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C 234/26 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 25.7.


would have been entitled if he had been reinstated on 2. Orders the applicants to pay the costs.
1 January 1995 and the rights to which he is in fact
entitled; (1) OJ C 94 of 22.3.1997.

7. Orders that the sums due under point 6 above are to
bear interest at the rate of 4.5 % from the date of their
becoming payable;

8. Orders, before ruling on the amount of the ORDER OF THE COURT OF FIRST INSTANCE
compensation payable by the defendant to the of 4 May 1998
in Case T-84/97: Bureau EuropeÂen des Unions de
a) that the parties are to submit to the Court, within Consommateurs (BEUC) v Commission of the European
three months after delivery of the present Communities (1)
judgment, the terms agreed by them in relation, (Anti-dumping procedure Ð Interested party Ð Refusal Ð
first, to the quantified amount of compensation Action for annulment Ð Confirmatory act Ð Time-limit
thus payable to the applicant and, second, in Ð Inadmissibility)
respect of the re-establishment of his pension
(98/C 234/51)
rights and the interest due in that regard;
(Language of the case: English)

b) that, in the absence of such agreement, the parties In Case T-84/97: Bureau EuropeÂen des Unions de
are to send to the Court, within the same time- Consommateurs (BEUC), established in Brussels,
limit, their quantified submissions, stating the represented by Bernard O'Connor, Solicitor, assisted by
precise reasons for which they are unable to accept Bonifacio García Porras, of the Salamanca Bar, with an
the proposals made by the other party; address for service in Luxembourg at the Chambers of
ArseÁne Kronshagen, 22 Avenue Marie-Adelaïde, against
9. Orders the Parliament to pay the costs. Commission of the European Communities (Agent:
Nicholas Khan) Ð application for annulment of the
(1) OJ C 54 of 22.2.1997. Commission's decision of 3 February 1997 refusing to
consider the applicant an interested party in the context of
an anti-dumping procedure concerning imports of
unbleached cotton fabrics originating in the People's
Republic of China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Pakistan and
Turkey Ð the Court of First Instance (Fourth Chamber,
JUDGMENT OF THE COURT OF FIRST INSTANCE Extended Composition), composed of: P. Lindh, President,
R. García-Valdecasas, K. Lenaerts, J. D. Cooke and M.
of 9 June 1998 Jaeger, Judges; H. Jung, Registrar, made an order on
in Joined Cases T-10/97 and T-11/97: Unifrigo Gadus Srl 4 May 1998, the operative part of which is as follows:
and CPL Imperial 2 SpA v Commission of the European
Communities (1) 1. The application is dismissed as inadmissible.
(Post-clearance recovery of customs duties Ð Regulation 2. The applicant is ordered to pay the costs.
(EEC) No 1697/79 Ð Regulation (EEC) No 2454/93)
(98/C 234/50) (1) OJ C 181 of 14.6.1997.

(Language of the case: Italian)

In Joined Cases T-10/97 and T-11/97: Unifrigo Gadus Srl,
established at Naples (Italy), and CPL Imperial 2 SpA,
established at Pescara (Italy), represented by Giuseppe JUDGMENT OF THE COURT OF FIRST INSTANCE
Celona, of the Milan Bar, with an address for service in of 11 June 1998
Luxembourg at the Chambers of Georges Margue, 20 Rue
in Case T-167/97: Kyriakos Skrikas v European
Philippe II, v Commission of the European Communities
Parliament (1)
(Agents: initially, Fernando Castillo de la Torre and Paolo
Stancanelli and, subsequently, Mr Stancanelli) Ð (Officials Ð Decision not to promote an official Ð Action
application for annulment of Commission Decision C(96) for annulment Ð Admissibility Ð Act adversely affecting
2780 def of 8 October 1996 ordering the post-clearance an official Ð Consideration of the comparative merits Ð
recovery of customs duties and for compensation for the Interinstitutional transfer Ð Article 45(1) of the Staff
damage allegedly suffered by the applicants Ð the Court Regulations)
of First Instance (Third Chamber), composed of: V. Tiili, (98/C 234/52)
President, and C. P. BrieÈt and A. Potocki, Judges; J.
Palacio GonzaÂlez, Administrator, for the Registrar, has (Language of the case: French)
given a judgment on 9 June 1998, in which it:
In Case T-167/97: Kyriakos Skrikas, an official of the
1. Dismisses the applications; European Parliament, residing in Luxembourg, represented