Dual Mud: The Reasons.
The Botænica Dual-Mud Kit contains the most powerful, yet naturally formed substances ever known for the regular and effective treatment of environmentally abused and age-added skin surfaces. These cosmetic muds are neither herbal nor chemical; rather they are composed entirely of deep-earth, geothermal minerals. Although the healing properties of these minerals in specific hot springs, whether on land or under water, and their naturally occurring mineral byproducts of salts, clays and muds, have been known and revered for thousands of years, scientists have only recently understood the process by which these amazing compounds are created. Douglas Hopkins has used his unique scientific experience to place this ancient healing process into your hands. Traveling the world to measure volcanic explosions for NASA, Mr. Hopkins became familiar with local lore and history, as well as the powers and healing effectiveness of many of these geothermal springs. Only in the last two decades has it been shown scientifically that bodies of surface water are drawn deep into the layers of the earth where they become "pressure cooked" under extreme heat and confinement. Under these extraordinary conditions the water becomes a hybrid, imbued with the panoply of minerals forced into it from the surrounding geology, rendering a locational composition. A marvelous example of this site-specific healing property is the ancient Roman belief that the many geothermic sources scattered throughout Italy should each be prescribed to cure a specific ailment. Hence, the intrinsic power of this Dual-Mud system: two cosmetic muds from diverse geographic locations and of vastly different composition. The first, Geothermal Black Mud Mask, is from the Dead Sea; respected thousands of years for its healing properties. The second, Deep Sea Mud Mask, is the emanation of an Arctic Ocean floor volcanic vent, obtained by remote research submarine from a Titanic depth of three miles down. It is formed and concentrated by immense heat and pressure unique to this depth, not present in surface volcanic sources. The skin rejuvenating effect of all mud poultices is to accelerate then restore to normal balance, skin cell fluid levels. The user should seek to create an individual balance of the two muds, a personal régime based on the area of usage, skin type, and any other personal or environmental variables which may affect the skin. These muds are best applied for 15 to 30 minutes to the face, or other external areas needing renewal, then gently washed away. Using extreme caution, they may be gently warmed before use with only 5-10 seconds in the microwave. Test warmth on the back of your hand first as to not burn your face. Avoid the eyes and cuts or abraded skin. The natural salt content is high and may produce a burning sensation. Our Botænica Chamomile Cleanser, milder than soap and leaving no film, is recommended before mask applications. When using the muds as night-time treatment, Rosemary Toner may be used after to further enhance skin relaxation. For day-time use or to relieve temporary external dryness which often results form the high salt content of the muds, apply our Botænica Lindenflower Moisturizer. The muds may also be applied to the scalp, for unique revitalization of a much overlooked, much mistreated area of the body. For convenient application utilize our Dead Sea Mud Shampoo. This Dual-Mud Kit is the third of a series of scientifically charted products composed of naturally occurring mineral substances. The variety of selection allows the user to apply

personal combinations of mud types, thereby creating an individual skin therapy. Presently available: Dead Sea Mask and Blue Silica Mask. The Dual-Mud Kit contains one ounce of Dead Sea Mask and one ounce of Deep Sea Mud.

Douglas Hopkins & Co.
Purveyors of fine royal, ancient, or lost apothecarial discoveries.

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