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C 266/2 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 25.8.


Authorisation for State aid pursuant to Articles 92 and 93 of the EC Treaty
Cases where the Commission raises no objections

(98/C 266/02)

Date of adoption: 27.4.1998 Date of adoption: 29.4.1998

Member State: Austria (Styria) Member State: Germany (Mecklenburg-Western
Aid No: NØ71/98
Aid No: NØ190/98
Title: Environmental aid (regional project)
Title: Investment aid for Klaus GmbH
Objective: To prevent soil deterioration caused by
intensive farming Objective: To encourage investments in processing

Legal basis: Regionalprojekt Steiermark zur Förderung Legal basis:
von Maßnahmen zur Bodenverbesserung in der —ÙGesetz über die Gemeinschaftsaufgabe vom
quartären Talflur von Graz bis Radkersburg 6.10.1969, zuletzt geändert durch Gesetz zum
Vertrag vom 31.8.1990
Budget: The figures show overall expenditure on the
measure (including a 50Ø% contribution from the —Ù26. Rahmenplan der Gemeinschaftsaufgabe ‘Verbes-
EAGGF) serung der regionalen Wirtschaftsstruktur’
—Ù1998: ECU 0,3 million Aid intensity: 50Ø%
—Ù1999: ECU 1,9 million
Duration: One-off aid
—Ù2000 to 2002: ECU 0,3 to 2,1 million per year

Aid intensity: ATS 6Ø500/ha or 3Ø600/ha depending on
the undertaking entered into (compensation for loss of
Date of adoption: 13.5.1998
income and incentive of 5,2 and 3,8Ø% respectively)
Member State: Spain (Galicia)
Duration: Unlimited
Aid No: NØ647/97

Title: Measures to assist agricultural cooperatives
Date of adoption: 29.4.1998
Objective: To promote cooperatives by providing aid for
Member State: Spain (Cantabria) training, creating new cooperatives, recruiting new staff,
purchasing computers, carrying out audits and bringing
Aid No: NØ178/98 stock farmers into cooperatives

Title: Measures to assist agricultural production Legal basis: Proyecto de orden por la que se regula la
concesiön de ayudas para la formaciön cooperativa,
Objective: To modernise agriculture through training promociön, mejora de gestiön y consolidaciön de las
programmes cooperativas

Legal basis: Proyecto de orden por la que se establece un Budget: In 1998: ESP 77Ø260Ø000 million (approximately
r~gimen de subvenciones para programas de formaciön a ECU 468Ø000)
cargo de las organizaciones profesionales agrarias y
dirigidas a los integrantes de las explotaciones familiares Aid intensity: Various depending on the type of aid
agrarias y del entorno rural
Duration: Five years
Budget: ESP 32 million (approximately ECU 194Ø000)
Conditions: The Commission reserves the right to review
Aid intensity: Up to 100Ø% of expenditure its position pursuant to Article 93(1) of the EC Treaty
when it examines existing aids for the formation and
Duration: 1998 launching of cooperatives and other groups
25.8.98 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 266/3

Date of adoption: 27.5.1998 Budget: GRD 1,5 billion (approximately ECU 4,4
Member State: Spain (Madrid)
Aid intensity:
Aid No: NØ800/97 —ÙAid for reconstitution of plant capital: maximum
GRD 800Ø000/ha (approximately ECU 2Ø350/ha)
Title: Measures to assist zootechnics
—ÙAid for production losses: maximum GRD
Objective: To have veterinarians carry out health 1Ø000Ø000/ha (approximately ECU 2Ø940/ha)
programmes for groups of stock farmers —ÙAquaculture production: 30Ø%

Legal basis: Proyecto de orden por la que se regulan —ÙRepair of damage to buildings: 40Ø%
ayudas a las agrupaciones de ganaderos de vacuno, —ÙStored produce and feedingstuffs: 50Ø%
ovino, caprino, porcino y equino destinadas a la
ejecuciön de programas zoot~cnicos y sanitarios por Duration: Until 1999
veterinarios colaboradores durante 1998

Budget: ESP 50 million (approximately ECU 303Ø000)
Date of adoption: 27.5.1998
Aid intensity: Up to 100Ø% of expenditure
Member State: United Kingdom
Duration: 1998
Aid No: NØ221/98

Title: Moorland scheme
Date of adoption: 27.5.1998 Objective: To encourage farmers to reduce stocking
Member State: Germany
Legal basis: Moorland Regulations 1995 as amended
Aid No: NØ836/97 (England S.I. 1995 No 904, Northern Ireland S.I. 1995
No 239, Wales S.I. 1995 No 1159)
Title: Creation of electronic communication infra-
structure for Maschinen- und Betriebshilfering Trier- Budget: GBP 4Ø000 (ECU 6Ø250) per year as State aid
Saarburg e. V. (a producers’ association) (total budget: GBP 212Ø000, including GBP 115Ø000
Community part-financing)
Legal basis: Einzelentscheidung
Aid intensity: GBP 30 per sheep removed
Budget: DEM 246Ø000 (ECU 125Ø510), 45Ø% of which
will be part-financed by the Community under the Duration: 1996 to 1999
Community Initiative Leader II

Aid intensity: 60Ø%
Date of adoption: 2.6.1998
Duration: 1998 to 2001 Member State: Austria (Tyrol)

Aid No: NØ188/98
Date of adoption: 27.5.1998 Title: Measures to improve the quality and hygiene of
milk and milk products
Member State: Greece
Legal basis: Richtlinien der Landesregierung von Tirol
Aid No: NØ57/98 zur Förderung von Maßnahmen zur Verbesserung der
Qualität und des Hygienewerts von Milch und Milch-
Title: Measures for holdings damaged by bad weather erzeugnissen
(rain, floods and frost) in 1997
Budget: Approximately ATS 22 million (ECU 1,58
Objective: To compensate farmers for production and million) per year
property lost as a result of bad weather
Aid intensity: 100Ø% for compulsory checks, 70Ø% for
Legal basis: Ellhnikö diypoyrgikö diátagma però m~trvn non-compulsory checks
yp~r tvn gevrg×n, tvn opoòvn oi gevrgik~w ekmetalleýseiw
yp~sthsan zhmòew lögv dysmen×n kairik×n synqhk×n Duration: Unspecified
(brox~w, plhmmýrew, pagetoò) to 1997
C 266/4 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 25.8.98

Date of adoption: 3.6.1998 Aid intensity:
Member State: Greece —ÙAdditional start-up aid for young farmers: maximum
GRD 5,9 million (approximately ECU 17Ø400)
Aid No: NØ86/A/98
—ÙAdditional aid to farmers qualifying under Articles 5
Title: Additional measures to assist young farmers to 9 of Regulation (EC) No 950/97: 68Ø% in less-
favoured areas and 56Ø% in all other areas
Objective: To speed up the adjustment of agricultural
structures and help young people enter farming —ÙAid to purchase land: 75Ø% in less-favoured areas
and 35Ø% in other areas
Legal basis: Sx~dio ellhnikoý diypoyrgikoý diatágmatow
però symplhrvmatik×n m~trvn yp~r tvn n~vn gevrg×n —ÙDiversification aid: maximum 42Ø%
Budget: Unspecified Duration: Unspecified

Prior notification of a concentration
(Case No IV/M.1229 — American Home Products/Monsanto)

(98/C 266/03)

(Text with EEA relevance)

1.ÚÙOn 14 August 1998, the Commission received notification of a proposed concentration
pursuant to Article 4 of Council Regulation (EEC) No 4064/89Ø(Î), as last amended by Regu-
lation (EC) No 1310/97Ø(Ï), by which the undertaking American Home Products Corporation
(AHP) enters into a full merger, within the meaning of Article 3(1)(a) of the Regulation, with
the Monsanto Company (Monsanto) by way of an exchange of shares.

2.ÚÙThe business activities of the undertakings concerned are:

—ÙAHP: health care products and agricultural products (pesticides),

—ÙMonsanto: agricultural products, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, nutrition and various
industrial products.

3.ÚÙOn preliminary examination, the Commission finds that the notified concentration could
fall within the scope of Regulation (EEC) No 4064/89. However, the final decision on this
point is reserved.

4.ÚÙThe Commission invites interested third parties to submit their possible observations on
the proposed operation.

Observations must reach the Commission not later than 10 days following the date of this
publication. Observations can be sent by fax (No (32-2) 296Ø43Ø01 or 296Ø72Ø44) or by post,
under reference IV/M.1229 — American Home Products/Monsanto, to the following address:

European Commission,
Directorate-General for Competition (DG IV),
Directorate B — Merger Task Force,
Avenue de Cortenberg/Kortenberglaan 150,
B-1040 Brussels.

(Î)ÙOJ L 395, 30.12.1989, p. 1; corrigendum: OJ L 257, 21.9.1990, p. 13.
(Ï)ÙOJ L 180, 9.7.1997, p. 1; corrigendum: OJ L 40, 13.2.1998, p. 17.