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MALABO (June 17, 2010) – As part of Equatorial Guinea’s (República de Guinea
Ecuatorial) efforts to advance its relations with the international community, an
Equatorial Guinea Delegation, led by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Pastor Micha Ondo
Bile made an official visit to Egypt on June 10-12th.

Pastor Micha Ondo Bile was accompanied by the Minister of Information, Culture and
Tourism, Jeronimo Osa Osa Ecoro and the Minister of National Security, Nicolas Obama

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and his Egyptian counterpart signed several agreements
which included the establishment of a joint committee for the cooperation in culture,
science and economics between the two countries. This is part of a broader effort by the
government of Equatorial Guinea to further improve its relations with the international
community. The parties established a joint strategy for cooperation between the two

Relations between Egypt and Equatorial Guinea have evolved significantly in recent
years, which have encouraged more engagement between the two countries. Egyptian
companies such as Arab Contractors are overseeing large infrastructure projects in
Equatorial Guinea, such as the construction of a running water system in Malabo, new
roads from Malabo to Pico Basile, other infrastructure projects in Baney and subsidized
housing in Buena Esparanza and in Malabo.

The progress of the relationship between the two countries was highlighted in a recent
hearing held by Ondo Bile with the Egyptian Ambassador to Equatorial Guinea, Ibrahim
Maher Yousiff, in which the Equatorial Guinean diplomat praised the advancement
between the countries. The meeting also addressed the trading situation between the two

The Government of Equatorial Guinea is also seeking Egypt's support for the
organization of the African Union Summit to be held in Equatorial Guinea in 2011.

About Equatorial Guinea
The Republic of Equatorial Guinea (República de Guinea Ecuatorial) is the only Spanish-
speaking country in Africa, and one of the smallest nations on the continent. In the late-
1990s, American companies helped discover the country’s oil and natural gas resources,
which only within the last five years began contributing to the global energy supply.
Equatorial Guinea is now working to serve as a pillar of stability and security in its region
of West Central Africa. The country will host the 2011 Summit of the African Union. For
more information, visit

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