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-1 Formula waaaagh!

Turn sequence:
1. Racer and support movement
2. Shooting (including pit repairs)
3. Racer damage resolution and pit exits
4. 2nd racer movement phase


All vehicles in formula waaaaagh have the same movement abilities. The
racing surface is smooth enough for wheeled and tracked vehicles to
keep up with skimmers.

All racers can move at 3 different speeds:
-Slow 6" - 12"- used for pitting and sharp bends.
-Fast 12" - 18" - used for straights and corners.
-Flat out 18" - 24" - used for straights and jumps.

Support units move as per their normal rules.

Pit crews and crowd may not move.


Racers and support vehicles may ram each other as in the 40k rulebook.
If both vehicles are moving in the same direction, the ramming speed
is the difference between the 2 vehicles movement. Side on ramming
uses the vehicles side armour and the speed is taken as the distance
the vehicles moved towards each other since the start of the movement

Head on collisions

There may be a case where vehicles travel at full speed towards one
another. In this instance, both vehicles roll on the random direction
template and move their desired speed in that direction. If their
paths of travel intersect, ramming occurs at that point. Ramming is
resolved with the speed of the crash being the sum of the 2 vehicles
movement up to the point of contact.


Racers may fire weaponry as follows:

Distance. No of weapons
6 - 12". All
12 - 18". 1
18 - 24". None

Wheel broken . Mild concussion .the racer moves 6" less (to a min of 3") in it's next turn. The crew repair the racer by using the standard shooting rules in 40k. the pit crew can affect repairs on it. When a racer exits the pits. See table below.The driver cannot steer properly. Crew shaken . Racer damage resolution Racer damage table Dice.the racer moves 3" less (to a min of 6") in it's next turn. 4.weapon destroyed 4.wheel broken 6.the racer moves 6" less per turn (to a min of 6") until repaired. Pitting Pit entries must be made at slow speed. Weapon destroyed. 2. it does so with all the necessary repairs complete. Result 1.bodywork 5. Damaged . Bodywork damaged . Injury table Dice. These hits are resolved as hitting a slow moving vehicle. Crew stunned . Broken arm 6. 6. 5. 3. Driver injured. Injury 1-4 Mild concussion 5. Damaged . Driver injured 1. and moves on the random direction template next turn also. Broken arm . Damaged . 5. Pit repairs When a racer pits. Crew shaken 2.the tank stops dead for 1 turn. Crew stunned 3.Support vehicles and crowd fire weapons as per their normal rules. Each racer has a toughness of 5 for the purposes of working out 'to wound' rolls. Knocked out 1-4.the racer moves 3" less per turn (to a min of 6") until repaired. Units with additional close combat weapons can use them to affect repair attempts equal to the number of attacks in their profile using the weapons strength. Exits are made according to the results of the pit crews repairs. Each successful 'wound' on their racer allows it to move 2" (?) when pit exits are made. The racer moves on .

The support crew may move around the table as they please. Crowd The crowd may be selected from any unit in the army codex that is classified as infantry. Units may be armed with any weapon allowed in it's profile except for heavy weapons.) are not. On a 5-6 the wall explodes causing anything within a 2d6 radius to take a strength 5 hit and a pinning check. They may be equipped with any weapon and upgrades allowed in their profile.the random direction template until he can be replaced by a pit crew member. damage to the vehicle is worked out as ramming where the wall counts as having an armour value of 13. Support units may not attack pit crews. Support units move. . They may be equipped with any weaponry and upgrades allowed in their profile. Armour values are as in the vehicles profile. All crews fire their guns as if having moved towards the racer. Support crew May be selected from the whole of the army codex. 6. Pit crew May be selected from the troops section of the army codex. Weapon upgrades are allowed. however other upgrades (smoke. The racer moves 4d6 in a random direction each turn until it collides with a wall then remains there for the remainder of the race. shoot and assault as per the 40k rulebook. The driver is knocked out. Walls may be destroyed. red paint job etc. The crowd must stay in their allotted grandstand and may not fire at pit crews. On a damaged roll of 1-4 the wall crumbles and the tank exits the track. Teams Racers A racer may be any transport vehicle from the army codex. If a racer hits a wall.