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C 244/8 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 4.8.


1.ÙRegulation (EEC) No 2615/79 determines that the rate of conversion into a national
currency of amounts shown in another national currency shall be the rate calculated by the
Commission and based on the monthly average, during the reference period defined in
paragraph 2, of the exchange rates of those currencies, which are notified to the
Commission for the purposes of the European Monetary System.

2.ÙThe reference period shall be:

—Ùthe month of January for rates of conversion applicable from 1 April following,

—Ùthe month of April for rates of conversion applicable from 1 July following,

—Ùthe month of July for rates of conversion applicable from 1 October following,

—Ùthe month of October for rates of conversion applicable from 1 January following.

The rates for the conversion of currencies shall be published in the second Official Journal of
the European Communities (‘C’ series) of the months of February, May, August and

Authorisation for State aid pursuant to Articles 92 and 93 of the EC Treaty

Cases where the Commission raises no objections

(98/C 244/07)
(Text with EEA relevance)

Date of adoption: 6.5.1998 Date of adoption: 6.5.1998

Member State: The Netherlands Member State: France
Aid No: N 752/97
Aid No: N 38/98
Title: Nihil-tariff regulating energy tax for supply to the
users of green electricity Title: MEDEA T 601 Eureka 1535

Objective: Temporary nihil-tariff from energy tax aiming Objective: To carry out technological studies into
to stimulate the use of electricity generated by renewable processing necessary for the setting-up of pilot lines for
energy sources producing integrated circuits on 300 mm wafers, the
manufacturing standard in microelectronics to be
Legal basis: introduced in 2002
—ÙWet tot wijziging van enkele belastingwetten c.a.
1988 Legal basis: R~gime d’aide { filire ~lectronique
—ÙWet belastingen op milieugrondslag
Budget: ECU 14,95 million
Budget: HFL 30 million (ECU 13,5 million) a year
Aid intensity: 50Ø% gross
Aid intensity: Not applicable
Duration: 1.4.1997 to 31.12.2000
Duration: Up to 1.1.2003
Conditions: Annual report