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98 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 263/13

Call for proposals for several projects in the field of training and related support services for
small and medium-sized enterprises

(98/C 263/14)

I.ÚÙTraining is defined by the third multiannual 7.Ùpromotion of the elaboration and/or diffusion of
programme for small and medium-sized enterprises recognised training courses for working spouses,
(SMEs) in the European UnionØ(Î) as one of the means
for the enhancement of the competitiveness of SMEsØ(Ï).
8.Ùpromotion of innovative management techniques and
methods of work organisation in micro and craft
The promotion of training and of entrepreneurship is enterprises,
underlined in the conclusions of the European
Employment Summit of 20 and 21 November 1997.
Moreover, the Commission has adopted a communi- 9.Ùinnovation management training and advice for small
cation entitled ‘Fostering entrepreneurship in Europe: enterprises,
Priorities for the future’, where a number of actions for
encouraging an enterprise culture are set outØ(Ð). 10.Ùpromotion of the spirit of enterprise in secondary
schools by virtue of partnerships between the
education authorities and the professional organ-
The present call for proposals describes areas for training
isations representing the crafts and small business
projects within this framework.

This call for proposals is applicable to SMEs in all
sectors including the craft sector, tourism and the social
economy. III.ÚÙProposers must be established in a Member State
of the European Economic Area (EEA)Ø(Ñ). They may be
regional or national organisations, professional
associations at European, national or regional level or
II.ÚÙProject areas: 10 different lots other entities having appropriate knowledge and organ-
isational capabilities within the context of offering
training, seminars, publications and counselling to SMEs.
The present call regroups 10 lots from different areas of
SME policy.
Organisations from the Central and East European
Countries (CEEC)Ø(Ò) and non-Member States from the
Proposals are invited for each of the lots below:
Mediterranean basin areaØ(Ó) may be associated with the
projects proposed above, without, however, having the
1.Ùlate payment in commercial transactions, right to receive a financial contribution from the
2.Ùthe transfer of SMEs from one generation to the
Proposers can submit proposals individually for any of
the above-named lots or for more than one lot. In all
3.Ùthe preparation of SMEs for the introduction of the cases, each lot must be quoted individually.

4.Ùstimulation of transnational partnership between A subvention of up to 50Ø% of the total project cost may
structures and programmes for initial and continued be granted for each retained project. In the case of
training for cooperatives, consortia, the financial participation of the project leader
shall be no less than 25Ø% of the total project cost.
5.Ùaccess of independents (one-person enterprises) to
training, Proposals shall cover at least two Member States and be
of a significant size.
6.Ùawareness, training and counselling for start-ups by
young people,

(Ñ)ÙThe EEA comprises the 15 Member States of the European
Union plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.
(Î)ÙOJ L 6, 10.1.1997, p. 25. (Ò)ÙPoland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria,
(Ï)ÙAs defined in the Commission recommendation concerning Romania, Slovenia, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia.
the definition of SMEs, OJ L 107, 30.4.1996, p. 4. (Ó)ÙAlgeria, Cyprus, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Malta
(Ð)ÙCOM(1998) 222 final. Morocco, Palestinian Territories, Syria, Tunisia and Turkey.
C 263/14 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 20.8.98

All proposals shall be summarised on one page using the VI.ÙAWARD CRITERIA
format presented in the information package.
—Ùthe quality and management aspects of the proposal,

—Ùthe methodology and the degree of innovativeness of

—Ùthe extent to which the project fulfils the aims of the
Excluded from participation is any organisation which: action,

(a)Ùis bankrupt or is being wound up, whose affairs are —Ùadded-value of the project and transferability of
being administered by the court, who has entered project results,
into an arrangement with creditors, who has
suspended business activities or who is in any —Ùexistence of procedures for internal control and for
analogous situation arising from a similar procedure identifying the key indicators of the effects of the
under national laws and regulations; project,

—Ùthe cost of the project.
(b) is the subject of proceedings for a declaration of
bankruptcy, for an order for compulsory winding-up These criteria are applicable to all projects, subject to
or administration by the court or for an arrangement specific requirements in the description of individual lots.
with creditors or of any other similar proceedings In the case of certain lots, they are completed by award
under national laws or regulations; criteria specific to each field, described in the specifi-
cations. Each proposal shall be evaluated according to all
(c) has been convicted of an offence concerning his the award criteria (the common criteria above and the
professional conduct by a judgment which has the specific criteria).
force of res judicata;

(d) has been guilty of grave professional misconduct VII.ÙREQUEST FOR INFORMATION
proven by any means which the contracting auth-
orities can justify; Interested parties are invited to write to the Commission
(see address below) in order to request the specifications
describing the content of each of the lots (see section II)
(e) has not fulfilled obligations relating to the payment and method of proposal and the conditions applying to
of social security contributions in accordance with any submission.
the legal provisions of the country in which he is
established or with those of the country of the
contracting authority; Subject to availability of budgetary appropriations, lots
1, 2, 3, 4, and 10 Action (I) are valid up to 30 June 2000.
Evaluations will be carried out on a continuous basis and
(f) has not fulfilled obligations relating to the payment funding decisions will be taken after the end of each
of taxes in accordance with the legal provisions of quarter for lots 1, 2 and 3 and every six months for lots
the country of the contracting authority; 4 and 10 Action (I).

For all other lots proposers shall submit their proposals
by 12 October 1998 at the latest. The method of
V.ÙSELECTION CRITERIA submitting the proposal is explained in the specification
referred to in the first paragraph of this section.
Proposers must:
Request for the specification and other information shall
—Ùhave proven experience in organising and offering be addressed to:
training, seminars, publications and counselling to
SMEs, European Commission,
Directorate-General XXIII,
Unit A.3, Promotion of Innovation: training, research,
—Ùhave acquired experience in designing, implementing take-up of technology, and subcontracting,
and managing transnational or international projects, AN80 4/28,
Rue de la Loi/Wetstraat 200,
—Ùhave proven experience in the lot for which they are B-1049 Brussels.
presenting a proposal. Fax (32-2) 296Ø75Ø58.