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98 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 258/39

In the applicant's view, the notice of competition breaches breached its obligations by failing to provide her with the
the principle of equal treatment, inasmuch as it excludes working environment and support necessary in order to
from participation in the selection procedure officials enable her satisfactorily to complete the tasks assigned to
possessing experience equivalent to that offered by her.
officials who, at the time of publication of the notice of
competition, were employed in posts similar to the posts The report prepared in relation to the applicant at the
to be filled. expiry of her probationary period is vitiated by a manifest
Lastly, the applicant argues that the contested decision is error of assessment, inasmuch as it concerns duties
vitiated by a complete absence of any relevant statement completely different from those for which she was
of reasons enabling him to consider whether it was recruited.
justified and permitting the Community judicature to
exercise it powers of review. According to the applicant, the defendant has breached
the rights of the defence and has committed an abuse of
process, since it is only the Centre itself which is
competent to adopt a decision dismissing a person and the
decision adopted by the Director alone is therefore illegal.
Finally, the defendant has not respected the notice periods
Action brought on 30 June 1998 by Tania Trigari- laid down by the Conditions of Employment of Other
Venturin against the Translation Centre for Bodies of Servants and by the signed contract of employment
the European Union binding the parties.
(Case T-98/98)
(98/C 258/70) As regards the compensation claimed, the defendant's
conduct has placed the applicant in a position of
(Language of the case: French)
uncertainty and has caused her to suffer concrete material
An action against the Translation Centre for Bodies of damage, since she has been deprived of part of the
the European Union was brought before the Court of unemployment benefits to which she is entitled.
First Instance of the European Communities on 30 June
1998 by Tania Trigari-Venturin, residing at Sandweiler
(Luxembourg), represented by Jean-NoeÈl Louis, VeÂronique
Leclercq, Ariane Tornel and FrancËoise Parmentier, of the
Brussels Bar, with an address for service in Luxembourg at
the offices of Fiduciaire Myson SARL, 30 Rue de Removal from the register of Case T-229/95 (1)
(98/C 258/71)
The applicant claims that the Court should:
(Language of the case: Italian)
Ð annul the decision of the Translation Centre for Bodies
of the European Union of 9 October 1997 dismissing
the applicant with effect from 31 October 1997; By order of 16 June 1998, the President of the Fourth
Chamber (Extended) of the Court of First Instance of the
Ð order the defendant to pay to the applicant the token European Communities has ordered the removal from the
sum of one euro by way of compensation for the non- register of Case T-229/95: Telecom Italia Mobile SpA v
material damage suffered by her, together with Commission of the European Communities.
compensation for the material damage suffered by her
in the estimated sum of BFR 500 000, subject to (1) OJ C 46 of 17.2.1996.
increase or decrease during the course of the

Ð order the defendant to pay default interest on all sums
due pursuant to the judgment to be given, calculated
at the rate of 8 % per annum from the date on which
the social benefits to which the applicant is entitled Removal from the register of Case T-128/97 (1)
became due until the date of payment; (98/C 258/72)
Ð order the defendant to pay the costs.
(Language of the case: French)
Pleas in law and main arguments adduced in support:
By order of 17 June 1998 the President of the Second
The applicant considers that, by adopting its decision to
Chamber of the Court of First Instance of the European
dismiss her, the defendant infringed Articles 9 and 10 of
Communities has ordered the removal from the register of
the Conditions of Employment of Other Servants and
Case T-128/97: Lars Bösche v European Parliament.
breached the principle that a person's grade should be
consistent with the duties to be performed by that person,
in that it assigned to the applicant tasks of a higher level (1) OJ C 212 of 12.7.1997.
than those for which she had been recruited, and failed to
draw up a rider to her contract. The defendant further