs preferences
Nair isBlog
a page
visual - My
54 artist,
Modern Metropolis)
illustrator and art director based in
54 E-reader News Edition
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New Delhi, India whose work can for making me a part of this you? experimentation going on. I also loved was the creative freedom
only be described as explosive. At wonderful discussion. It's a real Life = Inspiration. Everything see a lot of concept-oriented they gave and the fact that they
18, he began working in fashion pleasure! India is a stunning, and anything could inspire. Even works becoming stronger these wanted me to create from the
at his family's apparel beautiful country. I am in love this conversation or a cup of chai days, as well. heart, completely! Was beautiful
manufacturing business. It was with this part of the world. Truly (tea) which I hardly have, you, my Who are some other artists that working with them and I hope to
only when he started dabbling in blessed to be born here in this friends, travels, anything really. I you admire? do more with them in the future.
digital art in 2006 (at the age of divine land. My art and am very vulnerable to inspiration. I love a lot of musicians like How did you land jobs with
24), that he found his true calling. expressions have a natural I get inspired very easily, so it is Shpongle, Bassnectar and Baths.. magazines like Vogue and GQ?
Just a year later, he became an influence from our rich culture, just this incredible beautiful life been listening to them lately. I It was through magazine features
independent artist. atmosphere, and heritage. So which works with us, where it listen to a lot of music and artists. and press coverage, that Condé
His incredible style has not gone much richness in fashion, food, creates and lets us create. Also, I admire a lot of artists and Nast came across my work and
unnoticed, in fact, he's worked streets, festivals, people.. every What drives you to create, or sculptors in interiors and villages we started doing projects together.
with global companies to help part of India you go to, you what is the soul vision behind of India, they produce some Started with GQ first and then
build their brand. With an experience so much diversity.. it's your works of art? beautiful works of art. Vogue. I have done a couple of
impressive client list that includes full of soul and passion. I Wow, these two questions go How has the internet helped you projects with each of them, and
Canon, Nike, Microsoft, Pepsi definitely get a lot of influence seamlessly with each other. The get your name out there? really enjoy creating with them
and Sony, you can say that at the directly or indirectly from this excitement to share, to express, to Technology in any form, mobile, now.
age of 27, Archan has already country I have grown up in, which inspire is always pushing me to internet, has not only made the Any advice you'd give to other
experienced a great deal of has embedded its values into me create. My works express what I world smaller, but the way we illustrators or artists?
success. (His work has also been subconsciously. feel, a lot of the phases and keep in touch with easy other has To follow your heart, to be
published in magazines like How would you describe your moments I observe around me, become far more easier, whether absolutely original, and to explore
Vogue, GQ and Vanity Fair.) style? and it really depends on a it be friends or network. I feel it and enjoy what you do.
Using mixed media, including I feel like I don't have a style, and particular mood. It's the zone I'm plays an equal role having a Thank you for the interview,
both traditional and digital tools, that is my style.. that I don't have in to create at that time. website presence as much as Archan. I'm sure your work and
Archan creates layered a style. Haha! Because I love What are some of the trends showcasing our artworks in the story will inspire many others.
illustrations that are full of detail. experimenting with media so you've been seeing in digital art? real physical plane. I believe that You can find Archan Nair on his
But more than that, you can tell much, I keep creating something There has been a lot of variety I if we create from our hearts, all of recently redesigned website and
that he put his emotions and new all the time. This usually have come across, just as any these areas of communication and Facebook.
feelings into each piece, bringing leads to creating something new other medium. From illustration, display help in one way or the Thanks for the tip, Laura!
together life's moments in a way rather than something in a similar to more concept based, to other.
that's beautiful and memorable. style. But one element which is freestyle to photo manipulations, What was working for Nike like?
We caught up with Archan to ask common in most of my artworks matte painting. I think every artist It was a true pleasure to work
him some questions. Read that is my feelings. That is something evolves in his own way, in his with Nike. It has been a beautiful
interview below after enjoying his I always connect with while own speed and area of interest. experience for me. The projects I
spectacular art and illustrations. creating and personally comes out But as a trend I usually see a lot completed with them will be
How does living and working in the most. of commercially oriented styles released in January. It was
India influence your work? Where do you get your where there is a lot of photo challenging, fun, and most of all,
First of all, thank you so much inspirations from, or what inspires mixed illustration and geometric a learning experience. What I
E-reader News Edition Culture/ 55

Antiretroviral Drugs May Prevent HIV Infections
Nathan Seppa (Wired Top and treatment for other sexually
Stories) transmitted diseases.
Submitted at 11/23/2010 12:30:00 PM In the fight against HIV, Celum
says, “we are enthusiastic about a
HIV-negative gay and bisexual role for preexposure prophylaxis.”
men can lower their likelihood of She is currently testing the
acquiring the AIDS virus by strategy in a trial in East African
taking an antiretroviral drug mix, heterosexual couples in which one
concludes a study in which spouse is HIV-positive but not the
healthy men received either the other. The HIV-negative spouses
medication or a placebo. The are being randomly assigned to
finding, published online get medication or a placebo, she
November 23 in the New England says, along with counseling and
Journal of Medicine, suggests that other services, which appear to be
a preventive strategy might limit indispensable. “No single strategy
HIV spread, scientists say. will have overwhelming
“These results represent a major efficacy,” Celum predicts.
advance in HIV-prevention Image: California Department of
research,” says physician Kevin Toxic Substances Control
Fenton of the Centers for Disease This entry passed through the
Control and Prevention in Atlanta. 2,499 men who have sex with the placebo and 36 who got the of Washington in Seattle who Full-Text RSS service — if this is
“For the first time, we have men. Participants lived in the drugs. Men assigned to the real wasn’t involved in the new study. your content and you're reading it
evidence that a daily pill used to United States, Peru, Ecuador, drugs and who took them more This can be offset by intense on someone else's site, please read
treat HIV is partially effective for South Africa, Brazil and Thailand. than 90 percent of the time had counseling and providing health our FAQ page at
preventing HIV among gay and Half were randomly assigned to the highest rate of protection, the care services, she says. “It helps content-only/faq.php
bisexual men at high risk of get a placebo and half got a data show. to tell them they may be on a Five Filters featured article:
infection.” Fenton cautions, similar-looking pill that contained In trials offering preventive placebo.” Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
however, that the results don’t two antiretroviral drugs, drugs, there is always a risk that High-risk behaviors actually Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
warrant abandoning other proven emtricitabine and tenofovir. some participants’ behavior will decreased in both groups after Catastrophe.
prevention techniques. During a follow-up period that become more risky because they enrollment, the authors note,
Physician Robert Grant of the averaged slightly more than one assume they are protected, says possibly because participation
University of California, San year, 100 of the men became Connie Celum, a physician and included free condoms,
Francisco and an international infected with HIV — 64 who took epidemiologist at the University counseling, regular HIV testing
team of researchers recruited
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Angelina Talks About Filmmaking - Tiger Woods Needs to Be
Interesting or Too Intense? Loved, Unfortunately He
PopSugar (PopSugar)
Submitted at 11/23/2010 12:00:00 PM
these people in need, and get the
right information out to the
international community. I've met
when this happens what can we
do to prevent [it]?"
• On loving directing: "From the
Clay Travis (FanHouse Main)
Angelina Jolie and her family with so many people over the very first day I've loved it more
have been in Budapest for the last years, and in some way this story than I've ever loved acting. I've Submitted at 11/23/2010 11:26:00 AM

month while she works on her still could take place in any country. always loved being an actor but
-untitled directorial debut, with The essence of it is we meet Filed under: PGA When you
there's something about being a
Brad Pitt making frequent cameos people on the eve of the war and break it all down there are two
director where you really get to
o n s e t t o p h o t o g r a p h t h e we see what their lives could have kinds of athletes: those who can
know the crew and the actors so
proceedings and maybe even been. We meet them as young handle being hated and those who
much more. You really become
scoring a role as an extra. She people, and it's a lot of hope and can't.
part of the team."
recently granted an interview to a wonderful lives that come out Some athletes perform their best
Hungarian outlet about the movie, from Yugoslavia." when the world is at war with
The rare interview from Angelina
saying she's tried to focus on the • them: Barry Bonds, Terrell
On the movie being gives great insight into her work,
Serbian/Muslim love story aspect. political:"My goal was try to talk Owens, Kobe Bryant. While
especially considering the delicate
The actress, who just donated to people from all sides of the others need to bathe in fan
subject matter of her project. So,
$ 1 5 0 , 0 0 0 t o a n a d o p t i o n situation and allow them to have a adulation in order to be
tell us what you think of Angelina
organization, says she was voice. Allow them to have to go successful: LeBron James, Vince
sharing about her filmmaking -
compelled to make a film that through what they went through Young, Alex Rodriguez.
interesting or too intense?
sheds light on the human cost of and express it whether it be Up until this year, we didn't
Angelina Talks About they're motivated by something
war. She said: really know about Tiger Woods.
extreme cruelty or the loss of Filmmaking - Interesting or Too internal, a drive to succeed that
He seemed like the kind of athlete
humanity or the extreme sense of Intense? Interesting - She's doesn't take note of their
• On getting the idea for the hope or the beauty, whatever it who could put on his sunglasses
passionate about a topic that surroundings. But this past year
film:"I've had a lot of frustration was. . . If there's a political and ignore all distractions as he
deserves our attention. Too we discovered a flaw in Tiger
w i t h h o w l o n g i t t a k e s t o statement it's that hopefully stood over a ball on the tee.
intense - Angelina sure is bold to Woods: he really wants to be
intervene or understand what's people will watch it and say Certainly that was his reputation
tackle this subject on her first liked. In the world at large, that's
happening within a conflict and where was I when this was on the course, that his powers of
film! not a flaw at all. In fact, in most
for the world to give assistance to happening? . . . And next time concentration were superior to
yours or mine. That Earl Woods' walks of life that's helpful. But
son didn't need to worry about Tiger Woods got used to being
silly things like fan support or beloved on the golf course and
someone calling out, "That's what when that love suddenly vanished,
she said," after another fan yelled, he didn't know how to respond.
"Get in the hole!" on his tee shot. Suddenly, the roar from Tiger's
But he truly cares what we think crew on the course turned from
of him, after all this, Tiger Woods adulation over an eagle or birdie
is not a golfing island. putt to catcalls over his private
All athletes like to pretend that life.
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Electric Nissan Leaf Gets Equivalent of 99 MPG
Chuck Squatriglia (Wired Top of gasoline. The Leaf’s 24 advanced technology strategy,
Stories) kilowatt-hour pack is good for a told The Times. “We don’t want
Submitted at 11/23/2010 12:34:00 PM driving range of 73 miles. The them to be surprised.”
window sticker says the car The EPA says annual electricity
It’s official: The Nissan Leaf charges in seven hours at 240 costs for the Leaf will be $561.
electric vehicle gets the equivalent volts. Photo of the Leaf on the
of 99 mpg in combined city and Nissan has said the Leaf will assembly line: Nissan
highway driving. deliver a range of 100 miles based This entry passed through the
The Environmental Protection on the LA4 driving cycle. Further Full-Text RSS service — if this is
Agency has approved the window muddying the waters, the Leaf your content and you're reading it
sticker you’ll see(.jpg) when the also will feature a sticker from the on someone else's site, please read
Nissan Leaf rolls into showrooms Federal Trade Commission, which our FAQ page at
next month, and it says in big bold regulates advertising of alt-fuel content-only/faq.php
letters, “99 MPG equivalent vehicles, stating the car has a Five Filters featured article:
combined 106 city, 92 highway.” range of 96 to 110 miles, ambient temperature. Drive like why Nissan says drivers will Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
How’d they arrive at those according to The New York Formula 1 champ Sebastian Vettel experience “a range of ranges.” Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
figures? According to Nissan, the Times. on a blistering hot day with the A/ “We’re trying to be very open so Catastrophe.
calculation is based on the EPA’s The question of range is C cranked and you’ll get far less folks are making the right
formula of 33.7 kilowatt-hours dependent upon several factors, range than if you drive like decision for them,” Mark Perry,
being the equivalent of one gallon including driving style and grandma on a pleasant day. That’s Nissan’s director of EV and

Eric Christian Olsen Loves L.A.!
Chris Willman ( Deeks, an LAPD liaison officer As Deeks, Olsen shares a good and between me and Linda
Breaking News) working with the undercover deal of screen time with Daniela [Hunt]." Way to hedge!
Submitted at 11/23/2010 11:39:00 AM NCIS team, is brighter than a lot Ruah's Kensi, which "allows a 'B' Subscribe to TV Guide Magazine
of the characters Olsen previously story line to be happening," says now!
Erik Christian Olsen played in films like Beerfest and Olsen. That is, he and Ruah can This entry passed through the
Eric Christian Olsen remembers Dumb and Dumberer, not to follow one investigative road Full-Text RSS service — if this is
the moment he learned he'd mention his shirtless dude on the while Chris O'Donnell and LL your content and you're reading it
graduated to "regular" status for first season of Community. In the Cool J follow another, "instead of on someone else's site, please read
the second season of NCIS: Los real world, he relates to his the three of them always going our FAQ page at
Angeles, after guesting on two current alter ego, who dropped out everywhere." But c'mon — it also content-only/faq.php
episodes in Season 1. "I got the of law school to become a cop. works because these two Five Filters featured article:
call while I was in Canada doing Olsen was studying child characters are hot for each other, Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
The Thing prequel," he says. "I psychology at Pepperdine U and right? Are they a Tiva 2.0? "Every Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
was so excited they were picking hoping to go into medicine before relationship in television is a love Catastrophe.
up the option I was jumping acting intervened. "Everything in in the woods ultimately leading story," he says. "It's a love story
around with a tentacle hanging off life is just a Robert Frost poem," down the coast to NCIS: Los between me and Kensi and also a
[my] back." he says — with one of those paths Angeles. love story between Chris and LL
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Cartoon Network's CGI movie Thanksgiving NFL
Firebreather Has Daddy Issues MVPs: A Brief History
Danny Spiegel ( FanHouse Staff (FanHouse night contest. And in 2007 they
Breaking News) Main) added an award for that, too -- the
Submitted at 11/23/2010 1:29:00 PM Submitted at 11/23/2010 11:22:00 AM Pudding Pie Award.
This year, the action is started by
Firebreather Most MVP discussion this season the Patriots vs. Lions game on
High school, for any kid, is tough has centered on whether Mike CBS. That game looks to be a
enough. But if you're half-human, Vick is a lock, but that award is lock for the Patriots, so you can
half-Kaiju (a "monster" in the still weeks away. There will be be the All-Iron Award will go to
Godzilla genre), it's a mess. three MVPs named much earlier, someone on their roster. Maybe
Cartoon Network's first original on Thanksgiving Day, part of the Tom Brady can add another honor
CGI movie, Firebreather, follows spectacle surrounding the league's to his resume? The Saints and
16-year-old Duncan Rosenblatt annual three-game slate. Cowboys play on FOX after that,
(voiced by Jesse Head) as he deals While Thanksgiving football has and there are a number of
with his unique appearance (scaly been a staple since the AFL days, playmakers on both teams who
skin, pointy teeth, etc.), the first MVP wasn't named until c a n t a k e h o m e t h a t a w a r d .
superhuman abilities, typical girl 1989, when John Madden created Finishing us off on the NFL
troubles and an estranged father the Turkey Leg Award for FOX's Network are the Jets and Bengals.
the size of a skyscraper who now game broadcast (later to be named The Jets have gotten good at
wants a relationship with his son. have been that relationship Subscribe to TV Guide Magazine the Galloping Gobbler). The other winning games late, so it's
And while the movie — based on between him and Duncan's mother now! Thanksgiving game originally possible that someone will come
the Image Comics series of the that could result in Duncan," says This entry passed through the aired on NBC, who declined to through for Gang Green in the
same name — is packed with director Peter Chung. (Providing Full-Text RSS service — if this is give a similar honor in their game, clutch again and take home the
thrilling and complicated action the character's voice is Kevin your content and you're reading it but that all changed when CBS Pudding Pie Award as dessert.
sequences, it was the character of Michael Richardson, a versatile on someone else's site, please read took over in 1998 with their All- Below is a list of every past
Belloc, a 120-foot giant who animation actor best known as our FAQ page at Iron Award. For years, it was just award winner.
somehow sired a son with Cleveland Jr. on The Cleveland content-only/faq.php those two games, but then NFL
Duncan's mother, Margaret Show.) "Their relationship is such Five Filters featured article: Network came along to add a
(voiced by Dana Delany), which a crucial part of what's driving Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
created the project's greatest Duncan and his inner conflict." Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
challenge. "Belloc had to be And you thought your parents Catastrophe.
appealing and charming enough were embarrassing.
as a character [that viewers] Firebreather airs Wednesday, 7/
would believe that there could 6c, on Cartoon Network.
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Police: Ugly Betty Actor Michael L.
Brea in Custody Following Slaying of
Gina DiNunno (
Breaking News)
Submitted at 11/23/2010 12:51:00 PM

Michael L. Brea
Actor Michael L. Brea, who
appeared on episodes of Ugly
Betty and in the feature film Step-
Up 3D, is a person of interest in
the murder of his mother, who Tiger's Rebound Will Be
was stabbed to death Tuesday
with a Samurai sword, police told
David Whitley (FanHouse Main) million in lost endorsements and
New York authorities were called
to Brea's Brooklyn apartment after Submitted at 11/23/2010 11:25:00 AM at least four suicides by Nike
screams were heard by neighbors executives.
early Tuesday morning. Yannick Filed under: PGA It will be in with the new, which
Brea, 55, was found with multiple We usually wait until the New will feature four or five wins on
stab wounds and was pronounced the house and he's just saying a commercials, was described as Y e a r f o r p r e d i c t i o n s . B u t the PGA Tour and one major
dead on arrival at 2:20 a.m., bunch of [Bible] passages like, quiet by his neighbors. according to the Tiger calendar, championship.
police spokesman Det. Martin ' R e p e n t , R e p e n t , R e p e n t , ' " This entry passed through the this one will arrive Friday at 2:33 The Year of the Dog will be over.
Speechley said. neighbor Gregory Clare told local Full-Text RSS service — if this is a.m. when the ball drops at Speaking for all of humanity let
Brea had to be subdued with a television station WPIX 11 News. your content and you're reading it Isleworth. me say it didn't end one mistress
taser and is currently undergoing "I heard him chasing her through on someone else's site, please read It will be out with the old year too soon.
a psychiatric evaluation at a the house and I hear a loud our FAQ page at featuring zero wins, one divorce, It's not that we didn't enjoy the
hospital, where he is with a police scream and so I have my father content-only/faq.php two porn flicks, three weeks in greatest sports scandal since Pat
guard, Speechley said. He has not call the cops, call 911." Five Filters featured article: sexual rehab, nine threatened Nixon caught Dick texting G.
been charged. Sources close to the investigation Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- paternity suits from Devon James, Gordon Liddy at the Watergate.
See celebrities who died this year told WPIX 11 News that Yannick Reporting of Falluja's Cancer 16 say-nothing interviews, an But about the 67th Gloria Allred
Neighbors said Brea was yelling Brea was decaptiated and her Catastrophe. undisclosed number of visits from press conference, Tiger Fatigue
biblical passages at his mother. body badly hacked. a Canadian witch doctor, $22 set in.
"I hear [Brea] chasing her through Brea, who also appeared in Coke
60 TV/ Sports/ Daily Word/ E-reader News Edition

'Ugly Betty' Actor Arrested for Murder, Psalm 100:4-5 (11-23-10)
(Verse of the Day)
'Gossip Girl' Suspends Momsen and Submitted at 11/23/2010 2:00:00 AM
enduring grace. We come to God
like so many before us, with God
waiting for us. We come to praise
More Celebrity News from PopEater Enter [the Lord's] gates with him for all he has been, all he is,
thanksgiving and his courts with and all he will be. We come to
Elena Cox (TV Squad) dislikes being single. After being praise; give thanks to him and enter and worship. We can do this
Submitted at 11/23/2010 8:30:00 AM linked to everyone from John praise his name. For the Lord is simply because God is faithful,
Mayer to Kanye West, Kim was g o o d a n d h i s l o v e e n d u r e s through all the generations, to
Filed under: Celebrities and spotted with Halle Berry's ex- forever; his faithfulness continues wait for us to come. My Prayer...
Gossip Want to know what's husband, 34-year-old model through all generations. Faithful God, the Almighty Rock
going on with your favorite TV Gabriel Aubry, at Sunday's Los — Psalm 100:4-5(NIV) Thoughts of Israel, the God on whom the
stars when the cameras aren't Angeles Lakers game. on Today's Verse... Worship is generations trusted, you alone,
rolling? Check out the latest o. Disney princess-turned-wild always about entering - entering LORD, are God. I praise you for
celebrity news from our friends at child Miley Cyrus turns 18 today, i n t o g r a c e , e n t e r i n g w i t h your enduring grace and mercy. I but the 'Hannah Montana' star thanksgiving, entering to share praise you because I want my
o. Michael Brea, a 31-year-old plans on celebrating all month. with others, but most of all, heart tuned to your will. I praise
actor seen on 'Ugly Betty' and the She hosted a star-studded bash in entering into the Lord's presence you, because I want to prepare for
movie 'Step Up: 3D,' has been L.A. on Sunday with Demi in a special way. But our entering my longest lifetime, the one in
arrested after he allegedly stabbed Moore, Ashton Kutcher, and is not the basis of worship. your presence. I praise you in
his mother to death with a samurai Momsen has been suspended from 'Glee' stars Mark Salling and Instead, worship is about the Jesus' name. Amen.
sword in the Brooklyn the show indefinitely because of Chord Overstreet in attendance. Lord's faithfulness, goodness, and
neighborhood of Prospect Heights her "off-screen antics." Permalink| Email this| Linking
Tuesday morning. o. Reality star Kim Kardashian Blogs| Comments
o.'Gossip Girl' actress Taylor has made it it pretty clear that she

Josh Hamilton Wins 2010 AL MVP Award
Marc Lancaster (FanHouse Cano for the honor. majors in batting average (.359),
Main) Hamilton received 22 of the 28 slugging percentage (.633) and
Submitted at 11/23/2010 12:01:00 PM first-place votes and 358 total OPS (1.044) and was second in
points. Cabrera of the Tigers was the AL to Cabrera with a .411 on-
Filed under: Rangers, MLB second with 262 points and five base percentage -- he did miss
Awards Rangers outfielder Josh first-place votes, while the nearly a month late in the season
Hamilton was named the 2010 Yankees' Cano came in third at with a rib injury.
American League MVP Tuesday 229 points.
in voting by the Baseball Writers' The AL MVP race wasn't quite as one first-place vote. Despite
Association of America, beating clear-cut as the one in the NL, Hamilton's overwhelming edge in
out Miguel Cabrera and Robinson where Joey Votto snared all but most of the rate stats -- he led the
E-reader News Edition Products/ Gaming/ 61

Annual "Trouble in Toyland" report warns of lead,
pthalates, choking hazards
Consumer Reports on Safety tainted children’s products In 2009, there were an estimated
(Consumer Reports) shouldn’t be on store shelves but 186,000 emergency room-treated
Submitted at 11/23/2010 11:14:41 AM they are so be aware. Read our injuries related to toys with Double Fine reveals
steps to lower children younger than 15, which
Annual "Trouble in Toyland" Phthalates. The potential health is up from 152,000 injuries in puzzle adventure Stacking
report warns of lead, pthalates, effects of exposure to phthalates 2005. for spring of 2011
choking hazards (a group of compounds used as Unfortunately for consumers, Justin McElroy (Joystiq)
Just in time for the holiday plasticizers and as ingredients in small parts and toys with small there is no comprehensive list of
Submitted at 11/23/2010 3:03:00 PM
shopping season, the U.S. Public some pliable plastics, some parts for children under six potentially hazardous toys. But
Interest Research Group (PIRG) perfumes and personal care without the required choking there are things you can do, It seems you can't spit without
released its annual toy safety products) have been documented hazard warning. including the following: hitting a digitally distributed
survey today. This year’s report for everything from reproductive A specific danger to watch out • Before heading out to shop, puzzle adventure about Russian
focuses on toxic chemicals in toys defects and premature delivery to for: toys shaped like corks or with check if any of the toys on your nesting dolls these days, and now
and choking hazards. early onset puberty and lower spherical, hemispherical, or list have been recalled. Double Fine is adding to the pile
U.S.PIRG researchers went to sperm counts. U.S.PIRG circular flared ends and attached • In the store, examine toys with its next release. The just-
national chain discount stores and researchers found two children’s to a shaft, like the toy nails that carefully for any potential dangers revealed Stacking is slated to
other retailers in September and products that contain phthalates: a caused two suffocation deaths, before purchasing. arrive in spring of next year on
October 2010 to identify baby doll and a Dora the Explorer could pose particular hazards. • Visit the U.S.PIRG website for XBLA and PSN.
potentially dangerous toys. They backpack. Also, keep all balloons away from toy shopping tips and a mobile The game, set in the 1930s, lets
analyzed CPSC recall notices and Choking hazards. Some good children. Read our six tips to phone app . Charlie Blackmore (the world's
other regulatory actions to news here: overall, manufacturers avoid a choking accident. • Check out CPSC's top three toy- smallest Russian nesting doll) slip
identify trends in toy safety. and toy retailers are doing a good According to CPSC's just- shopping tips. into the husks of other local
Examples of unsafe toys were job of marketing and labeling released annual report ( pdf • Report unsafe toys or toy- matryoshkas and use their abilities
easily found on store shelves. small balls, balloons, small toys download), there were 44 toy related injuries. to solve puzzles in the world.
They purchased 98 toys and and toys with small parts, with the recalls in fiscal year 2010—down Details are scant, but you can get
pieces of children’s jewelry from required choke hazard warning. from 50 in 2009 and 172 in 2008. —Desiree Ferenczi Subscribe a taste of Charlie's world in the
major retailers and dollar stores. But choking continues to be the Toy-related deaths also decreased now! debut trailer just after the break.
Screening tests for the presence of leading cause of death related to in 2009 to 12 deaths (from 24 in S u b s c r i b e t o Continue reading Double Fine
lead and other metals and toys and some toys may not meet 2007 and 2008). Riding toys were for expert reveals puzzle adventure Stacking
phthalates were performed. Their CPSC requirements. Small parts associated with almost 60 percent Ratings, buying advice and for spring of 2011
findings include: are banned in toys for children of the reported deaths in 2009: 3 r e l i a b i l i t y o n h u n d r e d s o f Double Fine reveals puzzle
Lead and other toxic chemicals. under three and labeling is with tricycles, 2 with powered products. Update your feed adventure Stacking for spring of
There is no “safe” level of lead required for toys with small parts r i d i n g t o y s , a n d 2 w i t h preferences 2011 originally appeared on
exposure for children, and yet it made for children between the nonmotorized riding toys or Joystiq on Tue, 23 Nov 2010
continues to show up in many ages of three and six. PIRG unspecified riding toys. While 15:03:00 EST. Please see our
children’s products: toys, stuffed researchers, however, still found recalls and deaths have declined, terms for use of feeds.
animals, jewelry, trinkets. Lead- toys for children under three with toy-related injuries are increasing. Permalink| Email this| Comments
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NHTSA crash tests pickup trucks under the new,
more rigorous ratings system
Consumer Reports Shopping performance. AWD 4 5 4 4 GMC Sierra 1500
Blog (Consumer Reports) Other models in this batch Crew Cab Hybrid AWD 4 5 4 4 Golden Sun: Dark Dawn's
Submitted at 11/23/2010 11:19:55 AM include the GMC Yukon Hybrid, GMC Sierra 1500 Extended Cab 4 Hiroyuki Takahashi on
Honda CR-Z, Kia Soul, Mazda3, 5 4 4 GMC Sierra 1500 Extended
NHTSA crash tests pickup trucks and the latest Hyundai Sonata, Cab AWD 4 5 4 4 GMC Sierra the new game, hoaxes and
under the new, more rigorous which had mid-year updates. Not 1500 Regular Cab 4 5 4 4 GMC 3DS
ratings system all tests were complete as noted in Sierra 1500 Regular Cab AWD 4 JC Fletcher (Joystiq)
The National Highway Traffic the chart below, but so far the 5 4 4 GMC Yukon Hybrid 5 N/A
Submitted at 11/23/2010 3:20:00 PM
Safety Administration (NHTSA) highest-scoring vehicle overall in 3 N/A GMC Yukon Hybrid 4WD
has recently tested pickup trucks these new tests is the Honda groups in our previous blogs). 5 N/A 3 N/A Honda CR-Z 3 3 5 3 It has been seven years since the
and several other models under Accord--the only vehicle to earn Make and model Overall frontal Hyundai Sonata (Built on or after last Golden Sun game, the GBA's
the new 5-Star Safety Ratings five stars in all crash categories. crash rating Overall side crash Sept. 7th) N/A 5 5 N/A Kia Soul Golden Sun: The Lost Age. Now,
system to assess crash worthiness. Previously, nearly all models rating Rollover rating Overall 4 5 4 4 Mazda3 4-door 5 2 4 4 after that long wait, Camelot
The results are mixed, proving the received five stars in the tested vehicle score Chevrolet Silverado Mazda3 5-door 5 2 4 4 Toyota Software Planning has put aside
more stringent methods have categories and didn’t have an 1500 Crew Cab 4 5 4 4 4 5 4 4 Tacoma Crew Cab RWD 3 5 4 4 Mario-flavored sports games (and
ended the days of easy 5-Star overall rating, making it difficult Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Crew Toyota Tacoma Crew Cab AWD Capcom's We Love Golf) to
ratings. for consumers to determine the Cab AWD 4 5 4 4 Chevrolet 3 5 4 4 produce a new entry in the
The latest and third round of tests better performers. Under the new, Silverado 1500 Crew Cab Hybrid For a full list of the vehicles revered RPG series, Golden Sun:
include 2011 versions of the more rigorous ratings system, not AWD 4 5 4 4 4 5 4 4 Chevrolet evaluated and further details on Dark Dawn, available next week
Chevrolet Silverado, Dodge Ram, all vehicles will earn the highest Silverado 1500 Extended Cab t h e program, see on DS. We spoke with Hiroyuki
GMC Sierra, and Toyota Tacoma. score even if they had been at that AWD 4 5 4 4 Chevrolet Silverado w w w . s a f e r c a r . g o v . Takahashi, one of the two
The Silverado and similar Sierra level before. It is important to 1500 Regular Cab 4 5 4 4 Learn about car safety in our Takahashi brothers responsible
models score the best out of the note that, despite the temptation to Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Regular special section. for creating the series, and
group with an overall vehicle do so, 2011 results cannot be Cab AWD 4 5 4 4 Dodge Ram — Liza Barth Subscribe now! Nintendo assistant producer Yuya
score of four stars and with front compared against those from 2010 1500 Crew Cab 2 5 4 3 Dodge S u b s c r i b e t o Sato about the new game and
and rollover crash tests earning model years and prior due to the Ram 1500 Crew Cab 4WD 2 5 3 3 for expert about bringing a seemingly lost
four stars and five stars for the changes in methodology and Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab 2 5 4 Ratings, buying advice and series back to life.
side crash rating. The Toyota calculation. For this first year of 3 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab r e l i a b i l i t y o n h u n d r e d s o f Continue reading Golden Sun:
Tacoma also received four stars the new ratings, NHTSA will rate 4WD 2 5 3 3 Dodge Ram 1500 products. Update your feed Dark Dawn's Hiroyuki Takahashi
overall, but a three for the front 24 passenger cars, 20 SUVs, two Regular Cab 2 5 4 3 Dodge Ram preferences on the new game, hoaxes and 3DS
crash rating. The Doge Ram vans, and nine pickups. Below is a 1500 Regular Cab 4WD 2 5 3 3 Golden Sun: Dark Dawn's
scored three stars overall rating list of the latest group tested (see GMC Sierra 1500 Crew Cab 4 5 4 Hiroyuki Takahashi on the new
only a two for frontal crash the list of the first and second 4 GMC Sierra 1500 Crew Cab game, hoaxes and 3DS originally
appeared on Joystiq on Tue, 23
Nov 2010 15:20:00 EST. Please
see our terms for use of feeds.
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180s Adjustable Ear Warmers 2-Pack Longtime Disney games
(Woot! - One Day, One Deal)
Submitted at 11/23/2010 12:00:17 AM
a two pack of 180s Behind-the-
Head Ear Warmers and a few
flashing lights, you’re going to
bleach ear warmers

How to Use:
boss Graham Hopper
At Last
Man, are you Lobot cosplayers
have that Lobot cosplay award
locked down. And you’ll be warm
• Hold the ear warmers by the ear
pieces hops off
going to be happy today! while doing it! But, um… just in • S t r e t c h t h e a d j u s t a b l e , James Ransom-Wiley (Joystiq)
How many times have you gone case… maybe you should do a “clicking” frame Submitted at 11/23/2010 2:29:00 PM
up to the stage, only to see that few sit-ups? No, that’s not a slam • Place the ear warmers behind
first prize go to some chick in a or anything, we’re just saying… if the back of your head and squeeze Graham Hopper, the longtime
cat suit that shows off her belly? you can pull off a belly-shirt, the frame to your desired fit head of Disney Interactive
And when you ask a judge to Sexy Lobot is probably going to • Enjoy warm ears Studios, won't be sticking around
justify their vote, it’s always the swing a few more votes your way. long enough to witness the lasting
same thing. “Sorry, my friend, Warranty: 90 Day Woot Limited Additional Photos: impact of next week's Epic
but those earmuffs looked too Warranty • Ear Warmers in Collapsed Mickey, which marks the most
fake.” And then all you have left Condition: New Position important release of his eight-year
are the three T’s of nerd failure: Size: One Size Fits Most • Package Contents: (2) Ear stint with the games group.
tears, tequila and chicken tenders. Features: Warmers & (2) Removable Shells Hopper's departure from Disney
But after today, you’ll be having • Patented behind-the-head was announced in a company
celebration chicken! Because two design fits comfortably over your Product Specifications: memo yesterday and follows a Black Rock Studio's Pure and
pairs of 180s Behind-the-Head ears • Shell: 100% Polyester dismal fiscal year for the Split/Second racing games. Of
Ear Warmers are going to WIN • Features an adjustable internal • Outer shell: 50% Polyester, Interactive Media division, whose course, with Playdom exec John
you that cosplay award! With a frame that allows the ear warmers 45% Tactel, 5% Lycra president resigned two months Pleasants now running the show,
comfortable innovative Behind- to expand and contract to fit • Lining: 100% Polyester ago, ushering in the new era of there are going to be some
The-Head design, the 180s varying head sizes • Insulation: 100% Polyester "Jack and Jim." changes around Disney's games
Behind-the-Head Ear Warmers • Offers superior thermal • Binding: 90% Nylon, 10% According to the Los Angeles department -- no matter how epic
use the adjustable frame to allow insulation, breathability and Spandex Times, Hopper said in an internal Mickey's adventure proves to be
for earrings, glasses, baseball caps moisture wicking to keep you email, "The time has come for me at retail.
and bald wigs, just like the kind warm and dry In the box: to move on from the company and [Pictured: Hopper (with Epic
actor John Hollis wore! At least, • Ear warmers can be worn • (2) Black 180s Adjustable set my sights on new horizons." Mickey ears); original photo
he might have worn it. Oh, he comfortably with earrings, Behind-the-Head Ear Warmers Hopper joined Disney in 1991 credit: Disney Interactive Studios]
really went bald? Wow, that’s glasses, hats, helmets and • (2) Black Removable Polyester before being appointed head of Longtime Disney games boss
dedication. Or genetics. baseball caps Shells the games group in 2002. He was Graham Hopper hops off
Sometimes it’s hard to tell. • Includes removable, machine instrumental in the 2007 originally appeared on Joystiq on
Anyway, that’s not the point washable polyester shell Discuss this product acquisition of Warren Spector's Tue, 23 Nov 2010 14:29:00 EST.
we’re trying to make. The point • Collapsible for easy storage Price: $4.99 I want one! Junction Point Studios, the Please see our terms for use of
we’re trying to make is that with • Hand wash, air dry, and do not developer of Epic Mickey, in feeds.
addition to Disney Interactive Permalink| Email this| Comments
Studios' general foray into non-
Disney-brand titles, including
64 Products/ Gaming/ E-reader News Edition

Black Friday deal: Navigon
MobileNavigator navigation app for
Android, iPhone
Consumer Reports Shopping Check our smart-phone
Blog (Consumer Reports) navigation ratings, and see our
Submitted at 11/23/2010 11:29:03 AM iPhone app reviews.
— Jeff Bartlett
Black Friday deal: Navigon Related:
MobileNavigator navigation app Staff GPS navigation picks for
for Android, iPhone Black Friday 2010
Navigon has moved out of the Best GPS deals for 2010 Black
portable navigation device (PND) Friday--Your guide to door
market to focus on smart-phone MobileNavigator Android USA busters
navigation apps, but it isn't giving from $59.99 to $39.99 for this Countdown to Black Friday
up on the Black Friday tradition.
Navigon is discounting its well-
We have found that
2010: The Best GPS deals for
early shoppers Next Steps
You will not be taken for
rated MobileNavigator app up to
40 percent. (Read: " Faceoff: GPS
navigator vs. cell-phone
MobileNavigator for iPhone
faithfully reproduces the core
capabilities found in a dedicated
• GPS Buying Advice:
• Types of GPS|
• GPS Features|
a ride by a Marvel vs.
The bargain is the MyRegion
nav device, and it integrates well
with the phone.
• GPS Brands
Capcom 3 demo
version. Rather than purchase full The current version includes All GPS Ratings Subscribers can Griffin McElroy (Joystiq) sell downloadable characters,
North America coverage, you can spoken street names, reality view, view and compare all GPS Submitted at 11/23/2010 2:00:00 PM stating "DLC is part of the
buy a third of the United States, lane assistance, speed warning, Ratings. Recommended GPS business model these days given
broken into East, Central, and weather information, day/night Look at the ones that we chose as We're pretty sure if we were the massive costs of production
West. If you don't stray too far modes, and pedestrian mode. the best of the best. Subscribe given only a handful of characters and can be the difference between
from home, this full-featured Traffic information can be added now! and stages from Marvel vs. a profitable product and an
version will be just $19.99 for the via an in-app purchase for $19.99. S u b s c r i b e t o Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds in unprofitable product." Oh, wait --
iPhone on Friday--discounted For smart-phone owners looking for expert a free trial, we could stretch out that's gotta be another hint, right?
from $29.99. There is not an for an all-in-one solution, the Ratings, buying advice and our enjoyment of it for an awfully An unprofitable product? That's
equivalent version for Android. Navigon MobileNavigator is a reliability on hundreds of long time. We won't get the like, pretty much confirmation of
MobileNavigator iPhone USA smart choice, though there are products. Update your feed opportunity, however: In a recent the inclusion of Dark Void
will be $39.99, instead of $49.99. other, capable apps from other preferences post on the Capcom Unity forums, protagonist William Grey.
The North America version established navigation companies, V P o f S t r a t e g i c P l a n n i n g You will not be taken for a ride
remains $59.99. as well. Christian Svensson confirmed to by a Marvel vs. Capcom 3 demo
Navigon is discounting anticipatory fans that, "As with originally appeared on Joystiq on
Street Fighter IV, there will be no Tue, 23 Nov 2010 14:00:00 EST.
demo of MvC3." Please see our terms for use of
Svensson also responded to a few feeds.
fans theories about yet-to-be- Permalink| Email this| Comments
revealed fighters, and also
defended Capcom's decision to
E-reader News Edition Sports/ 65

Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton wins American League
MVP award
Richard Durrett ( the New York Yankees was third minimum of a .359 average, 40 .815 slugging percentage and a from second on an infield single
Submitted at 11/23/2010 2:24:41 PM at 229 and Jose Bautista of doubles, 30 home runs and 100 .482 on-base percentage, all of in the eighth inning to tie the
Toronto fourth with 165. Bautista RBIs since Lou Gehrig in 1934. which led the majors for the score after Texas had fallen
Updated: November 23, 2010, also picked up a first-place vote. And he wins the MVP despite month. He hit nine home runs, behind 8-2.
3:24 PM ET By Richard Durrett Chicago's Paul Konerko was fifth missing most of the final month of which led the AL. "Shortstop went to his left, Josh with 130 points. the regular season with two It was a critical month for the didn't stop and he beat the throw
Archive Hamilton, Cabrera, Cano and fractured ribs. Rangers, who went 21-6 to take by 15 feet," Rangers pitcher C.J.
Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Bautista were named on every Hamilton was asked what he the AL West lead, which they Wilson said after the game. "It
H a m i l t o n w a s n a m e d t h e ballot. A total of 20 players thought the MVP award meant. didn't relinquish the rest of the wasn't even close. MVP moment."
American League Most Valuable received votes. "Hopefully, Most Valuable Player season. Hamilton ended up winning
P l a y e r o n T u e s d a y b y t h e "It's an absolutely great honor," is somebody who excels More on the Rangers MVP honors for his play in the
Baseball Writers' Association of Hamilton said on a conference obviously at their position, with Richard Durrett and the rest of ALCS. The BBWAA MVP is
America, becoming the franchise's call Tuesday. "There's a lot of the bat, but has done things each the team have voted on before postseason play
fifth player to receive the honor. players in the league [qualified] to night, whatever that might be, that the inside scoop on the Rangers, begins, but the six-game series
AL MVP Voting get this accomplishment -- this helps their team win," he said. "I the American League and Major showed how valuable he is to the
Josh Hamilton collected 22 of 28 award speaks volume. To be think I did that the majority of the League Baseball. Blog Rangers. Hamilton hit .350 with
possible first-place votes to voted on by the writers I really season I helped us get somewhere Hamilton hit .384 after the All- four homers in the series and was
collect his first American League appreciate that. It's awesome, but we've never been before as a Star break, helping put the intentionally walked five times.
MVP. at the same time I told some you Rangers organization. I have to Rangers in position to make their His mere presence altered the
• ESPN Dallas: He did it all of you guys earlier in the year, if I give thanks to all my teammates first playoff appearance since clinching Game 6 as he was
Player could give up the MVP to go into for helping me as much as I 1999. But it wasn't just his play at walked intentionally late in the
Pts. 1st Pl. the payoffs and win in the helped them." the plate that made him an MVP game by the Yankees so they
Votes Josh Hamilton, Tex. 358 playoffs I would definitley do Hamilton was a critical clutch in 2010. Hamilton was a solid could pitch to Guerrero, who
22 Miguel Cabrera, Det. 262 5 that. To do both, I just thank God hitter for the Rangers, batting .370 defender, playing left and center made them pay with a big two-run
Robinson Cano, NYY 229 0 Jose for that." with two outs in 2010 -- highest in during the season. His speed double that broke open a tie game.
Bautista, Tor. 165 1 Hamilton helped the Rangers win the majors. He hit .369 with allowed him to run down balls Hamilton was acquired by the
Hamilton is the first Rangers the AL West for the first time in runners in scoring position, and he made plenty of highlight- Rangers on Dec. 21, 2007 for
player to win the award since 11 years and was the MVP of the leading the AL. reel plays, diving for balls and right-handed pitcher Edinson
Alex Rodriguez in 2003, and he ALCS. Hamilton did all of it despite a scaling walls. He stole eight Volquez and left-handed pitcher
also joins former Rangers winners "We don't do what we did this slow start to the season, when he bases, but also didn't hesitate to Danny Ray Herrera. Hamilton has
Jeff Burroughs (1974), Juan year without him," Rangers batted just .205 in the first 13 stretch out singles for doubles and made two all-Star appearances as
Gonzalez(1996 and 1998) and president Nolan Ryan said. games of April. Hamilton's was aggressive about getting a member of the Rangers and has
Pudge Rodriguez (1999). Hamilton, 29, led the majors with average was up to .281 through himself into scoring position. hit at least 30 homers and driven
Hamilton was first on 22 of 28 a .359 batting average and a .633 the end of May. Hamilton's signature game of in 100 runs in two of his three
ballots cast for the award. He was slugging percentage. He was also But June was what really got the 2010 came on Aug. 13 against the seasons.
second on four ballots and fourth in the top six among AL leaders season going for him. He Red Sox. He showed off all of his Richard Durrett covers the
on two others for a total of 358 in on-base percentage (.411, eliminated his toe tap at the tools, almost singlehandedly Rangers for
points. second), total bases (328, fourth), beginning of the month, and that leading the Rangers to a come- You can follow him on Twitter.
Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit hits (186, T-sixth), multihit games coincided with more comfort and from-behind victory. Hamilton This entry passed through the
Tigers finished second in the (53, T-fifth), extra-base hits (75, confidence at the plate. Hamilton was 4-for-5 with a double and a Full-Text RSS service — if this is
voting with five first-place votes fifth) and home runs (32, T-fifth). hit .454 for the month with 31 homer. He scored four runs, none TEXAS page 66
and 262 points. Robinson Cano of He was the first AL player with a RBIs, 49 hits, 88 total bases, a more memorable than his scamper
66 Sports/ E-reader News Edition
Reports: Victor Martinez leaves Boston Red Sox for continued from page 65

your content and you're reading it
Detroit Tigers on someone else's site, please read
our FAQ page at ( Red Sox had not been informed of above slot in later rounds for bill as maybe an everyday catcher content-only/faq.php
Submitted at 11/23/2010 12:46:45 PM Martinez's decision, but the team premium talent that dropped with us," Francona said of Five Filters featured article:
was not surprised to hear that he because of contract demands. Saltalamacchia, while adding that Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
Updated: November 23, 2010, would play elsewhere. With the collective bargaining they aren't just handing him the Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
1:46 PM ET The Orioles and White Sox were agreement due to expire next job. Catastrophe.
F r e e - a g e n t c a t c h e r V i c t o r also outbid, according to the El November, the draft is expected to The Tigers lacked production
Martinez is bolting the Boston Nacional report. undergo extensive revisions as from the catcher's spot last season.
Red Sox to sign with the Detroit "When guys get to free agency, part of negotiations. Rookie Alex Aliva, 23, batted
Tigers, according to multiple there are a lot of decisions that The switch-hitting Martinez was .228 in 104 games, while 30-year-
media reports on Tuesday. have to be made," Red Sox extremely productive for the Red old Gerald Laird hit just .207 in
Two weeks ago, Red Sox general manager Terry Francona said on Sox since his acquisition from 89 games. Udonis Haslem's
manager Theo Epstein expressed the "Dale and Holley" program on
his strong interest in re-signing Boston sports radio station WEEI.
Cleveland at the 2009 trading Earlier this offseason, Detroit re- season might be
deadline. Martinez, who turns 32 signed third baseman Brandon
Martinez and third baseman "One is by the player, one is by on Dec. 23, batted .313 in 183 Inge and shortstop Jhonny Peralta over for Miami Heat
A d r i a n B e l t r e . B u t h e the organization and one is by games with the Red Sox, with 28 and signed reliever Joaquin Associated Press (
acknowledged competition for the other teams. Sometimes it doesn't home runs and 120 RBIs. Last Benoit.
Submitted at 11/23/2010 2:26:53 PM
players. Edes: What it means for work out where a guy comes season, he was the only big- Detroit finished 81-81 in 2010,
Red Sox back, but that doesn't mean we're league catcher in the majors to hit which was good for third place in Updated: November 23, 2010,
Losing Victor Martinez could not going to be any good. I feel .300 or better while hitting 20 or the AL Central. 3:26 PM ET
mean the beginning of the Jarrod real confident. The winter has to more home runs, despite missing Information from MIAMI -- Heat forward Udonis
Saltalamacchia era in Boston. play itself out, it's just beginning 22 games with a fractured left's Gordon Edes Haslem may miss the remainder
Story and it will be really interesting." thumb. He was dominating and The Associated Press of the regular season after having
"It always comes down to dollars Martinez is a Type-A free agent, against left-handed pitchers, contributed to this report. Ignacio surgery to repair a torn ligament
and years," Epstein said. meaning the Red Sox will receive batting .400, slugging .742 and Serrano is a regular contributor to in his left foot, and free agent
Martinez will receive a four-year compensation for his signing posting a 1.173 OPS Erick Dampier has been signed to
deal for $50 million, according to elsewhere -- assuming they offer Martinez is a lifetime .300 hitter, This entry passed through the help fill the void that creates.
Venezuelan reporter Ignacio him arbitration. The Red Sox will a four-time All-Star and also Full-Text RSS service — if this is Haslem had surgery Tuesday, the
Serrano of El Nacional, who first receive the Tigers' No. 1 pick (No. plays first base. your content and you're reading it same day Dampier took a physical
reported the agreement. The 19 overall) and a first-round Jarrod Saltalamacchia, who was on someone else's site, please read with the Heat -- the last hurdle
Associated Press reported that the "sandwich" pick, a selection that acquired from the Rangers last our FAQ page at before a contract could be signed.
deal is pending the results of a will come after the regular first season, becomes No. 1 on the content-only/faq.php Dampier practiced with the Heat
physical. Martinez made $7.7 round and before the second depth chart at catcher for the Red Five Filters featured article: that afternoon.
million last season. round. Sox. The team has until midnight Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- Haslem ruptured the Lisfranc
The Red Sox offered Martinez a The 2011 draft class is Tuesday night to offer arbitration Reporting of Falluja's Cancer ligament in his foot, which
choice of a three-year, $36 million anticipated to be very strong, and to longtime catcher Jason Varitek. Catastrophe. connects arch bones to the ones
deal or a four-year contract for it may be the last in which the Sox "A switch hitter with power, I leading to his toes. His recovery
$42 million, according to a major will be able to employ their very think we view him potentially as could take more than four months.
league source. The source said the successful strategy of paying somebody that can really fit he The Heat may consider applying
for an injury exception if the

UDONIS page 67
E-reader News Edition Politics/ 67
continued from page 66

determination is that Haslem's season. But in his last 20 games last
George H.W. Bush: I
season is over.
Dampier worked out in
Those numbers aren't the only red
flags, either. Miami ranks last in
season, 12 as a starter, he
averaged 3.0 points and 4.9 Support Romney in 2012
September for Miami, which the league with 33 points in the rebounds, never scoring more (Newsmax - Inside Cover)
decided at that time not to offer paint per game, and Dwyane than nine points and scoring more Submitted at 11/23/2010 6:12:43 AM
him a contract. Wade had the worst shooting than five only twice. Dallas traded
To make room for Dampier, the night of his career in the loss to him in July to Charlotte, which Tuesday, 23 Nov 2010 12:12 PM
Heat waived guard Jerry Indiana -- 1 for 13 from the field, wiped out the voidable $13 Ex-Massachusetts Gov. Mitt
Stackhouse, whose contract was 1 for 5 from the foul line, a three- million final season of his deal in Romney, who is almost certain to to kill him off," when King asked
not guaranteed. point performance. a salary-cap move. run for president next year, has an if his support of Romney is
At 8-6, the Heat entered Tuesday So for some help, at least in the The 36-year-old Stackhouse important ally. Former President "keeping with the Bush political
tied for the fourth-best record in big-man realm, the Heat are scored 12 points in seven games George H.W. Bush favors him as stance [in] the middle of the
the Eastern Conference and the turning to a veteran in Dampier for Miami, on 3 for 12 shooting. the GOP's 2012 presidential road." Romney is a "reasonable
10th-best mark in the NBA -- not who's had interest from Charlotte, He was in the Heat starting lineup nominee, The Hill reports. guy" and "conservative fellow,"
exactly what a team filled with Phoenix, Houston, Toronto, on Saturday in Memphis, a fill-in Bush explained his views in an Bush says.
superstars wanted. Portland and Miami in the past for Dwyane Wade, who sat that interview with CNN's Larry King © Newsmax. All rights reserved.
And the words Heat president Pat two months alone, yet hasn't been game out with a sprained left Monday night. Asked who he This entry passed through the
Riley once famously said -- "No on the court for anyone this wrist. likes best of the 2012 contenders, Full-Text RSS service — if this is
rebounds, no rings" -- are season. Copyright 2010 by The Bush said, "Well, I mentioned your content and you're reading it
resonating again, especially after For weeks, Dampier had been Associated Press [my son] Jeb, but he’s not going on someone else's site, please read
an embarrassing home loss to saying he wanted to be in Miami, This entry passed through the to try. If you asked me, who will our FAQ page at
Indiana on Monday night. and ultimately got that wish. He Full-Text RSS service — if this is the nominee be, I couldn't tell content-only/faq.php
Since the moment Haslem was worked out for Riley and Heat your content and you're reading it you. We like Mitt Romney. We Five Filters featured article:
carried off in Memphis with his coach Erik Spoelstra in on someone else's site, please read know him well and like him very Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
foot injury, Heat opponents have September, but was not offered a our FAQ page at much." Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
outrebounded Miami 64-44, contract. When Haslem got hurt, content-only/faq.php Showing his trademark humility, Catastrophe.
including 20-7 on the offensive it didn't take long for Dampier to Five Filters featured article: the elder Bush said, "Don't want
glass and while holding a 27-10 reclaim his spot on Miami's radar Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
edge in second-chance points. screen. Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
LeBron James(5.4 per game) and Dampier showed flashes last Catastrophe.
Chris Bosh(7.2 per game) are on season with Dallas -- 14 points
pace for career-lows in and 20 rebounds against Houston,
rebounding. 14 points and 18 rebounds against
Take away Haslem, and the Heat Charlotte, and maybe most
don't have anyone ranked among notably, a 20-point, 17-rebound
the NBA's top 37 rebounders this effort in Miami last Dec. 11.
68 Politics/ Health/ E-reader News Edition

Barbara Bush Reminds Sarah Palin It's My Party
Eleanor Clift (Politics Daily)
Submitted at 11/23/2010 2:11:00 PM
worth noting that she is the
matriarch of a family with two
presidents in its direct lineage,
questioning his opponent's
patriotism, or when her son,
George W., unleashed a barrage
War Two, Bush was reduced to
chowing down pork rinds on the
campaign trail to prove he had the
Contributor The country loved only the second in history, and a
First Lady Barbara Bush with her third waiting in the wings. What
of sleazy character attacks to
destroy John McCain in South
common touch. Identifying with
what today could be called Palin
coif of white hair, full figure, and seemed unthinkable a year ago
sensible clothes. After Nancy after the George W. fiasco that the
Reagan and her size two designer country could accept another
Carolina in 2000. Then there is
the bigger frame of longstanding
tension between the George H.W.
America is not something that
comes naturally to the elder
Bushes, and in her remarks about
Gift Guide
dresses, Bush was down-home Bush, the once and future Jeb is wing of the party and GOP Palin, Barbara Bush exposed the
Submitted at 11/23/2010 2:00:00 AM
and nonthreatening. But anybody gaining traction thanks to Palin. conservatives. Barbara Bush, like gulf between traditional, upscale,
who knew the Bushes, or covered The theory is that if the party her husband, is to the manor born country club Republicans and the | Print Article| Email to Friend
them when they were in the White needs a savior, someone to rescue and descended from a long line of meat eating, moose hunting, red Between working all day and
House, understood that Mrs. Bush it from Palin's star-studded Eastern Establishment state America that Palin trying to find time to hangout with
was far from a retiring matron, takeover, someone who can Republicans. In 1980, when represents. We'll see more of that friends, most guys don't have a
t h a t s h e i s s t r o n g - w i l l e d , appeal across the party from Ronald Reagan picked Bush as gulf played out in the positioning few extra hours to cruise the mall
opinionated and the member of Establishmentarians like his his vice president, Bush had to for 2012, but Bush's remarks for holiday gift ideas. That's why
the family most likely to carry a parents to upstarts like tea party disavow his campaign criticism of about Palin remind us that the MF did all the work for you. From
grudge. For those who remember favorite Marco Rubio, who Jeb Reagan's policies as "voodoo surface gentility she exudes the latest fitness and gadget items
her famous smack down of mentored, it's Jeb Bush. economics" and end any further shouldn't be mistaken for to the coolest stocking stuffers
Geraldine Ferraro in 1984 -- "I Even Democrats fear a late entry support for Planned Parenthood. capitulation when it comes to and entertainment releases, we
can't say it but it rhymes with from Bush, figuring that if voters The compromises that Bush had standing up for her family, and searched high and low to bring
rich" -- shouldn't be surprised at can tell the difference between to make to join the Reagan camp her beliefs. you the ultimate holiday gift
how deftly she slipped in a major Bill and Hillary Clinton they can prompted commentary that he had This entry passed through the guide. You can even buy it all at
put-down of Sarah Palin during an distinguish between George and put his manhood into a blind trust. Full-Text RSS service — if this is the touch of a button, instead of
interview with Larry King that Jeb Bush as two distinct political Together with his patrician ways your content and you're reading it sweating your butt off in crowded
aired on Monday evening. figures. In this context, Barbara (he once asked for a "splash on someone else's site, please read stores. Consider it our gift to you.
"I sat next to her once. Thought Bush's remark can be read as an more" of coffee at a truck stop in our FAQ page at Choose from the categories
she was beautiful," Barbara Bush implicit threat -- stay in Alaska, or New Hampshire) he was faced content-only/faq.php below
said. "And she's very happy in face the consequences with Jeb with what Newsweek called "the Five Filters featured article: [on Facebook, Digg, Reddit and
Alaska, and I hope she'll stay riding to the rescue. Barbara, with wimp factor" as he hit the Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- more]
there." her pearls and Mona Lisa smile, campaign trail in 1988. Reporting of Falluja's Cancer This entry passed through the
So what is it that brought out the didn't object when her husband A decorated veteran and the Catastrophe. Full-Text RSS service — if this is
former first lady's talons? It's ran a savage campaign in 1988 youngest fighter pilot in World your content and you're reading it
on someone else's site, please read
our FAQ page at
Five Filters featured article:
Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
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Poll: Majority of Americans Say Health Care Law
Should Stand or be Expanded
Bruce Drake (Politics Daily) like to see this provision repealed
Submitted at 11/23/2010 1:25:00 PM is 50 percent -- lower than the
number of those who favor
Contributing Editor Fifty-one repealing the entire law -- while
percent of registered voters say 49 percent of Republicans want to
that Congress should let the new see this part of the law retained. How Your View of Client
health care reform law continue as However, one major provision of Eastwood Can Help You
is or change it so that it does the law is universally panned --
more, according to a McClatchy/ the requirement that all
Pick the Right
Marist Institute poll conducted Americans be required to obtain Investments
Nov. 11-15. Thirty-three percent health insurance or face tax
want to repeal it completely, 11 penalties for not doing so. ( (Financiallyfit on
percent want it changed so that it Sixty-five percent of all Shine)
is less sweeping and 5 percent are there is a wide gap between public p o l l s . M a n y a n a l y s t s h a v e r e g i s t e r e d v o t e r s s a y t h i s Submitted at 11/23/2010 7:19:07 PM
undecided. o p i n i o n a n d t h e p o l i t i c a l accounted for this by saying that requirement is unconstitutional
Simple, Easy Investing Using an
Among those who support the c o m m u n i t y . " overall opposition to the health compared to 29 percent who
Age-Based Portfolio Strategy
legislation, 16 percent are in the The partisan divide on what to do care reform law has been tied support the mandate, with 7 By: David Young
"let it stand" camp while 35 about the law is not surprising. closely in voters' minds to their percent undecided. Republicans Everything changes as you get
percent believe it should be Fifty-eight percent of Republicans concerns about an overreaching o v e r w h e l m i n g l y r e j e c t t h i s older. And while few of us look
c h a n g e d t o d o m o r e . T h e want to see it repealed and federal government, even though provision and even a plurality of forward to the downsides of aging
R e p u b l i c a n c o n g r e s s i o n a l another 16 percent say it should the law contains measures that D e m o c r a t s s a y i t i s - the joys of belly fat, wrinkles,
leadership included a vow to be scaled back. Fifty-two percent they like. unconstitutional. thinning hair, and so on - one of
repeal health care in its pre- of Democrats want to expand the Such a provision is the part that Follow Poll Watch on Twitter the big upsides of getting older is
election "Pledge to America" and law so it does more and 27 prohibits insurers from denying Visit the Poll Watch Home Page gaining the wisdom and
many GOP candidates ran on a percent believe the current law coverage because of pre-existing and see all the latest polls in one experience you just can’t acquire
p r o m i s e t o w o r k t o w a r d s should be allowed to stand. conditions. Voters overall say that place
any other way.
scrapping what they dubbed Independents are divided -- 48 provision should remain in place This entry passed through the
Your investment portfolio gets
"Obamacare." While GOP leaders percent want to let the law stand by 59 percent to 36 percent, with Full-Text RSS service — if this is older, too. But unlike our
acknowledge that an effort to or expand it, and an equal number 5 percent undecided. Sixty-seven your content and you're reading it waistlines, we actually want our
repeal the law is unlikely to be want to change it so it does less or percent of Democrats say it on someone else's site, please read portfolio to grow over time. And
s u c c e s s f u l g i v e n P r e s i d e n t repeal it, with the remainder should remain in the law, as do 51 our FAQ page at taking an age-based strategy with
Obama's veto power, they have undecided. percent of Republicans and 59 content-only/faq.php
your portfolio is a simple
vowed to chip away at it by trying When voters are asked about percent of independents. Five Filters featured article:
individual provisions of the law, Voters back by 68 percent to 29 Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- approach to managing your
to cut money needed to investments effectively over the
implement various provisions. rather than just on whether to percent, with 3 percent undecided, Reporting of Falluja's Cancer long-term.
Marist's Lee Miringoff told keep it or scrap the whole thing, the provision that allows children Catastrophe.
McClatchy, "The political give- t h e r e i s m o r e s u p p o r t a n d to stay on their parents' insurance
and-take is very different than agreement on specific parts. This until they are 26. The percentage
public opinion. On health care, is a finding consistent with other of the Republicans who would
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Boehner, GOP Exploiting Democrats' West: TSA Procedures
Social Media Show Terrorists Won
(Newsmax - Inside Cover) (Newsmax - Inside Cover)
Submitted at 11/23/2010 7:53:33 AM Submitted at 11/23/2010 6:46:30 AM

Tuesday, 23 Nov 2010 01:53 PM Tuesday, 23 Nov 2010 12:46 PM
House Speaker-to-be John Many Republican officials have
Boehner on Monday joined voiced their opposition to the new
Visible Vote, a social media air passenger screening methods
application designed to promote adopted by the Transportation
instantaneous communication Security Administration. You can
between voters and their elected add GOP Rep.-elect Allen West
representatives, the National of Florida to the list. The new
Journal reports. It’s already been a body scanner and pat-down
big hit with Minority Whip Eric procedures show we’re giving in West favors profiling likely
Cantor, R-Va., who is one of to the terrorists, he says, terrorists at airports instead.
several early adopters of the according to The Hill, which cites © Newsmax. All rights reserved.
technology. the South Florida Sun Sentinel. This entry passed through the
The only problem is that the “There are two aspects of Full-Text RSS service — if this is
technology was subsidized by one terrorism. One aspect of terrorism your content and you're reading it
of President Obama’s posse of is to kill you. The other aspect of on someone else's site, please read
techno-literati, his friend friend terrorism is to create a disruption our FAQ page at
and former campaign finance of your lifestyle through fear and content-only/faq.php
chair Penny Pritzker, an heir to intimidation," he tells the Five Filters featured article:
the Hyatt hotel fortune. from the left now.” investing was that the integrity of newspaper. "So they have still Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
The irony is furthered by the fact So far, the biggest name on the this and the nonpartisan nature of won, even though the underwear Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
that it’s one of only several slim list of Democratic the actual application had to be bomber was not successful in Catastrophe.
examples of the GOP seizing on participants is Rep. Charles maintained throughout. So it killing us. They have still won."
technology developed by Rangel, D-N.Y., currently facing actually was part of our
Democrats, who in 2008 appeared censure by the House for not negotiations, and he was fine with
to be at the cutting edge of digital being transparent enough about that.”
media used by politicians. his personal finances. © Newsmax. All rights reserved.
“We didn’t understand that the Everton told the Journal that the This entry passed through the
adoption was happening pretty application is a nonpartisan tool Full-Text RSS service — if this is
much on the right at first, so that aimed at improving your content and you're reading it
was kind of a coincidence, I communication between elected on someone else's site, please read
guess,” said Paul Everton, founder officials and their constituents -- our FAQ page at
and CEO of Visible Vote. “Now something he had to consider content-only/faq.php
that everybody realizes how when negotiating with Jason Five Filters featured article:
important transparency and Pritzker, an Obama donor. Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
accountability is… I think we’re “I was aware of his background,” Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
going to see a pickup from both. Everton said, “and one of the Catastrophe.
We’re getting a lot of interest stipulations that went into him
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Texas Democrat Ortiz, 28 Corruption: Siphoning Off Growth
Michelle Kaffenberger (The
Years in Office, Loses to Foundry: Conservative Policy

Republican After Recount Submitted at 11/23/2010 1:00:16 PM
Posted November 23rd, 2010 at
Tom Diemer (Politics Daily) 2:00pm in American Leadership
Submitted at 11/23/2010 12:35:00 PM Print This Post
Stories of corruption in India
Correspondent Texas Democrat have filled the news in recent
Solomon P. Ortiz, who days. First there’s the corrupt
represented a district in the Rio Communications and Information
Grand Valley along the Mexican Technology Minister, whose scam
border for nearly three decades, to pocket money from
has conceded to Republican Blake telecommunications firms may
Farenthold after a recount have topped $37 billion. Then
confirmed the challenger's narrow there were accusations that
margin of victory. politicians, officials, and
Farenthold's triumph upped the contractors had pocketed more
back their loans. If India has any hopes of
GOP's pickup in the House of than 70% of $2.5 billion meant
Corruption also affects education continuing its recent economic
Representatives to 62 seats, and for flood relief in the state of
in India. Twenty-five percent of growth and moving much of its
marked one of bigger upsets of Assam. There are the officials
teachers in India don’t bother population out of poverty, it must
the 2010 midterm election, The arrested for corruption in the
showing up for work, and of those take real steps towards fighting
Hill newspaper reported Tuesday. planning for the Commonwealth
that do show up, only 50% corruption. Otherwise its
The recount gave the race to the Games and there reports that
This entry passed through the businesses over the last six actually teach while they are economic gains will continue to
Republican by 648 votes.
there. Why, one might ask? be siphoned off, and eventually
Farenthold, a political neophyte, Full-Text RSS service — if this is decades have made billions
Because as government will dry up.
had previously worked as host of your content and you're reading it t h r o u g h t a x e v a s i o n a n d
employees, they cannot be fired. This entry passed through the
a radio program. Ortiz, 73, a on someone else's site, please read c o r r u p t i o n .
In fact, only 1 out of every 3,000 Full-Text RSS service — if this is
member of the powerful House our FAQ page at The barrage of news stories is
head teachers has ever fired a your content and you're reading it
Armed Services Committee, won content-only/faq.php simply bringing to light an
teacher for absenteeism. on someone else's site, please read
reelection two years ago by a Five Filters featured article: ongoing, rampant problem, which
Government employees are our FAQ page at
comfortable 58 percent. Now, he Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- is holding India back from its
receiving a paycheck without content-only/faq.php
gets stuck with the cost of the Reporting of Falluja's Cancer economic potential. And these
Catastrophe. having to supply any work, and as Five Filters featured article:
recount. stories only scratch the surface.
such are robbing Indian families Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
Corruption may have instigated a
not only of education for their Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
recent uproar over microcredit in
children, but also of their tax Catastrophe.
India, in which politicians
encouraged borrowers not to pay
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Check Your Vision
( eyesight. Even most of us who
Submitted at 11/23/2010 4:00:00 AM have always opened our eyes each
morning and seen nothing but a
by Roy S. Johnson| Print Article| fuzzy mess can see clearly with
Email to Friend eyeglasses or laser surgery.
When was the last time you had But you don't need a doctor to fix
your vision checked? I don't mean poor vision. There's no medical
an eye exam. If you wear glasses, procedure needed to see beyond
like me, you should see your
optometrist or ophthalmologist
the fuzzy mess of today.
Check your own vision. Then Marques
every year, especially if you strain correct it. Create it. Live it.
your eyes at work (who doesn't);
or if your early 30s are growing
Roy S. Johnson
increasingly distant. That's part of Men's Fitness (
an overall health strategy that Editor In Chief Submitted at 11/23/2010 1:00:00 AM

should ensure your body remains Related articles:
fit inside and out. Let It Go: Negativity can make by Brandon Guarneri| Print
Your vision is altogether Article| Email to Friend
become CEO or editor in chief. vision. Now, my vision is to you sick. But not if you don't In his last four games, Colston
different. It's not what you see Those are great goals. But they're inspire men and women to lead allow it to
with your eyes. It's what you Savor the Next "You": Get has 32 catches for 365 yards and
not a vision. A vision is much fit, healthy lives, and perhaps in all four of the touchdowns that
"see" for yourself in the future. more; it's bigger than a mere some small way, alter the sad and excited about where life is taking
It's how you envision your life he's caught this season. Despite
achievement. Your goals, as big troubling trend of obesity in our you suffering plenty of injuries on
unfolding. as they might be, can be checked nation. Today is Not Tomorrow:
And it's just as important as your offense (to running backs Reggie
off like items on a grocery list. Bold? Certainly. But small Setbacks happen to the nicest Bush and Pierre Thomas, as well
eyesight—if not more so. Heck, Check. Check. Check. visions do not affect change. people
Ray Charles had a bold vision for as tight end Jeremy Shockey), the
Not a vision. You might also be thinking that [on Facebook, Digg, Reddit and Saints continue to solidify
his life—and he made it happen! A vision articulates the impact you're not capable of having a more]
Without a vision, you're themselves as a legit contender in
you want to have on others. vision. It's hard enough to pay This entry passed through the the NFC. On Nov. 21, in a 34-19
meandering through your days And it might take a lifetime to your bills, handle a relationship, Full-Text RSS service — if this is
without direction or purpose. win against the Seattle Seahawks,
achieve. maintain your career, or simply your content and you're reading it Colston had eight catches for 113
Without a vision, you're more Now some of you might be keep a job. on someone else's site, please read
likely to be stymied by the road yards and two TDs, looking every
thinking: "How arrogant! Who It's hard just to survive today. our FAQ page at bit the number one option on a
bumps of each day. dares to outline such a path for Forget about tomorrow. content-only/faq.php
Without a vision, you're just playoff team. For the year,
themselves?" Wrong answer! Having a vision Five Filters featured article: Colston now has 62 catches for
living. Maybe. Well, I do. And so do many, is vital to your survival, to your Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
I'm sure you have goals. Almost over 700 yards receiving.
many others. After all, what's the revival. And your journey—your Reporting of Falluja's Cancer We featured Colston in our
everyone does. You might want to point of being here if you don't way out and up—just might be an Catastrophe.
get a raise or a promotion. You October issue to find out how he
touch others along the way? inspiration to others. To people was dealing with his Super Bowl
may want to buy a new car or a Editing a magazine was one of you don't even know.
home. Maybe take a vacation or hangover. Apparently, he's doing
my goals, but it was not my Almost everyone has 20/20 just fine.
write a book. Or even rise to
Plenty of NFL receivers hog the

MARQUES page 73
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spotlight with their mouths. "You want to keep shocking it." of fruit and vegetables," he said.
All Kids Want for
There's no need to name names.
New Orleans Saints wideout
True to his demeanor, Colston
approaches his workouts without
When the Saints take the field to
defend their title, he's confident Christmas Is an iPad
Marques Colston isn't one of flair or drama. "He's strictly the work will pay off. "The weeks
them. And he lets you know that
by the tattoo on his left shoulder:
business," Sistrunk says. "He just
does what he needs to do."
before training camp are crucial,"
he says. "You've got to learn to
"The Quiet Storm." "That's just Much of Colston's workmanlike work smarter, rather than just Lauren Indvik (Mashable!)
me," he says. "I've always been an attitude may come from the fact going harder." Related articles: Submitted at 11/23/2010 2:15:55 PM

under-the-radar type of guy, but I that he isn't really supposed to be Michael Vick's Rise to the Top
go to work every day and try to in the NFL. He played his college Ndamukong Suh: Meet Detroit's Like many of our readers ( we
get better. ball at tiny Hofstra University 6'4", 307-pound rookie defensive suspect), the device American
When we talked with him, the (which has had only a handful of tackle kids want most this holiday is an
6'4", 225-pounder was still players reach the NFL), and he Small School, Big Production: 7 iPad.
dealing with the after-effects of wasn't selected until the last round NFL stars who don't boast the According to a recent survey
the Saints' Super Bowl XLIV win. of the 2006 NFL draft. Last usual pedigree from Nielsen, 31% of U.S.
After all, no one parties as they do round. "Subconsciously, I think it [on Facebook, Digg, Reddit and children ages 6-12 want an iPad
on Bourbon Street, and Colston drives me." more] over any other electronic device
says the celebrations went on so Last year, Colston caught 70 This entry passed through the in the next six months, followed
long they cut six weeks out of his balls for 1,074 yards and nine Full-Text RSS service — if this is by a computer (29%) and iPod
hopeful iPad owners is that the
off-season training. "It's tough to TDs, but he's still obsessed with your content and you're reading it touch(29%).
device should be widely available,
manage something like that getting better. on someone else's site, please read The study, which was conducted
unlike many of the “it” gifts of
because [winning] is a lifelong In addition to lifting, his our FAQ page at in October, includes 17 different
yesteryear; according to
dream," he says. "But you've got workouts emphasize plyometrics content-only/faq.php kinds of popular electronic
Digitimes, China-based
to stay focused." Colston certainly and unilateral training. Sistrunk Five Filters featured article: devices currently on the market,
manufacturer Foxconn has
is. His off-season program centers will often put Colston on a Bosu Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- including TVs, game consoles and
ramped up production in order to
around lifting four times a week ball for one-legged squats while Reporting of Falluja's Cancer various kinds of mobile phones.
meet holiday demand.
with strength coach Aaron throwing a medicine ball at him to Catastrophe. Only 11% said they most wanted
Image courtesy of iStockphoto,
Sistrunk, co-owner of Balance simulate game play. an e-reader, which renders this
gym in Chestnut Hill, Pa. Every At the time we chatted, he also recent commercial from Amazon
More About: apple, holiday
two weeks, the pair change up his had to drop eight pounds before a little less compelling.
shopping, Holidays, ipad, Kids,
exercises. "We don't want his training camp. His strategy: No Those over the age of 18 express
body to plateau," Sistrunk says. bread, no pasta, no rice. "Just lots the most interest in buying a
For more Tech coverage:
computer (20%) over the next six
• Follow Mashable Tech on
months, followed by a TV (19%),
smartphone (19%) and iPad
• Become a Fan on Facebook
(18%). E-readers prove slightly
• Subscribe to the Tech channel
more popular (15%) among an
• Download our free apps for
older crowd, while gaming
iPhone and iPad
devices are significantly less.
Although it’s got a hefty price
tag, the good news for parents of
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Mysterious faith, the WPost, the American dream
tmatt (GetReligion) home-cooked dinners for $10 implication, I guess, is that there
Submitted at 11/23/2010 11:03:19 AM apiece. is something that God wants
Her American Dream has taken a Walker to do or there is
Late last week, I was visiting the punch to the gut. “I never thought something that God wants her to
Washington Post newsroom with I’d be in a situation like this,” she learn from this experience of
some of my students and the says, smoke from the cooking suffering. However, this
professionals there were — swirling about her. “My friends hardworking mom and fervent
justifiably — buzzing about a say to me: ‘Listen to the Lord, believer wants to keep seeking a
news feature that dominated that Chris.’ I say, ‘No, I have to have a paycheck, after losing her high-
day’s front page. It was one of paycheck.’ “ paying job as an executive in a
those mood-of-the-nation pieces And the larger picture? The local nursing home.
in which one person’s story is reason readers are meeting this Say what? God is against her
used as a metaphor for the lives of woman on A1 in a major national being employed?
many. newspaper? Here’s the big problem. Strong
The setting is Fort Myers, Fla. The Census Bureau recently references to faith are woven
The person is single-mother reported that the poverty rate in throughout the feature, but we
Chrissandra Walker ( photo the United States rose to 14.3 never are given any details about
feature here). The headline is a percent last year, the highest level her faith or her community of
quotation that says, ”‘A storm in in more than 50 years. Texas and faith that frame these words, that
my life’— Woman goes from Florida saw the most people fall help them make sense. Could a
American Dream to nothing after below the line. In Florida alone, clergy person explain that
losing high-income job.” 323,000 people became newly mysterious quote about the
Here is a healthy chunk of the poor last year, bringing the state’s mysterious voice of God? It
story, starting with the symbolic- poverty total to 2.7 million. appears not.
detail lede: The numbers tell another tale as The photo essay includes a
Chrissanda Walker’s bourbon- well: Nationwide, in black picture of Walker sitting in a
glazed chicken is just out of the households such as Walker’s, church office using the
oven. The bread pudding is income plunged an average of 4.4 congregation’s computer, with the
finished. The collard greens worry percent in 2009, almost three implication that this is where she
her, though; she doesn’t want to times the drop among whites. The searches for work since she
overcook them. Walker looks at number of blacks living below the cannot afford an Internet
the clock. It’s 10 a.m. She’s been official poverty line — $21,756 connection of her own.
on her feet since 6. for a family of four — increased OK, I have some questions. What
Walker used to make $100,000 a by 7 percent in just one year. is the name of this church? What
year as a nursing home executive It’s a gripping story. If you read role does it play in her life? In
until she lost her job a year and a d o w n t o t h o s e g u t - p u n c h another picture, she appears to be
half ago. Unable to find a new statistics, is almost impossible to this story. The first time I read that, I taking part in worship. Again,
one, she shed her business suits stop until you reach the end. It’s At the top of the story, above the thought to myself, “What a quote. what is she hearing in this church?
and high heels and put on an the kind of profile that editors main photograph, was the No wonder they pulled up top.” How is it helping her to wrestle
apron and soft-soled shoes. This want to see in their newspapers, following pull quote. Let’s read it But then I read it again. Then I with this crisis? What does her
year, she and her daughter are combining hard news and real again: read the whole story. Twice. Then pastor have to say about her
l i v i n g o n $ 1 1 , 0 0 0 : h e r human emotions. And, of course, “My friends say to me: ‘Listen to I read the quote again. plight? The members of her
unemployment benefits plus religion plays a major — but the Lord, Chris.’ I say, ‘No, I Truth be told, I still have no idea
whatever she can earn selling completely mysterious — role in have to have a paycheck.’ “ what that quotation means. The MYSTERIOUS page 77
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Reflections on the Vatican 2010 sex abuse crisis
Mollie (GetReligion) Paul II.
Submitted at 11/23/2010 1:39:47 PM Okay, so let’s get to the juicy
part. Goodstein said that when she
Here at GetReligion, we respond began reporting, she accepted the
to the news of the day. Sometimes “Ratzinger the Reformer” idea:
that means we don’t get a chance Yet, she said, the 2010 stories
to reflect on broader themes. We upended that narrative, which
spent a lot of time discussing how placed the responsibility entirely
the mainstream media handled the on bishops for the failure to report
Vatican sex abuse crisis earlier and remove abusers. This year we
this year. The Ethics and Public learned of one case after another,
Policy Center hosted a gathering she said, in which bishops were
of journalists from mainstream pleading urgently with the
secular outlets to reflect on what Congregation for the Doctrine of
went right and what went wrong the Faith under Ratzinger to
with that coverage. laicize a known molester, and the
It sounds like it was a fascinating CDF rejected those requests. And,
discussion. Veteran Vatican she added, we were always told
reporter John Allen, who we’ve that the CDF had nothing to do
been mentioning a bit this week, with these cases until 2001, but
was one of the facilitators of the that turned out to be false also. In
discussion and he wrote up a fact, they were handling them all
report for the National Catholic along.
Reporter. As a footnote, Goodstein said
The conversation ranged from the that much of the reporting was
Vatican’s poor state of crisis based on documents — though
communications to whether the she didn’t add this herself, usually
news media got the story right. documents obtained from victims’
Among the reporters present was lawyers. Those documents, she
Laurie Goodstein, whose New said, are the most revelatory
York Times work on the matter Catholic priests have a higher- global symbol of the problem: He suggests two additional evidence we have. The documents
fueled much of the controversy. than-average sex abuse rate, a Measured not against the factors that impeded the Vatican come from attorneys, she said,
George Weigel was the other lack of skill in reading church sweeping programs for reform from making a better case: The because the church sure is not
facilitator for the conversation. He documents, and confusion over that some critics of the church first case that came to light was handing them over.
laid out seven “flawed who is and is not a reliable source. have advanced, but against what the worst; when it broke, the Allen said that the additional
assumptions” that permeated this Weigel also noted that the church was realistically possible, Vatican’s instinct was to protect 2010 reporting didn’t
year’s coverage. These were: a has two chronic problems — Ratzinger moved the ball farther Benedict rather than empathize fundamentally alter his views on
notion that the papacy wields total communications and the lack of a and faster than most people with the victims and restate what how the Vatican reformed. He
control over Catholic life, that the mechanism for dealing with anticipated, often against strong reforms had taken place. The explains some of the specific
Roman Curia is highly competent, incompetence — or worse — internal opposition. other issue is that the Vatican may reasons why and adds:
that there is a will to deceive at from bishops. If that’s so, then why did a have been hampered in pointing One can certainly argue that his
the highest levels of the Vatican, Allen talked about the paradox of handful of cases from decades out Benedict’s record because it awakening came late, and that not
that the church has Benedict — regarded by insiders ago, which came to light earlier would indict other senior Vatican
institutionalized hypocrisy, that as the great reformer on the sex this year, cause such an officials or have the effect of REFLECTIONS page 77
abuse issue and yet painted as the earthquake in public perceptions? tainting the memory of Pope John
76 Religion/ E-reader News Edition

Taking one for the team
Bobby (GetReligion) contests in RNA’s history. We are publications that only cover Pulliam Bailey serves as CT’s religion and let the work stand on
Submitted at 11/23/2010 9:29:47 AM growing from eight contests last religion (but which are for-profit online editor. In my experience, its own, rather than make
year to 19. More importantly, commercial ventures or otherwise CT’s editors are every bit as statements about the funding
The e-mail came across my w e ’ v e a d d e d s i g n i f i c a n t financially independent of any committed to quality journalism mechanisms of certain
computer screen last week. The categories that were missing in denomination or religious group). as my editors in my Associated publications. (I should note that I
title of the note from Debra past years, such as blogging, Now Christian Century, Tricycle, Press days — and every bit as have no idea whether Russell
Mason, the highly respected documentaries, books, TV news Tikkun, The Forward, Islamica, talented and professional. would want to compete in RNA. I
executive director of the Religion magazines, magazines design, Christianity Today and hundreds The journalism produced by just brought up her name because
Newswriters Association, was online only publications and other of other publications are eligible religious publications matches she is an example of someone
cheery enough: categories. for the magazine category and sometimes exceeds that in doing excellent journalism in the
New contests expand recognition Up until that point, Mason’s note contests. mainstream newsrooms. My own denominational press and
Mason wrote: made perfect sense. Journalists Read that again. It’s a significant publication, The Christian someone honored by RNA during
In a time when the religion beat love contests. What we lack in development. And not necessarily Chronicle, competes with her secular reporting days.)
i s c h a l l e n g e d , a d d i n g n e w salary and benefits, we make up a positive one for those of us, Oklahoma’s major dailies in the As its website notes, RNA was
contests may s e e m for in certificates and plaques. such as your GetReligionistas, Oklahoma Society of Professional founded in 1949 to advance the
counterintuitive. After all, fewer Our brother-in-law can keep his who value the secular Godbeat Journalists’ annual contest and professional standards of religion
journalists are covering religion f a t C h r i s t m a s b o n u s . W e and consider it crucial. does quite well, especially reporting in the mainstream media
full-time and fewer media outlets journalists are perfectly happy What that change tells me (and I considering the tiny size of our and to create a support network
pay the contest entry fees. with a box of candy canes and could be wrong) is that the RNA, staff. for religion reporters. It’s difficult
Yet, in times like these, we need fifth place in third-day spot news which long has prided itself on Maybe I’m wrong and this isn’t to do that if you don’t have the
more recognition and reward for coverage of weekend natural being an organization for religion about the money at all. Maybe membership base or funding to
quality religion news, not less. disasters in Division 15 of the journalists, not religious this change reflects a belated survive. Sometimes, you hold
Examples of poorly written state press contest. (I say this, journalists, no longer can support recognition by the RNA of the your nose and take one for the
religion news — nearly always tongue firmly in cheek, as itself on mainstream journalism excellent caliber of journalism team. Written by: Bobby on
produced by general assignment someone who both enters his fair alone. Rather, it must hold its produced in the religious media. November 23, 2010.
or non-specialist reporters — are share of contests and has served nose and take one for the team by Somehow, though, I doubt it. This entry passed through the
easy to find. But as an association, the last few years as a judge for inviting certain less-offensive If that were the case, RNA would Full-Text RSS service — if this is
we need to shine the light on the the Sigma Delta Chi Awards.) religious publications to pay its open more than just the magazine your content and you're reading it
journalistic jewels that may get But the next part of Mason’s note contest fees and keep the category to such journalists. It on someone else's site, please read
l i t t l e n o t i c e , d e s p i t e t h e i r surprised me: organization going. would let my friend Robin our FAQ page at
c r e a t i v i t y , e l o q u e n c e a n d The contests for the first time Now, just to be clear, this is no Russell, managing editor of the content-only/faq.php
accuracy. open up the awards to a criticism of the publications United Methodist Reporter, Five Filters featured article:
T h e R N A B o a r d , a f t e r classification of members who suddenly eligible for RNA compete in the prestigious Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
r e c o m m e n d a t i o n s f r o m t h e were in recent years eligible as contests. I write freelance stories newspaper categories. It would Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
Contest Committee, this fall active members but ineligible for for Christianity Today, and my open up the entire hen house to all Catastrophe.
approved the largest expansion of our contests, namely, members at fellow GetReligionista Sarah journalists who write about
E-reader News Edition 77
continued from page 74 continued from page 75

Sunday school class, if she is part Rahmings says. “Chris was getting “prayed up” to, literally, a enough has yet been done — of apologetics — i.e., trying to get
of one? Is there a support group selling dinners, though, to pay her prayer balloon that drifts toward perhaps especially in terms of the Vatican off the hook.
for single mothers? utilities, or to get something for heaven in the final lines. matching the new accountability Another reporter made the point
Later on we read: Ravean. You’ve heard that It’s clear that there is a faith for priests with similar that when it comes to the crisis,
In 20 months, she had gone from expression: ‘By any means community in this woman’s life accountability for bishops. The media outlets have a limited
flourishing American Dream to necessary.’ ” and that it is a source of support, fact remains, however, that the appetite for nuance, because of
Down to Nothing. Here’s another strong faith-based prayer, advice and friendship. Vatican is today more committed the stark moral nature of the
“There have been some painful quote from a Friday night high- There is evidence of that to a “zero tolerance” policy underlying issue — the sexual
days,” Chrissanda Walker says. “I school football game, in the voice community everywhere in this because of Ratzinger’s impact, exploitation of vulnerable
should have been back working of Kelly Newson, one of Walker’s story. One might even claim that both before and after his election. children. In that regard, this
by now. I’ve had to hold on to my high-school classmates from long it is the context of this woman’s If that point sometimes got lost reporter said, the media can be as
faith. I’ve gone on job interviews. ago: story. earlier this year, it’s probably one “unchanging and relentless as the
I know I’m qualified. My record On the field, Fort Myers High is That is, this faith community is part a media failure to keep the church.”
speaks for itself.” falling behind. Kelly Newson, an everywhere except IN THE whole picture in focus, and one Allen says the take-away is that
She sighs and drops her head. old high school classmate of STORY. part the Vatican’s inability to unless the Vatican wants a
Readers also meet a friend — Walker’s, takes a seat behind her. This is most strange. Written by: project a different narrative. perpetual war with the press, it
Christine Rahmings — who He starts right in: “You find a job tmatt on November 23, 2010. There’s a lot more, if this type of needs to become better at
describes Walker’s attempts to yet?” Walker shakes her head no. This entry passed through the conversation interests you. Weigel explaining its culture to the
pay the bills by cooking meals for Riverdale scores again. Full-Text RSS service — if this is gets into some nitty gritty about outside world. Written by: Mollie
others. Now, Rahmings and these Newson goes on: “If God wants your content and you're reading it the end of John Paul II’s time in on November 23, 2010.
other women that we meet in the you to go North, you go North. on someone else's site, please read office. The group also discussed This entry passed through the
story, are they part of this there- You can’t go Northwest if he our FAQ page at why there never seem to be Full-Text RSS service — if this is
but-not-there church? wants you to go North, my sister.” content-only/faq.php consequences when someone in your content and you're reading it
A short while later, Walker Walker nods, not sure about the Five Filters featured article: Rome screws up. on someone else's site, please read
started making meals. During the cryptic counseling. “I had a Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- These reporter insights that Allen our FAQ page at
Depression, many American relative in the nursing home Chris Reporting of Falluja's Cancer mentions are also interesting: content-only/faq.php
women, trying to stave off ruin, was at,” Newson begins again, Catastrophe. One [journalist] said that while Five Filters featured article:
went to their kitchens and “and she was really happy there. such insider scoop is interesting, Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
emerged selling dinners - from Chris took care of the place. It it’s of limited journalistic value. Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
their porches, windowsills, back was clean. I just can’t understand Editors won’t tolerate sticking in Catastrophe.
yards. “It reminded me of the why she can’t get a job.” four paragraphs of “Vatican
black women who used to sell The religious references are context” into stories to explain
dinners to help build churches,” everywhere, from her supporters every statement or decision that
comes down the pike, this reporter
said, because it smacks too much
78 Politics-Right/ E-reader News Edition

In Defense of Defense
Submitted at 11/23/2010 3:00:04 AM
movement and fueled the general near–financial collapse? of rapid expansion that saw the the Iranian-held hostages. And the
Republican political renaissance. In addition, national security and military budget double in less post–Cold War defense cuts of the
From the November 29, 2010, But amid the talk of across-the- global influence are not always than ten years and consume $1 1990s may have made it far more
issue of NR. board budget freezes, radical measured by arms alone. China, trillion in aggregate budget difficult to pursue terrorists or
T wo bedrock beliefs of entitlement reform, and with an economy one-third the increases above the rate of fight in Iraq and Afghanistan in
traditional conservatism are fiscal elimination of entire programs, is size of ours and a military budget inflation. the new millennium. As Rudyard
discipline and strong national it fair to spare defense from the one-sixth the size of ours, is #ad#Yet there are also compelling Kipling put in his poem
defense. Likewise, two general anticipated 2011 slashing? increasing its profile in Africa and reasons not to cut defense, and “Tommy,” the public demands a
rules of budgetary reform in times At first glance, clearly no. After Latin America and is insidiously these are rarely discussed. The superb wartime military as much
of economic crisis are, first, to all, the United States will spend reminding Japan, the Philippines, United States has an alarming as it neglects it in peacetime --
scale back expenditures rather over $680 billion on defense this South Korea, and Taiwan that the record of courting danger when it “For it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy
than raise taxes, and, second, to year alone -- slated to rise to $712 time is approaching when a near- has slashed defense, or even that, an’ ‘Chuck him out, the
look at defense for some of the billion next year -- and well over bankrupt United States either merely been perceived abroad to brute!’ / But it’s ‘Saviour of ’is
deepest cuts. Something therefore $1 trillion when you include cannot or will not support them in be pruning its military. In the country’ when the guns begin to
will have to give. defense-related expenses that are times of existential crisis. Flush 1930s the Germans and Japanese shoot.”
In the last two years the United not counted in the official with nearly $2.5 trillion in cash did not take the United States At present, the world is not
States has piled up record $1.3 Pentagon budget. Depending on reserves (the result of huge seriously as a deterrent power, tranquil. At least a half dozen
trillion annual budget deficits. how one categorizes the figures, ongoing trade surpluses and and understandably so: It was not countries, including Iran, North
That red ink has pushed the defense spending now represents budgetary discipline), China until 1943 -- after tens of Korea, and Venezuela, have
national debt close to $14 trillion, over 19 percent of the federal reminds both neutrals and rivals thousands of American deaths -- ratcheted up their bellicose
approaching 98 percent of the budget and is nearing 5 percent of that it has plenty of money to buy, that the United States finally rhetoric, spurned U.S. efforts at
nation’s annual gross domestic the nation’s GDP. Over the last bribe, or persuade its way with deployed planes, armor, and ships outreach, and either threatened or
product, a peacetime record. nine years, the Pentagon’s budget nations -- and will have even that were of rough parity in harassed their neighbors. Our
Worse still, there is no end in has grown on average by about 9 more in the years ahead, even as numbers and quality with those of future relations with China, Syria,
sight to this massive borrowing. percent each year, more than its chief rival, the United States, its Axis enemies. and Turkey are at best
Trillion-dollar budget deficits are triple the rate of inflation -- quite will have less. After World War II ended, problematic. Soon-to-be-nuclear
scheduled at least through 2014 apart from the supplementary #page#In Washington, America demobilized and Iran may start a new strategic-
and will take our national debt spending on the Afghanistan and meanwhile, the Democratic White returned to its parsimonious arms race in the Middle East, as
beyond $18 trillion. Iraq wars. House and Senate are most likely military ways. The result: By Sunni Arab states seek to deter the
#ad#These staggering figures Indeed, America now accounts to compromise on budget cuts if August 1950 an outnumbered and Shiite Persian hegemon.
have caused near-panic for about 40 percent of the defense-spending freezes or outclassed American army in Potentially more frightening are
throughout the world, as the world’s military spending. That is reductions are on the table -- South Korea was confined to the the increasing tensions between
Federal Reserve desperately prints six times as much as its supposed concessions that might both tiny Pusan perimeter. For the first Japan and both China and Russia
$600 billion to monetize some of chief rival, China. And when preclude increases in income-tax six months of hard fighting in that stem from territorial disputes
the huge debt, gold soars to over America’s defense expenditure is rates and facilitate reductions in Korea, the military’s obsolete over islands near the Japanese
$1,400 an ounce, and Washington added to the military budgets of general social spending. No doubt tanks, anti-tank weapons, and mainland. It is almost a given that
is chastised as profligate by Europe, as well as those of the president’s bipartisan deficit planes proved no match for Soviet anytime the post-war United
everyone from Germany to China, Australia, Canada, Japan, South commission will include defense -supplied T-34 tanks and MiG-15 States cuts its military or tires of
which worries about the solvency Korea, and other allies, the allocations among the cuts it jets. its global deterrent role, it will
of its massive surplus dollar Western alliance accounts for recommends as necessary to Three decades later, in April soon rue the effort and pay for its
accounts. nearly three-fourths of all global balance the budget. After all, most 1980, post-Vietnam budget cuts laxity with blood and treasure.
No wonder, then, that the quest outlay on defense. Why can’t government bureaucracies have were the subtext of the Second, the United States
for fiscal sanity became the fiscal conservatives at least freeze plenty of waste, the Pentagon humiliating failed mission
signature of the Tea Party Pentagon spending in an era of included -- especially in a period (Operation Eagle Claw) to rescue DEFENSE page 82
E-reader News Edition Politics-Right/ 79

Pence for President?
Submitted at 11/23/2010 3:00:35 AM
Republican Conference following Reaganesque qualities that are so intense competition will be a the polling company, inc./
the election, there was immediate effective in American politics. I change for him. Running in a WomanTrend and a pollster for
No one has gone straight from buzz that he might be considering can imagine easily a scenario district rated R+10 by The Cook Pence. “Meg Whitman [the
the House to the White House a p r e s i d e n t i a l r u n . O t h e r s where Mike Pence could get Political Report, Pence has California gubernatorial
since James Garfield. Mike Pence speculated that he might run for traction and end up emerging as trumped opponents by 20 to 35 candidate] spent $150 million and
might be the one. governor of Indiana, where term the candidate.” points every time he has run for re got about the same percentage of
H e hasn’t held executive office. limits mandate that current Pence, however, has also shown -election. Another potentially the vote as [Delaware Senate
H e i s n ’ t a p a i d F o x N e w s governor Mitch Daniels step signs of interest in running for tricky matter, if he goes national, candidate] Christine O’Donnell.”
contributor. He hasn’t written a down in 2012. governor. “He did a lot of Lincoln will be appealing to non- Conway also points out that the
best-seller or starred in a reality “The congressman hasn’t made a Day dinners that weren’t exactly conservative voters. In Indiana, new media landscape offers
show. decision at this point,” says Pence in his congressional district, so many Democrats are somewhat underdog candidates more
So is there any reason Rep. Mike spokesman Matt Lloyd. “He’s that tells you he’s maybe at least conservative. “We’re not to be opportunities to spread their
Pence (R., Ind.) should be humbled by the encouragement thinking hard about the confused with Chicago, for message to the public rapidly and
c o n s i d e r e d a v i a b l e 2 0 1 2 he’s received back in Indiana and governorship,” says Mike example,” says Robert Dion, a inexpensively.
presidential contender? around the country, and he’s McDaniel, former chairman of the political-science professor at the Another undervalued asset is
According to supporters, there’s a going to take the coming weeks to Indiana GOP, referring to the University of Evansville. “It’s a Pence’s Midwestern background.
huge one: authenticity. Pence seek counsel and prayerfully dinners held annually by each of different animal.” McDaniel “In 2008, President Obama
identifies himself as a fiscal and consider it.” Indiana’s 92 counties. agrees, saying that Indiana carried Wisconsin, Michigan,
social conservative and has the If Pence decides to run for If Pence does opt to run for Democrats are “Reagan Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and Ohio,
voting record to prove it. Elected p r e s i d e n t , h e f a c e s s t e e p governor, he will most likely face Democrats.” gaining a total of 86 electoral
in 2000, when compassionate obstacles. The last president a competitive primary, with Lt. #ad#On the other hand, Pence, a votes,” Conway observes. “He is
conservatism was trendy, he has elected directly from the House of Gov. Becky Skillman having former radio-show host, is noted far less popular in all of them
never been afraid to play the R e p r e s e n t a t i v e s w a s J a m e s already said she’s “seriously for his communication skills. now, and Republicans just won
Grinch, voting against big- Garfield in 1880. And while considering” running. If Pence “He’s not as brusque or rough statewide in each of them.” Ohio
spending initiatives such as No President Obama’s rapid ascent wins the primary, his opponent around the edges as some really and Indiana are both considered
Child Left Behind, Medicare Part may signal that voters don’t may well be Sen. Evan Bayh, who hard-charging conservatives,” battleground states, while
D , a n d T A R P . P e n c e h a s demand much political experience was Indiana’s governor for two says Dion. “He might say the Wisconsin’s recent election of
displayed the same kind of from their presidents, even terms before serving in the U.S. exact same thing, but it goes over Republican Ron Johnson for
consistency on social issues, Obama had been a senator for two Senate for twelve years. Bayh is better than some.” Marjorie Senate could signal a shift to the
establishing a solidly pro-life y e a r s b e f o r e l a u n c h i n g h i s not currently Indiana’s favorite Dannenfelser, president of the right. However, Pence is not the
record over the last decade. campaign. Democrat, thanks to his last- Susan B. Anthony List, talks only potential candidate who has
#ad#Pence’s advocacy hasn’t On the flip side, Pence may minute decision not to run for re- about Pence’s ability to appeal to this Midwestern edge. The
gone unnoticed. He spoke at the b e n e f i t f r o m b e i n g a n e w election, a decision that many the grassroots and communicate speculative list of 2012
T e a P a r t y ’ s 9 / 1 2 r a l l y i n candidate, which could appeal to Democrats believe ensured that a “a vision that is really compelling, contenders also includes Indiana
Washington, D.C., last year and GOP voters who don’t want the Republican would win, as Dan that gets people out of their seats governor Mitch Daniels,
again this year, and won the straw 2012 presidential field to be 2008 Coats in fact did. But if Bayh and going door to door.” Minnesota governor Tim
p o l l o f 2 0 1 2 p r e s i d e n t i a l redux. “When I travel around the decides to try to patch up his Among some Pence partisans, Pawlenty, and South Dakota
candidates at the Family Research country,” says Gary Bauer, relations with state Democrats and there’s a sense that the senator John Thune.
Council’s Value Voters Summit p r e s i d e n t o f t h e s o c i a l - run, he’ll be likely to mount a conventional wisdom is wrong Ultimately, Pence’s strongest
this year, beating out notables like c o n s e r v a t i v e o r g a n i z a t i o n formidable campaign, although about the requirements for a advantage may be his ability to
Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney, American Values, “conservative his more liberal Senate votes may presidential candidate. “High build bridges within the GOP.
and Sarah Palin. When Pence audiences seem to feel that they prove to be an Achilles’ heel. name ID and deep pockets are not “The Republican party is going
resigned from his leadership would love to see someone new #page#If Pence chooses to run for all that they once were,” argues
position as chairman of the House emerge who had the sort of either governor or president, the Kellyanne Conway, president of PENCE page 81
80 Politics-Right/ E-reader News Edition

Jim Clyburn: Personification of a Degraded Party
John Perazzo (FrontPage achievement. “When he [Clinton] reflexive charges of racism, but
Magazine » FrontPage) was going through his also in the congressman’s voting
Submitted at 11/22/2010 10:36:07 PM impeachment problems, it was the record on a wide range of vital
black community that bellied up issues. A devoted fan of the
Seventy-year-old Democrat to the bar,” said Clyburn. “I think bloated welfare state, Clyburn,
James Clyburn has been the U.S. black folks feel strongly that that early in his legislative career,
R e p r e s e n t a t i v e f o r S o u t h this is a strange way for President voted against a 1995 bill designed
Carolina’s 6th congressional Clinton to show his appreciation.” to move people off the welfare
district since 1993. He also has When South Carolina’s rolls and into paying jobs. In
served as House Majority Whip R e p u b l i c a n g o v e r n o r M a r k addition to limiting welfare aid to
since 2007, making him the third- Sanford formally rejected federal five years per family, this bill
ranking Democrat in the House earmarks for his state early last barred states from giving cash
behind Speaker Nancy Pelosi and year, Clyburn alleged that Sanford assistance to children of
Majority Leader Steny Hoyer. was a racially insensitive elitist: unmarried teenagers; to families
When the new Congress convenes “He [Sanford] happens to be a that had given birth to additional
in January 2011, Clyburn will millionaire. He may not need help children while on public
retain a #3 leadership position– “ for the plantation his family owns, assistance; to any person who had
Assistant Minority Leader” – b u t t h e p e o p l e w h o s e fraudulently sought to obtain
among the now-minority grandparents and great- benefits in more than one state;
Democrats. As one of the most g r a n d p a r e n t s w o r k e d t h o s e Zimbabwean president Robert Claiming that he had always tried and to fugitive felons, parole and
influential political figures in the plantations need the help.” Mugabe, Clyburn characterized to “look past” Wilson’s probation violators, alcoholics,
country, he merits the closest In February 2009, Clyburn the governor’s remarks as “membership in some groups that and drug addicts. But alas, Rep.
scrutiny of the American people – offered this assessment of why “beyond the pale.” When call into question his feelings Clyburn thought all these
particularly in light of the fact that Sanford and three other southern reporters subsequently asked about his whole notion of white stipulations were bad ideas. The
h i s p o l i t i c s a r e t h o s e o f white governors were opposing Clyburn if his use of that phrase supremacy,” Clyburn said: “Joe following year, he voted against
Democratic Party orthodoxy writ President Obama’s $787 billion was intended to imply that Wilson has worked very hard to the landmark Welfare Reform Act
large. stimulus package: “The governor Sanford’s comments had racial cultivate a sort of choir-boy of 1996, which caused welfare
A member of the Congressional o f L o u i s i a n a e x p r e s s e d overtones, the congressman image, but I think that most rolls nationwide to shrink by more
Black Caucus(CBC), Clyburn, in opposition. [Louisiana] has the replied: “I’m sure he would not people realize that there’s than 50 percent, as millions of
the longstanding tradition of the h i g h e s t A f r i c a n - A m e r i c a n say that, but how did he get to something else going on with formerly dependent people were
CBC and the political Left, has p o p u l a t i o n i n t h e c o u n t r y . Zimbabwe? What took the man to him.” moved successfully into jobs
cultivated an uncanny ability to G o v e r n o r o f M i s s i s s i p p i Zimbabwe? Someone should ask In Clyburn’s calculus, even a where they were able to earn their
spot white racists lurking expressed opposition. The him if that’s really the best refusal to dutifully swallow the own way instead of being the
menacingly around virtually every governor of Texas, and the comparison.… How can he fantasy of manmade global wards of American taxpayers.
corner. For instance, when former governor of South Carolina. compare this country’s situation warming qualifies as evidence of Clyburn also thought it was a bad
President Bill Clinton likened These four governors represent to Zimbabwe?” racism because, as the idea in 2003 to place even
B a r a c k O b a m a ’ s 2 0 0 8 states that are in the black belt. I After Rep. Joe Wilson congressman explains, “African- minimal new conditions on
Democratic primary victory in was insulted by that. All of this infamously shouted “ You lie!” Americans are disproportionately welfare eligibility. Thus he voted
South Carolina to then-candidate was a slap in the face of African- during President Obama’s impacted by the effects of climate against a proposal to raise the
Jesse Jackson’s primary victory Americans.” September 9, 2009 address change economically, socially and work requirements, from 30 hours
t h e r e t w e n t y y e a r s e a r l i e r , In March 2009, when Governor outlining his healthcare-reform through our health and well- per week to 40, for individuals
Clyburn concluded that Clinton’s Sanford compared Obama’s proposal to a joint session of being.” receiving public assistance. By
remarks were embedded with a massive stimulus spending to the Congress, Clyburn again sniffed Clyburn’s unwavering leftism
racist intent to diminish Obama’s disastrous fiscal policies of the pungent stench of racism. manifests itself not only in such JIM page 87
E-reader News Edition Politics-Right/ 81
Why Unhappy People Become Liberals continued from page 79

through its own little growth pains
Submitted at 11/22/2010 11:00:38 PM
Take black Americans, for and walks around wondering how other hand, teach their kids how here,” remarks Bauer, “and we
example. It makes perfect sense he got so lucky as to be born or to lose well. They are less worried see all the continued speculation
. . . and why liberalism makes that a black American who is naturalized an American. about their children feeling bad. about whether the party
them even unhappier. essentially happy is going to be #page#Third, imagine two A couple of years ago, I gave a establishment can meld
A ccording to polls -- Pew less attracted to the Left. Anyone Americans living in essentially speech on happiness to the successfully with the new Tea
Research Center, the National who has interacted with black identical socioeconomic students and faculty of a Party activists and so forth. I think
Science Foundation -- and studies conservatives rarely encounters an conditions. They earn $45,000 a prestigious high school in the Los whoever we nominate in 2012 has
such as Arthur Brooks’s Gross angry, unhappy person. year, they have the same amount Angeles area. The subject was the to be somebody that can deal
National Happiness, conservative Why? of debt on their homes, and both need to act happy even when one with, work with both of those
Americans are happier than liberal Because the liberal view on race have the same number of isn’t feeling happy -- because it is impulses in the coalition,
Americans. is that America is a racist society. dependents. One seeks unfair to others to inflict our bad somebody who is respected by
Liberals respond this way: “If Therefore, for all intents and governmental assistance wherever moods on them and because we both of those groups.” Bauer
we’re unhappier, it’s because we purposes, a black American must possible; the other eschews any will never be happy if we allow believes that Pence is one of a
are more upset than conservatives abandon liberalism in order to be governmental help. Which one is our feelings to dictate our “handful of people” who meet
over the plight of those less a happy individual. It is very hard, likely to be the liberal and which happiness. those qualifications.
fortunate than ourselves.” if not impossible, to be a happy one is likely to be the happier From what I experienced that day So what will Pence do? He has
But common sense and data person while believing that individual? and learned later, liberal students said he will not make a decision
suggest other explanations. society is out to hurt you. So, the This is not a question only an and faculty generally loathed my until after January 1. “For now,
#ad#For one thing, conservatives unhappy black person will oracle can answer. The one who speech; conservative students we [the Pence family] will
on the same socioeconomic level gravitate to liberalism and yearns for governmental help is generally loved it (there were no continue our duties serving the
as liberals give more charity and liberalism will in turn make him the one who is likely to be both conservative faculty to speak of). people of Indiana and do what we
volunteer more time than do more unhappy by reinforcing his liberal and less happy. Why? Because conservatives are have always done in such times;
liberals. And as regards the view that he is a victim. Conservatism, which demands far more likely to be comfortable we will wait on the Lord and
suffering of non-Americans, for at The unhappy gravitate toward the self-reliance, makes one happier. with the idea that feelings are not follow where He leads,” he wrote
least half a century conservatives Left for a second reason. Life is The more a man or woman feels as important as behavior. in the letter announcing his
have been far more willing to hard for liberals and life is hard like captain of his or her ship (as Those who know that feelings resignation from the House
sacrifice American treasure and for conservatives. But poor as that ship may be), the must not govern us, but that we leadership.
American blood (often their own) conservatives assume that life will happier he or she will be. must govern our feelings, are far Bauer offers a less religious take
for other nations’ liberty. always be hard. Liberals, on the #ad#A fourth explanation for more likely to be happy people. on what Pence should do next.
Both of these facts refute the other hand, have utopian dreams. greater unhappiness among The upshot of all this? There is “Selfishly,” he says, “I would hate
liberals-are-more-concerned- At his brother Robert’s funeral, liberals is that the more people an amazingly simple way to to surrender him back to Indiana
about-others explanation for the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy allow feelings to govern them, the defeat the Left: Raise children at a time when the Republican
liberal unhappiness. recalled his brother saying: “Some less happy they will be. And the who are grateful to be American, party is desperately in need of
So, let’s look at other men see things as they are and further left one goes, the more who don’t complain, who can competitive leadership.”
explanations. say, ‘Why?’ I dream things that importance one attaches to handle losing, and who are guided — Katrina Trinko writes for
Perhaps we are posing the never were and say, ‘Why not?’” feelings. by values, not feelings. In other National Review Online’s Battle
question backwards when we ask Utopians will always be less It is liberal educators and liberal words, teach them how to be ’10 blog. Katrina Trinko
why liberals are less happy than happy than those who know that parents who have clamored for happy adults.
conservatives. The question suffering is inherent to human protecting young people from the — Dennis Prager is a nationally
implies that liberalism causes existence. The utopian compares pain of losing games. The liberal syndicated radio talk-show host
unhappiness. And while this is America to utopia and finds it world came up with the idea of and columnist. He may be
true, it may be equally correct to terribly wanting. The conservative giving trophies to kids who lose; contacted through his website,
say that unhappy people are more compares America to every other they don’t want their children Dennis Prager
likely to adopt leftist positions. civilization that has ever existed feeling bad. Conservatives, on the
82 Politics-Right/ E-reader News Edition
continued from page 78

military keeps international peace undergraduates, who often kill thousands of Americans in the defense expenditures were
A Poor
in many quiet ways that transcend
its more overt efforts to rid the
expanded their college experience
to six or eight years of on-again-
New York subway system, in
Times Square, and on both
proportionally greater (5.8 percent
of GDP) than they are now -- START
world of assorted thugs, genocidal off-again study. In short, the passenger and freight planes. reminding us that the present
Submitted at 11/22/2010 11:00:28 PM
dictators, and terrorist sponsors military was able to train 20-year- The failures of these planned budget meltdown reflects
such as Saddam Hussein, old signalmen on aircraft-carrier operations are attributable in part particular policies and priorities The case for New START is so
Slobodan Milosevic, Manuel decks to park $150 million jet to stepped-up military that transcend both tax rates and weak that we’d better hope the
Noriega, and the Taliban. NATO, fighters wingtip to wingtip far intelligence, the elimination of defense spending. fate of the planet doesn’t hinge on
which would be impossible more safely than college students thousands of terrorists in In the end, the problem of it.
without the United States, cools a zoom through campus parking Afghanistan and Iraq, and the national security in a time of S ometime after the Democratic
number of traditional hot spots lots. ongoing targeting of terrorists by budget restraint is not so much losses in the midterm elections, a
like Cyprus, the Aegean Sea #ad#Fourth, we are currently drone attacks in the badlands of about defense spending per se; funny thing happened to the New
between Greece and Turkey, and spending on defense (at least on Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, and instead, it lies in two other areas. START treaty. It became a matter
the historically vulnerable eastern average) one point of GDP less Yemen. But this does not show First, we must establish our global of extreme urgency.
-European borderlands that abut than we did during the Cold War that conventional weapons are responsibilities in the context of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
Russia. The U.S. military hunts in the 1980s -- which ended with unnecessary. As personnel costs our fiscal limitations, and fund called the treaty with Russia a
down al-Qaeda from the horn of the implosion of a Soviet Union and the prices of weapons systems our military to fulfill the ensuing matter of “life and death.” A lefty
Africa to South America, fights that simply could not produce a skyrocket, we are forced to buy obligations. At present, defense group cut a “Daisy ad” showing a
the Somali pirates, organizes technologically sophisticated and fewer planes and vehicles. Those spending is increasingly not girl counting flower petals until
tsunami relief in Indonesia, disciplined military economies increase both the per- synchronized with a clear and she’s rudely interrupted by a
facilitates aid to earthquake- commensurate with America’s re- unit cost of acquisition and the understandable strategic mission. thermonuclear blast — evidently
stricken Haiti, and keeps sea lanes equipped and expanded armed hours of usage per asset. The Second, we must grow the caused by the failure to ratify
open from the China Sea to the forces. When the George W. Bush result, for example, is that in just economy. Our defense capability New START.
Persian Gulf. These costly administration entered office, we 20 years the Air Force has gone improved radically in the last 30 #ad#It’s undoubtedly a time of
deterrent and humanitarian efforts were spending only about 3 from deploying over 4,000 fighter years without a great leap in nuclear angst, but Moscow
save lives and build goodwill -- percent of GDP on defense, a aircraft to scarcely 1,500. That expenditures as a percentage of doesn’t have much to do with it.
and many of them either would historic low, and the figure did means fewer and more costly GDP, simply because GDP grew Pyongyang just revealed a vast
not occur or would be taken up by not exceed 4 percent until the planes than ever before, and more at such a rapid clip. But unless we new uranium-enrichment plant.
less conciliatory powers should latter half of Bush’s second term. wear and tear on those that we can continue to expand the pie, there North Korea’s nuclear program is
we cut back the current military In other words, in terms of the afford. will be fights over the size of the truly a problem from hell. It’s
budget. overall economy, the present Of course it is salutary to review slices. A healthy economy is the much easier to execute a
#page#Third, much of the military budget is not historically carefully all Pentagon best national-security measure of pantomime of high-stakes Cold
Pentagon budget is spent on high. expenditures, and to make sure we all. War diplomacy with the Russians
military personnel -- at least $150 Fifth, the U.S. military is billions are not purchasing assets or — Victor Davis Hanson is a and claim to have saved the
billion -- including college of dollars behind in repairing or fielding forces that we do not senior fellow at the Hoover world.
education and vocational training. replacing equipment worn out by need, or that are not in line with Institution and a recipient of the In his weekly address, Pres.
After 20 years as a professor in years of fighting in Afghanistan our strategic goals and 2007 National Humanities Medal. Barack Obama implicitly
the California State University and Iraq and by its increased responsibilities. But we should Victor Davis Hanson acknowledged the reflexive nature
system, I can attest that returning responsibilities in the War on also remember that near the end of the deal. “Since the Reagan
military veterans were more Terror. Indeed, we sometimes of the Cold War, in 1988, income years,” Obama said, “every
mature and responsible in general, forget that we are in a global taxes were lower (28 percent on president has pursued a
and were better-motivated conflict with radical Islamists who top brackets), budget deficits were negotiated, verified arms-
students, than my average most recently have attempted to smaller (3 percent of GDP), and reduction treaty.” And every one,
POOR page 84
E-reader News Edition Politics-Right/ 83

Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts
Sally McNamara (The Foundry: This request must have come as and there are real concerns that
Conservative Policy News.) quite a shock to the Czechs, who the Treaty will limit the U.S.’s
Submitted at 11/23/2010 12:00:17 PM only a year-ago received a options on missile defense(and
midnight phone call from the thereby NATO’s options too).
Posted November 23rd, 2010 at President to tell them they’d been When the new Senate
1:00pm in American Leadership dropped like a hot brick from the reconstitutes in January there will
Print This Post previous Administration’s missile be plenty of time for the Foreign
Speaking to the media this defense plans. It also seems Relations Committee to
weekend, Secretary of State incongruous to the high-handed reconsider the matter and
Hillary Clinton told CBS’s Bob way in which this Administration investigate exactly whether the
Schieffer that at NATO’s Lisbon has treated Central and Eastern Treaty genuinely does serve U.S.
Summit this weekend, many Europe in general. First there was and allied interests. It is worth
E u r o p e a n s t a t e s i n c l u d i n g the reset with Russia that saw off waiting these few short weeks for
Germany, Poland and the Baltic the Third Site missile defense the newly-elected Senate to
s t a t e s h a d p r e s s e d t h e installations in Poland and the execute its constitutionally-
Administration on the ratification Czech Republic. Then there was mandated duty to genuinely offer
of New START. the callous disregard for the its advice and consent on such an
During one of the summit’s many official ceremonies marking the important issue—and with the full
news conferences, President 20th anniversary of the fall of the facts before it.
Obama also stated, “Unprompted, Berlin Wall—where Russia was This entry passed through the
I have received overwhelming better represented than the Full-Text RSS service — if this is
support from our allies here that Americans. The White House your content and you're reading it
Start — the New Start treaty — is didn’t even initially acknowledge on someone else's site, please read
a critical component to U.S. and the invitation from the Polish our FAQ page at
European security.” However, government to attend the 70th As a member of the NATO invocation of Reaganism in content-only/faq.php
Czech defense minister, Alexandr anniversary commemoration of alliance, U.S. Senators have an support of New START, the Five Filters featured article:
Vondra revealed that it was the the Nazi invasion of Poland—and obligation to consider the interests Administration’s Damascene-like Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
other way round; in fact, the scurried to send a low-ranking of its allies when making c o n v e r s a t i o n s a p p e a r m o r e Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
Administration had asked their official once the snub became decisions on international opportunistic than genuine. Catastrophe.
Central and Eastern European public. And Poland and several security. However they should The Administration’s desperation
allies to lobby for the Treaty. He others still await acceptance in to take the Administration’s new to push through New START in
stated: “Throughout the summit, the U.S. Visa Waiver Program, found enthusiasm for Central and the lame duck session of Congress
there was intense lobbying by the despite massive support for the Eastern Europe’s endorsement smacks of opportunism too. It has
administration to win support for U . S . - l e d w a r s i n I r a q a n d with a pinch of salt. Somewhat not released the negotiating record
the ratification process.” Afghanistan. like Secretary Clinton’s recent of the U.S.-Russian deliberations
84 Politics-Right/ E-reader News Edition
Louisiana Senators to Interior Secretary: End continued from page 82

he noted, has gotten more than 85
Drilling Permit Logjam votes in the Senate.
This is selective history. The
Camilo Rodriguez (The But we heard none of that – Senate refused to ratify the Salt II
Foundry: Conservative Policy absolutely nothing. treaty signed by Jimmy Carter in
News.) I told the secretary that this 1 9 7 9 , a n d i t r e j e c t e d t h e
Submitted at 11/23/2010 2:00:36 PM permit logjam had to change – Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
Posted November 23rd, 2010 at this vital industry is virtually shut in 1999. If Obama is going to get
3:00pm in Energy and down. New START — his sudden rush
Environment Print This Post In a statement released after the obviously has to do with avoiding
Interior Secretary Ken Salazar meeting, Landrieu expressed six more Republican senators next
traveled to Louisiana on Monday “disappointment” that Salazar did year — he’ll have to do it through
to meet with oil and gas not outline steps to lift the “de persuasion rather than sheer
executives whose industry has facto” moratorium. assertion.
been suffering from a “de facto” Salazar said, “We will continue The case for New START is so
drilling ban since the to work with the industry and weak that we’d better hope the
government’s moratorium was stakeholders to provide certainty fate of the planet doesn’t hinge on
lifted. Both of the state’s senators a n d e n s u r e t h a t e v e r y o n e it. It places a limit on strategic
said Salazar failed to adequately understands the rules of the road.” warheads of 1,550, and a limit on
address the core issues causing He also agreed to Vitter’s request deployed delivery vehicles —
the logjam. to follow up on the discussions missiles, bombers, submarines —
Salazar’s trip to Houma to meet and suggestions made Monday at 700. Even in theory, this isn’t
Management, Regulation and drilling moratorium, but few
with industry leaders was made in and meet again in Washington, much of a cut in warheads. Under
exchange for Sen. Mary Enforcement, the agency that permits have been issued since the 2002 Treaty of Moscow,
D.C., with industry leaders.
issues drilling permits; developing then, thanks to stringent permit
Landrieu’s (D-LA) lifting of her Unless Salazar addresses these Russia and the United States had
regulatory certainty and defining requirements. The ban was
hold on Jack Lew, President regulatory issues, permit issuance already agreed to arsenals of
rules; and shifting the focus from imposed as a safety and
Obama’s nominee to head the will not reach its previous rates 2,200 to 1,700 each.
shallow water permits solely to environmental precaution after the
Office of Management and anytime soon and the Gulf Coast Here’s the catch: The Russians
both shallow and deepwater Deepwater Horizon oil spill, but
Budget. The state’s other senator, economy will continue to suffer. a r e a l r e a d y b e n e a t h 7 0 0
permits. has come under growing
David Vitter (R-LA), told Salazar This entry passed through the launchers. The aging of their
After meeting with Salazar, skepticism after the Interior
that the Obama administration Full-Text RSS service — if this is arsenal, coupled with economic
industry executives were not Department’s inspector general
needs to resolve at least a few big- your content and you're reading it constraints, means that they aren’t
pleased by what they heard. James concluded that a drilling safety
picture issues to end the logjam on someone else's site, please read g o i n g h i g h e r r e g a r d l e s s .
Noe, general counsel of Hercules report made it falsely appear that
on Gulf drilling permits. our FAQ page at Effectively, New START only
Vitter spoke on the phone with Offshore Inc. and director of the the moratorium was supported mandates cuts on us, and we make
Shallow Water Energy Security and peer reviewed by scientists
Salazar Saturday and sent a letter Five Filters featured article: concessions to the Russians for
Coalition, told reporters, “The and other experts.
Sunday to lay out specific Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- the privilege. This is classic
only commitment we received Vitter expressed frustration for
regulatory issues that he said need Reporting of Falluja's Cancer Obama chump diplomacy.
to be resolved so permits can from the secretary is that he’s the lack of progress from The preamble of the treaty notes
again be issued at their pre- going to meet with us again in Salazar’s meeting: “the interrelationship” between
moratorium levels. Among the December.” All of us from Louisiana hoped offensive arms and defenses. Prior
unresolved regulatory issues More than a month has passed to hear some new policy, some to the signing of the treaty,
Vitter mentioned: the staffing of since the Obama administration permitting breakthrough, maybe a Russia’s foreign minister Sergei
the U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy lifted the six-month deepwater handful of new permits approved.
POOR page 87
E-reader News Edition Politics-Right/ 85

Oil Producers Bullied
Tait Trussell (FrontPage federal auditors at oil companies
Magazine » FrontPage) to check correct counting. But to
Submitted at 11/22/2010 10:43:18 PM be sure government gets every
dime owed, Gould has hired 19
Department of Interior officials more auditors, bring the total to
seem to take sadistic pleasure in 164. Previously, only the big
badgering oil companies. The companies faced audits. The total
latest example involves a new ONNR employees will number
agency created to levy untold
millions of dollars in fines if
The disdain for oil companies, of
Al Gore’s
companies don’t kowtow to the
new bureaucracy. The agency’s
head gave the tasteless warning:
course, comes from the top.
Obama has made clear he can’t
stand profit-making, especially by
“If they cut corners they could
end up paying enough to quickly
oil companies. It’s a case of
trickle-down hate. It dripped
take care of the federal deficit.” down to Interior Secretary Ken Rich Trzupek (FrontPage
The oil industry now pays $37 Salazar during the Gulf oil spill Magazine » FrontPage)
million a day in royalties. That’s last spring. That’s when Salazar Submitted at 11/22/2010 10:45:17 PM
over $13 billion a year for our promised that the Administration
near empty U.S. Treasury and would “ keep its boot on the Back in 1994, vice-president of
other state and special accounts. throat” of energy giant British the United States Al Gore cast the
The comment about collecting t h e n e w O f f i c e o f N a t u r a l overall reorganization.” Just to Petroleum until the oil gusher tie-breaking vote that started us
royalties enough to pay off the Resources Revenue (ONRR). It is m a k e s u r e t h e r e ’ s e n o u g h stopped and the spill was cleaned on the long road of taking
federal deficit might have been one of three agencies that will bureaucracy, three agencies will up. American farms out of food
said in jest. But petroleum replace the Minerals Management replace one. In the period during which production and converting them to
officials aren’t laughing. Allison Service (MMS), which was The Office of Natural Resources S a l a z a r h a d i m p o s e d a fuel production. While
Nyholm, a royalty expert and blamed for being too chummy Revenue opened its Denver office moratorium on drilling in the Gulf conservatives and libertarians
policy adviser at the American with the energy industry in its Oct. 1 where it will use new of Mexico, the Interior Secretary argued at the time that subsidizing
Petroleum Institute told me: “We royalty collection operation. The computer facilities to assure that continued his brazen talk. “We ethanol production made no
want a positive approach, not an new ONRR will collect and government gets what it’s owed, will only lift the moratorium economic or environmental sense,
adversarial process. There’s a lot disburse energy-produced revenue Director Gould commented. when I, as Secretary of Interior, Gore and his green allies were
of discretion in how fines are from federal and American Indian Energy royalties are collected like am comfortable that we have certain that bio-fuels would solve
imposed. It’s really in the best lands onshore and from the U.S. income taxes. Companies self- significantly reduced those risks. all the nation’s woes. Sixteen
interest of the companies to Outer Continental Shelf offshore. report what they owe. So the moratorium dragged years later, Mr. Gore has
expedite payments.” In announcing the new agency, In the past, a few companies have on–hurting jobs, drilling, and apparently seen the light,
The sadistic jokester at Interior is Interior Secretary Ken Salazar cheated—just as some taxpayers tourism. admitting that America’s rush to
Gregory J. Gould, new director of called it “a major step in our do. The big oil companies have embrace corn ethanol has been
something of a mistake.
Here is what Vice President Al
Gore had to say about his role in
subsidizing ethanol, while
speaking at the Farm Journal

GORE’S page 87
86 Politics-Right/ E-reader News Edition

Debbie Schlussel Stands Up for Persecuted Christian
Teachers – in America
Jamie Glazov (FrontPage deceased Hezbollah spiritual
Magazine » FrontPage) leader Mohammed Hussein
Submitted at 11/22/2010 10:40:32 PM Fadlallah, made sure that the
teachers were repeatedly
Frontpage Interview’s guest scheduled for two classes at the
today is Debbie Schlussel, a same time at opposite ends of the
conservative political school, and he recruited Muslim
commentator, radio talk show students to harass and report on
host, columnist, and attorney. the teachers, as well as
Visit her website at deliberately assigning them the w o r s t
FP: Debbie Schlussel, welcome students—troublemakers—repeat
to Frontpage Interview. edly encouraging them to harass
You have recently launched a these two teachers.
federal lawsuit against Imad The teachers are both award-
Fadlallah, a Muslim individual winning teachers, but as part of
who was, until July, the principal Mr. Fadlallah’s harassment of
of Dearborn’s Fordson High them, he and other school
School. personnel under his domain gave
Tell us what the lawsuit is about. the teachers negative reviews and
Schlussel: Two teachers at clear that the harassment was giving students the day off and reports in their records. Mr.
Dearborn’s Fordson High School, brought because these teachers are extra credit to campaign against Purcell also has Type I Diabetes
Bryan Purcell and Georgene Christians and not Muslims and Christian candidates on Election and, as part of the harassment
S t e r g a l a s , w e r e r e p e a t e d l y because the principal wanted to Day and temporarily canceling the against him, he was repeatedly
harassed by the then-Muslim replace Christian teachers with prom because it is unIslamic. The told he could not take time out to
principal Imad Fadlallah. (He has teachers who are Muslims, Arabs, school football team also illegally give himself necessary shots and
since been replaced by another or Arab Muslims. engages in organized Islamic the school deliberately scheduled
Muslim principal.) As we’ve Fadlallah has used this tax- prayer before football games. As classes when he was medically
n o t e d i n t h e p r e s s r e l e a s e funded public school to push we noted in the lawsuit, Fadlallah, required to eat and take shots.
announcing the lawsuit, it was Islamic extremism, including who is a cousin of recently-
E-reader News Edition 87
continued from page 85 continued from page 84

conference back in 1998: the farmers in my home state of produced in the United States has Lavrov said the linkage “is legally temporary extension with the
I was also proud to stand up for Tennessee, and I had a certain increased by almost an order of binding.” The Russians want to Russians, and now argues that the
the ethanol tax exemption when it fondness for the farmers in the magnitude, topping 10.5 billion leverage the treaty into a de facto verification gap means we must
was under attack in the Congress state of Iowa because I was about gallons in 2009. Private investors limit on our defensive ratify New START posthaste. But
— at one point, supplying a tie- to run for president. The size, the have invested tens of billions of capabilities, and given the Obama the verification provisions of the
breaking vote in the Senate to percentage of corn particularly, dollars to build today’s massive administration’s attenuated new treaty are weaker than those
save it. The more we can make which is now being (used for) first corn ethanol infrastructure and the commitment to defenses, the of the old, and the administration
this home-grown fuel a -generation ethanol definitely has government has invested tens of Russian tack is a shrewd one. could always seek new ones via
successful, widely-used product, an impact on food prices. The billions more to ensure that it The Russians negotiated well. an executive agreement.
the better-off our farmers and our competition with food prices is remains in place. Had Gore faced The treaty removes the limits of In the final analysis, the
environment will be. real. facts in 1994, the public and the old START treaty on how administration wants the treaty
Contrast that with what the vice- While it’s nice to hear that the private sectors could have used many warheads can be placed on because it thinks it makes the
president is quoted as saying in hero of the environmental those funds more wisely and more a missile, and it counts a bomber Russians feel good and fosters a
this report from Fox, statements movement has embraced reality, profitably elsewhere. But now? as one weapon no matter how “reset.” The benefits of reset are
he made while he was attending a Gore’s conversion has come far Having made this huge many warheads are loaded on it. overrated, though. Yes, the
recent green energy conference too late. When Gore cast his investment, the pain of admitting The Russian press has reported Russians voted for the fourth
held in Athens, Greece: critical vote in 1994, the bio-fuels defeat, suffering our losses and that these rules will allow the round of U.N. sanctions against
It is not a good policy to have industry produced about 1.4 walking away from corn ethanol Russians to retain hundreds more Iran, but only after watering them
these massive subsidies for first- billion gallons of ethanol each may be too much to bear. strategic warheads than the down along with the Chinese.
generation ethanol. First- year from less than fifty plants. technical limit. They have made it clear they
generation ethanol I think was a Sixteen years later, as a direct Our verification regime with the won’t support more stringent
mistake. The energy conversion result of government subsidies Russians ended with the sanctions outside the U.N.
ratios are at best very small. One and tax breaks, over a hundred expiration of the old START If Obama wants to butter up
of the reasons I made that mistake new corn ethanol plants have been treaty last December. The POOR page 88
is that I paid particular attention to built and the amount of ethanol administration did not get a
continued from page 80

contrast, boondoggles requiring Just as Clyburn is willing to ineffective – allocating an funder of Democratic candidates schools. The following year,
absolutely nothing of their funnel billions of other people’s additional $10.2 billion to federal and causes. Clyburn again voted against
beneficiaries are just dandy in dollars toward redistributive education and HHS projects. Two By Clyburn’s reckoning, only the federally funded vouchers for
Clyburn’s eyes. In 2006 he voted welfare and public-housing years later, he voted Yes on a enlightened Washington elite are impoverished children in
Yes on a $70 million amendment initiatives, so is he ever-eager to proposal to spend $40 billion for qualified to determine how Washington, DC, a city whose
to fund 10,000 Section-8 housing pour rivers of cash into a public- the modernization, renovation, American children ought to be schools are the very embodiment
vouchers. Two years after that, he education system that has scarcely and repair of “green public educated. Thus in 1997 the of fiscal waste and academic
voted in favor of yet another proven to be worth its weight in schools.” Every year since 2005, congressman voted against incompetence.
spending bill to revitalize public dirt. In 2007 he voted in favor of a Clyburn has received a perfect permitting certain federal
housing – despite the fact that the bill – stuffed with more than rating from the National education funds to finance
U.S. already had more than 80 2,200 earmarks totaling nearly $1 Education Association, the largest vouchers that would enable low-
federal housing programs billion, and funding nearly five- American labor union, the leading income families to send their
operating on an annual budget dozen programs that were engine of leftist indoctrination in children to private schools rather
exceeding $30 billion. duplicative or had proven the public schools, and a major than to dismal, failing public
88 Social Media/ E-reader News Edition
continued from page 87

Russian president Dmitry reached via e-mail,
Skype Hits New Usage
Medvedev and his countrymen,
surely there are easier ways than
com. © 2010 by King Features Record
with a flawed arms-control treaty. Syndicate. Rich Lowry Adam Ostrow (Mashable!)
Maybe a bow is in order? Submitted at 11/23/2010 2:08:20 PM
— Rich Lowry is editor of
National Review. He can be With an IPO looming, Skype is
touting a major new milestone: 25
Foursquare Takes on the TSA With million concurrent users. The
number was reached on Monday
for the first time, and the
“Baggage Handler” Badge company says it represents a new
all-time high. an impressive clip, including deep
Brenna Ehrlich (Mashable!) According to About Foursquare, To put that in some perspective, integration with Facebook and
Submitted at 11/23/2010 2:05:43 PM the unlock text reads: “Looks like Verizon Wireless, the largest continued expansion to new
you’ve had your baggage handled. mobile carrier in the U.S., serves mobile handsets (there was even a
First Loopt, now Foursquare — Happy Holidays and have a safe a little more than 100 million rollout on a number of Verizon
starting today, the location- flight!” customers. phones earlier this morning).
sharing service will award a Despite how adorable (yet kind Skype breaks out a couple of More About: Skype
badge to anyone who checks in at of sexist — why is it a dude?) this other stats in its announcement, For more Tech coverage:
an airport with words along the badge is, I can’t help being including that through the first six • Follow Mashable Tech on
lines of “TSA,” “touch,” or relieved that I’ll be taking the bus. months of 2010, 40% of Skype-to Twitter
“Don’t touch my junk!” More About: baggage-handler, -Skype minutes utilized video, not • Become a Fan on Facebook
Last week, Loopt announced its foursquare, national-opt-out-day, too surprising given the • Subscribe to the Tech channel
intentions to celebrate National tsa innovations the company has been • Download our free apps for
Opt-Out Day by rewarding 10 For more Mobile coverage: working on in that area. iPhone and iPad
(which show passengers fully
travelers who opt out of body • Follow Mashable Mobile on Overall, Skype has been adding a
naked) and invasive pat-downs
scans in favor of full-body pat- Twitter variety of major new features at
administered to those who opt out
downs (and then check in via • Become a Fan on Facebook
of the scans. It’s scheduled to go
Loopt, of course) with a free iPod • Subscribe to the Mobile channel
down tomorrow — a.k.a. the day
touch. • Download our free apps for
before Thanksgiving — when
National Opt-Out Day is a protest iPhone and iPad
airports are sure to be bustling.
planned by those who are against
Now it seems Foursquare wants
the TSA’s new security measures,
its piece of the parody pie.
which include full-body scanners
E-reader News Edition Social Media/ 89

3 Incredible Social Good Champions [Mashable Awards]
Sarah Kessler (Mashable!) agent,” as they defined it, is a donation or how efficiently it was and performances from our
Submitted at 11/23/2010 2:26:34 PM “person who is passionate about a used. When they give to charity: partner Cirque du Soleil
social cause, but is working water, they can look up a picture Zumanity. In addition, there will
As part of the ongoing Mashable o u t s i d e o f a n o n p r o f i t and GPS coordinates of the be special guest presenters and
Awards, we’re taking a closer o r g a n i z a t i o n t o o r g a n i z e , by Ben Rattray in 2006, helps project they contributed to. Since appearances.
look at each of the nomination mobilize, raise money, and solve both. the organization relies on private Date: Thursday, January 6th,
c a t e g o r i e s . T h i s i s “ M o s t engage with others.” Using social The site has more than 100 donors for the money that makes 2011 (during International CES
I n f l u e n t i a l S o c i a l G o o d media tools, free agents are able writers who contribute in-depth it run, there’s no doubt about Convention week)
Champion” supported by Yahoo!. to make an impact that was once reporting on 15 different causes. whether your donation ended up Time: 7:00 – 10:00 p.m. PT
Be sure to nominate your o n l y c a p a b l e w i t h i n t h e When people come to the site to paying for somebody’s flight Location: Cirque du Soleil
favorites and join us for the Gala infrastructure of an organization. read about a cause they’re instead of funding a water project. Zumanity, New York New York
in Las Vegas! We’ve covered a number of free passionate about, they also have The organization even covers its Hotel, Las Vegas
Social Good is a brand new form agents who had influence this the opportunity to take action PayPal fees on donations. Agenda: Networking, Open Bars,
of online giving that draws both year. Individuals like Shawn toward that cause by signing This model of transparency and Acts, Surprises and the Mashable
from small non-profits and large Ahmed, who posts YouTube petitions. While these cumulative accountability has created trust Awards Gala presentations
b r a n d c a u s e - m a r k e t i n g videos about poverty in actions lack the drama of a and helped raise more than $20 Socialize: Facebook, Foursquare,
c a m p a i g n s . B u t l i k e a n y Bangladesh; Mark Horvath, who p r o t e s t , m o b i l i z i n g a l a r g e million for 3,196 projects in the Meetup, Plancast,
burgeoning movement, social gives homelessness a voice network toward one specific past four years. We hope that its T w i t t e r ( H a s h t a g :
good requires champions to bring through his We Are Visible and action has proved a lot more success will influence other non- # M a s h a b l e A w a r d s )
it to the public and promote its Invisible People projects; and effective than a hodgepodge of profits to do the same. What’s Mashable Awards Category
growth. even Dan Savage, who launched independent actions. Your Pick? Sponsor:
W h i l e “ s o c i a l g o o d ” a n d the It Gets Better Project in has partnered with Who were your social good Yahoo! is an innovative
“ i n f l u e n c e ” m a y n o t h a v e September to support gay teens thousands of non-profits, and champions this year? Let us know technology company that operates
absolutely concrete definitions (is who face adversity. together the community has in the comments or nominate the largest digital media, content,
influence based on Twitter Kanter, a free agent herself, has accomplished more than 100 them for a Mashable Awards. The and communications business in
followers? Raising the most played an influential role in “victories,” in which they’ve Mashable Awards Gala at Cirque the world. Yahoo! keeps more
money?), it is easy to see when an helping non-profit organizations changed an unjust practice, law or du Soleil Zumanity (Vegas) than half a billion consumers
individual has taken on the cause accept and cooperate with these policy. The organization connects In partnership with Cirque du worldwide connected to what
of social good to create some real social media-powered activists. activists with similar passions, Soleil, The Mashable Awards matters to them most, and delivers
change. Among her efforts, she facilitated and by doing so it gives them Gala event will bring together the powerful audience solutions to
Even though the exact parameters a conversation at the State power as a cohort that they would w i n n e r s a n d n o m i n e e s , t h e advertisers through its unique
are a subjective call, we scoured Department’s Tech@State Civil never have as individuals. 3. Scott Mashable community, partners, combination of Science + Art +
the web for three social good Society 2.0 event about how non- Harrison, Founder of Charity: media, the marketing community, Scale. Yahoo! is headquartered in
activists who are using their skills profits and free agents can work Water consumer electronics and Sunnyvale, California. For more
t o c r e a t e c h a n g e . W e ’ v e together. Charity: water uses 100% of technology brands and attendees information, visit the company’s
highlighted three individuals who 2. Ben Rattray, Founder and CEO public donations to fund water from the 2011 International CES blog, Yodel Anecdotal.
are utilizing social media and of projects and is transparent about Convention to Las Vegas on Image courtesy of iStockphoto,
online campaigns to shape the There are two hurdles that almost how donations are used. Both of Thursday, January 6, 2011. RichVintage
way that we think about activism. every cause campaign struggles these qualities make it somewhat Together, we will celebrate the More About: Ben Rattray, Beth
1. The Free Agent with. The first is making the of an oddball in the non-profit winners and the community of the Kanter,, charity:
Beth Kanter and Allison Fine complexities and realities of its world — which might be exactly Mashable Awards at the Cirque water, Invisible People, it gets
defined the concept of the “free cause understood. The second is what the non-profit world needs. du Soleil Zumanity stage in the better, List, Lists, Mark Horvath,
agent” this year in their book, The mobilizing people effectively. When people donate money to beautiful New York New York
Networked Nonprofit. A “free, which was founded most organizations, they’re not Hotel. The event will include acts INCREDIBLE page 90
sure what happens to their
90 Publishing/ Finance/ E-reader News Edition
continued from page 89

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uncultured, we are visible iPhone and iPad
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How Your View of Client
Thanksgiving Read For A Cause: Celebrity Chef Eastwood Can Help You
Pick the Right
Eric Ripert Investments
(Financiallyfit on Shine)
scribd (The Scribd Blog) As a citizen of the world, Eric I pray for all of us, oppressor and fortunate. It is this same belief in
Submitted at 11/23/2010 7:19:07 PM
Submitted at 11/22/2010 3:48:37 PM understands the value of caring friend, that together we succeed in the power of art to enact change
for one another — whether it’s building a better world through with which Eric joins Scribd Read How Your View of Clint
November 22, 2010 cooking a meal or helping a child human understanding and love, For A Cause. Eastwood Can Help You Pick the
“The importance of reading, for learn to read. Born in Antibes, and that in doing so we may Happy Thanksgiving! Right Investments
me, is that it allows you to dream. France, Eric soon moved with his reduce the pain and suffering of Kathleen Fitzgerald, Senior Simple, Easy Investing Using an
Reading not only educates, but is family to Andorra, a small all sentient beings. Content and Marketing Manager Age-Based Portfolio Strategy
relaxing and allows you to feed country over the Spanish border, Through hard work and (currently reading “ Flavorful By: David Young
your imagination – creating where he was exposed to a variety painstaking care, Ripert has Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes“) Everything changes as you get
beautiful pictures from carefully of cuisines and endowed with an firmly established himself as one Entry Filed under: older. And while few of us look
chosen words.” — Eric Ripert, understanding of our of New York’s—and the Announcements. . forward to the downsides of aging
featured reader interconnectedness. By age 17, world’s—great chefs, winning This entry passed through the - the joys of belly fat, wrinkles,
Last week we announced our new Eric’s cooking took him to Paris Michelin stars, Bon Appétit Full-Text RSS service — if this is thinning hair, and so on - one of
Read For A Cause program, where he studied under the awards and countless appearances your content and you're reading it the big upsides of getting older is
which aims to leverage the legendary La Tour D’Argent, on television shows including on someone else's site, please read gaining the wisdom and
popularity of social networking followed by the Watergate Hotel Bravo’s Top Chef, the Late Show our FAQ page at experience you just can’t acquire
and influential individuals to in Washington, D.C., and then with David Letterman, and his content-only/faq.php any other way.
combat illiteracy. Our featured back to New York where he new PBS series, AVEC ERIC. It’s Five Filters featured article: Your investment portfolio gets
reader at launch was author and assumed his current position as Eric’s work as the chair of City Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- older, too. But unlike our
philanthropist Deepak Chopra, the chef for Le Bernardin. Harvest’s Food council and Reporting of Falluja's Cancer waistlines, we actually want our
and this Thanksgiving week we When explaining why he chose to charity work, however, that most Catastrophe. portfolio to grow over time. And
are highlighting Michelin Star- participate in Scribd Read For A beautifully translates his passion taking an age-based strategy with
rated celebrity chef and TV host, Cause, Eric cites the following for cooking into something your portfolio is a simple
Eric Ripert. quote from the Dalai Lama: meaningful for those less approach to managing your
investments effectively over the
Start Early and Keep the Ball

HOW page 91
E-reader News Edition 91
continued from page 90

The secret of investing isn’t of stocks, bonds and cash). Let’s vaguely aware Clint Eastwood percent of your portfolio with and bond investing options out
much of a secret at all - start early take a closer look. used to be an actor, you should bonds and cash making up the there. Do your homework and
and invest regularly. The earlier I’m a 20-Something, Where Do I begin to move your portfolio other half. make sure your investments
you get started, the more time Put My Money? toward a mix of stocks, bonds and The Caveats – One Size Does maintain a good level of
your money has to grow. Ideally, For those of you who don’t wear cash equivalents - especially as Not Fit All diversification, including stocks
as soon as you have a regular watches, who prefer texting to you near the big 4-0. Always Below is a table summarizing an of all capitalization levels (small,
income, you should try to reserve email and who think of Clint remember that the closer you get age-based investment portfolio mid and large) and a variety of
at least 10 percent of each Eastwood as a kindly old movie to retirement, the less short-term approach. Years to Retirement bonds (short-, mid- and long-
paycheck toward savings and director, you’re probably a 20- risk your portfolio should have. Stocks Bonds + Cash 25 years or term). And stay away from any
investments (and taking full something and stocks should And since bonds and cash more 90% 10% 20 years 85% bonds or bond funds below
advantage of your employer’s make up the majority of your equivalents are less risky 15% 15 years 75% 25% 10 years investment grade (let the
401(k) match, if available, is a no- portfolio. Stocks are considered investments, as the years pass, the 65% 35% 5 years 60% 40% At speculators roll the dice with the
brainer). If you can’t manage to (especially in the short-term with bond + cash proportion of your retirement age 50% 50% 5 years junk bonds).
do that, you may be living beyond market ups and downs) higher portfolio should grow over time. after retirement 35% 65% 10
your means. risk investments than bonds or That said, though, in your 30s the years after retirement 30% 70% There are few things as important
Have I Got a Deal for You! cash equivalents (like savings majority of your portfolio should A few things to keep in mind to you and your family’s well-
OK, let’s assume you’re living accounts, CDs and 30-day still be in stocks. about taking an age-based being as the active care and
within your means, regularly Treasury bills). Over the long- For the Over-40 Crowd approach to investing: maintenance of your investment
contributing to a savings account term, though, stocks have If you actually use a watch as a • Everyone’s risk tolerance is portfolio. And with regular,
and you’ve accumulated a couple historically outperformed all other timekeeping device, you accept different. If the short-term swings consistent saving and investing,
thousand dollars that you’re ready investments. So if you’re in your texting as an unfortunate part of of the market make you queasy, an age-based strategy offers a
to invest. As soon as you have 20s, a portfolio made up of mostly life and you can remember when you may prefer to have a higher simple, practical way to manage
even the smallest pile of money, domestic stocks is a good place to Clint Eastwood was Dirty Harry, proportion of safer investments your money over the long haul.
the salespeople start to come out start. most likely you’re in your 40s. (bonds and cash equivalents) in For more tips and tools to help
of the woodwork - and all of them One warning: keep your stock Bonds and cash equivalents your portfolio. The tradeoff is a you make the most of your
have the best investment for your investments diversified by buying should now become a larger part potentially lower return over the money, visit and
personal situation. The lowest into mutual funds or exchange- of your portfolio, anywhere from long-term. follow Quizzle on Facebook.
fees, highest return, lowest risk traded funds (where the price 15 percent to 20 percent, • It’s a long-term strategy. An age Related articles:
and best customer service. And if reflects a large basket of stocks) depending on how much risk you -based approach assumes you This entry passed through the
you act now you get a free mouse instead of just picking individual want to take on. don’t jump in and out of Full-Text RSS service — if this is
pad! stocks to invest in. Unless you’re Mid-Life and Retirement investments like a day trader. It your content and you're reading it
Be very wary of the hype, looking into a career as a If you feel naked without your works best when you save and on someone else's site, please read
especially coming from anyone stockbroker, I’m guessing you watch, you think texting is a invest on a regular basis and re- our FAQ page at
with a commission riding on it. don’t want to spend most of your waste of time and you remember balance your portfolio only when content-only/faq.php
And contrary to what the experts free time analyzing balance when Clint Eastwood was a you need to adjust your asset mix Five Filters featured article:
will tell you, you can manage sheets, price-earnings ratios and hunky TV star on Rawhide, then to meet your target allocation. Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
your portfolio yourself. One of the future outlooks of dozens of retirement is probably just around • Diversification. We’ve Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
easiest ways to do so is by taking companies. the corner. Many investment discussed a very basic, boiled- Catastrophe.
an age-based portfolio approach. I’m in My 30s, What About Me? advisors recommend a 50/50 down version of a portfolio, using
Simply put, this strategy If you wear a watch as an portfolio rule of thumb - meaning, broad references to stocks and
associates your age bracket with a accessory, you don’t like to text by the time you reach retirement bonds and cash equivalents. In
target asset allocation (proportion as much as you used to and you’re age, stocks should be about 50 reality, there are countless stock
92 Finance/ E-reader News Edition

How to Avoid Online Holiday Shopping Pitfalls
(Financiallyfit on Shine) there are often Sometimes there’s a “restocking the condition and quality by
Submitted at 11/22/2010 8:13:46 PM codes for free shipping during the fee” and you won’t get a full asking questions and getting Plus:
holidays, plus additional discounts refund. On top of that, you often photos from different angles, not 15 Foods You Should Never Buy
B y S t a c y J o h n s o n o f that not everyone knows about. have to cover return shipping on stock images pulled from Google. Again Be sure to check the conditions on your own. In short, the less you can tell, the 10 Easy Thanksgiving Table
With the holiday shopping season those coupons as well, though. Solutions: Read the merchant’s more you should ask. Crafts
quickly approaching, we are all Shipping Time return policy carefully before Payment Method 5 Quick Ways to Decorate Your
looking for ways to save. One of Risks: Lots of people are ordering. Know if you’re Risks: Identity theft and fraud are Thanksgiving Table
the best ways to cut costs and shopping alongside you, and item responsible for return shipping, or always risks online, but never 24 Party-Ready Pantry Items
avoid hassles is to shop online. stock might drop fast. There’s if you can print out a prepaid more so when you’re shopping, 8 Ways to Use Thanksgiving
But not all deals are as great as a l w a y s a s m a l l r i s k t h a t a return label. Also make sure you because that’s when you’re Leftovers
they seem at first glance. Our merchant will run out of an item understand the policy for your putting your financial information Simple Supermarket Swaps to
friends at and have to order more, possibly specific item – in addition to a out there. Online shopping allows Save
share five potential pitfalls to delaying the arrival of your item. general return policy, there are you to screw up in other ways: 13 Things Your Supermarket
online holiday shopping, and Every business has different also often specifics for different like buying more or different Isn't Telling You
some ways you can address them shipping policies, too – some categories of items. Returning items than you intended. 20 Secrets Your Waiter Won't
t o m a x i m i z e s a v i n g s a n d orders can take weeks to arrive. clothes is different (and often Solution: At checkout, verify the Tell You
minimize stress: Solutions: Look for sites that easier) than returning electronics list of items you’re purchasing 5 Extraordinary Uses for Baking
Plus: 13 Things Your Salesclerk have automated systems that or unwrapped DVDs, CDs, and and make sure the quantities are Soda
Won't Tell You notify you when an item’s stock is video games. right. Consider using secure 13 Things You Never Knew
Pricing low or sold out – some smaller Merchant Reputation checkout methods such as About Your Weight
Risks: While the base price for an independent merchants update Risks: Pretty much anybody can, or be aware of the Get more insider secrets!
online item might look lower than their product listings by hand and do business online, and not protections your credit card offers New Games
the store price, you also have to their stock listings might be everybody is professional or in case something goes wrong. Enhance your IQ with our new
factor in the cost of shipping. inaccurate. If the product page trustworthy. Especially on auction Consider using a virtual credit Word Power game!
Sometimes the list price assumes doesn’t mention whether the sites like eBay, it’s easy to card for online shopping, too. Download our Life IQ trivia
you’ll mail in a rebate, or meet item’s in stock or not, skip it. misrepresent the condition or Now that you know what to look game for your iPhone.
certain conditions, like buying a Likewise, make sure the ship and/ nature of a product with a stock for, you might be looking for This entry passed through the
large enough quantity or spending or delivery date is listed – if not photo or generic description. some sites to compare prices. Full-Text RSS service — if this is
enough money to qualify for a on the product page, at least Solution: Solution: Check out the Google is a good place to start, your content and you're reading it
discount. during the checkout process. seller’s ratings and what other but it doesn’t always provide the on someone else's site, please read
Solutions: Check out shipping Otherwise, who knows when your buyers have said, if the website best results when it comes to our FAQ page at
costs before you buy, and see gift will arrive? has those features. If it doesn’t, or shopping. Try these, too: content-only/faq.php
what options you have. Many Returns: if the merchant isn’t well-, Yahoo! Five Filters featured article:
retailers with local stores will Risks: Whether you shop online established, be skeptical and Shopping and NexTag. Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
allow you to ship a product to one or at a store, returning a purchase contact the seller for specifics Plus: 6 Ways to Survive Holiday Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
of their locations at no charge. c a n b e a s t i c k y p r o c e s s . before buying. Make sure you’re Travel Catastrophe.
Also be sure to check for coupons Sometimes items can only be not getting a generic or knock-off Stacy Johnson is a financial
through Google and on sites like exchanged, or can’t be returned at product unless you’re looking for expert and CPA. More articles
R e t a i l M e N o t . c o m a n d all if they’ve been opened. one. If it’s used, be sure to assess from Stacy can be found at
E-reader News Edition Technology/ 93

TerreStar Genus now available to
anyone who wants one for just $1,150
Chris Ziegler (Engadget) satellite pretty much anywhere in
Submitted at 11/23/2010 3:27:00 PM North America. Of course, we'd
be a little hesitant about buying a
Just how much is the promise of four-figure phone that operates on
anywhere, anytime cellphone a bankrupt service, but if you
reception worth to you? If you need coverage in the boondocks,
answered "one thousand, one your options are pretty limited.
hundred and fifty dollars," well... Follow the break for TerreStar's
your time has finally come. After full press release.
initially launching through Continue reading TerreStar
business channels alone for $800, Genus now available to anyone
TerreStar's unique GSM / HSPA who wants one for just $1,150
Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone TerreStar Genus now available to
for AT&T with satellite anyone who wants one for just
connectivity is now available to $1,150 originally appeared on
consumers from all walks of life, much every other amenity you'd Engadget on Tue, 23 Nov 2010
as long as you've got $1,149.99
lying around. The Genus features
expect form a circa-2008 WinMo
6.5 smartphone, with the obvious
exception that it can be used
15:27:00 EDT. Please see our
terms for use of feeds. Permalink|
Acer Iconia first hands-
Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, a 2 TerreStar| Email this| Comments physical ACER
page for
93 another
megapixel camera, and pretty anywhere you can see TerreStar's
display -- but its LCD panels are
Acer'sMiller (Engadget)
dual-screen Iconia laptop
Nintendo returning to CES after a 16-year absence is bold, for sure -- eschewing a

Vlad Savov (Engadget) test is that we've felt it's been America's biggest tech show, with returning to CES after a 16-year
Submitted at 11/23/2010 2:57:00 PM lacking a little on the gaming our suspicion being that the event absence
front lately, which is why we're so will be used as an opportunity to Nintendo returning to CES after a
If there's one event that's immune giddy to hear the news that remind the world about the 16-year absence originally
to being overhyped, it's the annual Nintendo will be rejoining the upcoming 3DS handheld. Or to appeared on Engadget on Tue, 23
January expo of everything ranks of exhibitors over in Las drop that Wii HD bombshell Nov 2010 14:57:00 EDT. Please
consumer electronics, known to Vegas in a few weeks' time. CES we've all been waiting for. Yeah, see our terms for use of feeds.
you and us as CES. The only 2011 will be the first time in 16 right! Permalink| | Email this|
has deigned to pitch up a stand at
downer to this geek endurance years that the console sales leader Continue reading Nintendo Comments
continued from page 93

also mighty glossy. If you've got a up a widget where you can scroll of course. We managed to browse Continue reading Acer Iconia Permalink| | Email this|
light in the vicinity above you, through other touch-friendly to Engadget, but it took several first hands-on! (update: video!) Comments
there's gonna be glare -- we saw it apps). The keyboard, on the other tries. Check out the photos below! Acer Iconia first hands-on!
on stage, and we just saw it now hand, is pretty hard to use -- even Update: Now with video! It's (update: video!) originally
in person. That said, the screen is the rep admitted there's a learning after the break. appeared on Engadget on Tue, 23
clear and the touch functionality curve. You can't rest your fingers Gallery: Acer Iconia first hands- Nov 2010 14:28:00 EDT. Please
is pretty clever (five fingers open down without hitting something, on! see our terms for use of feeds.
94 Technology/ E-reader News Edition

Dell Inspiron Duo tablet /
netbook now on sale,
arrives December 15th
Laura June (Engadget) right this minute at Dell. Hit up
Submitted at 11/23/2010 2:31:00 PM the source if you care to, and
expect your shipment to arrive
We've seen so, so much of the around the 15th of December,
beautiful and crazy Dell Inspiron o n l y s i x d a y s t o o l a t e f o r
Duo tablet / netbook hybrid that Hanukkah. Full press release is
we must confess we might just below.
need one of our very own. If Continue reading Dell Inspiron
you're like us, then today is your Duo tablet / netbook now on sale,
lucky day, because this wild and arrives December 15th
crazy laptop (last spotted at the Dell Inspiron Duo tablet /
Microsoft Store) is now on sale at netbook now on sale, arrives
Dell. The 10-incher boasts a dual- D e c e m b e r 1 5 t h o r i g i n a l l y
core Atom N550 CPU, Windows appeared on Engadget on Tue, 23
7 Home Premium operating Nov 2010 14:31:00 EDT. Please
system, and some serious attitude. see our terms for use of feeds.
The Inspiron Duo has a starting Permalink| Dell| Email this|
price of $549, and you can order it Comments