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Scotts Illustrated Aviation Edition Volume 9 number 3

November 2010
The Scotts are serving in Papua New Guinea with Wycliffe Bible Translators.

Helicopters Thanks!
SIL Aviation has This was the last
two helicop- PNG flight for one
ters that are of our senior pilots
kept very busy. who has flown over
Helicopters 33 years for SIL
require a frac- and logged over
tion of the area 12,000 missionary
needed to land. aviation flight hours!
By utilizing Thanks Will!
helicopters to
get translators
Away Team
and supplies to The girls are
remote areas, settling in well and
translators save days, even weeks of travel and can take equip- are making Thanksgiv-
ment that makes them much more productive. At this dedica- ing plans with friends
tion, this helicopter made 30 trips bringing people, supplies and and family. Being away
the new Bibles. The only alternative was an eight-hour boat ride from them during
followed by an eight-hour hike or a twenty-hour hike. Tim was the holidays is always
happy for the twenty-minute helicopter ride! tough! Praise God
for friends and family
where they can visit.
Landing Strips
Hope is in Willow Street and loves her cat Bella.
Landing strips are vital to Kelsey is looking to potentially be living off campus next semes-
the translation effort. Over ter as she finishes at LBC in May.
the past several years, Kayla is keeping busy helping the LBC Music department with
many strips have been mediaia production.
closed because they haven’t
been maintained. Pray that Kacie is adjusting well to her first year at college and might be
airstrips will remain open doing a little to well at being away from her parents :) !
so that the remote areas Quiz Question: Which aircraft pictured on this page is not cur-
can be accessed. rently in the
Second Kodiak Arrives!
On November 20, 2010 the Answer:Yes,
second Kodiak arrived at this one is
Ukarumpa. This versatile air- an old WWII
plane is capable of short takoffs “Mitchell”
and greater payloads. bomber.
Game Plan Prayer Requests

With over 300 languages

needing translation, the push
is on to determine what is the
most effective way to pursue
1. For wisdom as Ukarumpa looks at ways to restructure itself
Bible translation in Papua New
with the dwindling resources and greater needs.
Guinea. Over the next several
2. For Tim as he works at establishing a Human Resources de-
months, Tim will be involved in
partment and Kim as she works in Member Care.
many discussions and strategy
3. Praise for the police efforts and success as they arrested some
sessions that will be dedicated
of the troublemakers recently.
to helping Papua New Guin-
4. Pray for the Kelsey, Kayla & Kacie at LBC, that they would
eans receive the Word of God
make good friends, be able to focus on their studies and seek
in their heart language. Pray
God for future life goals.
for effective and God-honoring
5. Pray for Hope as she volunteers, that she would continue to
have rides to work and for her to make good decisions.
Photo Board 6. Pray for our finances as we have a lot of travel and living
expenses. Pray that we can make the right decisions on how we
should meet our expenses.
7. Praise that even though our stove died, that there was one
model in all of Lae (Port city 3 hours away)that was able to
met our needs. Also, that we were able to go get it and have it
installed here without extreme difficulty. (And...we got to see the
PNG National Volleyball
y Tournament while we were there!))

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