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Lenovo - IBM EPP - Order confirmation

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W indows Vista® Business for
Thank you business computing.
Lenovo recommends W indows
Vista® Home Premium for personal

* Price does not include Environmental Handling Fee (EHF) w hich w ill be applied to orders shipping to locations in the provinces of Alberta, British C olumbia, Saskatchew an
and Nova Scotia. Environmental Handling Fee (EHF) is a recycling program for electronic equipment set up by the governments of different provinces. This program is
currently set up in Alberta, British C olumbia, Saskatchew an and Nova Scotia and is subject to the follow ing charges for equipment shipped to a location in these provinces:
Desktops/Server: $10.00 EHF per piece Mobiles: $5.00 EHF per piece Monitors: $12.00 EHF per piece Printers: $8.00 EHF per piece

Applicable taxes for each province w ill also be applied as follow s:

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Lenovo - IBM EPP - Order confirmation

British C olumbia - GST and PST applied to EHF Alberta - GST applied to EHF Saskatchew an - GST applied to EHF Nova Scotia - HST applied to EHF

These charges w ill be calculated and applied to the invoice. R eseller prices m ay vary.

General Terms & Co nd itio ns: R ebates not valid on refurbished Lenovo products. K eep copies of materials submitted: originals become Lenovo property and w ill not be
returned. Please allow 6-8 w eeks for receipt of rebate cheque. Lenovo reserves the right to request additional information regarding this claim. False information disqualifies
this claim. Violators may be prosecuted. Only purchases m ade by an end-user customer or a com mercial business from an authorized Lenovo reseller or direct from Lenovo
in C anada are eligible. Purchases by Lenovo resellers and internal Lenovo orders are ineligible. Offer void w here prohibited or restricted by law . All information submitted w ill
be handled in accordance w ith Lenovo�s privacy policy (see w w w

To qualify for this rebate you must be a legal C anadian resident 18 years of age or older, the actual purchaser (name on Invoice / R eceipt must match R ebate claim) of the
qualifying products, and must satisfy all other terms and conditions. Lenovo reserves the right to alter availability and terms at any time, w ithout notice, and is not
responsible for typographic errors.

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