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Welcome to the premier issue of Zasper’s Gazette.

Zasper’s is a collection of photo-stories, articles and blogs

documenting the soul of the city wherever it resides. This is
neither a magazine about celebrities, nor an event guide. It
is, rather, a portrayal of anything and everything interest-
ing, ethical, local and visually pleasing. Although fluid in na-
ture, each issue we aim to feature personalities, fashion,
food, sport, music and community, and encourage you to
take part in the activities that form the vibrant rhythm
of life in the city.

Zasper’s is intended to be an interactive resource and there

are numerous ways in which you can contribute to the
magazine. We hope you enjoy this first issue of the magazine
and look forward to hearing your suggestions of how we can
improve and develop the magazine.



Arran Kennedy – Editor

Sean Afnan – Creative Director


Aiden Walsh

little jerusalem
Richie Felle

Mel!sa’s Li"le Secret
Mel!sa’s Li"le Secret

Melissa Hayward is a tattooed pinup model from Dublin.

She is hairstylist to scores of women nationwide.
She runs two online businesses and a makeover service.
She’s about to open a new shop in Dublin!
And has recently become a TV presenter.
She might be one of the busiest women in!Ireland:
She’s definitely one of the coolest.
Everything about Melissa screams out glamour. She looks like a cross be-
tween Marilyn Monroe and Kat von D as she steps out of her vintage car with
the sun glittering off of its chrome trim....’s easy to forget that we are standing in the car park of the Wicklow Enter-
prise Centre, where Melissa runs her fashion empire from a small studio.

‘It’s great and it’s cheap’, she tells Zasper. ‘When I first started in Wicklow, I
think people were scared of me. They’re used to me now but I do look very dif-
ferent. I’m in the paper most weeks!
Our Little Secret, Melissa’s main business, is a top-to-toe beauty serv-
ice offering wigs, hair extensions, fake lashes, lip-plumping, fake tans,
fake nails and shapewear. Her clients are, in the main, normal Irish
women with one or two exceptions. ‘Any time you open a magazine or
turn on the telly you see fake hair, fake people. Irish women are start-
ing to realise that now. That said, a few of my clients are transvestites. I
think they look at me and guess I’m not going to judge them. People just
tell me their secrets, mad stuff they wouldn’t dream of telling anyone
else. I could write a book about it, no problem!’!!
Our Little Secret has
around 900 regular cus-
tomers. Many have been
coming to Melissa for
years. ‘I get invited to
their weddings, their kids
birthdays. It’s really
sweet! I love making peo-
ple happy and I like help-
ing people feel good about
themselves. Everyone I
know hates their job and
hates getting up in the
morning so I’m really
lucky, even though I work
ridiculous hours’
Melissa’s life is anything but ordinary. Yet she is a strikingly down-to-earth
individual. ‘Seriously,’ she jokes, ‘I am the most normal person I know.’
!She describes her upbringing as a mirror of the film ‘Mermaids’ with her
mum in the role of ‘Rachel’, the character played by Cher. ‘She dresses like
that, she acts like that, she looks like that, she cooks like that. We moved all
the time and I went to 12 or 13 different schools. Look at me, I obviously
have issues!’
Melissa’s ethos of faking it
from top to toe provided
the inspiration for zaspers
first fashion shoot.
Showcasing Melissa,
Matylda and a bunch of

Matylda wears
Rouge Wig and
Braid Band
Melissa wears Wig styled by Our Little Secret

Melissa wears
Wig styled by
Our Little Secret
Models wear Doll Wigs

Models wear
Doll Wigs styled by Our
Little Secret
Melissa wears
Wig styled by Our Little Secret,
Matylda wears Human Hair Extensions
Matylda wears Ménage a Trios Hairpiece
!"e ! !
Trail Blazing with Richie Felle
Unlike messers Duff and Keane, Richie Felle is one Irish sportsperson
for whom 2010 is a World Cup year. In only his 5th year in the sport,
Ranelagh boy Richie is just back from competing in his first World Cup
cross-country mountain-biking race (XC MTB for short). For the unini-
tiated, imagine hurtling at near mental speeds along rough forest
paths and trails or twisting through narrow cobblestone streets.
Intrigued, Zasper met Richie in the Wicklow mountains to find out
Words and Photos by Sean Afnan
Richie began mountain biking while sit- 'My long term goal is to become a regular
ting his leaving cert. and was hooked and serious participant in the World Cup
almost instantly. 'A mate and I used to races. But that takes time. Most of the
go off biking for hours and hours at a top guys peak in their mid to late thirties
time with nothing but water and a mal- and I'm only 24.' Although currently
tana loaf to keep us going. I quickly studying at DIT, Richie's ambition is to
joined Epic MTB club go professional within the next few
years. Until then, however, he is reliant and started
on the constant support of his friends
racing almost right away. I haven't
and family. 'My parents are my biggest
looked back since'.
sponsors, it's the same for most of the
guys out there. My family really do sup-
Having progressed quickly through the
port me in every sense. I think they see
ranks, Richie was competing in interna-
how driven I am and how much joy cy-
tional competitions in international
cling gives me'. He is also sponsored by
competitions by his third year in MTB.
Think Bike in Rathmines and, in associa-
He has since raced in Switzerland, Aus-
tion with US company Trek, is able to
tria, Italy, Germany, France, Turkey and
ride and train on some of the best bikes
Italy, competing against professional
available in the world.
riders from around Europe.
Getting the most
out of his machine,
however, requires
Richie to adopted a
strict lifestyle that
might challenge the
resolve of many an
Irish lad. He trains
for around 3 hours
a day, 5 days a
week and has re-
cently enlisted the
help of a nutrition-
ist to control his
diet. 'I eat
often and I eat a lot.
Lots of protein and
almost no carbs.
Weight is a huge
thing in MTB... and
I am totally off al-
cohol!' Have these
adjustments been a
big!test? 'Not at all!
I don't allow myself
to get
distracted. And be-
ing out here in this
stunning scenery
doing something
that I love, I
wouldn't swap this
for a Sunday morn-
ing in bed with a
hang-over. Plus my
friends and my girl-
friend are so sup-
portive about it.'
As we wind our way to the
location for the photoshoot,
it's easy to see his point. Un-
der the warm evening sun,
we are treated to stunning
views over Dublin, the Irish
sea and even - honestly - the
Mourne mountains off in the
distance. 'Most Dubliners
don't know that this is all
right here on their doorstep',
Richie tells us. However,
there are clubs - like the one
Richie helps run through the
Think Bike shop in Rathmi-
nes - that can organise
mountain biking trecks for
cyclists of all levels, even
complete novices. 'We organ-
ise group rides on Saturdays
and Sundays and will be
starting beginner days in
October. Sometimes we can
even lend people a bike to
try out!' For more info on
how you can get involved...
FRED. make
photographs with zasper
On a recent trip to Irelands southern most city, the closet city to South America in
all of Ireland, the city where when it rains it pours, and when the sun shines it
splendours (yes , that is a verb), yes we are talking of the city they call "Cork Boy".
Zasper had the pleasure of meeting with the band who call themselves FRED.! They
admit they chose the name before they had considered that there could possibly be
a better name, a name that would say more about the music they make, a name
that would speak volumes - volumes of the good stuff.!
After shooting the band for the afternoon on the rapscallion docklands of Cork, this is
what they had to tell me of their latest activities.! "Apart from doing photos, we are
currently working on a new album.! We've been hiding out in rehearsal rooms for a
while now and have started demoing a lot of new material, which we will record and
hope to have out soon, no dates yet.! For the summer we'll be playing around Ireland,
doing a lot of the festivals and then a few dates in the UK, then back to Germany possi-
bly and stateside again for a bit."
For further info on Fred and upcoming gigs check them out on........
" " " " " " " " " " " " " " " "
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Catherine wears a Kling sleeveless blouse
Little Jerusalem
From Ramallah to Rathmines,
middle-eastern flavour is here
to delight and intrigue.

Tucked down a lane between

Slattery's pub and the St Louis
convent, off the main Rathmi-
nes thoroughfare, Little Jeru-
salem offers Lebanese and Pal-
estinian food characterised by
the same hallmarks of freshness
and good flavour as its sister,
Silk Road Café, in the Chester
Beatty Library. Basil, the man-
ager, insists his staff adopt a
hands-on approach to the food
and everything from making
baklava to processing fava
beans is done the authentic way.

fresh bread baking in the stone heated oven

hand made baklava and roasted mixed seeds
Zasper, never to approach an unfamiliar
setting unaccompanied, asked Mariam –
our Lebanese oracle – to guide us
through the melee (or meze) of Arabic
cuisine, the mystic rituals of cardamom
infused coffee, the myriad truths hidden
in the grinds, and to teach us a few
handy phrases.

A few handy phrases for your trip to

Little Jerusalem:

‘babaganoush’ – roasted aubergine

‘m'sakhan’ – roasted chicken pieces
‘lokoum’ – Turkish delight
‘baklava’ – pastries
‘keyf halek’ – story, horse?
‘shokran’ – cheers, boss.

Little Jerusalem, 3 Wynnefield Road,

Rathmines, Dublin 6. Tel: 01 412 691
n ' s s
m i t
ja g h
o u
t h
x x
On a recent visit to my family home, I sat down with my 'lil' bro'. He was just about to
embark on the journey known as 'homework'. Both internally and externally I thought,
'excellent, i can help here, i can give 'lil bro' my wisdoms and learnings, share some
worldly and local knowledges, shed light upon matters, get to the heart of things and
uncover all the mysteries'. It also brought me back to my own school days, one day in
particular, the day I handed up an essay about my exploits as a stout drinkin' tractor
drivin' man of the countryside. After the essay was corrected, I was called out to the
main office and asked if i really drove a tractor and drank stout. I replied "no sir, its just
a story". I wondered to myself - 'are you not allowed make things up in essays?' Al-
though the answer at the time was a definite NO, I still fight the fight of the oppressed
young man at school who feels the need to write the untrue, for all to hear!! In saying
that, Little brother junior didn't seem to care, and even though I wrote the following for
him, he said 'thanks, but no thanks, i don't think my English teacher would like that....'

The title of my little brothers essay for homework was 'my first 3 days in prison'. Here
is my version, writing as a 16 year old manboy.

My Holidays In Prison
The realisation that i killed an entire family
with a knife and fork doesnt fully register
Day Three
with me.
I must say, a nice shower
Day Two
really gets a man feeling
'Boy you better get me
Day One positive about the day. All
some cigarettes' - I say
I cant bring my dog clean, like a clean machine.
to one of the inmates. He
Eric to prison. They There was really nice
doesn't even look at me.
told me it was against shower gel. I have to say, I
He just tells his be-atch
the rules, and I have to was expecting soap as
'hey be-atch, beat new
obey the rules. I told that's what they always use
boy.' Be-atch then beats
them I play by no- in the prison movies. I
me. Ouch. I'm beginning
one's rules but my kinda like prison now. Cant
to feel like maybe I
own. Then they beat wait for dinner, I hear they
shouldn't have killed that
me. Lousy on me. I'm make a mean pepper steak
family. Maybe its normal
innocent I tell hem. on Wednesdays.
for a family to break into
Why cant I have my someone's holiday cara-
dog when I'm inno- Bye bye diary
van and try to burn it
cent? They tell me to down while the owner -
shut up. They say me- is fast asleep in bed.
'Jimmy, you better Anyway, I killed them and
shut your trap or else here I am now, getting
we'll shut it for you'. I the sweet beat downs
say 'ok', then I ask from the prison guards
them for permission to and be-atch. Such is
bring my dog. They prison. I'm looking for-
give me the look. I ward to a nice shower
give them the look. We tomorrow.
are exchanging looks, I
feel I am winning them
over, until they they
start beating me again.
Laying the Foundation,
with Aiden Walsh
At the outset of any endeavour, it is prudent to
seek the council of a wise sage. Prior to launching
the premier issue of the Gazette, Zasper, in search
of the hidden secrets of success, consulted Dublin’s
own soothsayer Aiden Walsh.
Aiden’s meteoric rise to success in Aiden’s music is a blend of hypnocentric
the late 1980s included signing, as surrealism, visionary mysticism and tra-
legend has it, the fastest record deal ditional folk/rock. While in the studio
in history, after singing just one making his first album, ‘The Eagle Has
song to an A&R man in the Water- Landed’, his band, ‘The Screaming Ea-
front club in Dublin. ‘That song, the gles’, adopted a customarily eccentric
hokey cokey, that’s how I got fa- approach to the recording process. ‘The
mous. It’s hard to believe. Many band would lay down the tracks first.
bands have been gigging over the They’d record all the instruments and I’d
years, couldn’t even get a record come and sing on top of it all because I
deal. I get one like Billyo, three min- couldn’t get the timing right. But then I
utes. It’s never been done, but I done decided I would sing first and they could
it’. Aiden’s was an overnight success play the instruments around my sing-
and, championed by the late Gerry ing… And I got away with it! You might
Ryan, a successful album, television not believe it, but the song for the
and movies followed. Community Games was done in one take!’
Then came time for the
difficult second album,
the title of which came to
Aiden in a flash of inspi-
ration. ‘I was at home and
it was nearly 5pm and I
had to go out and register
a letter in a rush. But I
had visitors coming to see
me. So I passed them by
in the street. They asked
me where I was going and
it came to me, the name
for the album came to me
there and then. “Rock My
Brainy Head!” I was the
only person to think of
that… no one else thought
of it’.

The evening prior to the

auspicious launch of the
Gazette, Zasper met with
Aiden to drink deep of his
many insights. Aiden’s
advice was simple:

‘Do the groundwork.

If you want to act the fool,
the groundwork doesn’t
matter but if you want to
hit the big time you have to
do the groundwork.
If you don’t get it trade-
marked, you might as well
go back to bed.
Get the money up front’

Words to live by indeed.
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