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98 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 236/27


Call for proposals — to select projects aimed at optimizing the socio-economic benefits of the
Information Society in Europe

(98/C 236/10)

1.ÙBy its Decision 98/253/EC of 30 March 1998 (OJ L 107, 7.4.1998, p. 10), the Council
adopted a mulitannual Community programme to stimulate the establishment of the
Information Society in Europe.

In the framework of this programme, the Commission is seeking a number of proposals for
projects two implement a scheme articulated around two initiatives and a common coordi-
nation structure:

From regional awareness to trans-national partnership:

establishing EU-wide coordination and dissemination schemes based on regional structures

integrating SMEs from a particular sector at regional level.

Information SocietyØ@ØIndustry: Best use of IT — Networking initiative for business


raising awareness of industrial actors to the best integration of new technologies in business

The two initiatives will be coordinated through a common Umbrella Structure which will
ensure a real European dimension within each initiative and a sound coordination between
the two initiatives as well as a number of support activities vis-{-vis all the selected projects.

2.ÙDetailed information concerning procedures, eligibility, submission of proposals and

financial conditions are included in an information package which can be obtained from the
Commission services. All correspondence regarding the subject of this call should be
addressed to:

European Commission,
Information Society Activity Centre,
Directorate General IIIØ—ØIndustry,
Directorate General XIIIØ—ØTelecommunications, Information Market
and Exploitation of Research,
ISPO Help Desk,
Rue de la Loi/Wetstraat 200,
B-1049 Brussels;

or, by E-Mail to:

The information package can also be obtained from the World Wide Web at the following
C 236/28 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 28.7.98

3.ÙThe proposals in triplicate must be sent by registered mail (date of postmark as evidence) to
the address under (2) or delivered by hand or by private courier (date of receipt as
evidence), to the following address:
European Commission,
Information Society Activity Centre,
Avenue de Beaulieu 24,
B-1160 Brussels
before September 1998, 5 p. m., local time, Brussels.

Notice of open competition

(98/C 236/11)

The European Commission is organizing an open competition COM/A/18/98 to recruit an

Adviser (AØ3), of Swedish nationalityØ(Î).

(Î)ÙOJ C 236ØA, 28.7.1998 (Swedish version).