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Pani bhi massakkhar hai, hawa bhi hai massakkhar
Kiya ho jo nigah-e-falaq-e-peer badal jaye
Dekha hai muluqiyat-e-afrang ne jo khwaab
Mumkin hai kay us khwaab ki tabeer badal jaye
Tehran ho agar Alam-e-Mashriq ka Geneva
Shayad Kara-e-Arz ki taqdeer badal jaye
Bad men cannot make good citizens. It is when people drift away from the message
of the Divine creator that tyrants forge their chains. A vitiated state of mora
ls, a corrupted public and political conscience, is incompatible with freedom. N
o free government, or the blessings of liberty, can be preserved to any people b
ut by a firm adherence to justice, moderation, temperance, frugality, and virtue
; and by a frequent recurrence to fundamental principles.
It is therefore evident that Islamic states in todays world have let go of their
morals and fundamental principles which they once held in their highest regard.
It was because of strict adherence to their morals and beliefs that the early Mu
slims were able to stretch their borders from the Arabian peninsula to Europe ,A
sia and Africa.
As a result of their deviation from their religion and beliefs the Muslims becam
e vulnerable to parasites which caused their downfall.A downfall which was so se
vere that literally after the first world war the former grandeaur of the Islami
c empire was lost to the Colonial powers of that time.It was at that desperate t
ime that Mohammed Ali Jinnah established the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.It was
in the form of Pakistan that the Muslim world got a small glimmer of hope.
However it seemed that some forces did not want this young nation to grow up int
o well-established Islamic country capable of uniting the Ummah again.As a resul
t those forces tried to weaken the foundations from the day one by eliminating t
he leaders who were praised by the masses.Jinnah couldn`t stay much longer as a
result of his deadly tuberclosis ,he passed away on 11 September 1948.Then the n
ext in line was Liaquat Ali Khan ,the first Prime Minister of this emerging nati
on was shot dead in a public gathering in Rawalpindi.After him the reigns of thi
s nation came in Khwaja Nazimuddins hands.However due to the widespread anti-Ahm
adiya movement the country was facing an unstable situation both on the politica
l and religious grounds .Khawaja Nazimuddin was summoned by the then Governor Ge
neral Malik Ghulam Mohammed ,along with his Cabinet and ordered to resign due to
their inability to resolve the chaotic condition . Khawaja Nazimuddin declined
but was dismissed by Malik Ghulam Muhammad on April 17, 1953. After the dismissa
l of Khawaja Nazimuddin, the Governor General appointed Muhammad Ali Bogra, an u
nknown person from East Pakistan, as the Prime Minister.Most historians agree th
at the removal of Khawaja Nazimuddin was improper, undemocratic and objectionabl
e because the Prime Minister still enjoyed the confidence of the Parliament. Thi
s act set an unhealthy tradition and precedent for the future Presidents who wer
e fond of removing elected governments, thus creating continued instability in t
he country.As a result the country passed from one phase of deterioration into a
It seemed that the nation had forgotten the spirit of patriotism.People started

our then foreign minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto gav e a very emotional speech at the UN Security Council.The Pakistani Airfo rce enjoys the record of having a 100% kill rate against the IAF. We were struggling to become a nation.From 1947 to 1965.the Afghan refuge es were creating an additional burden on the economy and finally the assasinatio n of President Zia-ul-Haq as a result of an in-flight explosion caused much dama ge to the integrity of the nation. Television was accessible o nly in 1972 East Pakistan got separated. India cro ssed the Lahore border. That w as the way it was throughout the war. The radio became the medium of the masses.' 'India has dared to go to war with people whose hearts are filled with the mess age of Kalama of Quran that says there is no one like Prophet Mohammed: the Prop het of the words of former President Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto .The Nuclear Bomb. Bengalis or Punjabis would prevail in Pakistan. every Pakistani remembers that speech on the radio.creed. requesting them to allow her to sing for Pakistan.' Khan said.colour and political affiliation. 'If needed. The next day.during the midnight between September 5 and September 6 1965.the then Pakistan President Ayub Khan addressed the nation and said .to discriminate each other on the basis of caste.race.not only us but he gave this whole Ummah a new ray of h ope. After the ceasefire which was arranged aft er the intervention of the UN .We staged a lie in desperati on and they became the uninvited audience! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------ . Popular singer Mallika-e-Taranum Noor Jehan went to the Lahore te levision station. After it Pakistan received a series of serious blows. When he made the speech.Amidst the g roundswell of emotion. everybody -.The war en ded in favour of the Israelis but the Pakistans voluteer pilots for Arab nations left behind deep scars over the Israelis.But Allah helps his chosen servants and t hat help came to us in the form of Doctor Abdul Qadeer Khan.Every Pakistani wanted to contribute. ' It was a special moment in Pakistan's history. People came out in big numbers to participate in rallies in su pport of the army. To this day.Then again during the 1973 Arab -Israe l "Yom Kippr" war Pakistani pilots rose to protect the Ummah. despite assurances at international forums that it would not cross international borders. Our army has bee n sent to borders and you too must be ready and form the second line of defence.Pakistan which was once seen as a saviour of t he Ummah was now under heavy sanctions.during 1980`s Pakstan was the front of America`s war. A wave of emotion inundated Pakistanis from Karachi to Peshawar to East Pakistan (now Bangladesh).However the 1965 war with India worked as a stimulant to gell up th e nation.rulers and Opposition -.Azam bec ame the first and only pilot to shoot down 3 different Israeli planes. most Pakistani cities were under blackout. Bu t during the 1965 war all of us were one: Pakistanis.We had literally f ooled the whole world regarding our Nuclear status .In 1967 the Pakistani Pilot s left behind unparallaled examples of gallantry . It was when we became a nation.Most notably Flt Lt S. 'We will never tolerate such attacks.were united.the I SLAMIC BOMB.He came as an angel and gave us glad-tidings.' he declared. for Kashmir we would fight a war for a thousand years. 'We are at war with India. Poets wrote nationalisti c poetry. It was then that the world became aware of our true potential.