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C 258/36 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 15.8.


ORDER OF THE PRESIDENT 1. The application is dismissed as inadmissible.
of 26 June 1998 2. There is no need to adjudicate on the application to
in Case T-262/97 R: Anthony Goldstein v Commission of intervene.
the European Communities
(Application for interim measures Ð Inadmissibility) 3. The applicant is ordered to pay the defendant's costs.

(98/C 258/64) (1) OJ C 370 of 6.12.1997.

(Language of the case: English)

In Case T-262/97 R: Anthony Goldstein, residing in
London, represented by Raymond St John Murphy,
Action brought on 9 June 1998 by Interporc Im- und
Solicitor, against Commission of the European
Export GmbH against the Commission of the European
Communities (Agent: Richard Lyal) Ð application for
interim measures in connection with a decision of the
Commission refusing to adopt interim measures sought by (Case T-92/98)
the applicant Ð the President of the Court of First (98/C 258/66)
Instance made an order on 26 June 1998, the operative
part of which is as follows:
(Language of the case: German)

1. The application for interim measures is dismissed.
An action against the Commission of the European
Communities was brought before the Court of First
2. The applicant shall pay the costs of the interlocutory Instance of the European Communities on 9 June 1998 by
proceedings. Interporc Im- und Export GmbH, Hamburg (Germany),
represented by Georg M. Berrisch, Rechtsanwalt, of
Messrs Schön Nolte Finkelnburg & Clemm, 33 Rue PeÁre
de Deken, Brussels.

The applicant claims that the Court should:
of 25 May 1998 Ð annul the contested decision;

in Case T-267/97: Broome & Wellington Ltd v
Commission of the European Communities (1) Ð alternatively, annul the contested decision in so far as
the applicant has not already received, in the context
(Action for annulment Ð Notice of initiation of an anti- of the proceedings in Case T-50/96, the documents to
dumping proceeding Ð Inadmissibility) which it has requested access;
(98/C 258/65)
Ð order the Commission to pay the costs of the present
proceedings in any event.
(Language of the case: English)

Pleas in law and main arguments adduced in support:
In Case T-267/97: Broome & Wellington Ltd, having its
registered office in Manchester (United Kingdom),
represented by Fiona M. Carlin, Barrister, of the Northern The applicant refers, with regard to the previous history of
Ireland Bar, with an address for service in Luxembourg at this matter, to Case T-124/96 Interporc Im- und Export
the offices of Arendt and Medernach, 8-10 Rue Mathias GmbH v Commission (1). By judgment delivered in that
Hardt, against Commission of the European Communities case on 6 February 1998 (2), the Court inter alia annulled
(Agents: Viktor Kreuschitz and Nicholas Khan) Ð the Commission's decision of 29 May 1996 refusing the
application for the annulment of a notice of initiation of applicant access to certain documents held by that
an anti-dumping proceeding concerning imports of institution.
unbleached cotton fabrics originating in the People's
Republic of China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Pakistan and By its claim in the present action, the applicant contests
Turkey, published on 11 July 1997 (OJ C 210 of the fresh refusal to grant access to documents held by the
20.7.1996, p. 12) Ð the Court of First Instance (Third Commission.
Chamber, Extended Composition), composed of: V. Tiili,
President, C. P. BrieÈt, K. Lenaerts, A. Potocki and J. D.
Cooke, Judges; H. Jung, Registrar, made an order on In the contested decision, the Secretary-General of the
25 May 1998, the operative part of which is as follows: Commission classifies the documents requested as falling