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BSGE Trainees’ video competition

The British Society of Gynaecological Endoscopy will award two
prizes per year for videos of Gynaecological endoscopic
(laparoscopic or hysteroscopic) procedures submitted by trainees.


- To promote training in gynaecological endoscopy by
encouraging trainees to share their interesting videos with
their colleagues.
- To enrich the BSGE website’s video library and improve it’s
educational capacity.
- To help and reward trainees with interest in gynaecological


Trainee members of BSGE are invited to submit videos that fulfill
the following criteria:


- The whole procedure must have been performed by the
trainee (under direct or indirect supervision).
- The video must have some educational value; for example the
video may illustrate a useful technical tip or present an
interesting or challenging case. It can also demonstrate an
adverse incident from which lessons can be learnt.
- The video must not be more than 4 minutes in length and
should be in a format recognizable by YouTube (most video
formats can be uploaded in YouTube. For more details go to
- The video must be completely anonymised, both for the
surgeon and the patient. It must only contain views of internal

Dates for submission and results

Submission deadline results

31st January, 5 pm March
31st July, 5 pm September

Competition process

- The awards committee of the British society of Gynaecological
Endoscopy reserves the right to assign judges for evaluation
and scoring the videos from inside or outside the committee
and to use any scoring system they see fit.
- The decision of the awards committee will be final.
- Unsuccessful applicants will not be notified and unsuccessful
videos cannot be re-submitted for the subsequent
competitions unless specifically suggested by the awards
- The awards committee reserves the right not to grant any
prize if the quality of the videos is not satisfactory.

The prize:

- There is a cash prize of £250. More than one applicant may
share this.
- The winners’ names and their videos will be published on the
BSGE website. The length of time videos will remain on the
website may vary.

How to submit your videos:

1- Open a new account in YouTube, even if you already have an
- Go to
- Click on “create account” link on the top right and follow the
- IMPORTANT: Make sure you choose a username that does
not contain any part of your name to ensure the videos are
anonymous when scored by the judges.

2- Upload your video by clicking on “upload” at the top of the page
and follow the instructions. Wait until the process is complete.

3- IMPORTANT: under “privacy”, choose the third option “private
(only specific YouTube users can view)”

4- Copy the URL of the video from the box just below “privacy” and
paste it into the appropriate section of the application form

4- Fill in the rest of application form electronically (don’t forget to
include a 250-word description of the case and/or educational points
of the video) and email it to Atia Khan at

5- You will receive a confirmation email that acknowledges the
receipt of your application and that the video link is working.

6- In due course, you will receive another email with a list of judges’
YouTube usernames so that you can grant them access to your
video. The instructions will be emailed to you.
BSGE Trainees’ Video competition

Application form
deadline for submission: 5 pm, 31st January 2011

Full name:
Contact address:

Current place of work:

Grade and year of training:

Title of video:

URL (you can copy this from YouTube website; make sure you test
the link before emailing the application form)

Brief description of the case and learning points (250 words

I am the primary surgeon of the submitted video.

I have ensured that the submitted video is completely anonymised
and does not contain any identifiable patient information or images.

I grant the British Society of Gynaecological Endoscopy and it’s
affiliates the rights to use this video for education purposes in any
way they see fit, including publishing it on their or any other public
website and presenting it in congresses, providing my name is
mentioned, if appropriate.

I have read and understood the competition’s information sheet and
it’s appendix.

Name (Print)


For office use only:

Appendix: GMC guidance on the use of medical images,
relevant to endoscopic videos.

General Medical Council (UK) has provided explicit guidance on the
use of medical images. For the complete guidance, please visit

The relevant part of these guidelines are quoted below:

“Recordings for which permission is not required
You do not need to seek separate permission to make the
recordings listed below. Nor do you need consent to use them for
any purpose, provided that, before use, the recordings are
effectively anonymised by the removal of any identifying marks
(writing in the margins of an x-ray, for example):
• Images taken from pathology slides
• X-rays
• Laparoscopic images
• Images of internal organs
• Ultrasound images”

It is, however, good practice to explain to the patient how the
videos are going to be used and the possibility that the videos may
be published on a publically accessible website.