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Lord Brand Identity


Who is LORD ?

• LORD is currently considered as one of the six major operating market
players, due to the proficiency of its management, through conducting
on-going innovations strategies, which endures the key factors of
maintaining such global success.

• LORD is continuously investing in quality researches and development,
proven by the Bureau VERITAS ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 certifications.

• LORD is cordially upholding a wide flexible spectrum of products for both sex
including traditional double edge, single, twin, and triple blades systems,
cartridges and disposables, and shaving focused cosmetics.

• LORD possesses a marketing acumen that along with the strictly adhered quality
assurance processes can be considered as the driving force behind the
international recognition for its full range of products.

• LORD is producing under its registered brands, as well as fulfilling the need of a
considerable number of the world class retailers on a tailor-made basis, using
the best raw materials, acquired from A-class manufacturers.

• LORD is exporting its range of products to more than 75 countries, due to the
interaction of the previous factors over 75 years of track record, and to Egypt's
geographical location at the crossroads of the African and the Asian continents.

• LORD furnishes its products at competitive rates, along with its outstanding
expertise and responsiveness without trading off between the price and the
quality, and in parallel to sustaining the delivery punctuality

It is central to a brand’s strategic vision and the driver of one of the four principal dimensions of brand equity: Associations. Managers have also become aware of the fact that the brand has become an important company asset. From a customer’s point of view. aid in the processing of information about products. Brands help identify and differentiate the goods and services of one organization from those of another. purpose and meaning for the brand. brands simplify shopping. Brand identity is a unique set of brand associations that the brand strategist aspires to create or maintain. These associations represent what the brand stands for and imply a promise to customers from the organization members. which are the heart and soul of the brand Aspects of Brand • BRAND IMAGE How the brand is now perceived • BRAND IDENTITY How strategists want the brand to be perceived • BRAND POSITION . A brand identity provides direction. especially class A? 2. What is the brand recall of Lord’s razors brands and their existing image in the consumer’s mind. Should LORD introduce new products targeting class A consumers? Literature Review Branding as a concept has been around for many years now. and focus is needed on the creation of brand equity. and make them feel confident of their purchase decision.Research problem and Importance 1.

ultimately a Relationship with the customer.The part of the brand identity and value proposition to be actively communicated to a target audience Brand Identity System A brand’s identity can be viewed from four perspectives: 1. Credibility and. it is easier to develop/reinforce a Value Proposition. Brand as symbol When we view a brand from all these perspectives. . Brand as product 2. Brand as person 4. Brand as organization 3.

Dimensions of Brand Identity Brand as Product • Product Scope • Product Attributes • Quality/value • Uses • Users • Country of Origin Brand as Organization • innovation. Brand as symbol • Visual imagery and metaphors • Brand heritage . • consumer concern • trustworthiness • Local vs. • adviser. • rugged • friend. global Brand as Person Personality • genuine. • energetic.

this affects the brand symbol. also the product is exported internationally especially in arab countries such as Jordan and Algeria. however the product now is of a very high quality and very good price. People main concerns was that lord is a low class product which has quality products and can cause injuries while shaving.Research Methodology Purpose of the study Purpose of the study is to conduct an exploratory research and semi structured interviews because we need to understand the brand image in the consumer mind about Lord. also the Lord’s Logo is not very visible on do not take much of interest on the product image. however the product has a very good reputation in the country side and with the C class users Customer Concerns about lord are respectively high due to the nature of the brand image about lord which is concentrated as Lord lower class shaving solution. . Secondary Research The collection of data related to the usage of lord products was necessary due to the severe competition in the market with the competitors like Gillete and Bic. this was due a major quality problem four years ago in lord’s products. After interviews with decision managers we found out that lord has more than 12 products with different brand names with almost exactly the same shaving quality.

PLEASE COMPLETE THIS QUESTIONNAIRE BY ANSWERING ALL QUESTIONS WITH . MBA MAJOR. The survey will answer the following questions 1) What do you know about Lord? 2) Do you use Lord Razors and why? 3) What is your experience with Lord? 4) What are your major concerns about Lord? 5) What do you think of lord and Axe new offer? Sampling Plan The survey was designated to use a random sample of 30 men aging from 18 to 60. GRADUATE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS. the sample will be as follow 10 men between 18 and 60 class A 10 men between 18 and 60 class B 10 men between 18 and 60 class C Questionnaire HELLO. THIS QUESTIONNAIRE IS FOR ONE OF MY CLASSES. the scope of this survey is to gain data from different generations with different Classes from A to C.Research Design This study is conducted through interviews in different parts of Alexandria including Agamy area. I AM A STUDENT AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ARAB ACADEMY FOR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY.

What do you know about Lord? Do you use lord razors and why? .