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98 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 232/3


(98/C 232/03)

(adopted unanimously less one abstention during the 340th Session of 25 June 1998)

1. List of reference documents 2.2.Ùhas always considered that the ECSC reserves
should be spent solely on those industries which
1.1.ÙCommunication from the Commission con- contributed to them;
cerning the transfer of a maximum amount of
ECU 60 million from the ECSC operating 2.3.Ùhas been concerned about the future of the social
budget to the general budget of the European measures based on Article 56 of the ECSC
Union in order to increase the funding for the Treaty;
Community initiatives Rechar II and Resider
2.4.Ùhas come out in favour of regional management
of restructuring, in close association with the two
1.2.ÙResolution of the European Parliament of
sides of industry in the sectors concerned;
18ÙDecember 1997 on the draft ECSC operating
budget for 1998Ø(Ï);
2.5.Ùhas repeatedly affirmed its faith in the need for
1.3.ÙECSC Consultative Committee Resolution on and effectiveness of ECSC research, this
ECSC social researchØ(Ð); conviction for continuity beyond the expiry of
the ECSC Treaty having been shared by the
European Council in Amsterdam.
1.4.ÙMemorandum of the ECSC Consultative
Committee on social aspects connected with the
expiry of the ECSC Treaty in 2002Ø(Ñ); 3. Recommendations

1.5.ÙResolution of the ECSC Consultative Committee The ECSC Consultative Committee
on the future of collaborative research in the coal
and steel sectorsØ(Ò); 3.1. WELCOMES the fact that the Commission is keen
to see the industrial fabric of the regions affected
1.6.ÙResolution of the ECSC Consultative Committee by the restructuring of the coal and steel sectors
on the continuation of the ECSC readaptation restored;
measures under Article 56 of the ECSC Treaty
after 2002 and the revision of the structural funds 3.2.Ùfirmly REQUESTS that the Community Initiatives
(Agenda 2000)Ø(Ó). Rechar and Resider, which have so far been very
efficient, be fully implemented and funds for
their financing be made available under the
2. Recitals General Budget of the European Union;
The ECSC Consultative Committee
3.3. IS strongly OPPOSED to the transfer of any
2.1.Ùhas not opposed the progressive reduction of the amounts whatsoever from the ECSC budget to
levy, which has been reduced to zero as from the general budget;
3.4. CONSIDERS that, on the contrary, any surplus in
the ECSC budget between now and the expiry of
the ECSC Treaty should be placed in reserve up
to a reasonable ceiling, to meet any possible new
(Î)ÙDoc. SEC(1998) 967 final.
(Ï)ÙDoc. SEC(97) 0933-C4-0270/97 (A4-0409/97 — Giansily
(Ð)ÙOJ C 206, 11.8.1995. 3.5. IS OF THE OPINION that any additional surplus
(Ñ)ÙOJ C 334, 8.11.1996. beyond any such reasonable level of reserves
(Ò)ÙOJ C 220, 19.7.1997. should be allocated to ECSC research, which has
(Ó)ÙOJ C 155, 20.5.1998. amply demonstrated its effectiveness.